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Posted in: Canada yet to decide if it will pay Harry and Meghan security costs See in context

What's in it for Canada?

They get to take part in the Commonwealth Games, the most important sporting event in the world. (Or should that be - the most important sporting event in the Daily Mail.)

Hey, refuse to pay security and you can skip taking part. A double win for Canada.

(Sorry. One of those days.)

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as long as its not in a position of power and business

love how people down vote me but fail to provide proof that Im wrong. lol

I didn't vote you down, but what kind of proof are you hoping for? Power and business seem two quite separate concepts to me. Would power not mean not having to engage in business?

Let's just enjoy the spectacle of these women firing arrows. Concentration and outer calmness - and all that social stuff far from their minds.

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Posted in: Angry Iranians question authorities for concealing truth on plane incident See in context

The inept clerics are pompous *#&#@, who hide behind religion to run the country. Mixing politics and religion is never the way to go

I agree that mixing politics and religion is not a great recipe. But I'm not sure that all the clerics in Iran are inept. I don't see Rouhani hiding behind religion so much. He seem very competent. (Remember the previous guy?) It's a complicated situation in a potentially great country. I'd like to see things move forward, even if very slowly.

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Posted in: France, others line up to probe plane crash in Iran blamed on missile See in context

What conspiracy theories?

There is one that my wife and I both raised separately but haven't seen in the media. Trump's response after Iran fired its missiles at the Iraq air bases seemed unusually muted. The missiles didn't create human casualties apparently. Soleimani was by all accounts a powerful and capable military leader with ambition. Was he more of a threat to US or Iranian political leaders? Maybe both would rather he weren't around. See where I'm going?

Am I reading too many Chris Brookmyre novels?

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Posted in: France, others line up to probe plane crash in Iran blamed on missile See in context

For instance, the Sun newspaper reports this morning suspicious holes perforating the tail section of the aircraft

Referencing the Sun? I'm wondering what the Iranian equivalent is saying.

Right now, whatever opinion we voice can be treated as a conspiracy theory in some context or perhaps just as nonsense. Government leaders seem quick to pass opinions, whether Iran, Canada, the UK, wherever. Can't they just wait a little longer?

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the point is that Iran isn’t going to let Boeing anywhere near the black boxes for a plane that crashed that they manufactured.

This has moved on a little, but at the time all I read was that they weren't going to "hand over" the black box to Boeing. (On the BBC today I read this: "However, an Iranian official later told Reuters the US had been formally invited to take part in the investigation, and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirmed it had assigned an investigator.")

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But the black boxes are always sent back to the manufacturer for analysis. Read up on the history of plane accidents.

That's not my understanding. For example, in the case of the Ethiopian Airlines accident last year, it was the French aviation accident investigation agency that analyzed the flight recorders (according to Wikipedia anyway). Is not normally the case that an international group investigates crashes, and that group would include representatives of the aircraft manufacturer. But the flight recorders would remain under control of the investigating authority?

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Posted in: Iran probe says Ukrainian jet was on fire before crash See in context

Strange that Iran won't also share the black box with Boeing, the maker of the plane

Why should they? Serious question. I've read that the International Civil Aviation Organization rules say that the country where an incident occurs is in charge of the investigation.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief denies U.S. leaving Iraq; Tehran crowds mourn commander See in context

The U.S. military wrote to Iraq on Monday saying it would pull out of the country and would be repositioning forces over the next few days and weeks

If true, it seems strange. Are the US military at odds with their government?

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Posted in: Binge drinking and heavy alcohol consumption may damage the heart See in context

"a new study suggests"

I think I've heard those words before.

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Posted in: A plateful of plastic: Visualizing the microplastic we consume See in context

Infant mortality, which used to be rampant, has been considerably tamed in recent years and that accounts for the higher average age at death.

I think it only accounts for part of it. The proportion of people aged over 100 has also increased. I'd guess the two things are related. Whatever the cause, physical health has generally improved. And thus the question - because of or despite plastic consumption? Or is plastic consumption largely irrelevant?

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One possible problem with the idea of "plain Japanese" is that it may make some people focus more on the language than on communication. A sweeping generalization perhaps, but it seems that when communicating with foreigners, some people try to speak more correctly than more helpfully. (This is not just in Japan.) Others, however, focus on communication and are happy to use one-word utterances, hand gestures, whatever, to make themselves understood.

Interestingly (perhaps) is that there is a Plain English Campaign organization in the UK. But is not so much focused on communicating with foreigners as with helping native speakers. For example, trying to clean up official documents that contain things like, "The revocation by these Regulations of a provision previously revoked subject to savings does not affect the continued operation of those savings."

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It is kinda confusing, but apparently October 17 is the date when protests started in Lebanon.

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Posted in: Austrian coalition deal includes headscarf ban, preventive custody See in context

It may be ploy to keep women out of STEM careers. Headscarfs can be very practical in the science lab at school for keeping your hair away from the bunsen burner or a jar of acid. Other women seem to find them useful too:

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Posted in: Veganism is a belief protected under UK law, tribunal rules See in context

But this story reads like there's more than to the sacking than we're being told here.

I understand the League Against Cruel Sports  didn't contest the "philosophical belief" ruling as they consider it irrelevant to the man's dismissal. Apparently he was fired for disclosing information about the League's pension fund investments. (There were investments in companies that conduct animal testing.)

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Posted in: A plateful of plastic: Visualizing the microplastic we consume See in context

in a decade, we could be eating 2.5 kg in plastic.

And in that time, how much iron, potassium, mercury, dead flies, and other stuff do we consume?

From high school chemistry, I recall that plastic is organic. Should we celebrate?

