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Regarding the alcohol comments, this case seems a little different from the norm. Usually we hear of the accused saying, "I was drunk". Here the police are saying she was drunk when arrested. She may have been celebrating after the fact.

(Sorry, but I never quite understand the comments here with regard to the "I was drunk" statements released by the police. As far as I know, that is never used in court as a defense. I generally assume it is used as a way of not needing to answer police questions.)

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The is no Christian church today that would use that in a sermon as we all know that women are equal to men.

So does the bible have no place in Christianity then? Or should we only read the good bits?

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best fried chicken on the planet

Sorry, but my wife holds the title for that. (Yours too, no doubt.)

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and counting the number of people with impressive ink

Are you saying those are the people that keep the area safe? That could be true.

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In the U.K all evidence has to be disclosed to the defense team. Is it not the same in the U.S.A? 

I think the laws are similar in both countries. But there are various reports in the UK too of evidence being withheld.

(Daily Mail link, but it refers to an article from The Times. Unfortunately, The Times' page is not free to view.)

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It is one of my joys to compare different cuisines

But the bigger joy is to eat them. :-)

I'm sure we all have tales to tell of our curry experiences. My favorite was when in Malaysia on the compulsory return-through-Asia trip after my first stint in Japan. At an Indian restaurant there, the manager asked about our trip and we told him our next destination was India. He told us to enjoy the food now as the best Indian food was in Malaysia and the UK. His point was that India was so poor, most people couldn't afford to eat good food. We discovered he was generally correct. But our flight to India got screwed up and we were put up in a fancy hotel in Mumbai for our first night (we should have been in Delhi). As most on the flight were scruffy gits like me, they herded us into a separate room and served a help yourself buffet. It was fantastic.

Anyway, good luck to this chain. There's a place for all kinds of tastes. (I live in the land of Haggis Pakora.)

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These protesters are exercising supposed "freedom of speech" which apparently isn't a protected right.

They decided to hold their protest in a public market. I find that hard to believe.

In addition to "freedom of speech", another basic right is protecting one's own life. I can imagine the reaction of those that are fearful of the virus to a bunch of maskless protestors coming close to them.

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Jerusalem was always the capital

If you think of "capital" as seat of government then it was Tel Aviv. "Eternal and sacred capitals" as described by Ben Gurion are not so practical.

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That is the West Bank.

It's far more than the West Bank. It's all of what is generally considered the land of Plaestine/Israel, from Lebanon to Egypt and from Jordan to the Mediterranean.

Israels area is indefensible,

And so what steps could be taken to remove the need for defense?

and its capital divided

Is that the recently declared capital or the one I remember as a child?

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I think some definitions need to be clarified. "Palestine" is a geographical area, comprising todays Israel, Jordan, and Syria. 

I don't think that clarifies much. In my lifetime, the land of Palestine (including Israel) has been generally defined as the area west of the Jordan river. It doesn't include today's Jordan and Syria. (I confess my understanding was probably seeded by my father who served in the British army around 1947 in what he described as Palestine. He was doing his national service.)

I didn't mean the West Bank specifically. (I was thinking of non-Jewish occupants of what I think is the generally accepted definition today of the Israel/Palestine land.) I was responding to a comment that suggested all Palestinians "want Israel wiped off the map".)

I agree there is no simple solution. But it seemed some progress was being made some years back with the idea of a two-state solution. Sadly, nothing seems to have come from that.

Note that I have never visited the area, and so my ignorance is huge.

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Japan has the Shinkansen, what does the UK have to offer? 

A lot of trains are built in the UK, many by that great British company Hitachi Rail. They'd better protect that name unless some Japanese company tries to steel it.

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The Palestinians could have a peace deal if they wanted one. They don’t. They want Israel wiped off the map. 

The Palestinian leadership has supported a two-state solution since 1982. Polls in both Israel and Palestine show the majority in both places favor a two-state solution. Why don't we have such a solution? It would seem the Israeli leadership doesn't want Palestine to exist.

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And then suddenly it wasn't fine at all and masks became the unassailable angel of perfect mercy that will save the world if not for a handful of deniers.

Calm down! Some people think masks are useful, others are not so sure. In the interests of a bit of social harmony, we can put them on when out and about. It's not a big deal.

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my very first boyhood crush.

Mine too, and I was reminded of a poem...

Fare thee weel, my first and fairest

Fare thee weel, my best and dearest

Thine be like joy and treasure

Peace, enjoyment, love and pleasure

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The referendum should take place in the island of Ireland - that's north and south. The 6 counties is an artificial statelet created by partition that was forced on the island. 

That sounds a bit like the people of China being allowed to decide the future of Hong Kong.

I'd love to see a united Ireland, but I think it has to be up to the people in the six counties to decide if they want to rejoin. It should also be up to the people in the rest if Ireland whether they want to accept them or not.

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I expect that Spain would never vote to allow Scotland to join.

Spain has never voiced such an idea. The idea tends to be raised by those in Britain opposed to Scottish independence. But either way, with the UK out of the EU anyway, I'm not sure it would make much difference to Scottish people's opinions.

