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Alejandro Dela Cruz comments

Posted in: 'Transformers' tries for delicate U.S.-China balance See in context

It was a disappointing movie. the love story was dumb, there are a lot of loopholes in the action scenes. I.e when Optimus got stabbed during his fight with the bounty hunter, then it suddenly got repaired when he started flying in outer space. lol.

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Posted in: Record Y7.2 bil cocaine haul washes ashore on Yokosuka beaches See in context

Fishes are probably swimming high now.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off sleeping woman's underwear See in context


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Posted in: China sets air defense zone over area containing disputed islands See in context

China is asking for something they aren't even sure they can win.

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

Everyone has to move on. They wont progress if they keep fighting over the past.

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Posted in: What makes people want to move to Japan? See in context

I have never been to Japan, but if I go there, i'd like to see okinawa - World's healthiest place and a place in the world where oldest people are found living!

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Posted in: Helping hand See in context

Thanks Japan :D

-From PH

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Posted in: Japanese pro boxer condemns law for classifying him as a dangerous weapon See in context

So one example would be for a groper.

If a man wants to grope a woman, he can. SO long as there are no police around? If the woman fights back in a physical manner, will the woman be in jail instead of the groper?

if that is the case, then there is something wrong with Japan's law lol

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Posted in: Japan turns up pressure on pro-Pyongyang schools See in context

Indeed, what a nonsense.

I pity them for being discriminated but Japan is just being reasonable. They can't support something that will become a threat to them in the future. If they(these koreans) don't like Japan(and the culture), then they shouldn't be in there in the first place, if they do not want to respect Japan's demand then they should not demand any either - they are asking for more discrimination. Perhaps the Japanese government should just deport them back to N.Korea then they will understand. Besides, they should feel lucky that they are still living in there(in Japan).

Japan has only one demand - be more like a japanese. (makes sense) These students has a lot of demands yet they are not even Japanese.

I know I am not in any position to judge these youths/schools, but they're not making any sense at all. Shouldn't Japan just deport all these N.Koreans to S.Korea, perhaps it might help, after all if they send these kids back in N.Korea I doubt they will live and be themselves still.

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Posted in: Man jumps onto car of wife's underwear thief; holds on for 2.5 kilometers See in context

I think I saw this one in an action movie.....


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Posted in: China suspected of stealing new Australian spy agency blueprints See in context

This is what you get after being blinded by moneyzz

keep dealing with China dummies!

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Posted in: Japan still skeptical of PSY’s popular appeal See in context

Well, he looked like the north korean dictator in a cool way though... :) lol

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Posted in: Tug-of-war See in context


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Posted in: China cracks down on over-the-top anti-Japan dramas See in context

Gawd, Chinese propaganda is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Youth arrested for hitting 16-year-old girl with baseball bat See in context


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Posted in: Wrongfully convicted Nepali man asks for apology from the Japanese government See in context

Wow, 15 years of his life just got wasted.

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Posted in: Korean 'comfort women' cancel meeting with Hashimoto See in context


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Posted in: Bad eggs See in context

Urgh! If they ate those eggs, they would've been healthier...

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Posted in: China trying to strengthen its claim to Okinawa See in context

I think china has took a lot of Opium these days...

they're probably high when they thought of this topic....

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Posted in: Restoration Party member ousted over Korean prostitution remarks See in context

Omg, i never knew someone in the right mind to say such things.


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Posted in: Chinese ships in disputed waters again See in context

China will never be tired. Not until a war happens, they will not stop harassing their neighbors for a hundred years...

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Posted in: Buildings constructed in Manchukuo by occupying Japanese forces get official protection from Beijing See in context

@NENE. Anyone in China who would try to open the topic of Tiananmen square massacre will either get assassinated or tortured by their own government(internet freedom in China is also ridiculous[because obviously the government are still hiding the truth TO THEIR PEOPLE]) and here they are talking about accepting what happened in the past? Amazing...

Hypocrisy at its best.... Anyway, Chinese people only believe their governments lies to begin with. Shame... biggest population manipulated by a few men... and yet they are so proud of.

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Posted in: Buildings constructed in Manchukuo by occupying Japanese forces get official protection from Beijing See in context

LOL... and what about their government's massacre on its own people? why are they hiding it?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking video up skirt of 15-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

LOL, now he got the thrills that wont go away so long as he live...

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Posted in: Woman held for throwing 2-yr-old daughter from 4th-floor balcony See in context

Its necessary to show their ethnicity, BECAUSE IT's THE TRUTH!

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Posted in: Which are more loved in Japan: Cats or dogs? See in context

How about a CATDOG?


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Posted in: Gov't planning to build robot care assistants See in context

Looking forward to this!

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologizes to Muslim world for gaffe See in context

he made the worst mistake of his life.... Japan might be flooded with terrorists anytime soon. tsk3x

bang bang bang!

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

The reason why gays are being criticized is because of the way they take pride on themselves.... If they do really want to get accepted in the society.. they have always been accepted. But acts like this, having denial of themselves... make people reject them more.

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Posted in: Woman, ex-boyfriend arrested for burying her daughter's body See in context

holy crap....

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