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Posted in: Morgan Freeman explores faith in 'Story of God' See in context

I'm wondering why the series wasn't called "The Story of Gods". There seem to have been a lot of them.

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Posted in: Trump warns conservatives against 'socialist nightmare' in fiery 2-hour speech See in context

Americans and Japanese are famous for working long hours, with few holidays, and are the 1st and 3rd (soon to be 2nd) economies in the world. Where is Sweden and Norway? LOL!

You can find out at the link below showing GDP per capita.

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Posted in: Japan's beef imports from TPP members soar more than 50% in January See in context

Aussie beef is the best in the world... the US stuff is second rate garbage.

Come on! It's possible to produce both good and bad beef almost anywhere. Here in Scotland, we're told by our betters that our beef is the best in the world. But I know I can get both good and bad, depending on where I shop and how much I'm willing to pay.

nearly all of Australian beef is grass fed

But our grass is better than your grass! :-)

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Posted in: World's smallest baby boy returns home healthy: Japanese university See in context

I have great respect for Japanese obstetricians. 

Likewise. My wife had complications with the birth of both our children - different complications for each. The care and concern of the doctors was fantastic. They took charge while I hung around like a useless turnip.

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Posted in: British minister to request Honda rethink plant shutdown See in context

Taking back control to grovel for what we had already.

That about sums it up for me.

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Posted in: M5.8 quake hits Hokkaido; no major damage reported See in context

You can get some more info about the intensity here:

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Posted in: Folk musician Peter Tork of Monkees fame dies at 77 See in context

Fond memories. The Monkees got all kinds of stick, but they made me smile.

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Posted in: Honda to close UK car plant in 2022 with loss of 3,500 jobs See in context

The UK has a "mammoth" surplus of....1 Billion!!!!!

Thanks for the link. I think the figures in that article may be from 2016. I can't find any more recent data that is complete on UK-Japan trade figures. It seems the UK ran a surplus with Japan between 2014-2016.

I found that if the figures are limited to trade in goods only (not services), then Japan has a very large trade surplus with the UK. So now I'm wondering about the nature of those services. Does anyone know?

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Posted in: Honda to close UK car plant in 2022 with loss of 3,500 jobs See in context

Who has warned?

There have been many media reports of Abe warning May about the need for some certainty about Brexit. Here is one example:

In fact, the UK has a trade surplus with Japan 

That's news to me. Do you have a source?

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Posted in: Memories of Fukushima crisis rapidly fading, warn civic groups See in context

We seem to get plenty of news related to the cleanup of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant and also to the areas affected by radiation. What we seem to hear less of is the general recovery from the effects of the tsunami elsewhere. Far more were affected by the tsunami directly than by the power plant issues. 16,000 killed. 120,000 buildings completely destroyed and 280,000 seriously damaged. 340,000 people displaced. Over 70,000 still displaced as of a year ago.

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Posted in: Face tattoos: A trend that is here to stay? See in context

Calling people damaged goods because of how they look in no argument at all.

Perhaps, but calling them that for how they choose to look is a little different, I think.

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Posted in: Robot probes radioactive fuel at Fukushima plant See in context

I wish the engineers performing this work luck. Most were likely not at fault for or involved in the meltdown and just trying to clean up the mess.

I hope more people take in what you say. The clean up is an important and difficult job. Those involved should have more support and more recognition of their skills.

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Posted in: Henry Winkler enjoying a run of very cool coincidences See in context

There are some people who are hard not to like. Just remembering him in Happy Days makes me happy.

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Posted in: S Korean assembly speaker says apology needed from Japanese emperor See in context

Give it a rest, please!

Emperor Akihito, in 1996: "There was a period when our nation brought to bear great sufferings upon the people of the Korean Peninsula. The deep sorrow that I feel over this will never be forgotten"

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Posted in: Japan to ban use of plastic straws, cutlery in gov't cafeterias See in context

5 yen per post?

I think it's 5 yen per response as a challenge with his/her friends.

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Posted in: Japan's Hayabusa2 probe to land on asteroid on Feb 22 See in context

It's just a nutty chocolate.

I'm not sure about that. My fake news training leads me to believe it's honeycombed toffee and not nuts. (Think Crunchie bar.) At least, that's what I'm hoping it is.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

Look at smaller countries in the E.U, these countries cannot do anything for themselves.

What is it they can't do? I don't get the feeling that Danish, Dutch and Belgian people are suffering from tyranny or lacking freedom. OK, so they are perhaps unable to invade or bomb neighboring countries these days. Was that what you were meaning?

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for extortion in sugar daddy case See in context

Ah... that last sentence in the article suggests that he did take the picture.

And it's all too easy to think that he was invited to do so. Not much information, but I get the feeling no one was seriously harmed in the incident, and perhaps all parties will come out a little wiser.

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Posted in: Suicide rate falls by a third globally: data See in context


That 37-year low headline seems quite wrong when looking at the chart at the link below (the article content is no longer there). Perhaps they meant it is now lower than the rate of 37 years ago. But since then it dropped considerably and then rose again. The lowest point appears to have been in the mid 1990s. (I can't say how accurate the chart at the link is.)

