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Al Stewart comments

Posted in: Suga stunned at Hatoyama's Senkaku remarks on Hong Kong TV See in context

I mean can you really say he was a Prime Minister? I think you should finish your term before you take the title.

More like a "Temp Minister".

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Posted in: Hospital tests powerful breast cancer therapy See in context

It sounds like proton therapy which cured my father with no side effects.

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Posted in: Wrongfully convicted Nepali man asks for apology from the Japanese government See in context

68M yen? That is nothing for what he went through. That is only employment insurance for the time in jail. What about pain and suffering.

And has the Gov. not yet given an apology? If not that is just sad and sick.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift big winners at Billboard Awards See in context

Bieber was also booed a bit. Someone else was too but I can't remember who.

The Miguel leg drop was awesome, like he was coached by Hulk Hogan: https://vine.co/v/b9q1DJrUFMa

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Posted in: S Korean media slam Abe's 731 jet photo See in context

Maybe this is a coincidence but that is why Politicians of this caliber in this field have PR personnel. The Government should have known better than to allow a photo like this to happen if it was truly a mistake then it's easy to issue an apology. But have they even started that process yet?

Bad Politics.

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Posted in: Three men rob McDonald's of Y2 mil in Shizuoka See in context

I'm glad no one got hurt. Hope they can find some evidence.

I would have gotten at least one of them with some hot fry grease.

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Posted in: Kyoko Hasegawa receives Best Mother Award 2013 See in context


I mean do people actually vote based on her Parenting skills?

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Posted in: Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her See in context

Usually it is always excessive in JP. They always send like 10 officers. But the real question is how many officers were trying to hold her down? And if it was more than 2, how big was the woman. Also, if you have her arms and legs, why do you need to sit on her back? if you sit on her back you can't restrain her properly.

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Posted in: What do you think about the proposed plan to charge Mount Fuji climbers a fee to help pay for the costs of cleaning up garbage left on the mountain? See in context

Instead make new jobs. Mt. Fuji patrol people that look for people littering and collect hefty fines.

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Posted in: Drunk U.S. serviceman arrested for trespassing in private residence See in context

I thought curfew was still in affect. Well he is gonna get punished. It's a shame. I mean he is young and it may be his first time in another country.

I wish the US MIlitary could all leave Japan and come back home. But realistically if the US did that, it would break treaties and other things. Not to mention the host of countries at odds with JP would take advantage of JP's lack of military force.

The point is Japan asked for help protecting their country and The US promised to help.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

It's really sad that she felt she needed to do something like this. The worst part is she feels that she is wrong for trying to pursue and regular life. If anything I hope that she doesn't decide to take her on life out of depression. I'm glad that fans are fighting for her. And i hope someone gets through to her and she realises that she did nothing wrong.

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Posted in: Japan launches 2 intelligence satellites See in context

Better known as SPY sats. Why can't Gov.s just agree to disagree. They always have to try to out do each other or control each other.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

It sucks but she probably won't win. It's the same thing I told a lot of Americans. It was not a mandatory evac. It was advised or recommended. As the US Gov put it: Voluntary Evacuation. So it was her choice to leave.

Hopefully she has documentation from NHK stating that they would hold her place. That would be her only saving grace. If it's only a word of mouth agreement, she is up a creek.

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Posted in: Serial tree killer on the loose in 5 prefectures See in context

Authorities speculate that the trees were poisoned and killed in an effort to get their “sacred” lumber that would fetch an extremely high price as a building material.

Preserve them and put them on display in the shrine and don't send them to the mill. Whoever did this probably has some connection to the mills that the trees go to after they are taken down.

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Posted in: Two more U.S. servicemen arrested in separate incidents See in context

lol yeah america should just pack up and leave. If they dont want us there i mean. they'll be begging for us to come back when N Korea gets that missile ready lol

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Posted in: TV blunder labels Abe a train groper See in context

not a mistake. A carefully plained strategic trick to plant a seed into the mind of the public.

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