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Some have suggested that casino gambling equals organized crime. I draw their attention to Las Vegas, a strictly run gaming city which vets all gaming principals before opening casino doors, not after. Thus, if Vegas can operate without organized crime even remotely involved, Japan should do same. $40 billion is nothing to sneeze at.

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I'm not sure what's going on over there, but am sure happy to be here away from all the madness in he Middle East. Can't these people get along?

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Posted in: Fired reporter kills 2 former co-workers on live TV in Virginia See in context

This senseless crime, committed by a deranged individual, highlights the need to end all sales of ammunition for guns. There isn't another effective way to stop hot heads like this man from purchasing a firearm in the US, after which, committing carnage in the name of settling a score with a society he perceived had done him wrong. Clearly, some people take the "blame-game" to a whole nother level. Instead of learning from his past mistakes by looking inwards, and working to improve himself, he lashed out to those he felt slighted by. Truth be told, he could not contain his rage because he hated himself. He knew he was a loser.

His manifesto only proved how mentally disturbed he truly was. As an example; the very first line spoke volume of his own racisms, in which his glaring contradiction comes to light. He claimed the last straw which sent him over the edge was the church shootings in Charleston, where several black church members where cut down by a white supremacist. This act was the catalyst for his revenge killings, to which he eluded to a race war. Conversely, he later goes on to celebrate past mass shooters, like Columbine and Virginia Thec. Therefore, it's clear that in his twisted thinking, he was outraged by the church killings of black people, but, was perfectly okay with the slaughter of innocent white people? Now, if that ain't racism, I don't know what is?

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Posted in: Apple defends Dr Dre after he apologizes to 'women I've hurt' See in context

Is this some kind of a sick joke? For Apple to stand up for this scum, speaks volumes. Dre and his crew did untold damage to the fabric of American values. A whole generation was infected by his poisonous rap and mindset. He is the lowest common denominator of black American who should never have been celebrated, in the first place. Yet, it's folks like him that gave America a big black eye. Hollywood, and by extension, Apple, should be ashamed of themselves.

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It was only a matter of time for such an automated hotel be built. The only thing missing, however, is a robotic masseur.

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It appears that Johnny has gone off the Depp end, again.

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I say, to begin with, the mother is a screwball. She clearly should not have given her son any mind altering drugs, especially, when her son obviously has an, underling, death wish. It's all too common to digest drugs before committing suicide. Pot is a lubricant not the spark.

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I honestly believe such a person has little, if any, value to society, and as such, such a despicable individual ought to be put out of his misery. Short of this, he will continue to be a burden, in some fashion, to society. There's no rehabilitation for the likes of this creature. He's nothing short of a monster, worthless to society. Hence, his execution may well serve to teach other monsters to think twice before doing their dirty deeds. Only of late I favor the death penalty. I now realize that for the good of society we must thin the herd from the monsters amongst us. Plain and simple, there are way too many monsters on the loose. Abusing animals will only escalate to abusing humans. IMHO, there's no need to wait for them to take that next step, from killing innocent animals, to killing and torturing people.

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To ignore history is to repeat it. Each and everyone of us must condemn anti-Semitism, which, seems to attract the lowest common-denominator, amongst us. Those who perpetuate the BIG LIE against the Jews are, sadly, victims of ignorance, poverty and childhood brainwashing by illiterate parents who subscribe to the faulty teachings of the Koran, and/or, the likes of Hitler. Falling into the medieval mindset of an outdated ideology disguised as a religion is the glaring problem. The rise of radical-Islam has become a team-sport, of sorts. For many, disenfranchised, angry young men, this becomes an appealing chance to become inclusive., thereby, relevant. Being excepted into a group, putting a gun in their hands, brings comfort to their lack of self-worth. One day they were rebels without a cause, today, the bias media and the Internet has helped give them a cause, which, automatically gives them membership into the anti-Semitic club. We must do more to wake them up and help bring them into the 21st century, or, put them out of their misery. Israel will not tolerate another Holocaust. Neither, should we.

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Bring it, I'll take it.

