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Posted in: Progressives returned for third term in Australia's Victoria state See in context

It's incredible to have the Sky News talking heads right here in our humble comments section.

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Posted in: Japanese intimacy coordinator making film sex scenes sexy and safe See in context

@WilliamBjornson @alex

By the same token, why shouldn't such a fundamental conceit of human existence be explored within film? Not to mention, it's not like Japan doesn't have a storied history with sexuality in film, even if modern Japanese cinema is arguably a more staid and conservative arena.

And to speak as if 'western' productions are wholly dominated by sex and violence speaks less about the creative output of whatever 'the West' is, and more about the person making such a claim. As if there isn't an abundance of family-friendly drama to view.

But I guess those pearls won't clutch themselves.

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Posted in: Japanese government worried young adults aren’t drinking enough alcohol See in context

Surprised they haven't wheeled out some sort of anthropomorphic mascot for this, like a disheveled tanuki with a necktie worn Rambo-style around his head and an obnoxious attitude.

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Posted in: 9 men sent to prosecutors over alleged orgy with high school girl See in context

...among them a Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) member, a doctor, Buddhist priest and teacher.

Pillar of the society types. Revolting.

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Posted in: Japan reports 221,442 coronavirus cases; 36,814 in Tokyo See in context

Top post, Nepalibabu. The sort of hideous indifference undergirding an endless spew of posts around here is a shocking indictment of so many people. And they'll claim ad nauseam that it's the sheeple who need to wake up/stop fearing (insert cretinous libertarian bugbear)/conspiracy yadda yadda yadda.

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Posted in: Japan reports 209,694 new coronavirus cases See in context

The vaccines provide a little help which wanes very quickly, helpful to the vulnerable yet seemingly pointless and maybe damaging to kids according to recent research in Singapore

Absolute rot, perpetuated by people like John Campbell who misread studies.

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Posted in: Japan reports 94,493 coronavirus cases See in context

Plus masks put the mouth biome out of whack which then begins to affect digestion and causes throat infections.

Hope you kept the receipt for this take. It's faulty.

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Posted in: Court dismisses sex business firm's damages claim over virus handout snub See in context

The Japanese government should be applauded for not promoting hedonism and standing for the pro-societal good of sex in its proper abode, marriage.

Ah, yes. Because members of the Japanese ruling class are truly altruistic, and during their hostess parties and steak dinners on the back of the long-suffering tax payer, they're discussing how to ensure a fair go for us proles.

Hedonism. The gall of mentioning such a concept in relation to the LDP and thinking you've a leg to stand on.

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Posted in: Court dismisses sex business firm's damages claim over virus handout snub See in context

A fairly sound argument in my opinion.

What a ghoulish perspective, if you truly entertain it.

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Posted in: Court dismisses sex business firm's damages claim over virus handout snub See in context

The uptight, buttoned-down sliding scale of Japanese morality. Sex work is as legitimate as any other career, and the fewer weird, antiquated hang-ups a society has, the safer it is for the practitioners.

Especially in this country, where denial facilitates harm in the shadows.

Also, given the breadth of fetishistic kinks within Japanese sexual consciousness, there's a desperate hypocrisy in appealing to so-called 'morality'.

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Posted in: Sen Rand Paul wants to investigate origins of COVID-19 See in context

Couldn't think of a sharper mind to lead the charge on this.

Equal parts cretin and grifter.

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Posted in: Who left the tap on? Teacher in hot water for pool bill See in context

Ultimately though, the person acted on the information and experience that they had at the moment (s) they had thought it the best action to help protect the children, which is his/her job after all. For that, I say, well done teach. So, no different to any of , then.

Good grief, what a take!

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Posted in: Ukraine accuses Russia of massacre; city strewn with bodies See in context

Paul wrote:

*There are some investigative journalists whom are trustworthy. They Greyzone and Glenn Greenwald come to mind.*

Glenn Greenwald!? I mean, sure...pre-2012 era Greenwald maybe, but now? And the Grayzone...come on, man. Max Blumenthal et al. are recipients of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism, which ain't what it sounds like it. These guys are pushing an agenda just like the BBC does.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 12,935 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 71,488 See in context

Long-Covid does not actually exist. It is a condition known already for many other ailments and just given a new name by people who have not bothered to understand the narative of socialists. Japan does not need socialism in any form it is perfectly fine living as a capitalist society. Keep that stuff in NZ where it is clearly not working for normal people.

We'd like to congratulate the Facebook University Graduates of 2022.

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Posted in: 'Fortress Australia' re-opens after two-year COVID closure See in context

Simian Lane said

I wouldn’t go there if you paid me...

I'll let the consulate know. Flags at half mast across the nation.

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Posted in: Gov't panel recommends kids wear face masks at daycares See in context

ketocoffee wrote


No science behind the masking of children!

Imagine hitting upload on an AIER link as an argument. With names like Naomi Wolf, Charles Koch and Exxon behind it, you know it's reputable.

And by reputable, I mean garbage.

I'm tired of the J-Gov consistently playing off the back foot, but I'm far more fatigued by the terminally-online Facebook group types who hoot and holler for the sheeple to wake up, waving unreviewed papers by ousted cranks.

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Posted in: Japanese rice tastier due to global warming, says Aso See in context


For example, Russia is increasing agricultural productions, gaining fossil fuels hitherto inaccessible frozen underneath. Greenland is set to explore oil/gas reserves (ready to become independent of Denmark?)

Doubling down on the root cause of climate change seems like sage economic advice. What's not to like!?

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Posted in: Broadcasters urged to cancel plans to cover Beijing Olympics See in context

...its president Thomas Bach has declined to address or condemn the treatment of Uyghurs or other minorities in China.

The Olympic spirit of human camaraderie and global togetherness.*

*Terms and Conditions apply, offer not available in Xinjiang or Tibet.

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Posted in: Couple arrested after 18-year-old girl found dead in Yamanashi See in context

Kyo wa heiwa dayo ne

Its an unfortunate situation especially for the murdered schoolgirl but all 3 people involved are at fault.

Uh, that's a pretty savage perspective. A minor groomed by an adult, then being murdered by said adult, makes her complicit?

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Posted in: Paralympic disability categories under fire over fairness See in context

I question the validity of some these athletes' disabilities. There have been quite a few athletes I have watched that seem perfectly able bodied.

You honestly think some of these athletes are pulling a grift?

That's some next-level cynicism.

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Posted in: Organizers defend Bach's return to Tokyo for Paralympics See in context

His activity plan had been approved by the Japanese government

And what a packed and important schedule it must be.

- wander around Ginza

- order that delightful foie gras again

- see about a few bottles of single malt to take home

- phone Coates about accommodation in Paris

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Posted in: LDP sets leadership race for Sept 29 ahead of general election See in context

Don't worry what they say Mr.Suga sure you're doing a stand up job here's hoping you another successful productive term for the good of Japan

Guys, I'd say call an ambulance due to head trauma, but due to Suga's bang-up job of managing Covid, I doubt they'd be able to find poor old Grant a hospital.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

Alongside the undeniably ludicrous idea of padding seats with the least-vaccinated sector of society amid a pandemic, the mealy-mouthed platitude nonsense spouted by Olympic spokespersons is equally frustrating.

"Inspire a new generation", "triumph over adversity", "the event that brings the world together" or some variation thereof. Absolute token guff.

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