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Posted in: Olympic air rifles turning heads with futuristic looks See in context

This sport proves yet ancther use of guns that is non-lethal

Remind me, what are the other non-lethal uses?

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A Newsmax anchor, Rob Schmitt, on July 9 questioned whether vaccinations go against nature.

“If there’s some disease out there, maybe there’s just an ebb and flow to life where something’s supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people, and that’s just the way evolution goes,” he said. “Vaccines kind of stand in the way of that.”

If you take that view, you'd have to apply it to any man-made thing that protects you from nature - shoes, warm clothes, insect repellant, houses.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s teamLab most visited museum in the world, officially more popular than Van Gogh See in context

The Elgin Marbles are probably the most controversial of all. 

As we say in Scotland, they should be returned to Elgin.

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Posted in: Fury cross the Mersey: Liverpool loses world heritage status See in context

No knock against the UK--just saying I would like to see the issue receive more vigorous attention there, since racism is a problem with all countries involved in the trade slave.

The slave trade has received a lot of attention recently in the UK with campaigns to remove statues of those involved. However, I'm not so sure that the racism we see in the UK today is connected to the slave trade. While the UK was heavily involved in the trade, the slaves didn't come to the UK. Today's racism is probably more connected to immigration in the 1950s and 1960s. So slightly different from the situation in the US.

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The 2CV had a 375 cc two cylinder engine originally (1948). 

Interesting. Until 1976 in Japan, kei cars had limit of 360cc. So somewhat similar. From 1976 to 1990, the limit was 550cc. (I had one of those - a Daihatsu. I drove it for about six years.) In 1990, it moved to 660cc.

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Posted in: Fury cross the Mersey: Liverpool loses world heritage status See in context

One of the finest cities in the UK. Glasgow and Newcastle would be others.

Interesting choices. They match my own, but that's probably based on my upbringing. (People from Cardiff may have a different view.)

I was surprised to learn that Liverpool had UNESCO status. Not that it doesn't deserve it, but it doesn't fit the usual pattern. Here in Scotland, the only city area with UNESCO status is Edinburgh's old and new towns. I don't imagine people in Glasgow give a toss about that. And I'm guessing most people in Liverpool don't give a toss about losing theirs. But correct me if I'm wrong about that.

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

There are some things you don't joke about. The systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews is one of them.

But was that not the point that the comedy sketch was making? i.e. only a completely stupid person would play a game based on the holocaust. In a way, the sketch did recognize its scale and horror.

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Posted in: He's not doing a good job at handling the party and policy, and nobody likes him being in power. All they need is an alternative. See in context

Edano who back in 2011 told us there were no nuclear meltdowns.

That wasn't my recollection. I looked back and found that Edano said that a partial meltdown had probably occurred. At one point, he also said that there was no evidence of a subsequent meltdown.

There was some confusion over the definition of a "meltdown" at the time. To some, it meant any melting of the fuel. To others, it meant melted fuel had escaped through the bottom of the containment structure. That confusion may still exist.

Whatever, I think it's hard to deny that Edano worked his socks off during the disaster.

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I never understood this obsession with national medal counts.

I agree. It would be better to base medal counts on zodiac signs or year of birth.

Come on the sheep!

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Posted in: Hamilton wins British Grand Prix after Verstappen collision See in context

Lets call it as it is

To me, that would mean that most top level F1 drivers are not like the rest of us. Let's face it, they're all complete nutters. To me, overtaking a bus on the way into town is a thrill. I can't even imagine the speeds and close contact they experience.

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Vietnam, example of dignity and courage that defeated foreign oppression in 1973 !!.. ベトナムが大好きです !!..

It was 1975.

It was 1973 when foreign troops (i.e. US troops) left Vietnam.

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Posted in: Vietnam puts southern region in lockdown as surge grows See in context

"Cases" means nothing, as "cases" simply reflect positive results of the PCR test. This number can be cranked up and down at will bei either increasing/decreasing the number of test or increasing/decreasing the number of PCR cycles.

Do you know of any countries that crank these things up and down? If the testing pattern is consistent, then the number cases is significant. (Note that the number of PCR cycles is a limit, not a constant. I.e. a positive result after a low number of cycles indicates a high level of infection in the sample; a positive result after a high number of cycles indicates a lower level of infection in the sample.)

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@Nippori, that's a little unfair. I used to know the interpreter for Nakamura when he played at Celtic. Gordon Strachan was manager at the time and he has a fairly strong Scottish accent. While interpreting between Nakamura and Strachan, apparently other players (including Scottish ones) would ask the interpreter if he could also explain to them what Strachan was saying.

I'm not sure how true the article below is.

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Posted in: Activist athletes ready to test Olympic rule book See in context

Take a knee during the anthem.

Cheer proudly when national welfare benefits arrive in the mail.

Alternatively, raise your fist during the medal ceremony. Get suspended by the IOC. Receive death threats. Go on to gain a masters degree. Work as a college teacher until you reach your sixties. Act as a pallbearer at the funeral of the Australian athlete who stood in support of you on that podium.

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Posted in: England soccerplayer abused by racists slams social media giants See in context

Abuse as you call it was commonplace for everyone when I was at school. Thin people got abuse, fat people got abuse, ginger people got abuse, light skinned people got abuse for being pasty, dark skinned people got abuse (you call racism).