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Posted in: Nissan to cancel plans to make X-Trail SUV in UK: report See in context

I think what matters here is not so much the X Trail but the X Trail chassis that is used to make the Qashqai, a crossover that is a huge seller overseas.

I think this does affect only plans to build a new X-trail model at Sunderland. Currently, I think all X-trail models are built in Japan. As far as we know, Nissan still plans to continue to build the Qashqai in the UK (but who knows what will happen down the road).

Although there is a lot of talk that this X-trail decision is a consequence of Brexit, there is some thought that it may be a result of a drop in diesel engine vehicle sales across Europe. If there were to be increased demand for petrol-powered versions, it may be cheaper for Nissan to continue to make the vehicles in Japan. (This was from an article on the BBC. I've no idea how accurate it is.)

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Posted in: Policewoman resigns after being reprimanded for moonlighting in sex industry See in context

I am living in Fukuoka and she was most likey working in Nakasu

The article doesn't say Fukuoka City, so it's possible it was closer to home. Kokura has a busy night life, or at least it used to (so I've heard).

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Posted in: Workspaces centered on women on the rise in #MeToo movement See in context

be inspired and do really important work without interruption

Plumbing repairs and house building? Or just looking for a ticket on the B Ark?

Sorry if I sound cynical, but I find it more inspiring when I see women driving buses or repairing cars at my local garage.

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Posted in: More than 100 firearms, 1,000 bullets found in dead man’s home See in context

The U.K. has strict gun laws but yet homicides are off the chain.

Really? 2016 figures are 1.2 homicides per 100,000 population, less than half the European average. (USA figure is is 5.35)

Also, I'm not sure whether Switzerland's gun laws can be described as "relaxed". They take a different approach to other countries. Possession of a firearm is compulsory for most males in their 20s as part of its military service system. They seem to take the well-regulated militia idea seriously.

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Posted in: January was Australia's hottest month ever: gov't See in context

One-third of the electricity for south-east Australia is hydro-electric power.

Do you have any more information about that? I've read that 8% of Australia's entire electricity comes from hydro. That sounds a little different.

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Posted in: Over 20 dead in U.S. polar vortex; frostbite amputations feared See in context

There is a 30 year lag between emission of carbon into the atmosphere and its ascent high enough to begin affecting climate. 

Are you sure about that? The introduction to the paper linked below starts with this: "It is a widely held misconception that the main effects of a CO2 emission will not be felt for several decades."

The conclusion starts with this: "Our analysis implies warming from an individual carbon dioxide emission can be expected to reach its peak value within about a decade and, for the most part, persist for longer than a century."

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Posted in: Body of missing university student found; suspect arrested See in context

Hirose was quoted by police as saying.

That's the part I find most strange. Why do the police get to report their findings to the media before the court case? Where I am, when someone is charged and until the court case, the media are not allowed to report such details. Something to do with contempt of court and prejudicing a fair trial.

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Posted in: What do you think about Naomi Osaka being asked to comment in Japanese by Japanese reporters at news conferences? See in context

Why is it that nobody bats an eye when Nishikori ... gets pelted with questions in Japanese?

Why should we? We all know he speaks Japanese. Perhaps more interesting is how we never hear in the Japanese media of Nishikori's English ability. He's very good. (I believe Andy Murray has quipped that he's better than himself.)

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Posted in: Chiba 1st Japanese city to recognize LGBT couples, common-law marriage See in context

Chiba should also recognize traditional Mormon and African polygamous marriages as well.

One reason for not doing so is that it gets complicated. Is a polygamous marriage multiple partnerships between a man and multiple wives? Or is it a single partnership among all participants?

I would feel better about some kind of union with the same benefits, but without the word "marriage" used at all.

I tend to agree but perhaps for different reasons. My general view is that there should be no legal recognition of "marriage", only of civil partnerships between two individuals. The meaning of marriage can be debated until the cows come home.

Living with a best friend is not the same commitment as being with someone you love and are committed to for the rest of your life.

Who's to say? Having love and commitment defined by law seems bizarre. Thus my thought that people should be able to enter a civil partnership with anyone, and for any reason (assuming mutual consent). It's up to the couple if they want to describe themselves as married,

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Posted in: Researchers say Amazon face-detection technology shows bias See in context

That's not discrimination. That's an error, or malfunction.

If the software is working as it was designed to, I don't think we can call it a malfunction. If there is a pattern to the errors, I think we can say it is biased. If that bias works against minorities, I think we can say there is a danger of unfair discrimination.

The Rekognition software has been criticized a lot. The article below is one example.

Interestingly, an update to the article says that Amazon now recommend setting a confidence level of 99% rather than the previously recommended 85%. I suspect that will just make any bias more difficult to detect rather than remove it.

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Posted in: UK grocers, fast food warn of major disruption from no-deal Brexit See in context

Calm down people. A no deal departure will be just fine.

Try telling that to a sheep farmer who currently exports lamb to Italy. From a 0% tariff to a WTO 40% tariff. Don't worry, I can hear those Italian importers saying. Or perhaps s/he can look forward to a new trade agreement with Nigeria.

Sorry, but all I see from a no-deal is one huge mess.

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