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Posted in: Japanese startups develop innovative ways to supply water in disasters See in context

So, once again we see Japan recycling technologies from other countries and calling it their own

Really? Japanese companies have been developing water purification systems for decades.

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Posted in: Japan beats Scotland 28-21 to advance to Rugby World Cup quarterfinals for first time See in context

Scotland - get your act together. Your football team is awful and now your rugby team is going home early.

It gets worse than that. I just read we couldn't even win the World Porridge Making Championship.

I was surprised by the number of foreign-born players on the team

Scotland's squad has 14 foreign-born players to Japan's 16. Not such a difference. Only Samoa and Tonga have more. But then I'm neither Scottish-born or Japanese-born but apart from the first 12 months of my life, those are the only countries I've lived in. Which country should I make porridge for?

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context

That was more exciting than a cancellation. Great game. Well done, Japan. Brilliant defense.

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context

Miracle of Yokohama coming up!

I hope so. :-)

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context


Thanks for your posts. I generally agree with your thoughts about the usual Japan-blaming crowd. However, that doesn't mean we can't get mad at the IOC, FIFA, World Rugby, World Curling Federation, etc. :-)

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context

Italy match was erased, and I am sure many Italian rugby fans were upset, but fortunately I didn't se Italian press blaming Japan or something like that.

Here in Scotland, I haven' seen the Scottish press blaming Japan either, just reporting the words of the Scottish Rugby Union.

I agree it can look selfish showing concern over a game while people are suffering from a terrible event. But it's possible to do both. While I've been commenting on some of the rugby stories, we've been in contact with family in Saitama (three nieces and their seven kids) making sure they're OK. The teenage boys among them reminded me that Scotland are crap. But just like most boys in Scotland, they were referring to the football and not the rugby. :-)

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Posted in: JR East abolishes skirts, ribbons in women’s uniforms to eliminate gender difference See in context

I like women looking feminine 

You mean no beards, mustaches and other things? I can go along with that. A man in a skirt still looks like a man.

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context

And also some people in this site were arrived to some ridiculous conspiracy theories about using the typhoon as an excuse to erase the game.

Not so much a conspiracy theory, but just an understandable concern that a decision on cancellation might have been taken just a little bit too casually. No harm in reminding the rugby authorities that they were being watched.

I feel sorry for the people in Kamaishi. The smallest of all the stadiums, but perhaps the most significant. I hope some other rugby event can be arranged there soon to make up for the cancellation.

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Posted in: Rugby referees best seen, not heard, except for Nigel Owens See in context

"I'm straighter than that one,"

That's pretty funny.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils revamped hydrogen sedan to take on Tesla See in context

Does it matter if the fuel is oxidized by combustion in a motor or in a fuel cel

Not sure if I understand your question, but if the fuel is hydrogen, then only water is emitted, whether by combustion or chemical reaction in a fuel cell. A tank to store the hydrogen would be needed in both cases. I'm not sure whether anyone is developing hydrogen combustion engines any more. I've read that they are not very efficient.

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Posted in: World Rugby to decide on Sunday games 'as soon as possible' after typhoon See in context

That's assuming Samoa won't beat Ireland. (Or have I got my calculations wrong?)

Ireland have already got a bonus point (it's half time right now), so if tomorrow's game is cancelled, Scotland are definitely out.

The Ireland game pitch is a complete disgrace, what is this pitch.

It is a mess. It looks like the turf hasn't rooted properly.

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Posted in: World Rugby to decide on Sunday games 'as soon as possible' after typhoon See in context

If the match is cancelled, it will be classed as a 0-0 draw and both teams will get two points, sending Scotland home.

That's assuming Samoa won't beat Ireland. (Or have I got my calculations wrong?)

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Posted in: What do you think about diplomatic immunity? See in context


The incident took place back in August. The woman was subsequently questioned by police. It is being suggested by the media (not many facts available) that she skipped the country when it became clear the police were going to bring charges. It seems she's the wife not of a regular diplomat in London but of a US intelligence officer stationed in Northamptonshire. I don't recall James Bond having diplomatic immunity.

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

but Scotland's rugby coach is showing poor sportsmanship

I don't think it's the coach making the legal noises but the Scottish Rugby Union chief executive.

It would be kind of ironic if the game goes ahead but it ends up a draw anyway.

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Posted in: Canadian father sues Japanese firm for paternity leave harassment See in context

a country struggling with one of the world's lowest birth rates

But higher than Germany's, Spain's, Singapore's, Thailand's, and a bunch of others.

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Posted in: Brave Blossom bonanza as rugby jerseys fly off shelves See in context

How many of those that bought it had no interest in rugby before now?

