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Posted in: Toyota, Panasonic to jointly produce electric car batteries See in context

Japan has no place to charge EVs in densely urban areas.

If there's a place to park a car, there's effectively a place to charge it. I don't think that's the reason for Hydrogen Fuel Cell development.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco ratchets up smokeless war with new products See in context


The vapor doesn't contain smoke. That's a major differences from regular cigarettes. You probably have far more to worry about from chemicals coming from other sources.

What one breathes in, one breathes out.

If that were true, we wouldn't need to breathe.

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a high school girl on what she should do if a teacher makes unwanted romantic overtures toward her? See in context

Tell his wife.

But joking aside, how common a problem is this? I've heard of the reverse situation a number of times from friends who are school teachers. They tell me it's not easy to deal with when their professional commitment should be to the interests of that child. Whatever they do may result in problems for that child.

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Posted in: French gov't presses Japan to accept Renault-Nissan merger See in context

A simple divorce is what is needed here

Simple divorces are rare, especially when there's money involved.

is the punishment/treatment of Ghosn extraordinarily harsh OR is the treatment par for the course and it's just that he is famous that it's getting so much press attention?

I think it's not so much the harshness, but that such business behavior is not usually handled in this manner. Scandals within established companies are usually handled more quietly. With "upstart" companies, things can be different (thinking of Livedoor and Horie). So it's easy to think this is more than just a simple matter of monetary cheating within a company. And we wonder if there is whiff of nationalist politics around this.

When was the last time the CEO of a major and well-established Japanese company spent time in jail?

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

How any female chooses to dress is never an invitation for inappropriate comments or contact.

That hardly matters if some men think it is. I think there is a difference between victim blaming and warning potential victims of possible dangers. The poster could probably have been worded better. Something along the lines of, "Wearing a short skirt should not be an invitation to perverts, but some men think it is. Be careful!"

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Posted in: Many boats likely from N Korea left neglected on Sea of Japan coast See in context

Of course. The concrete blocks are much more attractive than the hand built wooden craft that have a story to tell.

That was my first thought. What would tourists rather see on the beach, a wooden shipwreck or some perfectly manufactured tetrapods?

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes single men or women make on their first date which usually torpedo any chance of a relationship? See in context

Mistakes? Just getting that first date is an achievement. Why worry about the problems? Enjoy it!

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Posted in: Less beef, more beans. Experts say world needs a new diet See in context

In my lifetime the population of this planet has gone from fewer than 2.5 billion, to over 7.7 billion, but we do not seem to be doing enough to address the issue of overpopulation.

But the rate of increase has dropped substantially in recent times and if trends continue, the world population is expected to level off at around 10 billion. I think that's a level that we will just have to deal with.

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Posted in: Buying property in Japan? This mini tower house can be yours for ¥1.3 mil See in context

Albeleo, 万円 means 10,000 Yen.

I managed the Japanese OK. It was the 1.3 million in English I had trouble with. I was thinking 13 million. Don't I feel an idiot?

That's for pointing that out.

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Posted in: Buying property in Japan? This mini tower house can be yours for ¥1.3 mil See in context

Why wouldn't some frazzled urbanite buy it as a holiday home

Perhaps because for half the price you could buy something with more than twice the floorspace and nearly twice the land.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Oops, should be

It wasn't given back; it was taken back.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Which is why it was given back...

It was given back; it was taken back.

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Posted in: May seeks to end Brexit stalemate after winning confidence vote See in context

Imagine if every election was subject to a do-over or the results could be ignored if the results were not as one would wish?!

I'd say it's not such a problem. If a government ignores the results of a referendum (on free ice cream, say), voters have a chance to get rid of the government at the next election. An elected government implementing a proposal it doesn't support is a recipe for chaos. Tyranny doesn't come into it.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Which other nation has had 2 atomic bombs dropped on it, AND had inalienable territory stolen by a so called “victor”? 

Was the territory that Japan invaded during World War II not "inalienable" to those countries? Or is only Japanese territory inalienable?

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Posted in: Brexit bedlam: May's EU withdrawal deal crushed by 230 votes in parliament See in context

Mistake 1: Holding a referendum on a proposal that the government didn't support and for which it had no plan. How can anyone expect such a proposal to be implemented?

Mistake 2: PM May not saying from the outset that she would put whatever deal she could come up with to a new referendum. I think that would have focused minds more on coming up with a deal that would get wider support.

On the other hand, I'm surprised at the level of opposition to May's deal among leave supporters. It seems to offer opportunities to move in various directions following a transition period.

I'm a remain supporter, although without any great enthusiasm for the EU. (I see governments of all kinds as necessary evils.) Perhaps I should be happy at the opposition to the plan, but right now I don't see anything much to look forward to.

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Posted in: American man pleads guilty to killing, dismembering woman in Osaka See in context

So, placing your hands around someone’s neck and squeezing until they die is not murder? Wow! You learn something new everyday.

Depends on whether you thought about it first. Read the link I posted.

