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Posted in: Unusually warm weather in northern Japan puts damper on winter events See in context

early to mid feb is usually the best of the season in Niseko...pics show that it is just slush for the last 2 days...unprecedented indeed

so lame!!!

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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

Simply throwing money at the problem will not solve it. The main problem lays within career and financial security in the future

Physical security too. Climate change and wars. People are smart enough to no these things are actual existential threats to society. People don’t want to bring children into this.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

Soon they’ll have a larger economy than Japan so better make friends with them.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

Wo wo wo wowwwooo you're slippin away from meeeee

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Posted in: Nippon Steel rebuffs Trump criticism over U.S. Steel deal See in context

It’s only ok if Trump does it. Everyone else is naughty.

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

But her appointment ignited debate over what constitutes Japanese identity and led to polarized views on social media over whether her background made her an appropriate winner.

This country is having such an existential crisis it’s embarrassing.

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Posted in: Trump vows to block Nippon Steel's acquisition of U.S. Steel if he's elected See in context

The idiot is back

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Posted in: Kishida says he regrets funds scandal and will work on partial changes to his cabinet See in context

these guys are in so much hot water it feels like actually doing their job would be an easier option say this stage.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

We better get used to it, because there is only fossil awards from here on in unless something radical happens.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power See in context

Should’ve done this 30 years ago. Too little too late.

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Posted in: Nissan to invest $1.4 billion to make EV versions of its best-selling cars in UK See in context

What about making them available in…Japan ?

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

Because it’s cheap. Like going to Bali.

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Posted in: Pacific island nations express concern over Japan's tainted water release See in context

Embarrassingly obvious who is behind this. At least the enemy is dumb.

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Japan to 'take lead' in addressing Gaza crisis See in context


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Posted in: Kishida unveils ¥17 trillion stimulus package as poll numbers slump See in context

More of the same equals more of the same friend. Don’t look surprised .

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Posted in: Kishida plans income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks See in context

When I came here there was no consumption tax. It’s ruining what was a great place to live.

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Posted in: Man dies after being attacked by bear in Nagano Prefecture See in context

 Avoided the mountain areas where bears were known to be. 

So you avoided Nagano entirely ?

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Posted in: More Japanese positive on S Korea than negative: survey See in context

Why not, good neighbor, good trade partner, nice people, similar culture, similar values.

Japan and South Korea should be much better allies.

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO Son says AI will surpass human intelligence in a decade See in context

Son has been to America and is parrot talking everything we've already read the news. Such a visionary.

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Posted in: Russia says Japan did not inform it fully about radioactive Fukushima water See in context

Just like how Russia notified everyone about Chernobyl ?

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Posted in: Construction of Japan's tallest skyscraper begins near Tokyo Station See in context

Just in time for the population collapse and everyone starting to WFH.

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Posted in: Charges dropped again over death of detained Sri Lankan woman See in context

A blight against this otherwise great country forever. Disgraceful.

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Posted in: All options on table to counter excess currency moves: finance chief See in context

No new approaches and ideas can be born from old minds.

America is kicking ass and who is at the helm? Joe Biden, an old guy...don't be ageist. Judge these people on their merits, not their age. I agree these politicians suck but it's their attitude, not their age that's the problem.

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Posted in: All options on table to counter excess currency moves: finance chief See in context

No new approaches and ideas can be born from old minds.

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Posted in: Solomon Islands leader 'appalled' at Japan over Fukushima water release See in context

Wow, we never saw that coming? lol

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Posted in: Man, daughter found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

You n Japan, these stories are way to common for my liking…

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Posted in: Japan gasoline price hits record ¥185.60 per liter See in context

...the other day a plumber came to my house to do some work, he drove back to his home to get parts about 5 times, it was ridiculous, this might force him to actually plan the job.

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Posted in: Japan gasoline price hits record ¥185.60 per liter See in context

Honestly, good, where I live it's just people driving around all day ruining the environment. I don't want them to have to suffer financially of course but some type of deterrent so they think twice before driving I think is a very good thing in 2023.

I ride my bike all the time, even when I don't feel like it, I take the car to do groceries or when absolutely required. I think more people should be doing this personally.

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Posted in: Cinnabon releases Japanese flavor series in Japan, including Uji matcha See in context

Newsflash, cinabon is not food...

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Posted in: Japanese F-35 fighter jets visit Australia in 1st deployment abroad See in context

The west knows how to contain imperialists because...

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