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Posted in: Demand for nuclear shelters up in Japan amid N Korean threat See in context

Same same how lame

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Posted in: Pair of high-end persimmons fetch Y540,000 at season's 1st auction See in context

Omoshiroi ne

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Posted in: Foreigners' perspective on election barely discussed despite growing presence See in context

I may be wrong but I think that foreigners don’t matter in this society

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Posted in: Save yourself hundreds of yen at CoCo Ichibanya curry chain through menu mastery See in context

Richard seems to be a hungry guy without money haha

next he will advise readers to buy expired food

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

The j alert system did teally wake me up

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Posted in: Fire breaks out at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market See in context

Kinda nail in the coffin

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Posted in: Abe's 'Holy Grail' of revising pacifist constitution increasingly elusive See in context

that flag reminds me of the movie Tora tora tora

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Posted in: Security cameras to be introduced on JR Yamanote Line trains See in context

Also do not forget groping

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Posted in: Japan's household spending sags; jobless rate lowest in two decades See in context

Might seem like a ridiculous idea but BOJ can try monetary easing by depositing 100000 yen p.a. Into each taxpayers account so that we can spend some money

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Posted in: Best Mother Awards recipients named See in context

what nonsense my mommy is the best happy mothers day to her and all the other mothers in the whole world

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Posted in: Major Japanese firms expect record combined profit in fiscal 2017 See in context

i am bracing myself for another 1000 yen annual wage hike in next fiscal

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Posted in: Workers at Japan's top companies get meager pay hikes See in context

In the future the news will be as follows

“Japan’s life time employment comes to an end” It has been reported that foreign workers enrolled under Unions have been asked to leave. They had known this for long but didn’t do anything. Now Japanese workers are afraid of this move and doubt about their own contracts.

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Posted in: Premium Friday campaign to encourage workers to leave early See in context

it seems to me like the relaxed weekend policy lol please weekends are for relaxation not for doing work haha

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Posted in: The APA way - Always Pleasant Amenities See in context

Stayed at apA Kyoto was a good experience but an ultra small room like 11 m2 for 2 people Wouldn't mind staying again despite the fur and the nationalist propaganda Check in was easy and yes I paid by credit card Don't know what all the fuss is about

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes off Fukushima, triggering tsunami See in context

Well I thought it's just another earthquake

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Posted in: Apple Pay expands to charities, Samsung Pay to offer rewards See in context

@mlodinow the problem is the credit card can be registered on iPhone 7 only Does not get added on special edition I am a PASMO user as well haha got to change to Suica and upgrade the phone as well Too expensive

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Posted in: Apple Pay expands to charities, Samsung Pay to offer rewards See in context

Apple Pay In Japan is truly frustrating for the simple reason that it does not work on iPhone se , 6 or 6s Very disappointing

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Posted in: Japan a great place for returning lost-and-found items See in context

The place from where I come It's lost and never found haha

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Posted in: Trump presidency may cause anxiety among Asian allies See in context

Trumps election as president is like US brexit from the world Nothing is gonna happen for the first 2 years So sit back relax and enjoy

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Posted in: University student arrested for pushing his girlfriend off train platform See in context

He should be punished by asking him to do overtime at Dentsu haha

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Posted in: SoftBank half-year net profit soars 80% See in context

no wonder I am astonished to see me monthly mobile bills being so high Well done

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Posted in: Samsung to offer digital assistant service in Galaxy S8 See in context

samsung products are defective for sure i think the chinese ones are better

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Posted in: Japan, India to sign controversial nuclear deal this week: reports See in context

hope japan gives indians visa free entry, not interested in this nuclear stuff

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