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Posted in: Court revokes permits at 2 reactors over quake safety See in context

@zichi, where does the 250GW figure for Japan come from?

When I look at electricity consumption data by country, I find Japan consumes just under twice per capita as the UK. (But close to the EU average. I'm assuming the UK uses relatively more gas.)

Total monthly output for Japan is about 80,000 GWh. I think that comes to an average output figure of about 110GW.

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Posted in: Japanese spacecraft sends capsule with asteroid soil samples on its way to Earth See in context

I'm smiling at the drum can in the photo. Is that the target for the capsule?

Anyway, I hope it all goes well.

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Posted in: Top 10 most desirable Japanese prefectures to live in may show new trend toward small-city living See in context

Apart from Kyoto and Okinawa, the selected prefectures are among the ten most populated prefectures in Japan. I'm not sure what that tells us, but it's probably not the best guide to good places to live.

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Posted in: Inovio signs COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing deal with Japan's Kaneka See in context

Just as BioNTech(Pfizer vaccine developer) is a Turkish-based company based in Germany,

What do you mean by Turkish-based?

Inovio is a Korean-based company based in America.

What do you mean by Korean-based?

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Posted in: UK authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use; 1st in the world See in context

Remember thalidomide

I'm sure many of us remember thalidomide. It was horrific. But it also hugely changed the way drugs are rolled out. Thalidomide was sold over the counter. Vaccines are administered by health professionals. While I'm always nervous about taking medicine, looking at the risks of not taking this vaccine makes me think many will be happy to get to the front of the queue.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan man arrested for arranging fake marriage with Japanese woman See in context

The marriage itself might have been a sham, but how do you file false documents? Are they saying the docs were evidence of a crime?

It's not clear in the article. I'm assuming they were formally married, i.e. the marriage was registered at the local city office. But my memory of getting a spouse visa (a little hazy) is that it involved far more proof of marriage than just a marriage certificate. Wedding photos, statements from employees, etc. Basically stuff to show it was a genuine marriage and not just one of convenience. So probably he faked such supporting documents. I think that would class as a crime.

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Posted in: JETRO opens website to promote Japanese liquor shochu worldwide See in context

Shochu, has a stealth element. tip-toeing up behind you and taking your head off.

Perhaps best to drink mixed with hot water. That tends to give you early signals. I think it tastes better that way too.

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Posted in: Ghosn may be gone, but Nissan still rolling along See in context

Japan gave Nissan $1bn cash this September, $2bn this month, and will soon give $2.1bn more within this year.

Can you clarify? I understand the Japanese government agreed to guarantee loans taken out by Nissan. Not quite the same as "giving".

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Posted in: Scotland leader puts UK on independence warning: We want a referendum soon See in context

My contention is Nicola Sturgeon/SNP reasoning and timing behind a push for another independence referendum, is in many respects a life long ambition.

OK. I can probably go along partly with that. She is a politician after all, and we can argue that the successful ones are driven more by ambition than ideas.

It all depends on how one defines independence

That could take forever. :-) But a simple version of the question in Scotland might be, "Would you prefer to be independent like Denmark or independent like the UK?" I think a fair proportion of the Scottish population would prefer the Danish version.

And while I'm a supporter of an independent Scotland, I worry more about it now than at the last referendum, as England will not be an EU member. That raises lots of issues.

But I suspect my main motivation for supporting Scottish independence is a wish to see an end to what I see as an antiquated UK. During my lifetime, I've watched countries such as the USA, Germany and Japan build modern technologies and industries while here in Britain it seemed to remain all scones and tea towels.

I'd also be interested in alternative ideas - eg. moving the UK parliament out of London (e.g. to Coventry), or more devolved powers to English regions. Meanwhile, I'll support Winnie Ewing's election slogan from the 1960s, "Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on."

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Posted in: Scotland leader puts UK on independence warning: We want a referendum soon See in context


 Nicola Sturgeon depends on the hard-core nationalists for their support, to deliver indyref2

That doesn't make any sense to me. The hard core nationalist nutters will always vote for independence, in the same way British nationalist nutters would always vote for Brexit. No need to pander. It's the non-nationalists like myself and probably most of the Scottish population she has to persuade. Judging by polls, she's been doing not a bad job so far.