We also don't fully know what impact this ingestion of micro and nano-sized plastic particles has on our health,

I suspect we don't fully know the effect of half the stuff we consume.

Sorry for the grumpy post. But articles like this make me feel no more knowledgable than I was before.

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Posted in: Renovated Shibuya subway station with M-shaped roof begins service See in context

the Ginza Line could have been extended to merge with the Inokashira line and run trains all the way to Kichijoji.

I think the lines have different gauges.

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol red notice for ex-Nissan boss Ghosn See in context

What you and many people here fail to realize is that Japan is not a common law country. Its a civil law country so therefore the role of lawyers is more along the lines of advisors. They dont prepare cases here, that is the job of the judges.

Japan may not use common law, but like most countries, it distinguishes between criminal and civil cases. In criminal cases such as this one, it's the prosecutor that prepares the case against the accused.

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Posted in: Survey reveals 70% of Japanese adults believe corporal punishment is necessary See in context

My mother used to get hysterical and scream at us when she was frustrated and then smack us, and as a result we sort of dismissed her. That is, there was no respect when all she ever did was yell at us and hit us.

The only time my mother ever smacked me was also when she had simply had enough. But it only happened perhaps two times in my entire childhood. It sounds like it was a regular occurrence in your case, and I can understand it had little (good) effect. In my case, I leaned there were limits to people's tolerance - not a bad thing I think. But I think my mother would have been confused by the question of whether corporal punishment is "necessary". It wasn't something she ever planned or considered.

As Cleo says, discipline is something else. Put your toys away before watching TV, etc.

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Posted in: Huawei says 'survival' top priority as sales fall short See in context

No matter what Huawei says about customer privacy and security, they are REQUIRED by law to assist the Chinese government in their spying when told to

Is it any different in the USA? I keep reading of "secret court orders". This from 2013:

The National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon, one of America's largest telecoms providers, under a top secret court order issued in April.

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Posted in: Australia orders mass evacuation of fire-ravaged towns before heatwave See in context

The main contributing factor is the idealisms of the Greens who banned controlled burns and cutting fire breaks through the forests a little over ten years ago.

This has been described as a conspiracy theory by some, at least that's how the Guardian in the UK has reported it. I do wonder how the Greens could "ban" controlled burns when they don't hold power. I also read that more hazard reduction activities have been carried out in recent years than in previous decades.

On the other hand, I get WilliB's point that blaming the problem on Australia's CO2 emissions seems strange. While global warming may increase the chances of such fires, it's a global problem, and not caused just by Australia.

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Posted in: Monty Python collaborator Neil Innes dies at age 75 See in context

even though some hate us

Whoever you are, we love you.

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Posted in: Japan to greet New Year with ‘Kohaku,’ shrine visits, shopping and snowstorms See in context

 pub crawl through the worst neighborhoods of Glasgow while suffering from an inflamed, ingrown toenail is more tolerable than Kohaku.

I'm assuming lucabrasi was referring to the TV offerings in Scotland at New Year. Pretty dreadful. I think the idea is to get everyone out of the house and spend their money on booze at the various outdoor events.

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Posted in: Monty Python collaborator Neil Innes dies at age 75 See in context

I like to think he'll be remembered more for his work with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band than Monty Python. I'm a fan of both, but I'm The Urban Spaceman really entertained this 13-year old at the time.

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Posted in: Public drinking to be banned at Shibuya's scramble crossing on New Year’s Eve See in context

Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood has always had a reputation as a party town

I don't think that's true. In the early 1980s, it was the place you might go on a first date. Lot's of nervous young people waiting by the Hachiko statue. If you wanted to party, you went to Shinjuku or Roppongi.

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Posted in: China jails scientist who gene-edited babies See in context

Is it acceptable to correct this faulty gene?

I'd say "no" if we don't fully know whether the gene is being "corrected" or just altered in some fashion.

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Posted in: Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine: One of western Japan’s oldest shrines See in context

Ecunocuny, perhaps Kinokuni?

Cavachi, perhaps Kawachi?

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Posted in: Attacker stabs 5 at rabbi's home in New York See in context

Trump isn't to blame for hate crimes and racist incidents.

I think that's probably true. He's another symptom of the same ugly problem.

I just read this incident has been described as "domestic terrorism" by Governor Cuomo. I'm wondering whether we should distinguish between domestic and other forms of terrorism. Isn't most terrorism directed at people in the same country? (I'm thinking of all the articles on JT of killings around the world that get little in the way of comments. E.g. Truck bomb in Somalia kills at least 76.)

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Posted in: Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine: One of western Japan’s oldest shrines See in context

the joint Sen no Rikyu and Yosano Akiko museum

I got to visit that museum earlier in the year, with my wife and two of her old school friends. (I believe they were the trio of bad girls at school. All in our 60s now, it was one of my happiest days out.) I didn't know about the concert hall (it's called Fenice Sacay - according to Google maps anyway). There's also a knife museum near Myokokuji-mae station (and a number of old knife makers in the vicinity). I have many fond memories of that area. I could bore you for hours. :-)

Do you live in the area, TorafusuTorasan?

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Posted in: Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine: One of western Japan’s oldest shrines See in context

 The oddest thing was a lone grumpy white evangelical

In the not so distant past, you would occasionally see a not so grumpy white agnostic getting off the Nankai train, buying a bento from a nearby unagi restaurant and then getting on the Hankai tram to deliver said bento to his wife's grandmother in Sakai. I wonder if that restaurant is still there. There was always a nice atmosphere in the area in front of the shrine, especially in the early evening. It seemed stuck in a time warp.

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