I don't think that link is so helpful. This Wikipedia link is somewhat broader.

Deliberately strangling someone to death is generally treated as murder in most places. Putting your hands to someone's neck is considered "malice aforethought". But possible exceptions might be if you are defending yourself (e.g. the other person started strangling you first, or they are stabbing you with a knife, or trying to reach for a gun.) The article is a little short on details.

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Posted in: Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling as diplomatic row deepens See in context


What did Canadian PM said about arresting Chinese citizen without any evidences ?

I think Meng was requested on an extradition request from the USA. I don't think evidence is required in such cases. There are various reasons to question such extradition procedures. And Canada might be seen as wrong in this regard. (The USA seems to have such extradition procedures in its favor. We don't often see US citizens extradited at the request of other countries when the person was not in that country when the crime was committed.)

But this particular case is nothing but relaliation and childish behavior by China.

Is it? I understand that Schellenberg appealed his sentence, not his conviction. (Correct me if I'm wrong on that.) If the law makes it clear that drug trafficking is punishable by death, what was he expecting?

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Posted in: Pacific trade deal spurs Canadian farm sales to Japan as U.S. watches See in context

So, will Canada start breeding wagyu?

I think it already does.

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Posted in: 40 years ago, passions ran high as last shah fled Iran See in context

Jimmy Carter is to blame.

What was he to do? Send in US troops to fight a very angry population?

Surely blame must belong to the UK which blockaded Iran under Mossadegh's rule, and somehow got the US to overthrow the government and bring the Shah back to power.

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Posted in: What's in a name? 5G wireless claims, but no real network See in context

Sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Or just a conspiracy? The pushing of 5G seems more driven by business needs than by science. There are concerns. Whether valid or not is open to debate. But that debate isn't really taking place. It's a bit like lithium ion batteries. If there were an alternative, they'd be banned in the blink of an eye. But so many companies rely on them, so we don't talk about it. It's easier to point our fingers at Takata airbags.

Sorry for the rambling, But I think there is a point in there.

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Posted in: Don't shift blame over wartime labour ruling, Tokyo tells S Korea See in context

So, Japanese victims of Atomic Bombs, or Tokyo air raid, can claim compensation to US? Now?

I think the answer is yes, but only if US domestic law allows it (I'm pretty sure it doesn't.) Similarly, the victims could claim compensation against the Japanese government, but again, only if Japanese domestic law allows it.

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Posted in: Saudi teen who fled family leaves Thailand for asylum in Canada See in context

The Quran is clear on the punishment for apostasy.

It's anything but clear.

"There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error"

There are scores of scholars, councils, and judges who try to interpret what it all means. I guess it keeps them busy.

I hope it all works out for this young woman. She seems tough and capable.

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Posted in: Japan Olympic Committee president investigated in France for corruption over Tokyo Games bid See in context

Sorry, basic question. What's the French connection here? Was his alleged crime committed in France?

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Posted in: High schools in 2 prefectures stop asking students to specify their gender on application forms See in context

However, the decisions in Osaka and Fukuoka to stop asking high school applicants to specify their gender isn’t an attempt to avoid accusations of discriminatory application processes. 

Right. It's actually an IT issue, where the software they use has a 2-gender structure hard-baked throughout. Far cheaper to drop the gender data entirely than try to accommodate 17 gender classifications.

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Posted in: Streaming TV is getting complicated See in context

A little over-dramatic, no?

Considering the Cambrian Explosion took place over a period of about 20 million years, perhaps not. :-)

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says bail very difficult before trial See in context

The judge today told him he is arrested and detained because he poses a flight risk. This is the same everywhere in the world. America does it, Canada does it, Britain does it.

Only after a person has been formally charged. That's a big difference.

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Posted in: Man arrested for appearing naked on another man’s third-floor balcony See in context

Not a British man, who would have at least kept his socks on.

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Posted in: More than 3,000 stung in Australian jellyfish 'invasion' See in context

Not like they have any malicious intent or anything.

That's what they want you to think.

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Posted in: Democrat Warren takes economic message to Iowa in kickoff to 2020 race See in context

So why did you label him the leader of a ‘lunatic fringe’ if you thought his ideas were good?

One logical answer would be that lunatics have better ideas. Perhaps that's what he meant.

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Posted in: Japan's traffic death toll falls to record low 3,532 in 2018 See in context

 the most reliable statistic when comparing road fatalities is deaths per 1 billion kms of travel. In this regard Japan's rate is double Australias.

I'm not sure what you mean by "reliable". I'd guess the measurements of average distance driven in any country are not so accurate. What is it based on? Also, I often used to read that most traffic accidents occur close to one of the drivers' homes. I have no source for such data, but if true, it would suggest that distance travelled is less relevant than the number of trips.

Anyway, I guess it's possible to assign all kinds of reasons for the fall. The police say it is due to their activities. I like to think it's because there are fewer young drivers on the road, thus making it safer for us oldies.

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