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Posted in: Kumamoto looks forward to fulfilling dream of hosting Rugby World Cup See in context

Great to see Kyushu do well game wise.

The only issue with the scheduling is probably with Oita which hosts two quarter finals in the same weekend. Do they really have enough accommodation there to handle it?

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Posted in: Suntory cancels contract of ex-Wallaby Smith over alleged assault See in context

Seems strange he'd get himself in that situation. 10k yen would be nothing to him given what he would have been getting paid.

No doubt the taxi driver involved is now somewhat richer.

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Posted in: Winning comes 1st, but All Blacks aim to enjoy Japan: Hansen See in context

Nothing less than victory in 2019 will be acceptable for the All Blacks.

I think we have the team to do it as well.

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Posted in: What to do when liberals are the censors? See in context

Unfortunately people in the West are all too easily offended these days.

Many of them fail to understand that it is actually okay to be offended.

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Posted in: Japan's ports bustling with foreign cruise passengers See in context

Plenty of cruise ships stop here in Wellington. Speaking to a cafe owner mate of mine, he tends to get a few of them stop in for lunch or coffee.

The tourist attractions get their fair share, and a few people even do the odd winery tour etc.

Overall a positive for us but would not surprise if the average spend was not that high.

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Posted in: Japan's banks downsize to stay alive See in context

Same everywhere really. With technology and mobile phone banking, customers can do more and more by themselves without needing to go into the branch or call the bank. Bank procedures are being streamlined as well. In a nutshell fewer staff are needed.

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Posted in: Steelers hope All Blacks great Carter will be big in Japan See in context

At his peak he was one of the best players the world had ever seen. Unfortunately years of injuries and age have dulled his effectiveness. Hopefully he gets a good injury free run in Japan.

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Posted in: France awarded Rugby World Cup 2023 See in context

Should have been awarded to Ireland. Disappointing outcome but sounds like money has ruled the day here.

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Posted in: Taiwan should 'rock the boat' before China swallows it, says Japanese professor See in context

The status quo is probably about the best Taiwan can hope for. For all intents and purposes Taiwan is an independent nation, with its own government, military, border controls, currency, laws and so on. If they can hold on to that then great.

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Posted in: Irish won't revel in wake of record Test win: Schmidt See in context

The Springboks have lost in Dublin a number of times. Nothing new there. This time though they weren't in the game. Irish team very accurate in their play and took their chances.

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Posted in: Peach to fly Niigata-Osaka route from next March See in context

Good news for Niigatans to have another option.

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Posted in: Japan pension fund logs Y4.4 tril profit in July-Sept See in context

You'd struggle not to make money in the sharemarkets at the moment.

That said, a downtown cannot be far off.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup match schedule announced; Japan to open against European qualifier See in context

I suspect tickets for a lot of games will be reasonably easy to come by.

Surprised about the number of games Oita got. Suits me but never thought I'd ever see the All Blacks play a game there!

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Posted in: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho consider big cutbacks in branches, staff See in context

No surprises. Where I am more and more people use the internet or their smartphone to do their banking. Functionality is increasing. There's not much I can't do with my phone. Over the counter transactions in branch are decreasing and as such there are fewer staff in your average bank branch these days.

Japan too I imagine there are fewer over the counter transactions than days gone by, meaning fewer staff required.

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Posted in: More Japanese firms eager to recruit foreigners, disabled See in context

Back in Japan for a short visit and absolutely no plans to come back here to work, for a number of reasons.

That said the labour shortages are real, the local shopping centre here has hundreds of jobs on offer. Looking at the wages on offer though, the issue in sourcing workers probably relates to the low pay these jobs offer.

As far as employing foreigners, this comes out of necessity. Some local industrial employers here could not cope without them.

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Posted in: Lefties finally getting their due in Japan See in context

Brother in law has thankfully stopped trying to make his daughter use her right hand for everything. Thought it amusing it would be a thing in wife's family, after all her cousin was a  baseball pitcher at professional level in Japan, and wait, left handed.