Teasing was commonplace when I was at school. We still played with those we teased. But when we went further, and for example wouldn't let someone play football with us for whatever reason, we got into big trouble. Hauled before the headmaster, made to feel ashamed of ourselves, etc. The racism shown towards those England footballers was ugly. And I think it was far more than 10 idiots.

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Posted in: Eiffel Tower to reopen after record nine-month closure See in context

It’s nice we can see a smaller version in Tokyo.

Be careful! It's statements like that that can lose people their visa.

Eiffel Tower: 324 meters

Tokyo Tower: 333 meters

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Posted in: England soccerplayer abused by racists slams social media giants See in context

Well the lads didn't seem too fazed by it from the pictures of them flying off to Greece in their private jets.

Feel free to abuse all the players for their wealth. But what about any little black kids who can't fly off but wonder if they will be subject to racist abuse next time they go to school?

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Posted in: Italy beats England in penalty shootout to win Euro 2020 See in context

There is a lot of rivalry and jealousy in football, not least here in Scotland, and it can sometimes get ugly. So it was nice to read this twitter post from a senior Scottish National Party politician, Humza Yousaf (below). It was mainly in response to the racist abuse, but he mentioned the football too. I'd like to think most people in Scotland share his view.

"If you're still wondering why English players felt the need to take the knee

Solidarity to the players facing racist abuse online, simply unacceptable

Squad can hold their heads up high, took a world class Italian team right to the wire, not a bad place to be before Qatar 2022"

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Posted in: Global evidence links rise in extreme precipitation to human-driven climate change See in context

Are you saying the least rainiest place on the planet is the hottest? If so, I think you'd be very wrong.

I didn't say anything. You said "More rain means cooler temperatures". I still don't understand. Could you explain?

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On the football side of things, right now I don't see much between the teams. Who will shine? I know many are talking about Kane and Sterling, but it's Shaw that has caught my eye in the England team. On the Italian side, perhaps Insigne. (Poor guys. Now I've mentioned their names, they'll be cursed.)

Naturally, in Scotland, we'll be tucking into our traditional football meal of Pizza and Peroni before tonight's game. Love thy neighbour, etc., but not when they have good reason to gloat.

I'm just jealous that my team isn't there.

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Posted in: Global evidence links rise in extreme precipitation to human-driven climate change See in context

More rain means cooler temperatures.

Are you suggesting the rainiest place on the planet is the coolest? If so, I think you'd be very wrong.

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Violent hooliganism started in Britain 

Perhaps, but I think these football hooligans are misunderstood. If we look further into their childhoods, their environments, and their upbringings we can probably learn more and find a solution. Sadly, research from the 1970s is often ignored.


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Posted in: U.S. swimmer Andrew explains why he's skipping COVID vaccine before Tokyo Games See in context

a chemical free body

Watch out for that Dihydrogen Monoxide and Sodium Chloride they try to force on you.

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Posted in: Envoys from 93 nations to attend Hiroshima A-bomb peace ceremony See in context

But that doesn't somehow mean that the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians is somehow excused. It's one of the worst acts ever perpetuated on any humans by other humans.

And yet I've heard from various Japanese people who lived through the war that the bombings came as a kind of relief. My mother-in-law is one of them. It was a terrible event, but I think it was understandable. I'm not sure it can be compared to subsequent American actions in Vietnam.

Although in addition to a trip to Hiroshima, a circuit on the Yamanote line to remember the equally horrific Tokyo fire bombings might be equally appropriate.

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Posted in: Euro 2020 final: Where Italy and England can win or lose See in context

Pukey2, the events you describe are quite sick. But to be fair, the media in England hasn't tried to paint over it. Regarding the young German girl, Gary Lineker described it as, "Absolutely disgusting. Sickening xenophobia." And a guy from Wales raised some money for the girl to show that her "not everyone in the UK is horrible". He raised £36,000 which the girl's family has donated to Unicef. Let's hope more is done to end this kind of thing. The video below of the Portuguese kid consoling a French fan at the last tournament is a good reminder of the better things.

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear agency to help monitor Fukushima water release See in context

Thanks, Sandoval.

Releasing tritiated water to the sea from nuclear power plants is a fairly common practice. I think one other concern is that the water to be released may contain other radioactive materials. It's a valid concern, and it's good that an international agency will monitor the release and hopefully provide reassurance.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II visits set of TV soap 'Coronation Street' See in context

Great photo, BigYen. Thanks.

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Posted in: Euro 2020 final: England can finally end 55 years of misery See in context

I just heard from my son that the early trains leaving Edinburgh for London on Sunday are booked out. So I'm wondering if they are full of English residents of Scotland (there are plenty of those) or of those with Scottish accents but with names such as Capaldi, Nutini and Nardini (there are probably more of those).

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Posted in: Euro 2020 final: England can finally end 55 years of misery See in context

Admittedly people have taken FCH to mean all sorts of bollocks.

Including the BBC, which kind of makes Thunderbird2's point above.

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Posted in: England beats Denmark 2-1 to reach Euro 2020 final See in context

I just read that Uefa have opened disciplinary proceedings against England following the game. Three incidents by supporters apparently - someone shining a laser on Schmeichel's face during the penalty; disturbances during the national anthems (no details, sorry); setting off fireworks. The first sounds a little serious, not so sure about the other two.

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