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British Blood pudding should be in this museum. Truly disgusting. Why pick on natto.

Try some natto on black pudding. Seriously. It's a favorite of mine.

I don't get the jibes at the museum. The food on display is clearly considered disgusting by many people, not necessarily by the museum staff.

They ought to include macaroni cheese. That's really disgusting, especially the stuff I was forced to eat at school.

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Why no calls for a no-fly zone over Yemen?

No need for a no-fly zone when the tough guys are calling for a ceasefire and an end to air strikes.

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Posted in: 10,000 or 1,0000? Japanese schools are starting to move commas on big numbers, but why? See in context

£5 7s 6d it was.

Right, but I thought there was a shortened version. (Corresponding to five pounds seven and six.) Age and LSD may not be the best combination.

 That is why office software that is available in versions for more than one language has an option to switch a whole range of things including decimal format, comma placement, date formats, etc. to the conventions used in a particular language.

And when the user's computer is in Thailand and the server is in Iceland and the data on the server comes from Canada and the programmer is in Hungary.... Hey, it keeps me in a job. :-)

The British billion and the American billion are quite different.

Except that no-one in Britain, except for 23.7 university linguistic professors, has ever used a British billion.

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Posted in: 10,000 or 1,0000? Japanese schools are starting to move commas on big numbers, but why? See in context

Well, every language that uses base ten, that is!

Those were the days. £5-7-6 (or was it £5-7/6).

I, for one, will be ready to welcome our 12-toed and 20-fingered alien overlords.

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There’s a difference between reading big numbers and international standards.

That seems a fair comment. But wouldn't it be better to use a different separator character for both cases. So 57,680,000 and, for example, 5768:0000.

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Their stated position is that Israel should not exist, what a basis for negotiating peace!

Abbas has always supported the two-state solution, and so presumably the position that Israel should exist.

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I'm not sure the Wright brothers and automobile analogies are appropriate. My own confusion is that I'm not sure what problems cryptocurrencies are intended to solve. Greater anonymity? Less involvement by governments? Greater security than conventional banks? Or just greater convenience than carrying real gold or diamonds? If the Wright brothers had been trying to solve the problem of delivering food from farms to markets, I think we would agree they were going nowhere.

Various limitations of the blockchain concept are known. One view is that if cryptocurrencies increase in popularity, simple physics will make it revert to a centralized model for most users, where most of will have to put our trust in the big players. It sounds not so different from conventional money and no more convenient than a Visa card.

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Additional note...

In the UK, but especially England, Guy Fawkes day is celebrated on November 5. Bonfires, burning images, etc. I suspect this may have once been the same festival.

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But I would guess that the festival in the USA has its origins in Ireland because it had died out in the UK until recently, 

As a young kid in Glasgow in the early 1960s, it was a very big event. (With no pumpkins. :-) )

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when you consider it's Gaelic origins

Is that Gaelic or Celtic? I say that because where I am in southern Scotland, there are tales of such festivals that pre-date the Gaelic and Anglo-Saxon invasions. Samhain or Calan Gaeaf? And when was the English word introduced? The bloody church I suspect. We Irish and Scots have always led the way in religious progress. :-)

My biggest complaint is pumpkins. As a kid, we had turnip lanterns (swede for English folk). They took days and sore hands to scoop out, but looked much scarier.

But you're right. It's great fun.

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Why are smokers not charged more for national health insurance than non-smokers?

Two reasons...

If it's true that they die younger, they probably put less burden on the health services.

The tax on the cigarettes probably more than covers the costs.

On purely cost terms, perhaps they should be charged less.

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there is nothing in California or elsewhere in North America that comes close to the quality of Japanese rice

Really? In the UK, I can choose from about five brands of "Japanese style" rice at the nearest Asian supermarket. Three of the brands are produced in the USA. I'm no rice gourmet, but the Japanese I know here seem to have no problem with it. (The brand called Nishiki appears to be the most popular.) The typical price is about ¥300-350 per kg when buying a 10kg bag.

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You should feel fortunate you're able to post here.

Strange comment. I don't see how it's related to Burning Bush's point. If I make a suggestion here about how Americans should vote in the elections, am I illegally interfering in US affairs?

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But to criticize the visit simply as a glorification of the militarists is also not rational. 

And yet that's my main criticism. The shrine is dedicated to those who died serving the emperor. Not to those who died in the Tokyo fire bombings or anyone else who suffered the consequences of the military regime.

