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Alan Bogglesworth comments

Posted in: Japan, S Korea to work together on tackling global issues See in context

Good talking boys

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

Someone cycling alone the Kagami River in Kochi doesn't need to wear a helmet or stop at every stop sign and it would be a huge government overreach if police started handing out blue tickets for ignoring minor infractions.

agree, when I first moved to Japan I loved the lack of “nonsense” that seems so pervasive back home. The lack of helmet enforcement was up there as a plus to me

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

I think that’s called a helicopter ?

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Posted in: Graffiti found at mausoleum of Emperor Meiji See in context

Graffiti and vandalism should equal 20 years in jail. It’s completely unacceptable

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Posted in: Japan's bullet trains host wrestling, dining events in new travel trend See in context

Japan, this is why we love you.

the yen might be crashing, the economy is going backward, the population is collapsing but you still show us you can be quirky as all hell through all adversity.thank you

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised law for swift removal of defamatory online posts See in context

I like Japan but I’m definitely wondering if it’s time to “get out while I can”. Any wealth of accumulated there is really going down the toilet and this is just more fuel for the tyre fire.

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Posted in: 12% of Japan convenience stores don't open 24 hours due to labor shortage See in context

No staff probably means no customers, no problems here…

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Posted in: Japan to trial AI scheme for spotting bears as attacks on humans rise See in context

They should allow farmers and hikers to carry firearms. It’s scary walking through the forest lately.

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Posted in: Another man arrested in case of 2 burnt bodies found in Tochigi See in context

There guys are the scum of the earth.

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

Entrepreneurs flock to China not Japan.

Jack ma has entered the chat?

this is nonsense Entrepreneurs flock to the west

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Posted in: Biden suggests he may block Nippon Steel deal, seeks to triple tariffs on Chinese steel See in context

Free market for me, zero for thee

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Posted in: Yen's fall to 34-year low unlikely to prod BOJ to tighten policy soon See in context

BOJ will adopt a wait-and-see attitude at least until the fall.

Not surprising

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Posted in: Breastfeeding shirt supports mothers in evacuation centers See in context

So strange , we live in strange times

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Posted in: 60 dead, over 100 injured in Russia concert hall attack; Islamic State group claims responsibility See in context

Fighting too many battles on too many fronts

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Posted in: Emperor, empress visit quake-hit area of Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

The spirits have been lifted now.

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

So much for free market capitalism hey

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Posted in: Vending machine in Yokohama sells bakery bread set to be thrown away, reducing food waste See in context

Nicest thing I’ve read for a long time

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Posted in: Japan defense minister meets Okinawa governor over U.S. base transfer See in context

Might be a lot more confiscated land without some decent air defense.

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Posted in: Unusually warm weather in northern Japan puts damper on winter events See in context

early to mid feb is usually the best of the season in Niseko...pics show that it is just slush for the last 2 days...unprecedented indeed

so lame!!!

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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

Simply throwing money at the problem will not solve it. The main problem lays within career and financial security in the future

Physical security too. Climate change and wars. People are smart enough to no these things are actual existential threats to society. People don’t want to bring children into this.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

Soon they’ll have a larger economy than Japan so better make friends with them.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

Wo wo wo wowwwooo you're slippin away from meeeee

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Posted in: Nippon Steel rebuffs Trump criticism over U.S. Steel deal See in context

It’s only ok if Trump does it. Everyone else is naughty.

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

But her appointment ignited debate over what constitutes Japanese identity and led to polarized views on social media over whether her background made her an appropriate winner.

This country is having such an existential crisis it’s embarrassing.

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Posted in: Trump vows to block Nippon Steel's acquisition of U.S. Steel if he's elected See in context

The idiot is back

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Posted in: Kishida says he regrets funds scandal and will work on partial changes to his cabinet See in context

these guys are in so much hot water it feels like actually doing their job would be an easier option say this stage.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

We better get used to it, because there is only fossil awards from here on in unless something radical happens.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power See in context

Should’ve done this 30 years ago. Too little too late.

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Posted in: Nissan to invest $1.4 billion to make EV versions of its best-selling cars in UK See in context

What about making them available in…Japan ?

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

Because it’s cheap. Like going to Bali.

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