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Posted in: Sony holds 40th anniversary event for iconic Walkman music player See in context

When it first came out nobody could believe the quality of the music.

That was my reaction. Shortly after arriving in Japan in 1980, a colleague offered to let me try her Walkman. I was expecting to the hear the tinny sound of similar sized devices I'd seen before. I was blown away.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over man’s death in Osaka bar See in context

Minors in Japan should not drink - the law is firmly against it!

Different laws apply in Nishinari - the law of the jungle some would say.

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Posted in: Heat tops 45C in France as deadly heatwave roasts Europe See in context

Climate has been changing for generations its all part of a natural cycle.

I don't think it would be a surprise to learn there are natural cycles in the earth's climate. But we also shouldn't be surprised if the effect of those cycles is worse when there is a higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide is only 0.04 percent of the atmosphere that's 400 hundred parts per million, and of that 400 parts only three percent is contribution from mankind which is 12 parts per million

0.04 percent may sound small, but the key question is what is the likelihood of infrared radiation leaving the earth encountering a CO2 molecule. If you consider that if all the CO2 in the atmosphere were in a single layer, that layer would be over a meter thick, I think we can say that's a lot of CO2.

I'm not sure where your "three percent" figure comes from. I understand that human activity accounts for about 3% of all CO2 emissions. But most of the emissions are re-absorbed and don't remain in the atmosphere. It's the increasing amount of residual CO2 in the atmosphere that is of concern, and the argument is that the increase seen since the start of the industrial age from about 280ppm to 400ppm is largely due to to human activity.

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Posted in: Man found guilty of forcing women into sex trade to clear 'debts' See in context

People are asking about the suspended sentence. The article says he was found guilty under the "employment security law". If he coerced women into sexual activities against their will as the article implies, I'd assume he would be charged under a more basic criminal law. I still wonder if we are missing some details.

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Posted in: Man found guilty of forcing women into sex trade to clear 'debts' See in context

deeming the way he recruited women did not rob them of their free will

Is there some information behind that that isn't being reported here?

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Posted in: Microsoft missed mobile dominance by 'tiny' margin: Gates See in context

American companies are no more the greatest.

In the fields of computer software and data management, I think they are.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson again dodges questions over police visit See in context

Time for a big political change when the prime minister must be elected by the people in an election. The leader who becomes the Prime Minister is elected by the conservative politicians and then about 100,000 tory party members who then goes on to decide what happens for 67 millions people.

I wouldn't be in favour of such a change. It's parliament that decides what happens, not the prime minister. It seems a reasonable approach.

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Posted in: Hunt calls Johnson 'coward' for avoiding debates on Brexit See in context

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson" says so much!

In the interest of balance, I'm not sure that Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt says much less.

But as we don't generally get to choose our own names (Tommy Robinson excepted), we should probably focus on the person rather than the name. Hmm, not sure where that gets us.

Should we not talk more about Jeremy Hunt's time in Japan? I think many of us could contribute to that topic.

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Posted in: Hunt calls Johnson 'coward' for avoiding debates on Brexit See in context

I read a comment elsewhere today describing Johnson as the front end and Hunt as the rear end of a pantomime horse. It seems apt.

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Posted in: 16-year-old student on minibike assaulted See in context

The number of times that town comes up on crime news on JT.

How many times is that? I don't recall it being mentioned any more than other places. But I'm probably biased as I've spent more time in Sakai than most other places in Japan.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being hit by train on crossing See in context

I guess doing the laundry, or chatting with friends, or taking a nap, or playing a game, or making a cup of coffee, or

Or attending to another child who has just fallen and is screaming, or talking to the doctor on the phone while feeding another child, or ...

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Posted in: Former top bureaucrat indicted for murdering son See in context

Mark my words.

Marked. :-)

I'm going for 7 years, paroled after 2-3 years.

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Posted in: Dementia patients reported missing in 2018 hit record 17,000 See in context

They make some low maintenance emitting gadgets that are active a long time, 2 to 4 years for the cheapest ones.

@coskuri, do you have any more information? I'm aware of passive devices that record location on the device itself, and also alarm types with an SOS button that will send a signal when needed. But I thought that devices that are able to be remotely tracked at any time have a more limited battery life.

the carers/relatives can set an alarm and notice early that the person went out of the house/center.

I've seen such devices in action at a hospital. They seemed very effective. One floor of the building was for elderly patients, and those with signs of dementia were fitted with a wrist device that set off a signal when they got on the elevator. That allowed them to wander around the wards on that floor with some degree of freedom.

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Posted in: Former top bureaucrat indicted for murdering son See in context

The prosecution establishment are setting this up for a suspended sentence.

As he's been charged with murder, that seems unlikely. If found guilty, the sentence would have to be less than three years for a suspended sentence to be possible.

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Posted in: Sacked Folau asks fans to pay legal bills over anti-gay comments See in context

But, can someone tell me why a 2000 year old book should be the arbitrator of what is right or wrong? I’m not seeing how that makes any logical sense. Shouldn’t belief in such a thing call into question this Flau guy’s mental capacity?

