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Posted in: First responders get vaccinated at former Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo See in context

So Japan can save their sushi. What about all the other people? Where is the priority? I work in the pharmaceutical world but Japan is randomly doing things. Meanwhile 10% of the population is vaccinated once. I have seen people dying because of coronavirus.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested after stabbing gun shop employee See in context

Common sentence used in Japan " I wanted to kill someone"

Japan really need to change life and social aspects because people are not robots.

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Posted in: Japan considers sending coronavirus vaccines to Vietnam: report See in context

can Japan focus on itself first. I wonder if the local people have been asked if they agree.

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Posted in: Japan births hit new record low in 2020 See in context

@Tom Doley

Almost 40% of Japanese above 30 are still virgins. Get these people to date each other, then you’ll have an explosion of babies. What’s wrong with these people? I dated at least 3 different girls a week on average. C’mon guys, do your job.

How disrespectful can you be and also show that you do not know the problem which is causing the birth rate decrease.

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Posted in: China criticizes Western brands' toys, clothes as unsafe See in context

Since when China cares about safety of products?

When will China improve the safety for products, people and environment?

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Posted in: Japan to prioritize students heading abroad for vaccinations See in context

And again j-gov is having wrong priorities.

It should prioritize the workers, people we have contact jobs such as bars, restaurants. They are the be suffering and losing money.

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Posted in: Man arrested for ruining fruit at supermarket See in context

This will be japanese news with the increasing of elderly people.

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Posted in: Japan's vaccine push ahead of Olympics looks to be too late See in context

Many people already said before. Many people already repeated but j-,gov doesn't consider it serious untill it is a little too late.

Sorry but what level of iq or common sense does the j-,gov has?

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Posted in: Japan may provide AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan See in context

Since AZ vaccination still has some health risk (blood clot) the government is not willing to take the risk with elderly people. So just give away to Taiwan and if the approve the will use. If they reject than a lot of vaccinations will end up as waste.

Also i assume there are political relationship due the tense situation with China.

But why not provide to countries who do not have money.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after throwing dumbbell from 2nd-floor window See in context

Often when japanese loses temper they want to kill someone. There are many cases and than not included cases where someone feels the need to kill. Japanese culture is beautiful but society is something to be worried.

Something is really wrong with japanese society

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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context

Start asking babies is so old fashioned and disrespectful to women.

It is a womens equality and freedom of choice.

Japan is not the only country in the world with birth rate decrease. It is globally in many economical countries.

Modern society is expensive that both partners need to work for income stability, economic opportunity and national, international crisis.

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Posted in: Gov't considers new cash handout for needy households See in context

@Scarce you should live in America since you want money.

For you it seems America this, America that.

Free doesn't exists and the money is paid by tax and need to be paid back somehow. Is the same for America.

On topic:

Supporting people who can use the money is just a small gesture.

It is not enough for small businesses, households who are in need.

Japan need to increase the vaccinations so that people can go back to normal, if that is still possible.

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Posted in: Osaka hospitals buckle under COVID-19 onslaught See in context

Healthy care in Japan was always not strong. Now this pandemic is showing how this system is crumbling.

There are countries with worse cases but barely keep there heads up. Japan has a long way to go.

Still in Japan people are saying to stay away from foreigners to prevent the spread. Still this makes me tired how ignorant some are.

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Posted in: How Akihabara went from consumer electronics mecca to capital of ‘Cool Japan’ See in context

Some products from Japanese manufacturers are good quality but the main reason why japan is falling behind with consumer electronics is the lack of innovation. Other companies are having more innovation and prices are more competitive.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

While Japan's COVID-19 outbreak remains much smaller than in many countries, with just over 10,500 deaths, its vaccine rollout is moving slowly and polls show most Japanese people support cancellation or another delay.

Just over 10500 deaths.

Can this sentence be revised. Those are human lives. Not just 10500 deaths.

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Posted in: Quiet airport See in context

I guess some people here commenting never have been visit observation deck 1. Also some people don't know about photography and just put lame comments.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy hit and killed by car driven by his mother See in context


You have no idea what the total picture was. You just put the finger but i wonder how you would feel if it happened to you and people say those words the way you do. But i don't think you have children.

Having a little bit respect is not much to ask right?

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't hotline on COVID open during Golden Week to offer consultation in 5 languages See in context

Many complaints here.

Everyone is waiting.

Foreigners are also getting the vaccine like everyone.

Yes Japan is slow but don't worry due the virus mutations the change is high the vaccines will not be sufficient anymore.