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Having lost my dear mum at a nursing facility due to an abusive male care giver, I am keenly aware of how terribly wrong things can go. Even though I was there every single day, and even though, I had several meetings with staff and administrators in hopes of addressing my concerns for better care for my mum, my worst nightmare, became reality. For nearly two years, I was there from 8 pm to 4 pm, driving 25 miles each way. I always brought the morning papers and her favorite snacks. I made sure to make mum as comfortable, as possible, yet, as much as I was there, and, as much as I addressed my observed negligence of the staff, STIIL, I could not prevent what happened to my dear mum. All it took was one careless care giver to abuse my mum when I wasn't there. She sustained an injury on her hand which quickly became infected resulting in renal failure. Less than four weeks later, she was gone! Before falling into a coma, mum told me exactly how she was injured, but, naturally, their story was completely different, blaming her for her own injury! I called the police who were utterly incompetent in their investigation. It was my word against the staffs. It came down to a classic, "He said, she said," scenario.

Two years later, and ****I am still blaming myself for putting my mother in that hell hole. If only I had kept her at home she would still be alive, today! To avoid such abuse in the future, I strongly urge CCTV cameras in every room. Our parents should never be put in an environment where the opposite of "care giving" occurs. We must fix this reprehensible situation, ASAP! You would not believe what I saw on a daily basis at these various facilities. Sadly, they are all much the same. They are mostly staffed by unqualified and uncaring people who hate their jobs, thus, the neglect and abuse.

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Posted in: Japan to resume Antarctic minke whale hunt despite ban See in context

Japan has no business in the Antarctic Ocean. Clearly, they don't care about International laws Hmm, maybe China has a point, after all?

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My condolence to the family of the victims. May they rest in peace.

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Key concerns will be the cost of a tank of Hydrogen fuel? Hydrogen fill-up stations? Final cost of said vehicle? Though, I commend Toyota for taking the lead in developing an environmental-friendly car. It's all about forward thinking and our collective corporate responsibility to our environment. Gradually, we must change from the internal combustion engine to a more sustainable energy source. Electro-magnetic motor technology is also worth looking into as an alternate power source, though, huge amount of R&D capital will be needed, obviously.

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Posted in: Scientists explain stress-heart attack link See in context

According to this article, I should have been dead along time ago.

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It makes perfect sense for Japan to get into the casino business. The positives out weigh the negatives by a wide margin. Consider the influx in both domestic and foreign tourism. Consider the increase in employment. Consider the increase in national pride once the worlds best casino is built. After passage of said bill, a careful selection process for a "stand out" design and best thought out master plan, should take place in earnest. Japan can then compete with Macau and Singapore for tourist dollar whether the casino is built in Tokyo, or Osaka. The key component to an integrated resort must be nothing short of "breathtaking!" This is where a Japanese casino - resort complex can, and will, have a huge advantage over the competition. It all begins with the "out-of-the-box" thinking for a spectacular resort. Cannot emphasize enough the importance of this initial step. It all begins with a fantastic, one-of-a-kind, design, that which will, leave the competition and guests, in awe!

Any serious developer interested in such a design can contact me at:

Seeing, is believing.

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I am not a mother, but am an objective observer. It is unfortunate that the old guard cannot realize that today's good parenting should include a "kid" leash. In a bustling city, or park, it is best to not let go of your child. One minute they're there, the next minute, they're gone! This has happened many times. The child could fall into the sewer-gutter, literally. They can injure themselves. They can get lost in a crowed, or even, abducted! So, to hell with stereotyping good parenting with "walking your pet." Nonsense, it is the best way to keep a "close eye" on your child. Times have changed. Plus, after a years time, the child will no longer need a leash. Even with your pet, after a year's time, they will automatically stay close to you without the leash. However, if your child suddenly begins to relive himself, on a fire-hydrant or tree, then, perhaps, a leash may not be suited for your child?

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Posted in: World chefs: Stockholm chef sees food as personal, ingredient-driven See in context

He lost me at pig's blood.

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Posted in: Romanian youth says he didn't mean to kill Japanese woman See in context

Needless to say, this punk ass idiot won't have to worry about his rent anymore. Hope he and his buddy enjoy the view from their jail cell.

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Posted in: French chefs rebel against 'food porn' photos See in context

This is what you get when gastronomy meets technology. Too bad my smart phone is not smart enough to replicate the dish at home, recipe and all.

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