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America is for sale to the highest bidder thats what this election is all about.Romney and Ryan are compolsive liars.its just a pity that the grand old party has no candidate of substance this time around due to the fact that the tea-party have taken control of its entire core. dictating the the tune and the dance step all together.but Americans are not stupid i must say. all politictian lie somehow take it or not. during the coming debates Romney and co are going to defend thier lies then to the American people. whatever our position , whatever we do in our entire life we should know that character counts .this was the worst convention the GOP. has held in history to me personally lets wait till Nov.6th .

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There are two candidates vying for the presidency of America. one of the candidates is fighting for 90percent of America while the other candidate is for the top ten of the population.Romney has no plans of his own to better Obama .to me he believes he has made it in life the only position that is eluding him is the presidency. the only the thing thats going to stop him from being elected is his past that will come to hunt him.Americans are not stupid they will want to know who he is and thats when the coockie will start to crumble. for me i will stick to the devil i know.

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Its just sad that this kid has go through such hell, i see no difference between this particular foster home handling of this girls case and the hearthless andself-centered behaviour of her so called parents. kawaisoni .

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She told reporters that, he then tried to undress her,unbottening her blouse and putting his hand up her skirt???.then what happened? her story is not complete.something is wrong here,did she scream for help? well i reserve my comments untill the whole story comes out.

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This is fraud at its highest order.

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Albani-I must commend you guys that has posted comments inview of the Chinese/Japanese boat incident which has taken its toll on variouse exchange programmes and bailateral issues involving both a liberal myself i love reasonable and constructive arguments, not robotic idears bought from somebody.unfortunately, ever since the rift between both countries, i havent read any comment agaian about the marines not able to defend Japan, and should leave. anyone still with a myopic view of the U.S./Japan alliance should note that its the bedrock of Japan security come what may. Cheers.

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