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Alec Savard comments

Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

Few weeks ago he said he was hoping they would vaccinate 1 million per day in May. Now they are hoping to do it by the end of June... my guess is it won't be there until July.

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Posted in: Coates: Tokyo Olympics to go ahead even in state of emergency See in context

I'm still hoping it will be canceled. If it's not I guess it doesn't really matter anymore if I go outside and get back to normal. I follow the rules, but for what?

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Posted in: Japan to require virus testing, itinerary in easing travel restrictions See in context


Do yourself a favor and learn that this virus is killing less healthy/young people than the regular flu. I understand that you are scared, but fear isn't a good advisor. I got the covid-19 and it wasn't worse than a bad influenza like 2015 or 2017. All virus may have different consequences. This one isn't different a very tiny % will have damaged lungs for the rest of their life though it's mostly to 80+ rather than -65. Stats and rationality are useless now because most people are as afraid as you are and world leaders are thinking about their votes..

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Posted in: Japan to require virus testing, itinerary in easing travel restrictions See in context

Problem is they forced us to stay home over false datas. They said over a million would die in Japan.. So far 900. 250k in Taiwan, they are at 9. So we lost months and money over false premises. There is no point to continue now. We know that we must protect ill and/or people because they are at risk, but if you are under 65 and in good health it's no more a danger than your regular flu. What they need to do is test and see who got it and is now immune.

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Posted in: Man held for free train ride halfway across Japan for virus cash handout See in context

Strange.. also strange how he can stay here without an address. I wonder if he is eligible without an address? Anyway is it just a myth? I received my masks 2 days ago so I don't expect to receive any cash before 2021.

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Posted in: Japan to enact 2nd extra budget by mid-June to fight virus See in context

Still waiting my masks, not even mentioning the 100,000 and they talk about phase 2?? Plus who on heart can live with a single payment of 100,000 anyway. Luckily for me I don't have any loan, but cost of life didn't shrink same way as my revenues did.

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Posted in: Abe's virus-relief ¥100,000 cash program faces barrage of criticism See in context

Still waiting for my masks so I guess I shouldn't wait the paper until August..

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Posted in: Rainy season begins in western, central and eastern Japan See in context

2 years ago I was in Japan during the whole rainy season. When I came back home in Canada I got a real rainy season.. Everyday raining few times a day and at least once a day a flood. It was like that until September. I like the rainy season in Japan not too hot and you can still go outside despite some rain.

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Posted in: 6 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at Quebec City mosque See in context

François Hollande, Obama, everyone gave their best wishes to Germany, but not Trudeau. You explain this because he's pm of Canada not chancellor of Germany?

They are not refugees. 1 is from Morroco and the other one from Quebec. Mohammed Khadir and Alexandre Bissonnette. Both were university students. The pig head was last Summer. They don't know the reasons behind it. The police just talked to the press, but nothing new.

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Posted in: 6 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at Quebec City mosque See in context

Trudeau took days before saying the attack in Berlin was from a terrorist. He was faster today. Is it because he's always in mosquees or because he learned that he has to react fast now that he's a leader not a drama teacher? Next time a muslim do something in Europe we will see if he is as fast as today.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

Lets be honest there, the US isn't in Japan because they wanna help Japan. They have their own interests. Even if they weren't there, China wouldn't invade Japan.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

Of course some foreigners laugh out loud and are noisy on train, but lot of people go to Japan a few days and they don't know the rules. But it's what happens when you want tourism. You have to accept that they are from different culture. About the small-talk, I never tried to start a chat with Japanese people (or any other nationality) on train, but it happened to me quite a few times that a Japanese started talking to me. I'm still alive, I mean it's being friendly. Maybe some people will dislike that, but in society you meet people and thats how it is. This Summer I went to USJ for the first time and I had to take lot of photos with lot of people. My friend and I were tired to take photos, but we found it quite funny to be asked to take photos by Japanese strangers so we said yes everytime and smiled. So no foreigners aren't the only to blame when it's about small talk or stopping strangers on the street.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

That train is now on my blacklist as well as Fukuoka's countryside.

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Posted in: Japanese swoon over Canada's 'hunky PM' Trudeau See in context

I would love to say keep him, but I'm about ot come back in Japan.

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Posted in: Early arrival See in context

Watch out, Justin might look lightweight, but he almost sent a NDP deptuee to the hospital last week. Don't get fooled by his pretty face and his smile. Lot of people came out last few days to talk about how he truly is. If the summit doesn't go in his way, he might start a fight.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl says education pointless; gets schooled in debate on Twitter See in context

Maybe she is attractive and she's looking forward to marry a man who went to school..

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl falls to death from 43rd floor balcony in Osaka See in context

Why the mother? It could also be the father. The fact is accident or not it's tragic and more than sad.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing bag from 77-year-old woman in wheelchair See in context

Unemployed as usual.

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Posted in: Obama to meet Abe, Park at White House on Thursday See in context

They should have destroyed NK years ago when they didn't have a card in their sleeves. Now if they want to wipe them out NK would sure nuke Seoul. That brings a question : if the US is that powerfull why aren't the able to destroy every singe places NK has missiles and/or anything that would do serious damages? It doesn't look like there will be a revolution soon and more they wait more of a threat they become.