This reply was to a question to set up a hard boarder control between England and Scotland.

I think that question was from Willie Rennie (Liberal leader in Scotland) who comes over as somewhat hysterical. If we have restrictions on travel within Scotland between local authority areas, it seems reasonable to also consider restrictions on travel between Scotland and England. People in Edinburgh can't travel to where I live under current restrictions. Would it be innate hostility if people from Newcastle weren't allowed to travel here either?

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Posted in: UK appoints vaccines minister to oversee COVID inoculations See in context

with doubt emerging regarding the efficiency of the AstraZeneca vaccine only tested on persons below 55

The testing with two full doses included all age groups. It was the half-dose followed by full-dose tests that were limited to under 55s.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 561 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,678 See in context

The weather itself does not affect the virus or the transmission, per se, as much as how we react to it. For example, when it's cold, you tend to move things indoors

I've read that it may affect transmission:

I can also understand how our behavior under different weather conditions can also affect transmission.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 561 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,678 See in context

weather does not effect the Covid-19 virus

Can you clarify? I've read that cold and dry conditions may increase the transmission of the virus.

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Posted in: Scotland leader puts UK on independence warning: We want a referendum soon See in context

Nicola Sturgeon bitter belligerence to the English

I don't see that. Anti-Westminster for sure, but so are so many people in various parts of England. In some polls, she's more popular in England than Johnson:

In her own words (from July this year):

There's not an anti-English bone in my body, I don't have an anti-English fibre in my being. I come from partly English stock, my grandmother was English and I lead a party that is full of English people.

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Posted in: Do you think social media sites are helping or hindering the flow of accurate information concerning the coronavirus? See in context

I don't use social media, but I get the impression it's little different from listening to my neighbors. If Jamie up the road says there are aliens camping in the forest, I'm inclined to disbelieve him. If Sally down the road says, "I've heard that eating dandelions can help your eyesight. Do you know anything about that?" then I'm inclined to listen. She's looking for information, not declaring "the truth".

The idea of "accurate information" is a little strange. How did we get it before social media? Is it not a case of asking questions (generally to yourself) and trying to find information that helps answer them? 

I'm not comfortable with the idea of "scientific facts" either. Science is based on theories and evidence, and a foundation of ignorance. So, for example, if trying to find out the seriousness of covid compared to the flu, what questions should I ask? Is how many people test positive a good question compared to how many higher-than-average deaths there are over a certain period? And for both questions, what might I be missing in the answers?

Sorry for rambling. In summary, use social media to chat with people. Ask good questions to find good answers.

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Posted in: Maradona had greatness but no sportsmanship: England's Shilton See in context

Very childish, just like people who enjoyed it because it was against England.

At the time, I guess I fell in that category. But I think I enjoyed it more because he did it with style. It reminded me of my childhood football on the local council estate. Whatever you can get away with, and a cheeky grin won't harm.

He was a bit of a star in Scotland long before that game. He played in an international in Glasgow in 1979, and he caused the home fans to cheer him. A rare event. There were a lot of tributes here yesterday. One from a guy who was a 13-year old ballboy during a training session back in 2008. Maradona had lost a medallion and the kid found it. He was rewarded. Picture here:

One journalist had this to say:

Hampden ’79 was my baptism in the benign cult of Diego. I subsequently spent the next four decades jumping at his goals, wincing at his excesses, and, occasionally, praying for his well-being.

I think most football fans will have similar feelings.

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Posted in: Coronavirus stokes fears for UK music industry See in context

music industry

In some ways, it's a strange expression. But I remember one song that includes it in the lyrics.

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Posted in: COVID toll turns spotlight on Europe's taboo of data by race See in context

And there is a clear correlation between vitamin D deficiency and covid19 severity/death.

The connection is not clear. Some studies have shown a connection; others not. I've also read of studies that show a bigger connection with those at risk from diabetes than from Vitamin D deficiency.

But because we can't discuss race issues openly, nobody is warning about this.

