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Alain Vermeersch comments

Posted in: Fans are up for 'Downton Abbey' starting season 4 See in context

have seen the start in "1912" , and the outbreak of the great war , is pure and simple , as always a perfect British product , " Downton Abbey"

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Posted in: China slams Japan defense spending plan See in context

the navy of china , let me laugh , one carrier , and two torpedos and she down , hihi

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Posted in: Japan to buy stealth fighters, drones and submarines See in context

as I read all those articles , I come to the conclusion that many expect in 2014 a conflict between Japan and China , and on the other hand , the situation between the Koreans is not so hopefull , since the president , killed his uncle , I think that 2014 and 1914 will develop equal for the world

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Posted in: China Internet users call for action against Japan See in context

Yes Japan made mistakes in the past , but who doesn't , but calling for military action , is the proof , that your claims that Japan is an enemy are ungrounded , and that you are even worse as the Japanese in the past

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Posted in: U.S. vows to defend Japan after China announces new air zone See in context

China , before you start a conflict with Japan , sweep you doorstep clean about Tibet , and then You are allowed to talk to the others . You always say , that Japan made big mistakes in the past , but You made one too , with that religous country in the Himalaya

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Posted in: China sets air defense zone over area containing disputed islands See in context

the provocation of China is nothing else than a screen , to hide his interiour problems with it's population and minorities in the West of China , and , if China attacted Japan , they must remember that the free nations , buy their products

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Posted in: Japan coast guard arrests Chinese coral fishing boat captain See in context

the chinese , think because they have 1.300.000.000 people , they think they are superiour , but they have forgotten that 60 years ago they had famine , and the japanese were a big seapower ( although they were our enemy )

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Posted in: Japanese women list their foreign husbands’ odd behavior See in context

the foreign husbands don't like the japanes food , or they have strange eating habits for their japanes woman , ok , but I am living in Belgium , and every time I visit Bruges or Brussels , I never see Japanese people in a restaurant with Belgium of French cuisine , tjey don't try it , so , if the Japanese woman , want to understand the western cuisine , start with your self

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard keeps up pressure on Japan in island dispute See in context

the islands are chinese , the islands are japanese , no problem , give them to the UNO , and let them make a big prison on the islands

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