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Akuma comments

Posted in: Kobe stands with Noto area on 29th anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake See in context

I’ve lived in Ishikawa prefecture for 35 years I remember the Kobe quake you could feel it here. I also remember one year prior (to the day Jan. 17’th) the Northridge quake in California happened. A section of the 10 freeway collapsed killing a bunch of people. The news over here was going on and on about “how that could never happen in Japan because we know how to build roads“.. Then the Kobe earthquake happened and a section of tollway collapsed, killing a bunch of people. I remember thinking “but I thought that could never happen in Japan because you know how to build roads” I remember thinking what sad irony.

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

Boy, I guess most of you commenting weren’t alive in the US in the 70s. They actually tried to switch back then but Americans were too freaking lazy and gave up after a couple years. And OMG don’t get me started on how lazy they are today.

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Posted in: What word or phrase annoys you when you hear someone use it? See in context

Kids in their 20s and 30s using the phrase “back in the day“. FYI you were in the day. Just enjoy it and stop pretending you’re old.

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Posted in: 67-year-old man arrested for stabbing son’s friend during drinking party See in context

“I stabbed him but I wasn’t trying to kill him“. Perfect JPNSlogic.

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Posted in: China marks 70th anniversary of victory over Japan See in context

Hey jerseyboy,, you're being critical of Japan in a forum filled with Japaophiles. No wonder you're getting negative likes.. As you I too am no huge fan of China.. Nor am I a huge fan of Japan's media generated month of self-pity every August. If one didn't know any better and all you knew of WWII was what you learned from Japan's media in August .. Not only would you get the impression that Japan was a victim of the war but that she was the only victim....

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Posted in: 63% say Japan should stop apologizing over war: poll See in context

About the poll. Hypothetical here. I wonder what this same group of 63% would have to say after repeated American apologies for dropping the bombs ?? I'm willing to bet no number of apologies would ever be enough. And you know why? It's simple. Everybody wants to be a victim.

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Posted in: Australia says it will begin airstrikes in Iraq See in context

I hope the United States and all Americans never forget what a good friend we have in Australia.

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Posted in: Police probe 29 mysterious cat deaths in Tokyo's Ota Ward See in context

Bravo to disillusion from Australia for saying it the way it is.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after falling into irrigation canal in Saitama See in context

Apparently this poor little child slipped through a hole in the fence. Most of the irrigation ditches where I have lived in Japan are not fenced or covered in anyway. Many times I have thought to myself as I walk or drove along how dangerous the ditches look. Completely uncovered and all. Anyway as far as parental supervision goes have any of you ever noticed how many two year-olds you see standing up on the passenger seat of a moving vehicle?..

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Posted in: Mother on trial for suffocating 5-year-old son over Nintendo DS argument See in context

I was thinking the exact same thing slumdog. They make it sound as if it's not the mother's fault at all.. They're only asking for four years simply because she seems remorseful. Bullshit! She should get life. But hey if she does only get four years just remember to act remorseful if you ever get caught killing a kind. Pathetic!

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Posted in: Abe to honor woman who died saving man on rail crossing See in context

Two simple steps to starting an argument on JT.

Voice an opinion.. Wait.

Can't we all just get along? The woman was a hero. End of story. Who cares wat the government was trying to do?

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Posted in: Escaped python kills two young children in Canada See in context


that was an absolutely outstanding post. I couldn't have said it better myself this is exactly what should happen to the pet shop owner and the snake. I have absolutely no idea why at this point you can receive three negative points for your thoughts. People are really insane.

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Posted in: Embassies still shut, U.S. tries to pinpoint targets See in context


I think what you meant to say was "if the US kissed everyone's ass they wouldn't have as many as enemies as they have"

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Posted in: Eastwood 'thrilled' at Japanese remake of 'Unforgiven' See in context

looks very good .. Akum has gotta see this.

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Posted in: 10 bystanders burned during fire safety drill in Shiga See in context

"alcohol on a fire". That makes sense. ;-)

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Posted in: Fukushima clean-up costs expected to swell to Y5.81 tril See in context

Ya just got to love this crap.. They talk as if it can actually be cleaned up… lol. Hahahaha whooot whooot.

