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Posted in: School flasher identified by semen left at scene See in context


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Posted in: K-pop group 2PM apologizes for copying and pasting Japanese fans See in context


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Posted in: 2 inmates hanged, bringing number of executions to 5 under Abe See in context

Less unruly people to deal with.. BANZAI!

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Posted in: China calls Japan-U.S. island drill off California provocative See in context

China has become paranoid PERIOD.

Every time such country get to join with US in military drills, they keep telling "It's provocative"... The hell it is... Because China has enemy in all sides of their country. S2pid chinks... >.>

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Posted in: Abe vows to expel by force any Chinese landing on disputed isles See in context


GO japan!! BANZAI!!!

Patriots are the backbone of any nation!! ALL HAIL THE PATRIOTS!!

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Posted in: Woman slashed on Yamanote line See in context

IT"S A NINJA ATTACK!! geeezz... ninja's are so sneaky, they bite like mosquitoes.

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Posted in: Businessman suspected of slashing up to 1,000 tires in effort to meet women See in context


1000 tires? using screw? Holy crap....

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

No one wanted this to happen. Who would've expected this to happen? Besides, the truck was just "backing"... the street is prolly to small for any vehicles to pass at a fast speed. This is probably the first time it happened in that place too, who knows? Well this might be a lesson too, but oh well... I am not the parent nor the truck driver, who gave you guys the right to insult the mother?

I send my condolences to the parents and prayers to the boy's soul. RIP. D:

Those men in above, keep running your mouths, what if something like this happens to you? Zzzzzz

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Posted in: Woman, 77, ordered to repay Y400 mil she got from 79-yr-old man for sex See in context

The man was in a win-win situation.

I pity the old woman :( but oh well.... she reaped what she sowed.

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Posted in: Ladies, don’t be disappointed with your Sagawa delivery man's looks See in context

This is funny!!

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Posted in: Chinese basketball player branded as 'scum' for moving to Japan See in context

Chinese people are the most manipulated people in the rest of the world. What a shame.

Biggest population indeed, they have brains too... But... they are being manipulated. To hell with all their pathetic patriotism, their government already wants to own the world and yet they talk about patriotism?

GOOD GIRL CHINESE GIRL! You left that mainland where disgusting people are living.

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

When i read the first part of the article, the subject was a chinese and it's the one complaining. I'm not a racist, but DAMN I KNOW CHINESE SUCKS!

Heck English is good and it helps a lot, it might not give you an absolute future in the future, but it sure opens a lot of new paths for you to take once you are good at it.

Humans needs to be open, look at those countries who closed themselves in the rest of the world for keeping their pride. Most 'em meets a horrible end. Speaking more than 1 language is better than speaking one native only to your country. Just saying.... :)

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Posted in: 4 men arrested for employing 14-year-old girl at brothel See in context

20 men.... a day.....

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Posted in: Japan sends planes to monitor radiation after N Korea test See in context

Oh well.. unfortunate people...

China will become like this anytime soon.

Btw i'm a little bit curious... how do you get air samples? >.<

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context


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Posted in: U.S. believes Japan on China radar incident See in context

Japan showed the evidence to uncle Sam.

China, 1 more major mistake please.

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Posted in: Japan plans to donate patrol boats to Manila See in context

I could already assume even if Philippines has to go alone against China, we will. US tried to depopulate us before when they already have guns and battleships, while we only have axes and bows, we still kept on fighting. It was an endless fight. Even if we know we would lose, there is just no giving up on this.

As for Japan, I believe our country appreciates this so much. It will help us alot. :) Again, thank you.

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Posted in: Japan plans to donate patrol boats to Manila See in context

Awesome Ichiro.

Yeah, a great american commander have said this line before. "Give me 10,000 Filipinos and i shall conquer the world", it's an exaggeration but i believe his words meant "Equip the Filipinos and you wont regret".