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Posted in: Hurricanes assistant Plumtree signs up for stint with Japan See in context

Not a bad deal for both parties. Plumtree is an excellent coach and it's not as if the Hurricanes play at that time of year.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s going in for shared housing See in context

If I was to ever be single again I would look to live on my own I think. Lived on my own for some years prior to getting married and that was fine. Liked the freedom that allowed and the fact I didn't need to worry about disturbing others, or them disturbing me.

I wonder how much of the shared living is dictated by financial concerns rather than the desire to have company.

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Posted in: Kochi businesses fail to cash in on cruise ship visits See in context

In Wellington the biggest beneficiaries are probably the local cafes, restaurants and bars.

A few people will go on winery tours over to Martinborough, others will visit the various tourist attractions about. So the benefits are spread about a bit, but I imagine most other retailers would get limited benefit. Still works out well.

Can some local Kochi cafes and restaurants try a bit harder to cater to these visitors perhaps?

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Posted in: Air New Zealand launches Auckland-Haneda flights See in context

Only issue is the arrival time. Auckland-Narita arrives late afternoon whereas the Haneda service doesn't get in until 11pm or thereabouts,

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Posted in: 'Three idiocies' that are ruining Japan: Obsession with numbers, rules and meetings See in context

Meetings are fine, but the trick is to circulate an agenda prior to the meeting and to keep to time. Not hard to do but nobody in Japan seems to do it that way for some reason.

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Posted in: Tokyo launches campaign to ease overcrowding on trains See in context

Hard to do much without building more lines. In current climate that's unlikely.

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Posted in: Lower landing fees and subsidies for personnel costs will be offered to airlines that launch or increase international flights at 19 designated airports. See in context

Matsuyama lost its Seoul flight not so long ago. Used this quite a bit in my Ehime days. Easy to fly to Seoul and then to Europe/wherever. Would be nice to get it back but flights such as this one don't work without a subsidy unfortunately.

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Posted in: Trump's son admits meeting Russian to get dirt on Clinton See in context

I don't have an issue with meeting Russian lawyers as such, but Donald Trump Jnr sure looks pretty slimy to me.

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Posted in: Roppongi's 'kebab war' leads to arrest under little-used statute See in context

Annoying but not surprising. Good on the Police for taking action against such a public nuisance.

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Posted in: Abe holds meetings with Putin, Moon See in context

Russia is highly unlikely to give ground on the Kurils given that it would trigger Chinese territorial demands in the Russian Far East. Still I'd like to see Japan and Russia work together a lot more than they do. Mutual benefits on both sides. Places like Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Magadan etc could benefit from more trade and tourism, as could Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Being active may reduce risk of chronic low back pain See in context

I'd say this is almost certainly true. The more physically active I am, the fewer niggles I tend to have.

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Posted in: Why is Japanese customer service so amazing? Because in Japan it’s one strike and you’re out See in context

I'm unfussy in general and so often service in Japan suits me. Get me what I want quickly as a customer and without fuss and I'm happy. Japan does that pretty well.

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Posted in: All Blacks' center Williams suspended for four weeks See in context

No complaints re the SBW suspension. Ultimately he cost his team the match with the All Blacks not able to hang on in the last 10 minutes.

Vunipola should have gone as well though. 2 acts of foul play in quick succession.

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Posted in: O'Mahony to captain Lions in 1st test against New Zealand See in context

Rieko Ioane is the right choice on the wing for this game, but given his father Eddie spent so long playing in Japan, I'm not sure why he gave his son a girl's name.

Depending on whether, if the All Blacks can get the ball wide, this will be no contest. I'm sure Barrett and co will have a counter to the rush defence. Late in the Chiefs game, the Chiefs started doing a lot of angled running, and this caused issues. I think too Barrett may pull out the kick pass as well.

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