Here in the UK, there has been fairly open discussion about these things. But is it not more of a genetics issue than a race issue? If we look physically different, then we are probably biologically different. But we can over-generalize about such differences. Should we view people from northern Europe/Africa/Asia the same as those from southern Europe/Africa/Asia? And when your granny is from Niigata and your grandad on the other side is from Leeds, where does that place you? I suspect if we all had our DNA tested, we'd find some surprises as to our genetic origins.

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Posted in: 'English nouveau': a young red to rival Beaujolais See in context

"This is not a wine for drinking... this is a wine for laying down and avoiding."

That brought back memories.

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Posted in: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland aim to ease COVID rules for Christmas See in context

the English are banned from entering Scotland

That may be dramatizing things a little. Within Scotland, we are also banned from entering or leaving Level 3 or 4 local authority areas. For example, I can't travel to Edinburgh from where a live about 40 km away. As England is currently under strict lockdown rules, it is basically just extending the same policy.

There are various exemptions, and as far as I know it is not being enforced directly (e.g. no roadblocks anywhere). I'd guess any fines imposed will only be in after-the-fact circumstances (e.g. caught attending a rave in a neighbouring area.)

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Posted in: The lie of the land: How topography made Tokyo the city it is today See in context

It's 'Lay of the land', not 'lie of the land'.

There is apparently a US-UK difference on this one. (Wars have been fought over less. Be careful.)

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Posted in: People magazine names Michael B. Jordan as Sexiest Man Alive See in context

Certainly an improvement on David bloody Beckham.

Careful now! My mum thought he was a very nice boy. I suspect she would have liked this guy too.

@uktokyo, I know what you mean. But as we get it for free, we perhaps shouldn't complain too much.

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Posted in: Sweden limits public gatherings as pandemic second wave swells See in context

Someone tell me again how the Swedish model is superior.

I don't think anyone can claim it is superior, but it is worth observing. There is also a tendency among some to compare it with its "Nordic neighbors", but no explanation about why those countries have such low death rates. According to the link below, Sweden's death rate from Covid is lower than those of Belgium, Spain, the UK, Italy, and France. Considering the chaos of the UK, it seems reasonable to ask whether these countries should have adopted Sweden's approach.

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Posted in: Exploding Takata air bag inflator kills man in Arizona crash See in context

nobody was ever prosecuted for any of them

I believe Takata were prosecuted in the USA.

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Posted in: Critics speak out on Tokyo Olympic costs, pandemic, fairness See in context

What's written after "O"


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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

What's so hard to understand about America First.

One thing would be the definition of "America". Its companies, its religions, its rich, its poor? It's a diverse nation, which is not a bad thing. But I think we all have our opinions on which of those diverse groups should come first.

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Posted in: Iran hopes for a change in 'destructive U.S. policies' after Biden win See in context

Iran invaded Iraq. The war lasted 8 yrs. Please learn some history.

I guess we read different history books. What I remember is that war started with Iraq invading Iran (September 1980).

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Posted in: Toyota doubles full-year forecasts as sales recover See in context

Thank you for the details, Desert. I won't ask again. :-)

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Posted in: Trumpism will outlast Trump, who defied the odds, grew the base See in context

There is a big bunch of sane Republicans that want to get rid of Trump without denying their attachment to the GOP.

This makes sense to me. I've heard this sentiment from a lot from Republicans.

Regarding fraud, I'd find it hard to believe unless the evidence comes from people who worked within the electoral system. It involves so many everyday people that it would be hard not be noticed if you were doing something underhand. (This is based on my past experience of doing occasional polling duty in the UK.)

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Posted in: Toyota doubles full-year forecasts as sales recover See in context

I can't wait to get the two Toyotas we have out of our driveway. Too difficult and too expensive to maintain.

You've mentioned this before, but with few details. I think we've all probably had clunkers of one brand or another. What are these cars? In my life, I've owned one Renault, one Daihatsu, one Toyota, one Ford, two Citroens, one Nissan, and two Hondas. All had good and bad points. The Toyota (a boring Corolla) was probably the best in terms of reliability.

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