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Posted in: Some people prefer to say holiday tree instead of Christmas tree. What's your view on this? See in context

 as they are all 18th century inventions, not 2000 years old.

Depending on how you define "christmas tree", is not more like over 2000 years if it's the evergreen thing, or the 16th century in Germany if you're going with the decorated tree thing as a Christian tradition?

But I agree that people should be able to celebrate as they like (within reason). Otherwise people will be asking what on earth Jesus has to do with Eostre.

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Posted in: Japanese, Korean, Chinese: Which language is the easiest to learn? See in context

Wouldn't an alphabet be easier to learn than thousands of different characters?

I'm also one of those that find languages difficult - even my native language at times. Yet regarding kanji, it wasn't long after arriving in Japan that I would glance at the kanji station names rather than the romaji versions when checking where I was. Difficult to learn initially, but once learned, very convenient in many situations. (Only about 50,000 station names to go.)

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Posted in: Johnson says he has won a big mandate for Brexit See in context

The spirit of Bannockburn is alive.

No thanks! Wallowing in the past is the hallmark of the Conservative party. I vote for the SNP as I see them as a forward-looking party. Our past, like that of most countries, is a mixture of glory and shame. "Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on," was the motto of one SNP politician. I like to think that's still the attitude.

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Posted in: Royal meet and greet See in context

Is the ambassador holding some new pegboard designs to show to the queen?

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Posted in: Johnson says he has won a big mandate for Brexit See in context

The people of this country have given us tonight a huge great stonking mandate

The people of England perhaps. The political makeup of the four constituent countries of the UK is now different in each. It doesn't look so united.

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Posted in: Most people in Japan know acronym LGBT but understanding limited: survey See in context

UK officials arrested a woman after she called a transgender activist a biological man on Twitter. 

That's how the Daily Mail reported it. This is what I read elsewhere:

"The Crown Prosecution Service said she had been charged over 'persistent' messages designed to cause 'annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety' to another person between September 2018 and May 2019"

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Posted in: Johnson heads for election win in tightening race See in context

The right-to-vote should be on the British passport of every British adult.

With respect, I disagree. If you have chosen to live in a different country, why should you get to vote in the one you used to live in? For those temporarily overseas, I understand, but the 15 year thing seems very generous. I'd prefer to see it at something like 5 years.

The people of Ireland, yes. Pretending that they are separate entities is disingenuous.

Careful now! Is that not like saying the people of China should get to decide the future of Hong Kong?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing local gov't hard drives with personal info See in context

Physical destruction of hard drives is the only way to ensure data destruction.

Is that true? There are software tools that offer to wipe data from hard drives (from disk-type drives anyway). As Yubaru says, it can be time consuming, but why shouldn't it be effective?

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Posted in: Japan had over 8,000 deaths related to drug-resistant bacteria in 2017 See in context

So the improper use of antibiotics is blamed as the cause in Japan

I don't think the article is saying that specifically. But I think overuse of antibiotics is considered one likely cause of the increase in the number of drug-resistant bacteria everywhere, not just in Japan. The numerical comparisons between Japan, the US and Europe are not so helpful. It's likely different estimation methods were used, and as Browny1 says, the numbers don't seem so different.

What isn't mentioned in the article, but is mentioned in other studies is that such infections are often acquired in health care facilities (e.g. hospitals). The article below (perhaps the source of the 33,000 deaths per year in Europe figure), says 72% of deaths are health-care associated. Does that mean it is better to avoid going to hospital than not taking antibiotics?

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Posted in: Japan had over 8,000 deaths related to drug-resistant bacteria in 2017 See in context

the "and animals" is the unsettling part for everyone

According to the article linked to below, in the USA, approximately 80% of antibiotics are sold for use in animal agriculture. (I'm no expert, and don't really know how significant that number is.)

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Posted in: During the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan expects to receive a huge number of athletes and visitors from Muslim countries participating in the games. See in context

Sometime the western slaughter houses are also breaking the laws and treating the animals with severe cruelty.

That suggests that the cruelty comes from breaking the laws. In other words, the cruelty is illegal. Ritual slaughter for Halal or Kosher requirements is usually done within the law, and so any cruelty is legal.

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Posted in: It is very dangerous if people can be arrested and detained when they voice their opposition. See in context

What crime exactly?

That's what I'd like to know. We don't get much information from the quote. Where I live, if I "jeered" a politician in a public place with foul language, I'd be arrested for breach of the peace. If I politely said I disagreed the person's policies, I'd be OK. There are probably a range of behaviors in between.

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Posted in: High court quashes ruling on fatal road rage case, jail term on technicality See in context

The headline says "High court quashes ruling". But the article says the high court "upheld the ruling".

From what I can read, the man's guilt has not ben quashed - it's a technicality about the sentencing, and he will be re-sentenced.

Let me know if I'm wrong about that.

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Posted in: 4 killed in failed robbery shootout in Florida See in context

Do we even have to guess who killed the UPS driver trapped in the truck?

I think so. Perhaps shot by the police or perhaps shot by one of the robbers when trying to disarm him. It might be better to wait for more information.

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Posted in: It is very dangerous if people can be arrested and detained when they voice their opposition. See in context

saying police abused their power by restraining him when he was jeering Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

It might be more helpful if we knew the nature of the jeering.

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

The socialist commenters start to embrace capitalism once they realize big government and more taxes historically lower living standards. 

This socialist commenter doesn't embrace capitalism. I remember when building social housing boosted living standards enormously. I would embrace the capitalists' wealth though.

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Posted in: The number of people arrested by police for abusing children in Japan in 2018 grew for the fifth consecutive year to a record high of 1,419, a white paper by the Justice Ministry shows. What can be done to deal with this problem? See in context

First I would establish whether the increase is due to an actual increase in abuse or whether it's due to people being more up front about it. 

