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Posted in: Lysacek won the Olympic gold; Plushenko won the argument See in context

Very obviously there must be a balance between pushing physical limits while maintaining artistic value and--let's not forget--keeping your balance. There is nothing fun about watching some guy doing a b__tslide across the ice.

As for Plushenko and his terrible performance, he is just a bigmouth who came out looking like a big_$$. Maybe they are going to have to make rules about sporting conduct if this is the class of people who are going to be working the sport.

Some other disgraced skaters have made it big in amateur boxing. I wonder if the Russian has any prospects?

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Posted in: Hideaki Ito spotted with heavily intoxicated woman See in context

So, let me see...the question concerning us is the identity of the actor's consort and nature of her relation to this "actor", and not the fact that wandering through the streets too drunk to stand up might be deemed dysfunctional if not outright alcoholic behavior?

What does this say about our readers and this society...

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Posted in: Newborn baby found dead in Fukuoka supermarket toilet See in context

The baby was dumped by its mother and no amount of rationalization will ever change that.

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Posted in: Tensions rise in Hatoyama cabinet over Futenma See in context

As for Aso and the LDP losing elections, some didn't like the idea of a family tainted by war crimes--criminal acts of great cruelty committed during the war. I can't imagine why.

As to the military question: I am strongly against war, armies, and soldiers and their toys. Training people to rape, kill and maim is to create a social crisis which we are incapable of solving. Do any of you really believe that some guy can patrol a free zone in Vietnam, killing anything that moves in his path, then come home and lead a normal, healthy and productive life?

The US has enough problems of its own. Why should we take on Japan's problems? If the Japanese can't honor their agreement, the US should take Okinawa back and leave the Japanese to fend for their own against all their Asian "friends."

The rest of the world can start a pool to see how many minutes Japan will last unprotected, and the US can figure out some other productive task for the unemployed in Afghanistan and Iraq and for the psychopaths they send to Okinawa.

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Posted in: Authorities drop child-snatching case against American man See in context

In case some of you haven't figured it out yet, a lot of those girls get sent abroad because they are too nuts to be here. If this guy was horny and foolish enough to get mixed up with this girl, he should certainly count himself lucky to be rid of her and his hellspawn.

It is very likely that she planned everything out very carefully from reeling him in, to getting pregnant, to having him arrested at the embassy gate.

I find it hard to believe that after all his experience, he still hasn't gotten any wiser. Go home, Chris, and count your blessings.

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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context

Mnemosyne23 is on the right track: Bullying is about power. Kids, however, do not seek power so much as their parents do. The bully comes from a family where bullying is taught as a way of life and as a means to cope with innate inferiority. In Japan or in America their are bullies and in both cases the parents, schools, and students are well aware of what is taking place. In fact, in the majority of cases you will find that school teachers and administrators are complicit in such bullying activity. Why? Because none of them would be where they are in a world where a successful life history strategy were based on competence.

Participants in bully culture are not renowned for their intellectual capability and hence it is understandable that they should confuse Darwinism for social-Darwinism--an innocent mistake?--and hence believe that a suicide provoked by bullying to be simply an expression of genetic weakness. They see it as "non-survival of the weakest."

Japan, specifically, is a culture known to subscribe to this kind of social-Darwinist thinking and hence a favorable climate for bullying is fostered here. This will not come as a surprise to anyone with an IQ above 23 or who is even remotely interested in being honest.

More alarming to me, I see a new bullying culture arising in the US which is expressed in socio-economic terms. As we used to say about my university's hiring practices: Screen out all qualified applicants. This is where Imerica is headed, so put that in your "soldier field" and smoke it.

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Posted in: Angry cross-dressing man arrested for stripping at intersection See in context

Yamazaki? Not on television? He should have his sorry ass SMAPped!

sicklittlemonkey: Of course, you didn't actually have to see him. With the Japanese penchant for copying all things Hollywood, I'd say they've just created the Japanese version of The Invisible Man.

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Posted in: Two die after toxic gas leaks into Ishikawa school cafeteria See in context

I wonder what gas it really was and what those guys were doing that the story implies is related to the incident?

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Posted in: Teacher, wife busted for filming women in toilet 'just for fun' See in context

It's absolutely stupid to think someone of honorable standing would stoop to this kind of crap.

I think they said he is a teacher. I wonder if he actually thought that "peepee" comes out of the uterus? That could be a cause of confusion.

Of course, we all know that BeaverCleaver is right and that everything here is about money.

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Posted in: Friends eyed in Japanese man's death in Chile See in context

With friends like that...

Yes. Obviously this guy was (typically Japanese) up to his you-know-what in "business."

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Posted in: Teacher, wife busted for filming women in toilet 'just for fun' See in context

I was once told of a college student in Louisiana who whole-heartedly believed that she would become pregnant by kissing. (A lot of people would love that, but it just doesn't seem to work.)

It occurs to me that perhaps many Japanese haven't yet experienced or figured out how the birds and the bees thing works. Is it possible that they mistake peeing for sex? I mean, even the most woefully inadequate can still manage a toilet.

