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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 16 Palestinians in Gaza border protests See in context

But when is the world going to demand Israel end occupation? When is the world going to start sanctions against Israel? When is the world going to demand that Israel follow international law?

Won't happen because Israel is a 'democracy.'

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Posted in: Student told to write essay promising not to fart See in context

He can promise no farting during class time, but there's no guarantee of being able to control his farting urge.

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Posted in: Ex-S Korean President Lee arrested over corruption See in context

At least the corrupt are punished in SK, unlike some other countries.

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Posted in: Study challenges 'healthy but obese' theory See in context

what is the longevity rate for sumo wrestlers?

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Posted in: ANA, China's Juneyao Airlines launch codeshare, frequent flyer partnership See in context

No free speech internationally for words like 'bomb', or 'hi jack.'

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Posted in: Trump on Florida shooting: 'I'd run in there even without gun' See in context

Donald Trump: superhero. LOL!

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Posted in: NBC boots analyst over Japan comment at Pyeongchang Games See in context

@Kidas DomToday: It's true. Korea owes Japan big time.

And Japan owes China big time for development of its ancient culture.

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Posted in: Oscars chief says Hollywood abuses being 'jack-hammered into oblivion' See in context

@maybeperhapsyes: victims are only speaking out now because the atmosphere is different from 50, 30, 10 years ago. Who would have dared question powerful men and believe young women's accusations back then?

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Posted in: China takes aim at hip-hop, saying 'low-taste content' must stop See in context

rap music was rapped for misogynism, sexism and violence, but american society survived.

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Posted in: Mechanic dies after being crushed by plane wing at Kagoshima airport See in context

Poor guy. Hope death was quick so he didn't have to suffer much.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

Out of curiosity, does anyone think that San Fransisco would consent to a statute commemorating the Tiananmen square protests and later massacres in Beijing, if China objected? My guess is that it wouldn't.

There is a statue in the heart of SF Chinatown that commemorates June 4

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Posted in: Victoria's Secret China show struts on despite controversy See in context

1glenn: A similar controversy followed a Cuban baseball player who squinted his eyes mocking a Japanese team member. The offender was forced to apologize for racist behavior. If you don't get the squinting thing as an insult, you probably don't believe racism exists.

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Posted in: Taiwan should 'rock the boat' before China swallows it, says Japanese professor See in context

How would prof Minohara react if a Chinese professor advocates Okinawa independence?

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Posted in: U.S. actor Seagal meets 'The Punisher' Duterte, talks drug war See in context

Segal's name has been added to the list of creeps in the revelations of sex harassment and rape in Hollywood.

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Posted in: You wanna 'Gyoza It.' tonight? See in context

No one, except you, said anything about 'Chinese claiming everything was invented in China.' My response was to counterclaim the quote by the Ajiinomoto frozen food spokesman "... it’s actually difficult to find fried dumplings in China. Steamed or boiled dumplings are their mainstream."

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Posted in: You wanna 'Gyoza It.' tonight? See in context

Fried dumplings in China are called "guotie" and have been found there long before Japan claimed it as their dish.

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Posted in: Lolita maternity wear lets you keep looking girlish See in context

Why do they want to look like a pregnant teen?

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Posted in: Mark Wahlberg tops Forbes list of highest-paid actors See in context

nakanoguy01Today: Railroad Tigers, Kung Fu Yoga was big box office in China and he also produced some other hits.

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Posted in: No bad behavior please: Grammys cleans up act to meet China's demands See in context

They'd probably ban the Kardashian clan as well.

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Posted in: McDonald’s now has a Calpis McShake on the menu in Japan See in context

Calpis sounds like cowpiss

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian discusses fame, missteps at Forbes summit See in context

unfortunately these 'assets' are not visible in this picture (!)

.....but fortunate for the rest of us to be spared the view of her overexposed ass

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Posted in: Pet pals See in context

@inkochi: In the US, pets are referred to as fur babies by their human moms and dads.

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Posted in: Japan plans to send its largest warship to South China Sea See in context

get ready for apocalyptic WW3

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Posted in: Japan's pudgy pop stars take aim at obesity prejudice See in context

These 'pudgy' pop stars are downright anorexic compared to the fatty sumo wrestlers.

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Posted in: Which professions, other than politics, do you think have the biggest liars? See in context

advertising and marketing agents

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Posted in: Samsung to offer digital assistant service in Galaxy S8 See in context

Is Samsung trying to outdo the exploding Takada airbags?

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Duterte basically went to China, lifted up his skirt, and bent over.

That's not as extreme as the US military using Subic Bay as a floating brothel.

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Posted in: Chicago police: 90 homicides in August, 472 shooting victims See in context

so shocking with human rights taken away from so many victims in the land of the free.

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Posted in: Are the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in good hands? See in context

Brazil was and still is in much worse shape, but they managed to pull it off at the last minute. If Brazil could do it, I'm sure Japan could do the same.

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Posted in: China defeats Serbia for women's volleyball gold See in context

China's had a terrible, terrible Olympics here, coming in a mere third in the medals table

Being 3rd isn't so 'terrible,terrible". Compared to many other countries, they're doing quite well.

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