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Why on earth do people want to insult nurses. They are the one trying to save people. In other countries there is high respect for the welfare sector. What happened to the Japanese honor and proud? Does people who do this should be fined or something else. But I'm sure when they get sick they will cry for help from a doctor or nurse.

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Posted in: 2 stabbed, one fatally, in Aichi condo; suspect arrested See in context


That is unrelated comment and may be offending to others.

So because she was a young mother you assume she was a bad mother?

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It really depends on your network, your skills and language capability.

I came to Japan because I know the president of my current company through networking. After that he invited me based on my skills.

Now having a good job for 15 years in Japan and a wonderful wife (Brazilian) and a wonderful daughter.

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So interesting how many people are defending this Carlos. Seems like everyone thinks he is not quility and believes what he is saying.

He flew the Japanese system because it was harder for him but people who worked under him had also hard time. If he thinks he is not quility than come with proof and not a statement and some few documents which does not mean anything.

Each country has her own law. He should stay and proof his innocent. He does have nothing. If he had he would show all documents and make understatements.

If he is found quility he still has a better life than people who are in prison in other Asia. Countries such as Thailand.

Other parts of the world he would have no trail at all. Or be killed.

I think he is not innocent because so far nothing from him. Just blablabla. At least he run away so one crime he has committed anyway.

I don't mind the - since so many people are in favor for that kind of person.

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Posted in: We are having to apologize to customers because we just can't make enough. See in context

Maybe you should do some research before saying statements like this. First expanding is a risk and risk assessment and other research has to be taken it is not that easy to expand

Secondly, Sonyis already doubling the investment and building a new facility near Nagasaki which will be operational in 2021.

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Of course she would say not to INTEND to kill him. This way she hopes to reduce the punishment. But having a knife is already strange. But seems normal nowadays.

I don't know what the content of the fight is but if the knife was used outside and found inside the house she intend to hide it and or she left him with a stab wound. It is a strange non consistence news article.

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Interesting how people react, in this case give your ideas or solutions if you have any. If all the countries have conserns than come with a solution and work together.

People should also known history and learn that on the bottom of the ocean many jars with radioactive material is dropped by USA, Russia and France in the early 60s. Nobody complain about it and we still eat fish.

Of course I don not agree or approve the way the waste is dumped by Japan but it is really not only Japan.

There should be a world wide study about neutralize the waste.

But as long there is no solution than dilution is maybe still the best option.

Only thing we can do is reducing the amount of electricity by using less electronics but nobody wants to give that up. Everyone wants to drive electrical because it saves the environment but meanwhile somewhere mines are created for extracting Cobalt and other materials which needs to be processed which generate pollution.

Anyway just keep narrow minded.

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So many comments from people we do not know well about visa, the freedom of a sovereign country, know better or are jealous.

Before shouting what is good or not maybe some deeper understanding about the visa system, or why the amount of applications is lower than expected.

Of course you need to know the language. If a foreigner want to work and life in any country than it is a necessarity.

Yes Japan is facing challenges and need to solve it but any country does. And often applicants why want to work in Japan come from less developed countries. This is not a common job as it is discribed.

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Owing two cars. One kei for neighborhood transport and normal for long distance and family trips.

We are living in a rural area and car is comfortable to go around.

But for me no (kei) ev. Charging at night is ok but day is awful. And there need to be more charging points.

And speed doesn't matter if (elderly) people are overseeing traffic lights and hit a pediatrician with 50 km not much can be done.

Just equip all kei with the latest technology and maybe it would be saver.

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I am from the Netherlands and what does it matter if you from neighboring countries or not. I think having different nationalities in Japan can contribute a lot.

Regarding payments in Japan you cannot compare each country with Japan. If I go to East Europe the payment is also low. Many people focus on jobs such as English but with effort and Japanese skills you can find many good other companies.

I choice to work for a Japanese company which I like. Payment is more than 6M yen. Instead of complaining you could also take effort.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

There are always complains.

As mentioned there are not only English people in Japan. Yes NHK could issue also in other main languages but the gesture is good.

But some saying this is offending is rediculous. Also if all in kanji than people will complain because it would be to difficult.

Just accept and move on with your daily life. At least it is a good gesture which is not offending anyone at all.

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