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Posted in: Japanese-Brazilians struggle with dual identities See in context

I meet many Brazilian Japanese who described their identity crisis as a hell where they are not accepted as part of any of their 2 cultures.

"I grew up in Brazil being called JAPA, JAPONES, SUSHI EATER, even teachers would mock me by saying: OPEN YOUR EYES so you can get it right. Wake up... Then after growing up, decided to come to Japan to finally be part of at least one of my nations. As I arrived here, people called me ”BUTAJIRU JIN", Brazilian! They kept asking me if I new how to dance samba, how good I was at playing soccer. So, I have dual nationality, but I am not accepted as part of them."

"Even though I was born in Japan, do not speak a single word of Portuguese, neither had been to Brazil, I've grown up being called BRAZILIAN. That's because my parents were born in Brazil to Japanese immigrants who went there in the 60's."

Even though Brazil is a multicultural country, it's normal there to divide everything (just like in any other nation)

And just another thing to remind you guys: Brazil is huge, "Feijoada and samba" are not part of every Brazilian's life.

Being white in Brazil is also a reason to be treated as a "tourist" wherever you go.

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Posted in: N Korea admits failure as world condemns rocket launch See in context

Lol! Now they will find an way to blame Japan!

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Posted in: Standing tall See in context

Golden poop- sperm. This is the be place to capture "sky suri"

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Posted in: Police officer pushes student off bike; lifts up her skirt See in context

Oh man! It seems that some Japanese males have a huge problem in approaching to females. This is the result of growing up in a society where "Woman doing her make up in the train is something BAD, Men checking out some erotic photos inside the trains is just normal "

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Saitama See in context

Two irresponsibles, the mother that didn't pay attention to her child and the old man that didn't pay 100% attention. This is what happens when people forgets that we are surrounded by DEATH.

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Posted in: Japan to cut Iran oil imports after exemption from U.S. sanctions See in context

How Ironic... US, responsible for the nuclear attack over Japanese civilians, still keeps tons of nuclear weapons, is allied to another nuclear terrorist( Israel) and now is pushing the whole world against Iran because they are trying to develop their country. Always US trying to play the big boy, giving poor excuses to lot other nations. ww2, Vietnam and Iraq are the examples. We are tired to know that OIL is the reason. And now, We'll need to pay more because of their dirty game.


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Posted in: 25 countries to get iPad a week after U.S. launch See in context

What is the point of this? Who cares about a "new" product that is the same thing as the old one?

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy slashed by man in supermarket See in context

What a little monkey. They must pass a law to hang people who attack innocent peeps in the streets.

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Posted in: AKB48, Misia to sing at cherry blossom concerts in Washington to thank U.S. See in context

And Misia, she has the talent that nor AKB, nor any j/kpop group has, her voice.

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Posted in: AKB48, Misia to sing at cherry blossom concerts in Washington to thank U.S. See in context

1, Why thanks US? So many other countries has sent so much help to Japan. 2, Thanks with AKB? This is more likely an insult. 3, I would like to say "thank you US", because of your attitude I am paying higher bill on my gas. BTW, Gifts we don t give back, so keep AKB for you.

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Posted in: Successive robberies reported in Chiba See in context

Another Desperate pachinko-addicted. Why the hell they didn t have a safe? man!

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Posted in: 246 members of AKB48, sister groups hold concerts for March 11 disaster victims See in context

It is just sad has in Japan such a kind of rubbish can go this far. When people have a easy and superficial life style, they start to love any crap as their life is meaningless."

If it is a young girl that likes, it is OK. But males over 12y old, there are some areas badly screwed on their brains.

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Posted in: Peace Boat with 130 A-bomb survivors in Cuba to denounce nuclear arms See in context

So many dumb people talking about "going to IRAN". Hypocrisy! If is there someone to blame about NUCLEAR WEAPONS is USA, The only country in the world with a nuclear attack against poor civilians on their records.

About this boat, good Job, but I don't think that some dozens of people in a boat will make some real difference. Perhaps changing things inside Japan first would be a good start.

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Posted in: M5.4 quake jolts Ibaraki, Tokyo See in context

Yesterday, I was stuck in the train because of SNOW, today by the JISHIN. Things that I am getting used to. Not bad. BTW, how many jishins over 5.0 have We had this year?

