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Yeah whatever

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Akuma is taking pleasure in the death of another human being... Is this bad of Akuma???

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Well if you look around you when you're in a fast food place it always seems to be heavier Folks who order the diet drinks. If it is mostly heavy people drinking diet drinks and heavy people have more strokes then thinner folks then all one need do is the math.

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" meloveulongtime at 07:39 AM JST - 21st May

for some reason i find this girl incredibly sexy...I am really not sure why???" Maybe it's because she's sooo thin she looks ill ;-) Just a thought..

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" jinjapan at 08:00 AM JST - 21st May

i didn't know america made anything to export. besides corn that is ;-)"

Well then maybe you need to go back to school... Here's a few things you may have missed after dropping out of school.

US Exports. Top Ten 2009.

Civilian aircraft … $74 billion (Yes that plane you fly home on was probably made in USA)

Semiconductors … $50.6 billion (Yep, the puter you typed your post on probably had many of it's parts made in the USA)

Passenger cars … $49.6

Medicinal, dental and pharmaceutical preparations … $40.4 billion

Other vehicle parts and accessories … $39.9 billion

Other industrial machinery … $38.1 billion

Fuel oil … $34.9 billion

Organic chemicals … $33.4 billion

Telecommunications equipment … $32.9 billion

Plastic materials … $31.6 billion...

See corn isn't even in the top ten..

Man these jealous America hater truly should think before they type ;-)

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"German exports in 2009 were $13,670 for every man, woman, and child. The figure for Japan was $4,063; for the United States, it was only $3,238"

Something to think about... Population.

USA. 310,000,000

Japan. 127,000,000

Germany. 81,000,000

We all know how almost everything around us in made in China these days but I wonder what their per capita numbers are with their population of 1,350,000,000 ??? About 40 cents ???

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This girl looks like she needs a few Big Macs in her frail little boney body.

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