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Posted in: 'No-Mask Picnic Day' organizers cancel their outing See in context

It is not the outdoor but the people who distributes the virus. People don't realize what the virus do when someone is getting sick.

Having an organized picknick without carrying should be prohibited. When people who don't care get sick than they want all the medical attention.

I'm working in the pharmaceutical and have seen cases i hope people will not experience.

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency in Osaka; no decision on Tokyo See in context

Again SOE.... Really not healthy this way.

Anyway GW is coming next week, I'm wondering how this will be handled.

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Posted in: Fukushima locals criticize government for tone-deaf tritium mascot See in context

This is how Japan try to gain hearts and minds. If politician cannot pursue the citizens than just make it cute.

I wonder why the government is not utilizing cuteness for international relationships? I guess other countries are to serious.....

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context

It is interesting to read all the comments and point the finger to Japan. China is polluting much more and already areas are inhabitant.

Not long time ago nuclear waste was already being disposed in sea by France and England and even the USA. There is enough nuclear was on the bottom of the ocean already which are more concentrated in steal barrels. In Germany a whole village had to move because the cave where the nuclear waste is stored and sealed with concrete is cracking due lack of maintenance.

There is no right way to dispose the waste unless we all want to use fossil fuel again or go back to the dark ages.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context


*The foundation is the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS 1982). It says that a country may claim an area extending 12 nautical miles from its coast as its own territorial sea.*

But I do unstand your meaning that will impact globally.

Unfortunately there is no easy other solution.

The idea is to dilute the waste material to reduce the contaminated water.

Putting underground will have also negative impact (happened in the past)

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

It is a grownup with a childish and selfish mindset. That he may disagree with rules or requests is something he may do at home. There are people we care about their health.

This person need mental support because something is really wrong with him.

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Posted in: 5 students arrested after putting glue on playground equipment See in context

Most of us were Young and have done something not to be proud of.

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Posted in: What’s it like to shop at FamilyMart’s first 'unmanned' convenience store in Japan? See in context

Unmanned stores concepts are nice and it may be convenient but most people still prefer to have some human interaction. But if products are a x factor cheaper because there are no extra cost as payments for employees it may be competing in the future.

10 years ago most people where not found of online shopping but nowadays online shopping is huge and still increasing.

Next step delivery by robots.

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Posted in: LG becomes first major smartphone brand to withdraw from market See in context

Apple was not the first smartphone in the world. The Nokia 9100 introduced in 1996 was the first so called smartphone. Although the term smartphone didn't exist. It was called a PDA.

Most people think apple was the first smartphone but apple just introduced a new mobile in a good moment with apps.

Touchscreen already exist before apple.

Apps where before apple just downloadable programs.

Now every one is copying and improving each other technology because there is not much to improve at this moment. Foldable phone are the next step but that may take sometime and is now more for the early adapters.

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Posted in: LG becomes first major smartphone brand to withdraw from market See in context

Nokia missed the boat and is losing the market. Also Nokia is not Nokia anymore. It is generic and has no unique ups.

Currently sony mobile market share for mobile is also in a nosedive worldwide market. Although the market share is second place (9%) after apple.

But only japan market is not making enough profit for sony mobile.

Many chinese brands are doing better due the pricing and features you get.

LG was one of the pioneers of the Android operating system, collaborating with Google on the Nexus smartphone line and producing some of the best camera and display technology in the category’s early days. Now LG lost the market share because they did not innovate and therefore not competitive. LG tried to change the direction but were to late and other Chinese brands in the lower segment had better price value. Blackberry was also one of the good example. Was popular for a while under business people than teenagers because of ping untill whatsapp or other applications came.

Sorry for Apple fans but this will also definitely happen with Apple also.

There is no mobile company which keeps going for a long period.

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Posted in: Assemblyman in Mie reveals same-sex couple's address online See in context

It is sad to read that this has to happen. He is making a lot of issues for people, especially the victims he put the address details.

He should just move on. Now he makes a foul of himself. There is still a privacy law in Japan which he clearly doesn't respect. He should be mentioned on the website as the greatest foul.

I'm really worried that japan as a modern nation will never change.

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Posted in: Kofu City official gives speech telling new employees to 'play around' to fix birth rate issue See in context

This is so Japanese. Always they try with strange methods to increase birth rate instead solving the main issue for the birth decline.

There were already have been comments in the pass such as woman are baby making machines.

I guess Japan has a long way to go to solve this issue.

Most women who get pregnant have to leave the company because often the women has to take care of the child. The payment is lower than men. Just playing around is not a solution.

First day at work.

How was your day?

I was told to play around and make babies.

There is no respect from this company.

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