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to resolve sex slave issue See in context

Oh man, this thing is really annoying. So many real problems around the world and these Asiatic countries are still arguing about sex slavery dated more than 50y ago. Why is so hard to Japan to make a ceremony, call the Sex Slaves and say SORRY,

China and Koreas: Why charge these things from a whole nation? I am sure that the people responsible for that are already dead. Why should the new Generations say sorry for something that is not their fault?

Same as If a Japanese meet a American girl in the street and say: Hey, you American, my family died because your nuclear bombs, say sorry now or I am going to be very upset with you.

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Posted in: Air Yoshinoya See in context

I would ask for Matsuya then, that is better.

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Posted in: Did Jesus Christ live and die in northern Japan? See in context

This is as silly as to believe on the words of Bible.

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Posted in: AKB48's Haruna Kojima joins TSUBAKI ad campaign See in context

Off course, she buys this brand, ahan ahan ahan!

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Posted in: Coffee as it tasted in 1920 See in context

"So, they kept this old coffee for all this time to sell it cheap like this"

LOL, how the hell they knows how it tasted like the 20's coffee?!

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Posted in: Disaster survival kit See in context

Following the comment from LAGUNA;

I bought my stuff on Hard off house/ Daiso and Costco.

I would not be impressed by seeing someone carrying a "gucci" disaster survival.

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Posted in: Iran 'exaggerating' nuclear advances, Israel's Barak says in Tokyo See in context

Why Japan should fear a country that never has done any bad things around here?!

What is funny is that THE ONLY COUNTRY TO USE NUCLEAR BOMBS( right here in Japan for those who doesn't know) now is thinking that can rule the world, setting sanctions in a country that doesn't have any link with USA.

Israel, showing the reason why some nations hate Jews.

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Posted in: Teacher nabbed for using mirror to peek up girl's skirt See in context

I agree with everything that netninja said. The solution for this is just change their uniform. Mangas, movies and animes, all of them always showing scenes of sexy school girls flashing their bottoms. Of course your are going to grow a pervert.

Why the hell these girls are wearing mini skirts without even wearing some kind of shorts under? Any one is going to look at, even accidentally, as their wear sometimes like hookers.

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Posted in: Whitney Houston's funeral to be broadcast live See in context

Few days ago She was just known as a drugs addicted, broken star and etc. She dyes and people comes with the same old things: "I always loved her. She was a amazing person " and bla bla blaaaa bla. Same was for the stoner Winehouse.

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Posted in: Former gang member shot dead in Denny's restaurant in Chiba See in context

Alladin san;

I believe that the government knows each one of the key members, actually this is obvious, as in Japan is easy to find these kind of people. But it seems that here in Japan the things take always long time to happen, government thinks a billion times before any real good action. They should start by arresting the new members, that annoying guys and their noisy bikes.

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Posted in: M6 quake hits eastern Japan; Fukushima nuclear plant stable See in context

I was in Ora machi, Gunma ken, and I could fell it very strong even in the first floor.

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Posted in: Man arrested for calling 110 number 109 times to insult police See in context

Oh man, he could get a job on telemarketer. Another "pachinkan-living-on-benefits" showing how the things are going bad when you give more rights than obligations to people.

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Posted in: Woman sentenced to 4 1/2 years for breaking babies' legs See in context

Now imagine: 4.5 years later she would be released, You, the father of one of those kids, discharges 8 bullets on her back, leaving her in a wheelchair. Then gets arrested for 15.


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Posted in: Gov't figures show lowest ever percentage of smokers See in context

This sounds perfectly to me. I hope in the near future to not see smokers. To smoke cigarette is bad to you and specially for those around you.

What "ORIGINALUSERNAME" said in the first post of on the top of this page match exactly with my thoughts. I lost the count of times I ve seen parents bringing their toddlers to the smoking area in the shops, or the hole family in the smoking area in the restaurants. Please Japanese Government, let s clean Japan.

I am sure that so many people avoid going out to izakayas and pubs just because they ll need to be "smoked".

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Posted in: Kim Jong Il's body displayed; N Korea media hail son See in context

I am just happy with these news!!

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Posted in: Toyota begins production of Prius in China See in context

They are going to regret for sure. I believe that TOYOTA should try to keep production inside Japan, to avoid bigger problems with it's status. I am not going to change my car for a TOYOTA PRIUS. :D

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