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Posted in: Airlines evolve to help UK–Japan business travellers See in context

For most UK people living any distance from London, the guiding principle is to avoid Heathrow. KLM seems to manage that quite well.

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Posted in: Japan creates first artificial crater on asteroid See in context


Not sure why you were voted down.

Light speed ain't gonna do it, the nearest solar system is over 4 light years away from us.

But, but... If we can get to light speed (also likely fiction), won't we get anywhere instantly from our point of view. It's only those we leave behind that think it took a long time.

(Brain hurting...)

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Posted in: Scotland will prepare for a second independence vote regardless of UK See in context

all the big banks have said they would headquarter themselves in England should the referendum proceed

Which banks were those, and did they say that before or after the EU referendum? Recently, I hear more about banks moving their assets from the UK to mainland Europe.

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Posted in: Japan to halt nuclear plants if anti-terror steps not taken by set deadlines See in context

Whoever voted me down wants the planet to die, it seems.

Not necessarily, Patricia. They may think that nuclear power is one way to reduce CO2 emissions. They may want the planet to survive and think that "Green Energy" is some pie in the sky dream.

I didn't vote you down.

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Posted in: Stubbed out: Japanese university stops hiring smoking professors See in context

The liberal/left is luxuriating in this. “Look! Another freedom taken away! Yippee!”

By that definition of "liberal", would you also describe those who deny abortions to women as liberal? It's simply authoritarian, and neither left nor right. It seems more a case of "what's right for me is right for others".

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Posted in: About 70 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

It is time for the Reiwa Emperor to pay his respects to our nation's war dead.

The reigning emperor has paid his respects to the war dead every year on August 15 since 1952. Since 1965, the service has been held at the Budokan in Tokyo.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after baby stroller catches fire See in context

@Laguna, that link contains this:

the heat can ignite the oxygen

That goes against everything I understand about oxygen. (See Disillusioned's post above.)

This was a terrible careless mother

Nonsense. It's quite possible the child was in full view of the mother. At home, it's fairly normal to put a child to sleep out of sight of anyone.

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Posted in: How to vote in elections in your home country if you live in Japan See in context

No representation without taxation seems to be the new paradigm.

There seems some sense to that. Why should those who voluntarily go to live and work in another country expect to have their views imposed on those who stay behind?

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Posted in: Do you think in the future cinemas will suffer the same fate as drive-in movie theaters? See in context

What fate was that?

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Posted in: British scientists send warm wishes to emperor ahead of abdication See in context

What will it take to Fix this ?

Fix what?

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Posted in: Blind Japanese sailor successfully completes non-stop Pacific crossing See in context

The smile on Iwamoto's face in the clips I saw was something else. His words were simply funny and uplifting. Sir, you are a nutter - I salute you!

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Posted in: Climate protests close London bridge; 570 arrests in 4 days See in context

China is an also-ran at 6.59.

True, and a fair portion of that is produced by manufacturing goods for consumption in some of those bigger emitting countries.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing fire extinguisher from 12th floor of apartment building See in context

Just like the guy who threw the bike off the building and hurt an old lady, nothing will happen to this guy

I think that guy got a suspended sentence (coincidentally, also in Sakai). I know some think suspended sentences are too lenient, but I'm all for them in certain circumstances. If the person has no previous record, it gives the person a second chance at little cost to the taxpayer. It also adds a disincentive to commit any kind of crime for the duration of the sentence. (I'm assuming any monetary compensation for the original crime is paid.)

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Posted in: British rock band Queen to bring 2020 Rhapsody Tour to Japan See in context

What is your favorite Queen performance without Freddie Mercury?

Same concert as your favorite, but mine is George Michael singing Somebody To Love.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

My Japanese brother-in-law tells me that I get treated better than him when we go out eating and drinking. He may be right. I tell him that it's because he's from Osaka but now living in Saitama. He tells me I may be right about that.

But I imagine where one comes from makes a difference. I've heard more discriminatory remarks towards other Asians than towards westerners such as myself. I think that's of concern.

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Posted in: OECD says Japan's consumption tax rate should be more than doubled See in context

There is vast difference in scale between Consumption tax and European Value Added Tax.