That's a big unknown, Bertie. Let's hope it's the latter. Thanks for your counselling work.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill Japanese doctor, five Afghans See in context

All I know is I don't know.

I think most of us are in that situation. An important point, Strangerland. Thanks.

I heard multiple stories that they were lazy, disinterested in it, ...

I read multiple stories daily that say similar things about all kinds of groups, political parties, etc. But is it not often/mostly the case that when we get hands on experience of something, it's nothing like what we read? Generally, it's much more messy and complicated.

Anyway, Mr. Takamura sounds like a great person indeed.

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Posted in: Japanese company officially bans employees from licking fingers when handling papers or money See in context

But does licking your finger cause more or fewer germs to be transferred to the paper? I've often heard that licking your fingers is bad because it transfers germs from finger to mouth. Does licking them not then remove some germs from your finger? I've also read that saliva has some anti-bacterial properties. (It can also contain germs, depending on your current state of health. But I'm wondering about the average situation.)

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years for killing ex-girlfriend in Saitama See in context

I wonder why she did not file a complaint, did the police advice against it?

Earlier reports at the time of the murder said the police had recommended she file a complaint, but she declined.

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Posted in: Zero-hour on climate, but U.N. talks in another time zone See in context

None of this is true

If that's what you believe, I'd say it makes you a "denier" but on the other side. The Climategate scandal exposed motives among some scientists that could hardly be described as scientific.

There is a range of opinions among scientists about the causes, seriousness and consequences of global warming. The "consensus" notion that is often put forward is not very clearly explained. I have memories of at least two sources of that consensus. One involved a survey of scientists that had five or six questions. Two of these were along the lines of "Is CO2 a greenhouse gas? and "Has the atmospheric concentration of CO2 increased?" One of the "97% of scientists" figures came from answers to only those two questions. Yet there are scientists who would have answered "yes" to those questions but who have been described as "deniers" by others.

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Posted in: Fukushima melted fuel removal to begin in 2021 See in context

A very good article. Thanks JT. It lays out many of the issues quite clearly without the usual focus on who to blame.

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Posted in: Zero-hour on climate, but U.N. talks in another time zone See in context

A somewhat less hysterical viewpoint:

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Posted in: Johnson pressured on jail terms after London Bridge attack See in context

I have to wonder whether it'd be simpler to shoot all Terrorists rather than keeping them in Prison

It might be simpler to shoot, but who gets to decide who is a terrorist?

I'm not really comfortable with the term "terrorist". Shooting someone who is posing an immediate threat to public safety possibly makes sense. That could cover all kinds of acts that probably don't fit the "terrorist" category. "Real" terrorists don't usually put themselves in a position where they can be shot. Are we not talking about mentally unstable people, whether they are shouting Islamic slogans or just loonies who are intent on shooting up the local school or whatever? I don't think there's a simple answer.

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Posted in: UK car body warns output will slump if Brexit leads to tariffs with EU See in context


From the article:

falling demand and model reallocation to more competitive and welcoming production locations

Falling demand is general, but the possible relocation for future production is very much a Brexit issue.

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Posted in: Pope wants to officialize immorality of nuclear arms possession See in context

Because an accident of possession, or the insanity of a leader or someone, can destroy humanity.

I agree. But I have to question his position on this.

Does this just apply to nuclear weapons? What about chemical weapons, landmines, handguns, and goodness knows what else? Is millions of people dying from a nuclear bomb really more horrific than a single child dying from stepping on a forgotten landmine?

Should we not focus less on the type of weapon and more on the attitudes that cause these things to happen?

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Posted in: Young Japanese men say paying for dates is hardest part of life as a guy: survey See in context

Inequality between the sexes affects both sides but in different ways.

I agree. I'm reminded of my early days in Japan when a female friend was telling me of the lack of opportunities for women. While on a train, I said something along the lines of, "It must be terrible being a woman in Japan." She glanced around at the tired looking salarymen, and said, "Yes, but it's better than being a man."

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Posted in: Global temperature rises could bring 'destructive' effects, U.N. says See in context

The earth’s climate always has and always will change.

OK, but what effect do you think CO2 in the atmosphere has on climate?

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Posted in: Britain's chief rabbi warns 'poison' of anti-Semitism has taken root in Labour See in context

zichi: Part of this comes directly from Israel.

It’s sad to see a comment like this on JT. This furthers the trope that Jews are manipulative and controlling in this case an entire country half a world away.

Israel (through its government) may control countries half a world away. We might see its influence in the same way we view that of Saudi Arabia or China or Cuba or even Canada.

Jews, on the other hand, are people I went to school with, people who I work with, people who I share beers and jokes with, and people who live in my neighbourhood. Most of them are not half a world away. Like all others I know, some I see as idiots, and many I love. And like others I know, some are subject to prejudice.

I don't like Rabbi Mirvis in the same way I don't like Boris Johnson. I like my friend Phillip in the same way I like my friend Steve.

For all his faults, I don't think Jeremy Corbyn has an ounce of prejudice in his bones.

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Posted in: American-Japanese model Kiko designs 'morning cleavage' bra for lingerie brand Wacoal See in context

Women being judged on their weight and looks again.

Being judged for what? If they're being judged for their sex appeal, are those not adequate factors? Is it any different for Brad Pitt or those other guys my wife likes to watch?

Because they want to be able to dress that way without fear of getting sexually assaulted. Which seems like an entirely reasonable hope, if not expectation.

Leaving out the "assaulted" part, should we not be aware of what makes us sexually attractive to others? And if we don't want to attract sexual advances, shouldn't we dress more conservatively? My big question is how come I find women dressed in underwear more attractive than men dressed in underwear. Am I a deviant?

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