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Don't get me wrong. I think the Taliban is bad. But how to move things in the right direction? I hope you're not proposing another invasion. Violence against women won't just go away overnight. There are hints that some in the Taliban are not so extreme. I think a gentle push may be better than any strong action.

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I tend to see the Taliban as a very broad organization with a range of views. From extreme conservatism to something slightly more modern. I imagine there is quite a bit of internal disagreement. And while I'd like to see better opportunities for women, I'm worried that exerting too much external pressure will make things worse. I think slow moves in the right direction will be better than trying to force radical change. Smiles and frowns rather than sanctions and howling.

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The carbon footprint of an electric car's manufacture and lifetime is less than that of an ICE car. So it's fine.

But if the ICE car is already manufactured, I don't think it's so straightforward. Should we not be comparing the running of an older ICE car versus the manufacture and running of an electric car?

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Ask Taiwan why they haven't given up claims on mainland China as well as Mongolia

Fair question. I think one reason Taiwan hasn't officially changed its various territorial statutes is that should it declare itself an independent state, it would fall foul of the PRC's anti-secession law, thus inviting invasion. I can't claim to know the opinions of Taiwan's people. My understanding is that opinion is varied, and that while there has been a general trend towards support for independence, there is also a pragmatic mindset that is reluctant to let hotheads take charge. (If life isn't so bad, why change? Slow and steady versus fast and furious.)

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Seeing as some people are deliberately confused, a plain language explanation. 

Poor people who need vehicles buy cheap old ones, which are the most polluting ones.

But I still have questions. While cheap old cars may be the most polluting while driving, what about the pollution from manufacture? The plan would suggest an increase in manufacturing and thus an increase in whatever pollution is caused at that stage. I hope that has been taken into account.

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it is a fact that 40% of people in the US who caught Omicron were vaccinated. And hospitalization, complications and deaths from Omicron are much lower than from Delta,

I don't that information alone is enough to form an opinion.

Regarding the 40% figure, what percentage of people in the US were vaccinated at the time? For example, if 80% were vaccinated, then from my quick calculation, the unvaccinated were six times more likely to catch Omicron. Regarding complications and deaths, while serious cases may be lower with Omicron, what is the difference in serious cases between the vaccinated and unvaccinated?

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respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations

Which is fairly meaningless without some kind of definition of how a nation is defined. The UN Charter talks of the self-determination of peoples. Is that not how Taiwan can be seen to have the right to declare itself as a nation? And should it not also apply to the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, Crimea, Donbas, Northern Ireland, Catalonia, etc.?

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Ignore the angry old boomers

By most definitions, I'm a boomer, and have been known to be angry on occasion. Yet I'm a big fan of Naomi Osaka. (Maybe partly because I'm a dad to two kids also born in Osaka.) I've always thought it was the youngsters here who moan about her.

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They weren't a foreigner if they were in their own country.

And if they weren't in their own country?

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Curtis LeMay and Robert McNamara were masterminds of the carpet bombing of Tokyo with incendiary bombs.

Later, McNamara said this about the bombing:

We burned to death 100,000 Japanese civilians in Tokyo – men, women, and children... Lemay recognized that what he was doing would be thought immoral if his side had lost... But what makes it immoral if you lose and not immoral if you win? LeMay said "if we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals". And I think he’s right – and I’d say – we were behaving as war criminals.

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Traditionally, Sweden has been a strong voice for peace and disarmament.

I hope this isn't affected should they choose to join NATO. It plays an important role in many countries around the world, monitoring and supervising various ceasefires and peace agreements.

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Its going to happen

But I guess the question is, "What's going to happen?" Will these vehicles be as common as regular taxis? I doubt that - route organization would be a nightmare. Will it be mainly for transport to and from airports? Or just for emergency services? I'm trying to imagine when and how I make make use of such a service. I'm struggling a little. Also, I note there is no mention of energy usage in the article.

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We won’t talk about what the unusually shaped roof decoration on Asahi’s smaller building looks like.

No need. My young nieces used to scream out what it looked like whenever they saw it.

This looks like a good trip. I've taken the shorter boat trip from Asakusa to Hamarikyu a number of times. Always enjoyable, especially the walk through the park at the end.

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Posted in: New ‘Doctor Who’ star is ‘Sex Education’ actor Ncuti Gatwa See in context

Gee. These must be the grumpiest comments I've seen on this site. Quite a contrast to Ncuti Gatwa himself who seems a really happy guy. (And with a number of acting awards.)

Can't quite work out whether those offended are upset because he's black or gay.

