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I like borscht comment. Thumbs up.

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BoratLikeBarry, "If only they had English education like in Taiwan..."

yeah, Almost all of japanese student I met (either undergrad or master) said, English is difficult. I think they already got it since elementary, however, they should be encourage more to speak.

They also educate about openness and about another way of thinking. I think, Japanese is very inclusive and reluctant with another way of thinking or new ideas.

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I have no problem with people drinking. And I have no problem with people driving. I do have a problem with people driving when they are drunk. It's not anti-freedom. It's because drunk drivers kill innocent people.

Couldn't agree more. One of my friends and his daughter almost killed when walking pedestrian crossing by drunken driver. Japan road is generally safe. However, careless drivers (drunken or not) are exist in quite a portion. Hence, precaution for other road users are needed. (especially) the policeman to enforce the rule...

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Yeah, there are a lot of thing happen in '40s.

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I don't have problem with obese nor blame it. Additionally, I am a short asian guy in which the neck support on the seat never fit in me. Believe me, that neck support is bothering rather than helping. It just right in my head instead in my neck. However, I never complaint about it. What I want to say is very simple, I think that we should pay fuel surcharge in fair manner.

However, I agree with peachy871 that the main problem is the seating space. And, it is not possible provide seating that fit with each passengers.

But, I still believe my statement above had some point that the surcharge should be calculate fairly. The airlines can add surcharge for the people whose weight exceed certain limit, just like luggage weight. Hence, the other passenger can pay lower fuel surcharge.

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Moondog: "Airfares based on the total weight of passenger + luggage." I totally agree with this statement. My weight only 55kg. If I pay same amount with those who weight can be twice as me, then its mean I am paying some part of their fuel surcharge. If it so, where is the fairness in the point of view skinny people like me? Plus its discomfort, when the people like them sitting next to me.

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