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Posted in: 30 million girls risk genital mutilation: UNICEF See in context

@Scott Johnson "Meanwhile, male genital mutilation continues unabated in America"

Akuma has come to find that it's usually men who have never been circumcised who like to call it "mutilation"in order to justify their not being "mutilated "..Anywaysy, , Just ask women what they prefer. A mutilated or unmutilated penis. Akumas guess is overwhelmingly they will choose mutilated penis.

Yes Akuma has been mutilated. And he is very thankful for it.. it is much easier to clean, there is never that cheesy smell , sexual sensation is much greater, and the risk of contracting AIDS is greatly reduced. Don't believe Akuma just google it.

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Posted in: Maintenance worker caught in escalator mechanism dies See in context

the truly sad story. Its always sad someone loses their life that young.

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Posted in: Man stabs 2 neighbors in Kumamoto town See in context

a realist. just because it happens all over the world does not justify its happening here in Japan. this may be a nation of 127 million people and have much less crime than other nations but it is not a crimeless nation... If you listen to the Japanese tell about their country you think this was heaven on earth. I'm with smithinjapan.. he clearly sees the real Japan and not through a Japanophiles eyes

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Posted in: 20 children dead from school meal in India See in context

for those who are surprised there were so many victims, , , HELLO !! this is India we're talking about… probably half a million kids ate that lunch. as for the bereived families, Hey, they only lost one kid they probably have 20 or 30 more at home. and hey what about that 200, 000 rupee lottery win.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking father to death See in context

I'm surprised the nut killed someone older than himself. usually in this country the nuts go after and kill children.

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Posted in: Japan says building nuclear safety culture will take a long time See in context

Hey what do you expect Yubaru they only recently learned that asbestos is dangerous. ;-)

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Posted in: American detained in N. Korea appeals for help See in context

For the same reasons as USNinJapan2, Akuma has no sympathy for this fool.. let him serve his time and learn his lesson.

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Posted in: Who is winning the game console battle? See in context


Is this were supposed to be a factual assessment it wouldn't be put to a vote now would it??"

I think the idea is knowing the facts before you vote. I'm guessing this is how Obama got elected… people didn't know the facts.

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

For those of you who are saying this will backfire and it will never work. I believe you're forgetting one major point .. The Japanese and their "shoganai" additude to everything. NHK knows this and they know it will work. The average gaijin may not pay but i guarantee the average Japanese will. Its called "shoganai"..

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Posted in: 1-yr-old girl left in car for 4 hours while mother plays pachinko See in context

"Vertuoso Just a matter of time before she and her infant get squashed by a trucker hopped up on speed."

Or a trucker busy texting..

Anyway Akuma is happy this kid's okay.

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Posted in: Australia harpoons Japan's whaling program at U.N. court See in context

""Disillusioned “Japan is proud of its tradition of living in harmony with nature, and utilizing living resources while respecting their sustainability,”

"Cough, cough!" This is a pretty ripe statement. How about the north Pacific sardine, which is extinct in Japanese waters due to over-fishing? How about the north Japan sea that is a jellyfish filled dessert? It seems the Japanese defence is as hollow as their whale research.""

very well said. And let us not forget that every time the world tries to protect any other creature which the Japanese like to trade the Japanese are always against it. Just look at the Atlantic bluefin tuna, , the world tries to lower fishing quotas and the Japanese are against it.the world wants to continue the ban on the trade of African ivory and the Japanese want an end to the ban.. the world wants the Japanese to stop slaughtering dolphins but the Japanese continue to slaughter. This thing about the Japanese "living in harmony with nature" is nothing but a big BS myth.

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Posted in: Japanese racing pigeon flies across Pacific to Canada See in context

"Other countries it'd be tied up in legal limbo for months on end."

And we know this how? ?

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Posted in: Kumi Koda sizzles on cover of new CD See in context

"That is only because she has make up on"

Akuma has heard this said about other stars like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, and any other female star who is very attractive. Akuma has come to find that this is typically a statement made by, , , women who themselves. on't look very good with or without makeup. Akuma believes it might be a jealousy thing.

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

just so squeaky sweet cute it makes you want to puke.

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