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Posted in: 5 life-altering mistakes foreigners make when living in Japan See in context

It's the same thing everywhere. Why should we only focus on making friends in a specific country when there is over 200? Just take what comes to you. Also, if you're in Japan then you should at least like it a little bit? It's like the foreigners in Canada who always complain about how better their country is. I always tell them to go back there. I like my country, but it's too cold for me to live there and it's the major reason why I won't live in Canada, but if I'm not happy in Japan there is much more countries where you can make friends and live a decent life.

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Posted in: Canada PM Trudeau calls Trump's rhetoric ignorant See in context

Trump might be using rethoric, but tomorrow he will still have a head on his shoulders even though he's acting like a fool... while Trudeau will still be Trudeau : pointless. He's good in front of the camera smiling or eating cookies with his face on. When it's about economy or intl affairs he's a kid.

Is Canada happy with the refugees? No it's pretty much 50-50. Here in Quebec it's more like 70% against. Mister Harper had a bad press, but he did a lot for his country and his citizens. He also did a lot for the other countries. With him as the pm, Canada got a all time high on intl help.

Trudeau is just good with the camera. 3 weeks ago he mistaken Shinzo Abe for the pm of China. When asked about his favorite government couple years ago, he responded China because they can do whatever they want. He think Russia invaded Ukrainia because they lost a hockey game. What is the difference between Trump and China's government?

On top of that, we might loose our AAA. We're also giving money to lot of people and just sending the debt to the future generations (like me) when our previous governments made it clear that they didn't want to do it anymore (unless we are in a slump). It started under Chrétien with Martin in the finances and Harper continued it with Flaherty.

Finally, he can think about scaring people, but he's doing the same thing on the same day. Trying to scare people with the ''Charte des valeurs québécoises''. Saying it was racist and could just put fire on the debate while it was just there to make the State neutral. If he was so much against the fear and rethoric then he was against his father who always used it against the people of Quebec when they tried to make it a country. He even sent the army (I'm Canadian before Québécois), but what he did was just the same with the muslims and Trump.

I like the fact that Trump is honest. It's a fresh air, but president really!? I can't stand Hillary. Cruz seems like to be the best choice.

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Posted in: Japan needs immigrants to boost population: minister See in context

We have 25 000 people in Canada ready to go. Is immigration working really? Here in Canada, we have to pay some foreigners doing nothing at home because they can't find a job. Not because there is no job, but because they don't have the diplomas. I'm not even talking about the refugees. Also, it's not easy to go in another country and live there. I'm from a region that is pretty much like Japan (it has a small population of 270k). The age pyramid is about the same, think the same thing about the foreigners, you have to speak French because almost none will speak English and so on. The only foreign workers are black people from Africa who works in forest. It's pretty much the same thing in Japan, it's impossible to be considered as a Japanese, you have to learn the language, etc. The real solution is boosting the births, but how?

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Posted in: Only 11% of Japanese people willing to fight for their country: Gallup survey See in context

I don't beleive the polls. You can make them say whatever you want. It's all about the questions you ask, how you ask them, and when. If China attack a Japanese's boat tomorrow they poll would be the opposite just because it would mean fight against China. As for now, it's more about fightning in Syria...

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Posted in: At least 120 killed in six Paris terror attacks; police hunt for accomplices See in context

I feel very sorry for France, but I also can't wait to leave Canada because I know it's coming here. It's just the beginning like Charlie Hebdo this is not the end. Here in Canada, our new pm want to take 25 000 Syrians before the new year. It's good to help other people, but you have to make sure they can fit in your country or what happened in France today will become ''normal''.

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Posted in: NRA may be losing its grip on the public's imagination See in context

I find it funny that some people talk about Canada when we sure have crimes reliated to guns.

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Posted in: 6 types of Japanese people you’ll meet while living in Japan See in context

Never experienced such a bad experience at the restaurant with my tea. The only type I don't like is the GH looking for $$$. It's embarrassing and if you want money go to work; being cute isn't enought.

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Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn See in context

This is something I don't have any opinion settled. There is no victims with it, but what about it gives some freaks ideas? Also, it gives a bad reputation to Japan. I would need to read some studies about its effects first.

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Posted in: WHO: Processed meat linked to cancer; red meat is risky too See in context

It's not the meat itself, but the food we give to the animals. 50 years ago when the animals were still eating grass, it was normal and fine. Now they give things that the animals can't eat. In Argentina, they eat twice what we eat in NA and still they have 2 times less cancer reliated with red meat. Since my first time in Japan, everytime I go back to Canada, I don't eat as much red meat as I used to. I can eat a little portion each month and each time I do, my stomach is having a hard time. When I'm in Japan I don't eat meat that much, only Kobe.

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Posted in: Landslide win for Trudeau in Canadian election See in context

Sad day for Canada. Now I hope Trump become president. In 4 years, the Conservatices will make a come back and will have again to deal with all the liberal's mess and corruption.

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Posted in: Puffing away See in context

People has the right to smoke if they want. Even it don't benefits them. I prefer them in the smoking area rather than smoking on the street like in North America and Europe. BUT there are areas like in Shibuya station where it's way too close to the people.

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