Or because they're no longer 8-years old when you're supposed to enjoy Doctor Who the most.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Many countries have a lower fertility rate than Japan, e.g. Spain, Italy, Finland, South Korea.

Reducing the population is quite different from removing it altogether.

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Blaming the problem on animals farting

In the case of cattle, it's the belching and not the farting. It could be important when you try to attach some recycling device to a cow.

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Posted in: Do you think political correctness will be the death of comedy? See in context

That "woke" word keeps cropping up. I'm wondering how woke the guy in the clip below is considered. He is attacking racism after all. (Warning - strong language)

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Posted in: Northern Ireland parties urged to work together after Sinn Fein win See in context

a hard blow to England..

I think many in England would like to be a separate country too. It's those that like the idea of a UK that will be unhappy.

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Posted in: Biden to emphasize 'ironclad' nuclear deterrence during Asia trip: White House See in context

Japan had no idea the US had such a weapon

I don't think that's quite right. I think some in Japan knew the US was developing such a weapon. And was Japan itself not researching such a weapon (along with a few other countries)?

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Posted in: Biden to emphasize 'ironclad' nuclear deterrence during Asia trip: White House See in context

The US invaded Iraq thinking the Iraqis had nuclear weapons.

Was the term used not "weapons of mass destruction"? My memory was that the focus was on chemical weapons. Iraq had used them before. (Oddly, the US and UK didn't invade at that time.)

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Fetal viability is generally set at 24 weeks, which is why this is a common limit for abortion in many countries. (Where I live, about 80% of abortions are performed within 9 weeks from conception.)

I don't think it's my place to comment on the rights and wrongs of abortion. There are so many situations. Rape, incest, threat to the mother's health, the foetus with a condition that is likely to lead to suffering, or simply the mother not wanting a child.

Properly conducted abortion doesn't involve tearing a baby apart. For abortions before 12 weeks, "medical abortions" are general conducted. This involves taking medicines that will cause the woman to "pass the pregnancy". However, if made illegal, we are likely to see a revival in backstreet abortions which could be quite ugly.

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Posted in: JR East offering ‘shinkansen for pets,’ including dog-friendly vacation packages See in context

the promotional images and name "Woof-cation"

I'm fairly sure the poster says "wan-cation". I wonder why they didn't use that in the article.

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Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; Jeremiah 1:5

Probably best to keep religion out of this. If God really forms us in the womb, then considering 10-20% of pregnancies end with spontaneous abortions, he seems to practice it a lot.

My own view, like many others, is that until a foetus can survive alone, it's part of the mother's body and her choice. The rest of us should shut up.

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The former Arsenal man

He also played for Feyenoord, Rangers, and Barcelona.

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That son must be in his late 50s, at least. And still living at home?

We could view that as the elderly parents living with their son. Wouldn't you let your elderly parents live with you?

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Posted in: Report: Draft opinion suggests U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe See in context

Abortion has been around since ancient times. Whatever the laws say, it won't go away. Most countries take a sensible attitude and prefer it be done in a safe way rather than by some backstreet practitioner. And I wonder what some of those loud proponents of making abortion illegal do when their 15-year old daughter gets pregnant.

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If you look at the evidence, overwhelmingly, not 100%, but overwhelmingly the evidence points to this virus being a leak from a lab

I guess when you're overwhelmed with the complexity and vocabulary of scientific documents, everything overwhelmingly points to aliens/Chinese/Americans/liberals/conservatives/vegans/omnivores/them.

The words "zoonotic" caught my attention, so I googled and found the paper below. It actually suggests a different paradigm, but reading it made me sympathise somewhat with Rand Paul. Terms such as furin cleavage, viral envelope glycoproteins, metagenomic data, phylogenetically branching, molecular clock analyses, and sylvatic phase probably don't work too well in political campaigns. All I can say is that the evidence overwhelmingly points to my ignorance.

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Notification immediately, not 3 days after the fact, is also protocol.

Where does the three days come from? I've read that the Russian border security authority faxed the Japanese coastguard on April 28 (Thursday).

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I can do without the sneers from those from the likes of Ibrox Arena or Celtic Stadium

Oddly, I've never watched a game at either of those Enclosures. The first football game I went see was at the Hampden Amphitheatre in about 1961. Queens Park were playing East Fife. Capacity at the time, 140,000. Attendance was about 200. You can imagine the atmosphere.

Keep hoping!

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Posted in: Liverpool overwhelms Villarreal 2-0in Champions League semifinal See in context

Everton is building a brand new stadium on the docks.

They're getting to you too, zichi. Be careful with those singulars and plurals.

The whole basis of football grammar is to allow people such as Jimizo to say Liverpool is great (the city) and Everton are great (football team fantasy).

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