However, I don't single out Japan for this criticism. Here in the UK, the November remembrance events seem to have taken on a greater degree of "military reverence" from what I remember as a kid. I was taught such events were to remember all who suffered from wars. But these days it's all about "heroes" and those who died "serving their country".

A song for these moments:

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it seems rather sad that people need cannabis to be legalized to be happy.

Perhaps, but others seem to get their kicks by criminalizing it. Different strokes, etc.

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Do correct me if I am wrong.

I can't correct you as I know so little. :-)

I'm not against nuclear power except for the cost. The cost of renewable sources is hard to determine. Producing electricity seems easy; managing it seems very difficult.


The way to store solar power is through plugin EVs.

I think there may be issues with supply and demand patterns for vehicles. But the general idea of charging batteries with excess power sounds sensible. Is anyone working on easily swappable batteries for vehicles?

since the government pushed Toyota to hydrogen

Is that the case? Among all Japanese companies, Toyota seems the least likely to come under government pressure. I think they like to make their own mistakes.

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@Carl-Åke, thanks for the response.

I'm in Scotland where wind power is more significant than solar power. I'm no expert, but I think the production is more than minimal. One figure I read says 50% of Scotland's electric power now comes from renewables. That probably includes hydro, but wind has the biggest share. But we still need to maintain a 100% backup with conventional power stations, including two nuclear plants, for those days when the wind doesn't blow. We also pay wind farms to stop producing on those days when there is over-supply. It seems wasteful. I think a reliable method of storage would be a great step forward.

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How do you control 1.2 billion people?

That Chinese authorities appear to contemplate this question seems to be the main problem. Is more regional autonomy not a better approach?

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Is this not a problem of not having a way to store electricity from renewable sources? Solar power output is variable over short term periods, so there is a need for conventional sources at night and when there is little sunshine. Nuclear plants can't be switched off quickly.

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Posted in: Trump says climate change not a hoax, but not sure of its source See in context

@Chip Star,

The 97% figure at your link refers to a study by Cook (and others) which caused a fair bit of controversy. Some other views appear here:

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for every scientist that says climate change exists, you have almost as many saying it’s a big giant hoax.

There are scientists who disagree with some of the IPCC positions. There are some who complain about the hysteria that often surrounds climate change debates. But I don't know of any who describe it as a hoax.

97% of scientists concur that man-made climate change is happening now.

On the other hand, this is perhaps an example of the hysteria that some complain about. Is it all scientists or just climate scientists? What is it they concur on? There are different sources for the 97% figure. One of the earlier ones was based on two questions in a survey - Is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas? - Has man-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased? But not on questions about how damaging the effects will be.

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Scary and magnificent. I hope they're on the same side as me.

Great photo.

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Yep positive stories that actually happened get 5 comments while wild speculations of Trump hating nonsense get hundreds.

Is this not just basic good manners? Some whacko (we all know one or two) has been through a difficult time. We're inclined to tolerate his incantations to the supernatural. He's not really harming anyone.

You could argue Trump's not harming anyone either, just making a lot of noise. But when the good people of the USA are paying their tax dollars for the circus, they might feel they're allowed to vent.

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Posted in: Princess Ayako to receive ¥107 mil after marriage to commoner See in context

My wife and I are both married to commoners, and we have some sympathy for the Princess. It can be difficult at times. How do we claim our money?

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I can't be sure, but is that YouTube video not an animation based on before and after images? Other news sites have shown before and after still satellite images. There are also on-the-ground videos of the liquefaction effects. But I have doubts that the video shows the actual behavior, but I'd be happy to be told otherwise.

Liquefaction occurred during the Hanshin earthquake. This was mainly in the reclaimed port areas and on reclaimed man-made islands. There is some not-so-dramatic but interesting video here:

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A judge beaten with a cane by a woman dressed as a man.

It sound like a story straight from the UK press.

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Police said Minami has denied the charged and quoted him as saying he was drunk and can’t remember anything.

Police: Were you drunk?

Minami: Yes.

Police: Do you remember what you did?

Minami: No.

Police (to media): He said he was drunk and can't remember anything.

JT readers: Only in Japan.

Court: (We never get that part.)

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Altavista, Lycos, Excite, where did they go?

You could google for them and find out. :-)

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Posted in: Fujitsu develops non-contact biometric integration tech as optimal solution for cashless society See in context

eliminating the need to carry a wallet

But now I have more than one card, each linked to a different account. Would this eliminate the possibility of multiple accounts?

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Maybe my geography is a bit off.

If Australia can take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, what's the problem?

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