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Boeing is to the US what Toyota is to Japan: Too big to fail.

I think the differences are huge. Toyota is probably the only large Japanese company to be free of the Soga Shosha influence. It doesn't rely on government contracts. It's quite different.

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Once a hard border goes up the fun begins.

Yeah, the Troubles were hilarious.


While understandable, I think your retort to Desert Tortoise is a little unfair. The troubles had not so much to do with hard borders but with circumstances within the North.

There are groups in NI (and here in central Scotland) who it's easy to class as being more British than the English. It seems to mean something different to them.

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Posted in: Learn about the tragic history of WWII kamikaze pilots at two museums in Fukuoka See in context


 I would like to mention something that is almost never talked about, those pilots who chose not to sacrifice themselves

I once met a former kamikaze pilot in Kyushu in the early 1980s (he was an English student of a friend of mine). We met in a bar so conversation flowed. The first question - why are you still alive? He explained that he was never sent on a mission. He was 19 at the time, and he said the preference was to send the younger ones (aged about 16 or 17) as the older ones had a habit of ditching into the sea and getting rescued. He also strongly suggested we visit a museum near Ibusiki in Kagoshima. We did. It was strange. Many older women paying respects to lost brothers or lovers or whomever.

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Some tell us they’d be prepared to see their country take a financial hit for independence.

Is that such a bad thing? If you are told that under the current UK setup you are reliant on the UK for wealth, is that not an incentive to become self-reliant and try to boost your wealth?

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None of my business, and to be brutally honest, I don’t think it’s any of yours either.

I think you are entitled to an opinion, as is anyone else.

Polls seem to suggest that support for Scottish independence has increased since the Brexit vote (and perhaps more so since Johnson became PM). Let's say it's about 50-50. At the last independence referendum, leaving aside the flag waving nutters on both sides, I'd say most people were weighing up the possible costs and benefits. Not an easy decision. It's probably more difficult now given Scotland has no land borders with the EU. But if the UK's situation next year is the mess many are predicting, I'd guess the support for independence will increase.

Meanwhile, it may be time to stock up on the toilet paper again. :-)

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Posted in: One man killed, seven injured in stabbings in Birmingham See in context

Police have reported one person dead and seven injured. Not much in the way of details yet.

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In England the blasphemy law is needed to uphold the national law, which is based on Christianity. 

I believe the blasphemy law in England was abolished in 2008.

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According to the authors, this could imply that men and women need different treatments.


Riley said this is why treatments would be better if they were individually tailored, rather than defined solely on sex.

If possible, the latter would be preferable. Otherwise we'd be basically gambling that our response matches the majority of whatever sex we are.

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The free-thinkers

Interesting notion. Why do I get the idea that it's the need to think that is upsetting these people? Planning shopping trips more carefully, taking a bit more care when near others, and not being able to talk loudly in bars.

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How do you explain the hundreds of girls who died and thousands who were rendered disabled from the HPV vaccine? And how do you explain the massive rise in autism?

Legitimate questions, I think.

They would be legitimate questions if they provided some information to back up the claims. As they stand, they are just nonsense. How can we explain something that we don't see?

@wipeout, thanks for your comment, especially about the autism and Asperger's diagnosis history.

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but do your gangsters drop their victims off at hospitals when they finish roughing them up?

That reminded me of a Scottish comedian's comments when Glasgow had been shown to be Europe's most dangerous city and the UK's friendliest city in separate surveys published in the same week.

"You might get stabbed, but someone will give you directions to the hospital."

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I assume most of the posters on this board are of an age that have already been vaccinated, and if so, please tell us what adverse effects it had on you. And if you weren't vaccinated, how do you explain the millions upon millions of children who were vaccinated and have grown up healthy? Legitimate questions, I think.

It is a legitimate question. I and my family have had no adverse reactions from all the recommended vaccines that we have had. I would encourage everyone to take recommended vaccines.

But I know another person who is the probable victim of an adverse reaction to a vaccination. Wheelchair bound for over 50 years and with some learning difficulties (she might argue about the latter). I say "probable" because it's almost impossible to accurately assign cause to her condition, but she fits the pattern of higher-than-average pattern of symptoms following a vaccination program.

Her condition is why I would like to be given clearer information about the effectiveness versus the serious side-effects of vaccines. One million saved versus 1 person sacrificed? Perhaps OK. What about 1000 saved versus 1 person sacrificed? And should we take account of what they are saved from? Polio, measles, influenza, rubella, etc.?

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In January this year, a renewed debate about freedom of expression erupted when a teenager received death threats for calling Islam "a shitty religion" in an expletive-laden Instagram rant.

It should be noted that her rant was in response to being called a "dirty lesbian" by a Muslim online commentator.

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Its unfair Wakayama people are bullied so much over their indigenous tradition and food customs.

The people of Wakayama have various views. It was actually two politicians from Taiji who acted to get dolphin meet removed from school meals in the prefecture.

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