I thought the implementation was very similar. Although levied on all transactions, companies only pass to the government the difference between tax paid and tax received. The end consumer effectively pays it all.

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Posted in: Japan asks Britain to minimize negative Brexit impact See in context

Only hope is Jeremy.

I take it you're not referring to the Jeremy in the article. Although I'm not sure the other one is any better.

Many international cmpanies are based in the UK and are not asking anything.

Right. They're just getting out.

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Posted in: Another women’s university in Japan to accept transgender women, the first in Kyushu See in context

"More"? that would imply that there was already at least one.

I've read recently of a number of such cases, particularly in prisons. Here's one article:

The issue of gender self-identification has been causing a rift between some feminist groups and transgender groups.

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Posted in: What is your all-time favorite anime series? See in context

Captain Pugwash

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Posted in: Smoking pot vs tobacco: What science says about lighting up See in context

The British cigarette will go out, because of the lack of additives in the paper.

My British cigarettes don't go out. They burn down in exactly the same way. What might be different is the density of tobacco. I know that Japanese cigarettes are slightly less dense than UK cigarettes and tend to burn down slightly quicker (for certain brands anyway).

Many people prefer roll ups because they don't burn down when left alone. (Less second hand smoke too, I've heard, but I'm not sure if the reasoning is sound.)

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Posted in: Nobel winner Honjo, pharmaceutical company in dispute over license fee See in context

They probably gave him 10,000 yen and a photo of the shacko as his reward.

From the article:

"he refused to accept the company's offer of about 2.6 billion yen"

There are good companies (I've heard) and bad companies. There are good people and bad people. Let them sort it out.

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Posted in: Astronomers reveal first image of a black hole See in context

A certain Dr Katie Bouman making America great again.

Some proud parents out there today I think.

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Posted in: Smoking pot vs tobacco: What science says about lighting up See in context

Smoking anything is probably not good for your lungs.

That's my assumption too. I also assume that the more you smoke, the more dangerous it is. Is it not partly a question of dosage? Cigarette smokers can easily get through a pack a day. How many joints do marijuana smokers typically consume?

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Posted in: Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole See in context

I’ve read the photo caption twice and am still not sure what it is a photo of. 

The same image is displayed at the page below where it is described as an artist's impression.

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Posted in: UK unveils plans to hold social media bosses liable for harmful content See in context

Another factor could be that England being over 60 million people have a larger uneducated, illiterate underclass who are more prone to being manipulated, wheres Scotland is just 5 million people.

I can assure you that here in Scotland the proportion of morons is no different from England. If in doubt, go to a football match.

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Posted in: Nakazakicho: A hipster haven in an Osaka neighborhood See in context

I hate hipsters--I will avoid this area.

I'm sure your action will be much appreciated.

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Posted in: New imperial couple to face heavy burden of tradition See in context

I was SO hoping that this new era would see the end of the pegboard background.

So it's true then. I thought it was just a myth that those not descended from the ancient gods see pegboard while the rest of us see the magnificent artwork that inspires us to godly deeds.

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Posted in: May concedes Brexit deal won't pass 'in near future' See in context

Scotland and Wales leaving England to remain in the EU.

They'd be leaving the UK, not leaving England. (Of course, if they left, there would be no UK remaining.)

How long it might take, if ever, is difficult to anticipate. Many supporters of Scottish independence, including myself, think it is important that England also remains in the EU or at least have a customs union with it. Otherwise there would be similar issues over the border between Scotland and England that we are seeing now in Ireland. England out of the EU and Scotland in is not a great prospect for Scotland.

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Posted in: What happens to residents when an old age home goes bankrupt? See in context

In America, Medicare/Medicaid (government programs) pay for just about everybody in a nursing home.

That's not what I've read. From Wikipedia:

"In the US, 67% of the one million or so residents in assisted living facilities pay for care out of their own funds."

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Posted in: Man who threw bicycle from 12th floor of building, injuring woman below, gets suspended sentence See in context

Japan is so soft on crime.

Is that why it has such a high crime rate compared to other countries?

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