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Posted in: The United States had been a failure on the immigration front. See in context

Another loud mouthed America bashing insecure Japanese politician ! This guy was given the platform to discuss Japanese immigration policies and instead of explaining the nations viewpoints in an adult manner he instead chose to rail on America, who buy the way has nothing to do with Japan's decisions. When will this nation grow up and address their social problems in realistic terms. The constant, "Oh yeh, but what about America" has done absolutely nothing to improve life here in this mono-culture society. If Japan wants to compare itself to America, it first must become more like America. Which means raising it's level of maturity tenfold. What a joke !

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Posted in: OPEC, Asia call for curbs on oil speculation See in context

"Speculation" you say ? Not a chance ! Go back and check the record, OPEC nations were actively driving prices up boasting that $150-$160 a barrel could be the norm. My how these thieves from Saudie Arabia, Venezuela, etc have fallen, but unfortunately at the expense of the world's economy. Latest sources also indicate that OPEC will once again try to drive prices up to $70 a barrel... way above the current "inflated" rate of about $50. I say this because all nations are reporting huge stockpiles of oil, yet crude prices have failed to decline with "supply and demand" principles. I imagine 20 years down the line the real story will be told, but I for one know exactly what triggered the global recession of 2008... and it wasn't Dubya !

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