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Stop the denial.

What am I denying? Are you saying that being Jewish is defined purely by belief in and following the Jewish religion? That would surprise may people I've know who describe themselves as Jewish.

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He submitted a patent caveat in 1871, meanwhile Bell was granted a patent in 1876.

There's a lot of argument about the differences of those patents. I've read that Mecucci's patent caveat didn't describe the conversion if sound to electro-magnetic waves. But arguments like this about inventions are common - television, light bulbs, etc.

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the labour party at its momentum core is anti-Semitic/racist.......

And yet the chairman of Momentum is Jewish.

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Colonial system never worked without terror.

Wow, Akie. You said something I can agree with.

HK people were happy under British rule.


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Thankfully, the word ‘sinister’ wasn’t designated as hate speech in the article.

That would be leftist speech, or so my self-invented friend Dexter tells me.

When I first saw the various headlines about her "self-partnered" designation, I assumed she was having a laugh. I thought it was pretty funny. (Memories of her giggling in Harry Potter perhaps.) Anyway, I'm declaring myself self-youthanized. (Did I spell that right?)

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Posted in: UK's Rees-Mogg apologizes for comment on 'common sense' of Grenfell fire victims See in context

Which is why people should leave a burning building

It's also common sense not to walk into a fire. If you live on the upper floors of a tall building, and the lower floors are on fire, and the only fire escape is internal to the building, common sense might also suggest you don't go down into the fire, but wait for the fire brigade to extinguish the fire.

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"If you (change) the configuration on your bucket to world-readable, you will get lots of alarm bells going off," he said. "It's up to the individual customer to decide what's right and what's wrong."

While I agree security should be up to clients, I think AWS could make their buckets easier to manage. Why not quite separate classes of storage buckets, so that when creating a storage bucket that is intended to be secure and not world-readable, it can never be changed after the fact? In the past, it was all too easy to change security settings later. (I'm not up to date on their current implementations.)

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@Concerned Citizen,


Your original question was, "And do thier immune systems redevelop even stronger than ever?". It was the "stronger than ever" part that I doubted. Why wouldn't the immunity rebuilding just be the same as normal?

But I take your point about the temporary weakening of immune systems following a disease, and perhaps we should question whether measles is any different from other diseases in that respect.

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No one in the medical or scientific world will accept as fact data produced by such a miniscule sample as 77 children.

I don't think that's a miniscule sample for a study like this. Those were 77 non-immunized kids who acquired measles. A comparison was made with 115 uninfected people. There was further supporting evidence from studies that found the rate of certain diseases also dropped following vaccination programs.

Also, while the affected children's immune systems may be temporarily set back, how long does this state last?

For certain antibodies, it's set back to the state of a newborn child. So months if not years. Again, related studies show that other diseases tend to increase in the months following a measles outbreak.

And do thier immune systems redevelop even stronger than ever?

I don't think there's any reason to think so.

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This year China is spewing out nearly twice the amount of C02 as the U.S. -

That link you posted shows per capita emissions for the US at 15.53 tons while only 6.59 tons for China. Also, some of those Chinese emissions are for goods exported to the US and other countries. Shouldn't the final consumer be considered as the cause of the emissions?

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they were misidentified as women 38% of the time

That might beat my wife and my's misidentification stats. We frequently nudge each other for verification, but often have no idea. If humans can't visually recognize gender, how can we expect machines to do so?

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That's one weird photo.

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Maybe I'm just old, but I like the option to use cables. Something about being able to see what's connecting to what.

But I take lostrune2's point.

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 and now I understand why Pres Trump suggested that we nuke attack hurricane Dorian as it was barreling down toward Florida

Sarcasm aside, I suspect you don't. There is a difference between asteroids and hurricanes.

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Are you not forgetting the curling, snooker, bowls, darts, and elephant polo? Real sports. :-)

Anyway, well done England, and really well done South Africa!

(Apologies if this post appears multiple times. Things went a little strange for a while.)

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Except the Jocks, obviously

You may be happy to know we're not all dancing in the streets in Jockland. Mainly we're breathing a huge sigh of relief that we won't have to suffer the media celebrating English triumph for the next 53 years.