Se te cayó el tobaco, hermano.

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Posted in: What is your stance on moves by some schools to bar children from bringing cell phones to school? See in context

Well, we could ban bullying or ban cell phones. Which one I wonder?

How can a culture in which communication is a foreign language be so obsessed with telephones? Because true love is found on the other end of the telephone line from where you don't have to deal with the reality of...

Fake! Fake! Fake!

By the by...Schools starting collecting phones in boxes a long time ago, so this "ban" is nothing more than window dressing anyway.

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Posted in: Despite court order, Minako Komukai goes ahead with plans for strip show See in context

Japanese ex-talento--A female Japanese television personality after recovering from breast cancer?

How does someone who had no talent in the first place become an "ex-talento"? She she lose her non-talent? --herefornow

I believe that you are suffering from a lack of perspective. From the perspective of the link provided by northlondon, she appears to have a great deal of natural talent. Maybe she is really becoming an ex-notalento. It is all in how you look at things.

So the evidence so far: --The Smap guy doesn't get charged and doesn't lose his contract after his nude display in the park under the influence of ???. --Minako Komukai loses her contract and is told to keep her clothes on.

Would this, among other things, demonstrate some proclivity toward male nudeness on the part of the Japanese public? Are male foreigners more interested in female bodies than their Japanese counterparts? Does this explain all the peeping going on in the public restroom?

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Posted in: 'Teen repellent' in Adachi park spurs flood of inquiries See in context

I was going to say that I wanted one, but listening to that link above changed my mind. I couldn't listen to more than a few seconds of it and I'm a couple of decades out of hearing range. What's up with that? You won't see me in the park, that's for sure.

The teens are only doing what they were programmed to do by their parents, so the parents should be obliged to listen to these tortuous sounds in much the same way that the rest of us are obliged to tolerate their devil-spawn.

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Posted in: U.S. airman spots aircraft fuel leak at 35,000 feet on Narita-bound flight See in context

kavikahi: I was going to read your post...then I was interrupted by an intelligent thought.

Well. It is nice that they didn't all wind up in the Pacific.

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Posted in: U.S. airman spots aircraft fuel leak at 35,000 feet on Narita-bound flight See in context

The true horror of the story is the obvious symptom of I-mericanitis. This guy tells the flight attendant about a serious problem and she pretends to listen and tells him, "I know, I know." These days everyone knows everything whilst remaining perversely incapable of doing anything.

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Posted in: Japan to phase out onboard quarantine inspections as new flu cases total 178 See in context

Richard the First-- Do you think you will actually get some Tamiflu from your doctor? How do you expect to know what is in that little packet of pills? Face the facts! You're a gaijin in an uncivilized world, and you had just better pray that this thing doesn't kill you.

KnowBetter-- You may be joking, but do consider how many diseases and various fungi have come out of Asia. As the lady interviewed on NHK after the discovery that Takashimaya was dumping sewage more or less stated: It's odd because we Japanese are so hygienic. Hack! Hack! Cough! Cough! Flush!

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Posted in: Mirror for use in the dark See in context

This should be very useful at the Cinema. Narcissus can kill two birds with one stone by reviewing her obvious beauty and drawing our attention to it like moths to the flame.

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Posted in: New AQUOS D TV series See in context

But don't be fooled, the harper, Japanese inches, whether of the V-riety or not are doubtless different from inches elsewhere much as Japanese snow and brains have been found to be.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino mistaken for minor at Macau casino See in context

It appears that everyone pretty well understands the nature of the Japanese and the veracity of the media.

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Posted in: Field of Spears: The Last Mission of the Jordan Crew See in context

Interesting. On the other side of the Pacific, my friend's father wrote a memoir of his experiences as a POW and survivor of the infamous Bataan death march and others. This memoir contains one particularly interesting detail which reveals that servicemen stationed in Hawaii were aware that an attack by the Japanese was imminent.

Curiously when this friend took the work to the local university library, the historians there snubbed it as irrelevant and of little historical significance.

It would seem that some have found good reason to keep secrets--whether it be shame or some other baser motive--on both sides of the Pacific. I shouldn't wonder that these "secrets" will die with their owners as Imerica sinks deeper and deeper into its newborn war culture.

By the by, does anybody know what's playing at Soldier Field this week?

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan that intervening in rocket launch will be act of war See in context

Mr. Kim Tae-woo is both a missile expert and psychologist and understands that it is "natural" to want to make a nuclear phallus that can go farther. Just what we need, another sick psychologist.

Farmboy is on the right track. Problems with NK are really meant to scare the Japanese public into accepting re-militarization. I personally think Japan should be left to bankrupt itself with $400 toilet seats just as Ronnie Raygun did to us.

Japan doesn't jump high because of US backing, especially after Kissenger flew right over their heads and direct to China, Japan jumps high at US bidding. Similarly, NK is awfully close to China. Hmmm!

A better question is why does the US want a militarized Japan?

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