Does that matter? If it makes them interested in rugby in the future, is that not good (or quite mental, depending on your point of view)?

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Posted in: Japanese scientist among 3 winners of Nobel Chemistry prize for battery work See in context

Such much for the myth about Japanese education not being able to produce thinking students.

Maybe nothing to do with education systems. I suspect he was a thinking student before he stepped into any school. He's a bright spark, and not a "product" of an education system. Interestingly, it seems he has spent his career in the corporate world. Japanese companies (some of them) do seem to produce/employ many clever buggers. I'm privileged to have met and worked with some of them.

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Posted in: Scotland breezes past Russia 61-0 to set up Japan showdown See in context

That bonus pointed that Samoa gifted japan is looking like will be the decider.

It will only be the decider if Scotland don't do enough to go forward. In which case, both team's games against Ireland might be considered the deciders. I hope no-one's suggesting Ireland didn't give it everything, and I'd like to think no-one's suggesting the same about Samoa.

Anyway, bring it on (along with the calculators and weather maps).

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Posted in: Climate activists block roads, protest in Australian cities See in context

and wants to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

And they think they'll achieve that by waving banners? Do they have any practical suggestions?

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Posted in: 3 win Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand cosmos See in context

Incidentally, the correct form is Sir Peter Ratcliffe.

His mum may disagree.

Maybe the author of this article should read "Faust" by Goethe before using vague and abstract terms.

What do you mean by "maybe"?

Gaahh! Are those posts a send up?

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Posted in: Typhoon heads nearer Tokyo ahead of big Rugby World Cup weekend See in context

But the referee decided at this moment he was going to implement this rule.

I've defended Samoa's decision to take the scrum in a previous post, but I agree that the ref's decision to penalize the put-in was a little odd.

Come on ye weather gods!

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Posted in: We hope that many foreigners take part in the sporting festivities during the Rugby World Cup this year and the Olympics next year, but for us the most important thing is to ensure their safety. We understand that they are excited and they want to show it, but they need to know how to control themselves. See in context

director for community safety at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

If you have a job title like that, it must be hard to make sensible comments in any context. What is community safety? How is it different from personal safety?

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Posted in: Actor George Takei's manga on internment promotes lesson for future See in context

Allowed out to work. After the war many stayed in Scotland.

Sorry zichi for taking you up on this point again. I think you are mistaken. Are you not confusing internment camps and POW camps?

Saying "after the war many stayed in Scotland" about internees is wrong. The fact is many of those internees came from Scotland in the first place. It was their home. I'm talking mainly about Italian internees, although perhaps Italian-Scottish is more accurate. They were not treated well. The men in many families were moved to the Isle of Man. Later, the women and children of many of those families were moved away from coastal areas. Many lost their businesses.

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Posted in: Actor George Takei's manga on internment promotes lesson for future See in context

The German internees in Britain were treated very well and most sent north to camps in Scotland. 

Most internees in Britain were sent to the Isle of Man. Some were sent to Canada. There is a tragic tale of the the ship the Arandora Star that was sunk by a German submarine as it was transporting over a thousand Italian and German internees to Canada. Over 700 died.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 5 wounded in Kansas Cit bar shooting See in context

The problem is not the Second Amendment. Guns are a symptom, not the disease.

I'm scratching my head over that. I think the symptom is the wish to kill people. The disease may be harder to define, but as you said yourself, it has happened before. Meanwhile, access to guns as in this case and in the case in Austria in the previous World article appears to be the vector for producing the outcome.

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Posted in: Joseph praises never-say-die Japan after last-gasp bonus-point win See in context

They giftef Japan that bonus point.

That might be the view of Irish and Scottish fans, of which I'm one. I smiled when I saw them deciding to go for the scrum. You nutters, was my first thought. You b_____ds, was my next thought. But if I were Samoan, why would I give a toss? My prediction of a Japan-Scotland final looks a little weak right now. But it's not over till the fat hooker sings. Sorry Ireland, but I'll be cheering for Samoa in the next group game.

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Posted in: EU presses UK to resubmit Brexit plan as end-game looms See in context

there is no wall between Norway and Sweden

So perhaps we should have a Norway-style arrangement. I think a lot of people would be fine with that - although not the ERG mob.

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Posted in: Joseph praises never-say-die Japan after last-gasp bonus-point win See in context

I don't know what they were trying to achieve with the scrum when time was already over.

Samoa had a chance to gain a bonus point at that stage. Unlikely, perhaps, but they had little to lose.

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Posted in: Winning streak See in context

They're the ones who find it funniest.

Exactly that.

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