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The elite liberal intelligentsia are much smarter and more important than the people who simply go to work and pay their taxes every day in the UK and voted to leave the EU

By most accounts, if only those who work and pay taxes voted in the referendum, the vote would have been to remain. (Assuming most over 65s no longer work)

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 the men in my life as I was growing up taught me that patience, kindness, understanding and above all, control of your emotions, especially in times of stress defined a man.

But if we follow that approach forever, we'll go to our graves in frustration. Does there not need to be a way to release that stress and anger?

A short story, please indulge me. It's about Paul Simon's song, The Boxer.

Last year, I got to see Paul Simon in Glasgow. There were many older people in the audience, especially in the high-up cheaper seats. By older, I mean 70+. Many were not so mobile, and many had a cranky attitude, which seemed to confuse the stewards who were probably more used to dealing with young drunks than obstinate oldies. ("I can find my seat myself.", and then 10 minutes later returning to ask where their seat was.)

There is a point in the version of The Boxer played where it goes quiet musically, but the silent roar of simultaneous anger and celebration from the older fans around me was massive. I think we need moments like that.

(From about the 3:40 mark at the link below - not top quality video I'm afraid.)

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Should I have testosterone replacement therapy?

I'd hold on a while if I were you. I've been doing the 60s thing for a few years but I don't see a big difference in the aggression thing. I'm still a wimp. (Toilet functions are changing though. That worries me more.)

rainyday's comment above seems similar my father-in-law. But he had aggression issues when he was younger too. Now he's docile about 95% of the time, and then suddenly erupts.

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What a bizarre article.

Taxes are needed to build "social services" which include roads, the police, the military, the courts, as well as museums, food banks, unemployment benefits, whatever. Unless we live completely remote from others, some kinds of "social services" are necessary. (We can debate forever which ones.)

How those taxes are obtained is a quite separate subject. In the past, local lords took them from their vassals. Today, we have a range of taxes - on income, on wealth, on consumption, on just living somewhere. Of course we hate them, but following Serrano's thoughts, we also hate death and cockroaches.

I think Churchill was wrong. But his idea of "prosperity" might differ from others'.

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Nothing should be banned or blocked except by the individual user. And the individual user should be given the proper tools to handle that task.

I'm not a Twitter (or Facebook) user. Do users have the ability to block ads as opposed to other people's comments?

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I always thought the US didn’t use poison gas during WWII.

That was my understanding too. There is some discussion on the topic at the link below.

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I think there's a big difference between trying to influence how people vote (misinformation, etc.) and directly interfering in the voting process (hacking machines, etc.). From what I understand, it's the former that is the main issue, and if so, should we really care? There seems plenty of misinformation from domestic politicians and media. Is foreign misinformation fundamentally different? Should I, as a non-US citizen, not be able to suggest to my US friends who they vote for? (If I cared, that is.)

One problem I have is distrust of the domestic media. Perhaps this is peculiar to the UK, but when I see the headlines of the mainstream newspapers laid out at the supermarket, I'm often horrified. I'm not sure I wouldn't get more sense from Putin or the Chinese media. A more trustworthy media with more boring headlines would be a big help.

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for any confused readers, johnson is a british slang term for a penis.

Now I'm confused. I thought it was American slang.

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All rugby referees have their faults. They're only human. It's not an easy task. They play the role of teacher more than that of referee. I'm sure he'll be fine.

When we start cheering for the referee over the teams, we may have to re-consider things.

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chibi maruko chan

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UK should be coming to grips with the fact that democracy isn’t a real tangible thing anymore

I have memories of an Andy Capp cartoon that said something like, "What's the point of democracy if the person you vote for doesn't get in?"

Although I'm not sure this is relevant to the Brexit mess.

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a resident of Aichi Prefecture’s Imabari City

Should that be Ehime Prefecture?

an unfit elderly driver

Aged 72? These days in Shikoku, I suspect people of that age take on more demanding tasks than driving.

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In reflection, al Qaeda definitely went off the boil after bin Laden was taken out.

Were they not already off the boil at the time he was killed? That's an honest question. My poor memory tells me focus had already shifted to other groups.

While I won't shed a tear for al-Baghdadi, I suspect others will pop up in his stead.

But if it's true he deliberately killed his children, then I will start to despair.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands march in Barcelona urging Spanish unity See in context

Instead of arguing about numbers in favor or against, why not just hold a referendum and find out how many want independence?

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