Yes, I just saw the news in our country. THIS IS A LOAN, NOT FOR FREE. You guys are smarter than us so stop assuming this is for free. LOL.

Anyway, Thank you Japan. -From PH too

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Posted in: Which side is most to blame for escalating tension between Japan and China? See in context

It's no use to crying over a spilled milk.

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Posted in: Which side is most to blame for escalating tension between Japan and China? See in context

Let me enlighten your logic a little bit IRobin.

Again, Answer to this poll is China. 1.) Japan got those islands when they attacked China back in world war II. 2.) Japan got attacked by US and lost. 3.) China was a loser and always been a loser, DID NOTHING BACK THEN when world war II ended. 4.) Since China did not complain nor do anything to get those islands back, US gave those islands to Japan, United Nation is not needed here, definitely because it was the US that dropped 2 atom bombs and ended the war with Japan. 5.) Historical claim before the war is plain idiotic at this rate.. why? Because you did nothing in those 600 years back LOL.(don't make me laugh) ...Right now, what the world sees is that... China just came out to start trouble to expand its territory because they think it's the time. Unfortunately, the world wont allow that to happen.

This battle with the islands is both crucial to all Asian countries and to all countries in the UN. Why? If they follow China's claim, UN will become an obsolete organization and might end up disbanding slowly. That is why US and all countries in the UN can't leave Japan/PH/Vietnam (and all countries where China has dispute with) nor can accept to China's made-up historical claim. And by the way, I was wondering what kind of "negotiating" you are saying that China is doing. Like Everything is mine, let's discuss what's yours later? or Let me buy your land? - Btw, China never did suggest any negotiating.. EVER.

I hoped i helped your cute brain understand a little bit of what is going on Irobin.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for stealing woman's bike in Kawasaki See in context


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Posted in: U.S. petty officer charged with two counts of molestation in Kanagawa See in context

This is funny.

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Posted in: Which side is most to blame for escalating tension between Japan and China? See in context

The best question should be ..."which country in asia is the most troublesome in the present time?"

Answer: China

reason: They started all these disputes in the islands in both sides of their country(south and east). When you look at it, they played this game very well. First, send their fishermen to some country's EEZ, then when they get caught, they send their coast guard. Then their government would say "We own the sea, so why are you arresting our fishermen?"...

Well, it all started just like that. And now, it's their reason for doing military drills.... what a shameless act of attrition to their neighbors.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships spotted again in disputed waters See in context

Again, Chinese intrusion into another countries' waters...

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Posted in: Justice Ministry proposes harsher sentences for minors See in context

Dooo EEEETT!!!

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Posted in: Japan suggests hotline to Beijing over island dispute See in context

This is a great idea. Too bad China will always say No. lol.

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Posted in: China must stop making threats in maritime disputes: Panetta See in context

Bertiewooster... How about this one.

PH sends the issue to the UN, China says no discussion needed, deploys a hundred of land units on the disputed islands, sends a few navy fleet including attack submarines, builds buildings on DISPUTED Islands. Great?

Now, issue with Japan, they send their dispute to the UN because Japan has a military to defend. Wow, just how screwed minded the Chinese rulers are. How insulting too. And to think China is not the aggressor, hell yeah, they are the ones who started all these dispute problems when everyone were in status quo.

Avoid which is strong, harass the weak mentality?

Typical Communist mindset. I just saw the news in youtube that US has passed a law that targets rumored Chinese nuclear tunnels. I bet China is hiding now. lol.

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Posted in: Does violence in movies, TV programs or video games contribute to violence in society? See in context

Of course, since it's sort of media that influences people.

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Posted in: Fujitsu eyes 5,000 job cuts See in context

Oh GOd, Japanese big time companies going down.... tsk3x

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' kicking average wage-earner in teeth See in context

So, all i've read so far are negative comments about abenomics. How the hell did that man became a prime minister if he is leading the country is such a wrong way?

Does this mean Japan is gonna be like North koreans that turned into cannibals because they have nothing to eat anymore?

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