Perhaps, but many other beliefs would probably fail any "mental capacity" test. Gods, ghosts, homeopathy, horoscopes, patriotism, turmeric as a dementia cure, etc.

I'm not so big on the freedom of speech thing. I think people should be able to express their opinions, but not necessarily in any way they want to. But I don't see much wrong in the way Folau expressed his opinion. He didn't incite violence, he didn't disrupt society, he didn't threaten anyone, he didn't demand anyone be fired from a job. To some of us, he exposed himself as an idiot for believing that religious stuff. To himself, I think he was genuinely expressing concern for what awaits us. For me, the biggest test would be how he reacted if his teammates challenged his views. I haven't heard anything bad on that count.

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Posted in: Sacked Folau asks fans to pay legal bills over anti-gay comments See in context

 that "hell awaits" gay people and others he considers sinners.

I'm fairly sure Folau would say it's not people he considers sinners but who God considers sinners. It's an important difference. If the bible condemns homosexuality and condemning homosexuality is considered wrong, should the bible not be censored or at least edited in some way? I've often though that if you extracted all the good bits of the bible, you could fit them on a single page.

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Posted in: Self-Defense Force chopper makes crash landing in Tokyo; crew unharmed See in context

It's a repugnant, transparent double standard.

Is it? Being upset at seeing the military equipment of another country in your own country seems understandable.

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Posted in: Hunt pledges to put 'heart & soul' into Tory race See in context

The company was sold to Australia's IDP Education for 30 million pounds ($37 billion) in 2017

At those exchange rates, the UK could buy the USA.

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Posted in: Which profession in Japan seems to be in the news the most because of deviant or unlawful sexual behavior by its members? See in context

The professions that news editors think will cause most reaction from their readers.

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Posted in: Sailing among the stars: How photons could revolutionize space flight See in context

If you were equidistant from two stars wouldn't you stop moving?

I think you would continue moving but stop accelerating. You might decelerate as you approach the other star.

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Posted in: Dementia patients reported missing in 2018 hit record 17,000 See in context

One impractical thing about GPS trackers is that they have to be kept charged. A simple badge with a contact telephone number may be more effective.

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Posted in: Arctic could face another record hot year See in context

but it takes a moron to not believe that humans have played a major part in the dramatic climate changes we see today.

While it may be moronic to think it's all a Chinese hoax, it takes a great deal of intelligence and sifting of data to understand how big a part human activity plays in climate change. We still don't have clear models of the effect of human activity on climate. So even if we manage to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere, we should also consider the possibility that temperatures will continue to rise.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson builds lead in race to be UK prime minister See in context

The public members of the conservative party then have a vote to elect their leader 

Images of walking sticks, hearing aids, searching for reading glasses, and frustration when they can't find Margaret Thatcher's name on the ballot paper.

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Posted in: Euthanasia law comes into effect in Australian state See in context

...including recently a 17 year old girl in Holland, who was chronically depressed after being gang-raped by men which the media does not identify.

That sad case didn't constitute assisted suicide. The girl voluntarily stopped eating and drinking in order to end her own life. Media outlets were criticized for reporting the case as euthanasia.

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Posted in: M6.7 quake strikes off northeast Japan; at least 26 injured See in context

You can get the intensity data at the link below. It reached an upper 6 in parts of Niigata.

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Posted in: Man who shared NZ mosque shooting video gets 21 months in prison See in context

My opinion, a crime needs a specific victim or a demonstrable harm. I can't see a victim here. 

I think there are potential victims if the intent was to incite or encourage others to carry out similar acts. Most countries have laws against distributing child pornography. You could argue there is no victim from the distribution process, but if it incites people to sexual acts against children or to produce further child pornography, are such laws not sensible? So if jailing this guy dissuades others from similar incitement, is that not good?

But I agree that it's a difficult area. Someone else might distribute the same material with the intent of simply showing how horrific the crime was. We have many examples of that in the media from wartime atrocities. Or an Islamic extremist might show the footage to others to encourage hatred of non-islamic cultures.

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Posted in: Kintaikyo Bridge: One of Japan's most iconic bridges with surroundings that cater to your sweet tooth See in context

How many of you can say he/she (sorry, no its .. he or she!!) can say they had been on Kintai Kyo in 1980?

So you've never heard the story of the Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman who were on Kintai Kyo in 1980? I thought everyone knew about us.

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Posted in: Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers See in context

"Japan demands" or "Japan asks for"? There's nothing in the article that indicates Japan is demanding anything.

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Posted in: The Cultural Affairs Agency plans to issue a directive calling on public offices, media agencies and other organizations to use the surname first for Romanized Japanese names, something which Foreign Minister Taro Kono has been urging. What's your stance on this? See in context

In English, given names come first. In Japanese, family names come first.

But the issue is about romanizing names, and may not be related to any specific language. But even in English, it's normal to retain the original order for Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese names. So why not for Japanese names too?

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Posted in: Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes See in context

Why the need for so many movies these days to show any sex scenes?

Right. We had enough of that in the 1970s. We can replay them whenever we feel the need.

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