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Posted in: Child’s body found off Toyama coast may be that of missing 2-year-old boy See in context

Regardless of where and how he went missing, you don't all of a sudden loose your clothes.

I think this story will have a bad outcome and I hope they catch the possible perpetrator.

Terrible news whatever the outcome.

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Posted in: Japan gets 120,400 foreign visitors in June, but only 252 tourists See in context

For all those people claiming foreign people are bringing the virus in, can they explain the reentry of Japanese citizens going abroad then returning ?.

What is the difference ?

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Posted in: China slams U.S. Asia strategy as Biden visits S Korea, Japan See in context

Sorry, above post should read what China thinks lol

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Posted in: China slams U.S. Asia strategy as Biden visits S Korea, Japan See in context

I dont think anybody gives 2 monkeys what Japan thinks.

And as for North Korea, what a bunch of muppets.

Wasting millions of pounds just to fire a stupid missile into the sea.

Reminds me of the Saddam Hussein days, he was an idiot and the only weapons of mass destruction he had was propaganda.

Same with Russia and Korea and China.

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Posted in: Japan's border policy keeping hundreds of thousands of foreigners in limbo See in context

I currently reside in Japan with my wife.

Originally from the UK, it took me so long and many hoops to jump through to finally be reunited with my wife.

I really think a line should be drawn in regards to families, either by marriage, fiancee or siblings.

To keep this group of people apart for now 2 years is terrible.

I do agree that education and work should continue to be patient as far as entering is concerned.

Please don't quit jobs on the hope that Japan will allow you to cross its borders, just wait for the right time to come.

But let's give support for all families separated by this pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 foreign entry ban spurs demonstrations in several countries See in context

There are 1000's of people wishing to enter Japan for various reasons.

I have been and still am one of those Twitter followers.

People have been barred from seeing family, spouses etc for 2 years.

Could any critics survive not seeing your family for over 2 years, 2 years of life that can't be returned.

I totally agree tourism must wait, but a bit of compassion doesn't go amiss.

Safely reunite families with all test and quarantine protocols which Japanese nationals can do without any issues.

People travel to Europe etc then just return, what is the difference between this and letting a spouse or family member return ?.

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Posted in: Japan to ask athletes from India, 5 other countries for more COVID-19 tests See in context

Cancelling the games is the most sensible obvious option.

Why risk lives , ok the games has cost billions of yen, but how much do you wish to put on your own families life

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context


It just shows how shallow minded people can be.

Maybe when the pandemic began , Japan should have been saying avoid all chinese and wear masks if you see them, but no, they were over in their droves spending their money.

Priorities and racism totally wrong I'm afraid Japan.

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Posted in: Deaths at home in Osaka Prefecture surge amid COVID wave See in context

While all British citizens were locked out of Japan, Japanese residents were still flying to the uk and importing the variant into their society.

Also the Brazilian variant has been noted.

We must not forget there is only really one variant, a Chinese one.

Vaccine is a must, the uk is virtually virus free now as 70% of the population is vaccinated.

Japan needs to put vaccination priority over the Olympics, after all this is just a sport, the virus is a killer.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl hit, killed by train in apparent suicide See in context

This is so so sad.

virus, financial and expectations are all factors in suicides.

This hurts reading, what about the family.

Rest in peace

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Posted in: Japan, China discuss restarting mutual business travel See in context

This is so predictable of the money driven Japanese government.

Lets start business travel in November and then just in time for Chinese New year celebrations in January.

Please come and spend your money here , we are not botheed about normal tourists from other countries who actually love and respect the Japanese culture and citizens.

As someone from the UK who has been denied access to marry his wife to be , offering to self isolate and pay all relevant costs and take PCR tests , just to read the business man can just waltz in and out with no precautions .

So so predictable Japan.

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Posted in: Japan to lift virus ban on re-entry of some foreign residents from Aug 5 See in context

I pray and hope they allow normal UK citizens entry by the 23rd of October.

I was due to marry my beautiful Japanese fiancee in April, but we had to cancel due to flight and border restrictions.

We have rearranged the wedding for the end of October.

I see 5 countries including Netherlands have lifted their entry ban on couples in a long term relationship.

I really hope Japan will see and consider this .

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Posted in: Japan to conduct 1st nationwide virus-linked mental health survey See in context

Hi Zichi

Thank you for your reply and suggestion.

At the moment Japanese citizens are unable to travel anywhere world wide.

At the moment only discussions about business people visiting Vietnam etc exist.

If she could fly to the UK I'm sure her case would be packed and waiting.

It took so long to plan our original wedding

I had to visit the British Embassy in Japan and prepare many legal documents in the UK

I hope the Japanese government are lenient on the original dates to which these were signed , due to current extreme circumstances.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct 1st nationwide virus-linked mental health survey See in context

Hi all,

my first post on here.

i live in the uk and my fiancée in Okayama.

we were due to marry in April, but obviously the virus put paid to that.

we rearranged for Halloween, but the closer it gets the less confident I feel about japan opening its borders in time.

my stress and anxiety are through the roof , I feel physically ill.

i noticed as from yesterday the Netherlands made travel restrictions exempt for couples in a relationship.

why can’t japan and other countries follow suit , love isn’t tourism, it is somebody’s life.

thank you.

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