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Posted in: Secrecy act stirs fears about press freedom, right to know See in context

All you reporters had better check out a reporter named William Worthy. You could be next. Since Abe borrowed "Reganomics" with such success, he probably figured that he could capitalize on some democracy Obama style and get ready to literally shoot the messengers.

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Posted in: 8 months, 10 mishaps: A look at Fukushima errors See in context

The s-i-tillation counter is really going to hit the fan when they pull those rods out, but as long as all the other myriad mishaps were human error, we've absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog urges TEPCO to take drastic action on Fukushima See in context

An awful lot of that water has been stored in the Pacific and not just in containers. Considering that TEPCO can't seem to do even simple things right, is it realistic to suppose that they will accomplish something which has never been tried without irradiating half the archipelago? This operation with the rods will be the further destruction of Japan, and the ABE government will continue to use its surrogate baby, TEPCO, as the scapegoat. TEPCO is a government "company," so no distinction can be made between the two--unless you are Japanese and couldn't give a s__t about what happens to your country.

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Posted in: Japanese high school pitcher Otani opts for MLB See in context

Good for him and may he find great success playing hard-ball with the Americans.

It is amusing to hear the Japanese baseball league complain about it. I guess they can make more rules...or they could learn to play a decent game of baseball. Mr. Otani just wants to be with the best players.

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Posted in: 600 kgs of oysters harvested in Miyagi See in context

How about them oysters? You sure won't catch me eating them.

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Posted in: Man attacked by bear in Nikko See in context

You always have to be careful in Nikko at this time of year. In Ashio (at the very edge of Nikko) the bears have been known to wander through town and the kids carry noisemakers. Meanwhile at Tokorono EM (maybe 1.5 km from Nikko EM) the kids have to run out of the classrooms banging pots and pans to scare of the monkeys.

Except for that, it's a beautiful place to live.

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

To tokyonice: In fact, Japanese wives are anything but brand collecting airheads. Wives are carefully chosen for their qualities as childbearers/childrearers and are charged with maintaining the family finances. A wife who fails to make a family profit--regardless of whether her husband's income is decent or not--is considered a failure.

To Victoria Maude: I have never been involved with any women here, but I've had a few friends and I can tell you from experience that there are some Japanese men out there who really are incredibly nice guys. I would be at a loss if asked to say the same about Japanese women. My advice to young foreigners coming to Japan is "onna kowai!" There may be some nice ones, but you better be a gamblin' man. Oh, and congrats Victoria Maude.

Finally, I don't think that marrying a foreigner is really such a great thing do to in Japanese eyes. Usually it is the girls who are getting to an age where they need to find someone and fast who get shipped off to the States to find a foreigner. There is even a name for such girls, but I can't recall what it is.

If any of you can find true love, then more power to you.

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Posted in: Container explodes in Tokyo subway car, injuring 14 See in context

Yeah, sodium hydroxide. A biology lab at the University of Oregon suffered a pretty good explosion a few years back. Apparently the grad students blamed the reformed soaker prof and the prof blamed the grad students. At any rate, someone allegedly rinsed emptied containers for sodium hydroxide with Oregon's somewhat acidic tap-water, and...boom! And that was just the residue.

What was left after the blast was quickly swept under what was left of the uni's rug--which is the best place for such things, I suppose.

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Posted in: Man held for cutting woman's pants with scissors on train See in context

Although....You've got to admit that these people who make a habit of sleeping on you can be a little annoying. (Of course, all you guys dreaming of cut panties which are not in the story probably wouldn't mind a 20-year-old woman sleeping on your shoulder)

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Posted in: 18-year-old schoolgirl arrested for dumping newborn infant in garbage See in context

Agreed. Such things have been known to happen. It has also been known to occur that the "male" is unaware of his impending parenthood. What this story does suggest, is that there is something fundamentally wrong in Japanese society—and, judging by some of the comments made, there may well be something amiss in some other cultures as well.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

I agree. Immigration and anti-drug laws were never intended to be applied to the rich any more than the death penalty was.

Some of you people have a very twisted sense of right and wrong, do you know that?

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Posted in: Former U.S. POWs want Japanese companies to apologize See in context

As many as 11,000 died during what became known as the Bataan Death March.

I'm not a history buff, but my understanding was that death march deaths were much higher. In my own very personal opinion, the Japanese will think about apologizing only when the war is really over. This is not likely to be in Mr. Tenney's lifetime nor mine.

A better option for veterans of Japanese savagery would be to publicize lists of the corporations involved so that people can decide whether they wish to vote approval or disapproval at the time of purchase. While they are at it, they could also include some important brand name espresso makers whose boilers were once used on a much larger scale (Germany, hint, hint).

At a time when the entire world seems preoccupied by soldier worship and war-culture, I really think that the public could be whipped up into a patriotic frenzy over this one. If you impose the rhetoric that you are not supporting our brave "warriors" who defended us in our time of need when you purchase from x corporation, I am sure that most would feel obliged to boycott.

As for the apology issue, I think that what most people want is to be able to believe that the Japanese actually understand that what they did was abominable and that it really won't ever happen again. The absence of any genuine form of apology indicates that, as I already said, the war has yet to end although the battlefield is altered.

As for the companies and the Japanese nation, they must be forever tainted by what they have done and this stain upon their pretended honor is something which any genuinely apologetic person or entity would have to accept as part and parcel of prior actions. This holds true irrespective of race, religion, or other distinguishing characteristic.

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Posted in: Kobe zoo investigates death of giant panda See in context

The giant panda is revered as a national symbol of China as well as of friendship between the two Asian neighbors.

How ironic in light of current diplomatic difficulties between these two friends.

Only about 1,600 pandas live in the wild.

Only about 1.4 billion Japanese friends remain alive in China

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Posted in: Air Self-Defense Force officer suspended for filming up woman's skirt See in context

I guess they were doing reconnaissance.

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Posted in: Saitama woman held over death of 11-year-old son See in context

It is probably for the best that she not contribute to the world gene pool.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for employing 50 high school girls as prostitutes See in context

Simply amazing! We proudly teach our daughters not to give it away for free and then criticize them for listening. Whether you marry 70 men for money or just charge by the hour, it is all the same thing. Even in the 60's people were promiscuous for enjoyment and not for cash.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl hangs herself at home in apparent suicide See in context

benhur-- I've been in a lot of primary schools in Japan and I've yet to see one with a homeroom system. As an 副担任先生, myself, I can tell you that there are no lack of handwriting samples. I can also tell you that the school is going to do its best not to connect the dots.

What I don't see is an 8-year-old hanging herself. Kids of this age just don't think that way. I smell a rat!--a murderous one.

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Posted in: Historians rethink key Soviet role in Japan's defeat in WWII See in context

Well it is an interesting theory given that Japan did receive gentle treatment from the US--much much more gentle then they ever deserved. In my opinion in fact, Japan has yet to relent or repent its war-like ways which leads me to believe that they didn't get as much of the A-bombs as they may have needed. Furthermore, this "gentle" approach has caused unmeasured damage to the US and the world at large.

One need only look to China or Korea to get an inkling of what fate awaits any losing war with Japan. To the good fortune of the rest of the world, Japan does seem to have a habit of losing the wars it provokes. Maybe they should practice more before engaging an enemy.

That's my two cents worth, anyway.

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Posted in: Girl slashed while riding bicycle in Yamagata See in context

Have any of you noticed that such attacks are on the increase? If Japanese society doesn't do something soon, the war between the sexes is going to get serious.

In Gunma, the women are proud of being feared by men. Is there a price to be paid for being hateful enough to be feared? Is it possible that Japanese men will end up being stronger (physically) than their counterparts?

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Posted in: More than 7,000 protest crime wave in Mexico See in context

Let's see...that's one family member for each victim for the past month. I guess everyone else was either too scared to step outside or too busy shooting up the neighborhood.

The Mexico I knew and loved was a very safe country and its people the salt of the Earth

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Posted in: U.S. Congress clears historic health care bill See in context

I envision cavities requiring 15 visits to the dentist and 4 hour ambulance rides terminating in patients hours.

But then there is still Canada's world famous quality health care. And jail besides for anyone who doesn't like it. I know I feel safer now, don't you? Now all we need is a debtor's prison to load all the rebels into, or maybe we just shoot them out behind a bush these days.

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Posted in: Woman cyclist slashed during attempted robbery See in context

How about slasher and snatcher all rolled into one. It would be like a Japanese superhero role model.

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Posted in: Researchers back from Antarctic no-kill whale trip See in context

davidintokyo and browny1 - The fact that Japan has fought tooth-and-nail for decades against the ban on whaling and the fact that many in Japan consider whale meat a delicacy make for low credibility (this without mentioning many many other instances of market protectionism and general dirty play). In all honesty, do you have a reason to offer for anybody actually believing in this "research" nonsense or do you have some ulterior motive for promoting such a preposterous position?

If you think that whale meat is delicious or that the Japanese should be allowed to do whatever they want to or if it is something else entirely--at least have the basic human dignity to say so. The same is true for the Japanese. Hiding behind lies and subterfuge may be considered clever in Japan, but to many around the world it is the ultimate act of cowardice and only brings dishonor upon the country.

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Posted in: Torso identified as that of missing Fukuoka woman See in context

In Japanese fashion, the problem will be addressed after someone gets killed.

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Posted in: FBI probes Calif sushi restaurant after video sting by 'Cove' producers See in context

pretty easily, actually. point and shoot.>

That's just what they told me on the boat.

My guess is that it is Marketing research and nothing more.

The owner is American? I wonder who the clients are or why there is a market for such things? Nothing to do with Japan, I suppose. Nothing at all. Never let your hormones get the better of your reasoning capacity. That's my best advice.

I'll never understand this obsession with eating whale, that's for sure. In some parts of the world, whale is customarily eaten, but, so far as I know, they have few options on the menu in those places. What's your excuse?

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Posted in: Police investigating possible hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

What do you mean a "possible" hit and run? They don't have anyone who can read the tire tracks down the guy's back?

Yep! It's definately a Bridgestone!

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Posted in: Pet shop manager caught stealing zoo animals, including a penguin See in context

Don't you guys get it? He must have had a "friend" on the inside to pull off this job. That is the way things are done in this country.

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Posted in: Principal fails in cover-up after student's rib fractured by teacher See in context

Of course, the principal and teacher will lose their jobs, and the student will continue to be the punk he always has been as society continues its downward spiral into oblivion.

Sounds like a good solution to me.

Some people just shouldn't breed!

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Posted in: Man arrested after embracing female employee in hotel See in context

For all of you guys who can't or won't understand:

Imagine that it was your girlfriend/wife/mother/sister getting "hugged" by this creep. How do you feel about it now?

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Posted in: Head of ward office in Okinawa town sets man on fire in parking lot See in context

I guess Okinawans really believe in strong government.

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