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Alejandro Dela Cruz comments

Posted in: 55-year-old woman arrested for burning 78-year-old mother to death See in context

Your worse enemy comes from your own blood.

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Posted in: TV drama captures public angst at 'Made in Japan' decline See in context

I miss made in Japan products.

They are always much better than any Chinese made and I wondered why I can rarely see anything now. :(

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Posted in: Do you think Japan should scrap the war-renouncing Article 9 from its Constitution? See in context

I support the removing of the article 9 in Japan's constitution, simply because a country always needs a military to protect its citizens from all dangers around the world. Fact is, if Japan isn't an island nation it would've been China's territory now just like Tibet. Unfortunately, Chinese has to use naval/Air forces to reach Japan first before they can start deploying troops to occupy the country.

If China did not exist in the first place, all these war-freaking ideas popping everywhere in the world may have not been provoked to show up just yet. But oh well, it seems like China did not understand why they were attacked back then. If a war breaks out, it would be a total annihilation of the entire Chinese population in their mainland, not because of Japan or any country that is being provoked by China, but because the Chinese leaders are willing to give up every single person in their land for their own Greed. Like I said before, Greed knows no limits, respect for nature, for God, for country, for countrymen, China has nothing to give but it has something to lose - everything they want will lose if they back down now.

Also, as a first world country, having no military and always depends on US is a real problem. Many things could happen, what happens if US is threatened by China and would just decide to leave Japan once a danger occurs? - lets hope not. As for those who kept whining about US forces being stationed in Japan, I think you all should look at the bigger picture of what is going on right now.

As for that, I would love to see Japan's military might again. Not as an invader nation back in WWII, but a nation that protects its people, neighboring nations, and it's interests. With Pride and faith.

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Posted in: Do you consider the way AKB48 are presented and marketed a form of porn? See in context

Not at all... more like modelling to me. lol.

Well everyone who agrees to what Green panda have said are normal people, if you're not one of it... Indeed, your idea of porn is abnormal.

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Posted in: Do you think that AKB48 singer Minami Minegishi's tearful YouTube apology for dating was a publicity ploy or act of contrition? See in context

I would never want to believe that was just for publicity because if it is... It is so pathetic and low.. just what the heck is wrong with you people? lol...

there is no other choice, so i guess... I don't care?

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Posted in: Japan machinery orders surge on weak yen See in context

I find this a good news .

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Posted in: Abe demands apology from China over radar lock incident See in context

Japan has proof, China keeps saying no. HECK YEAH! screw China! the next time they do this, Shoot em! lol.

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Posted in: Are you addicted to your smartphone? See in context

addiction is always bad.

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Posted in: China, Japan trade barbs over radar-lock near disputed isles See in context

hmmm ever wonder how far Chinese government can do to harass Japan and other neighboring nations? Stop wondering anymore, they could go as far as doing the first strike and accuse Japan/other neighbors of shooting first. How? their government even murdered its own people(all marked in their history, Chinese are all slaves by their own government) how much more about murdering foreign nationals that aren't Chinese?

wake up everyone! every news/allegations that are made in China are also fake(not just their products). Their very souls are all fakes, I hope Japan would be even more cautious that Chinese are doing these things now (Like pointing weapons to their military ships).... Well let us be reminded of how world war II started. Japan bombed US forces in Hawaii EARLY in the morning, right after sending a declaration of war letter to US president. China could do the same or worse. They might just nuke Japan right after sending a declaration of war... I hope every neighboring nation that feels threatened by China knows this.... Anything can happen anytime. Greed knows no limits. Even their rulers knows they would lose but in their minds, it's all about money and resources. Well, when you think about that Air pollution problem too, now China is selling fresh air. HAHA >.<

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Posted in: China must stop making threats in maritime disputes: Panetta See in context

China has always been making bold moves these days, ignoring US of every warning.

I think the next thing i would hear is that US launched nuke to China. Well, not that i'm making assumptions, but China has grown arrogant to have the guts to insult the US government and ignore their warnings these days, China's downfall is not controlled by anyone but themselves, China is actually digging their own graves. Provoking neighbors, threatening allies with the nuke technology. sigh as much as i don't want to see war, China is gonna start it soon. Why? definitely because if they wont, they can't expand. And every money they spent on their drills will go to nothing, that's a really bad backlash isn't it?

Just hearing/reading the news everyday in the internet since when the stand off with the PH, China shows no backing down, this time we are actually seeing the patience of the U.S. fact is, US is like the General in the UN, if China wont go to UN and resort to force, that would give US a reason to join into a tug of war of who has to hold a territory even how little it is. US could get more to China if they win this war anyway (debt, natural resources, land and man power perhaps? lol). So, keep digging your own graves China, the entire world is looking at you.

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Posted in: Chinese frigate locked radar on Japanese navy vessel See in context

Why is a 50 cent army doing here?

China is obviously looking to start something. Because their claims are all invalid, they want to start a war instead. Just as how they started claiming PH territories that was started by their fishermen intruding into PH waters. I think the next thing we will hear is that, Chinese warship fired warning shots to the japanese, Japanese warship retaliated and boom boom pow!

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

AKB48 rules is just simply pathetic, why do they prohibit their women members to date? and she's already 20, that's far from being a teen. Why does she have to shave her head and ask for forgiveness? If friendship is so important to her then she should've just kept it, it's not like she was born to make everyone praise her for her looks and do everything so she can stay within the group, but i guess for this girl fame is everything...

Oh well, this is just sad and weird.....

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Posted in: AKB48 singer's YouTube apology still stirring debate See in context

Poor AKB women :(

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Posted in: Avoid a Valentine’s Day disaster with Valentine’s insurance See in context

Japanese women giving chocolates to men are really entertaining. Makes valentines day a bit more interesting :)

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Posted in: Whaling costs Japan taxpayers $10 mil a year, animal welfare group says See in context

they should just stop whaling :((

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Posted in: Abe vows to defend disputed islands from China See in context

I'm pretty Jealous with Japan's prime minister. Our president ignores everything.... sigh

Just so you guys know, the country with the most issues around the world right now is China. Whether this man(Japan Prime minister) talks or not, China is a threat. All these disputes are happening is because of China. Everything started with China to begin with(that is if you read news everyday people).

As far as i can see, there should be someone in the east to stand up to the dragon(well China thinks Dragon is a God LOL). And Japan PM doing this is a good thing! China is actually engaged in a Psy-war situation with all it's neighboring nation in all sides right now, sending their navy/fishermen fleet in everyone's territories, renewing their own history to make their claim valid. C'mon people wake up! Japan Prime minister is not fanning the flames, Chinese government has already closed its ears for any diplomatic solution for all this disputes they are facing. You could see it in the issue in the south china sea. PH brought the issue to the UN, and China says, NO were not going... the next day they sent a a navy fleet to conduct drills.. wtf? is that something right? One thing I could say, if no one speaks up against this Giant, they will all become slaves.

US forces in Japan and PH is a good thing whether you agree or not. As much as we had bad history with the US, there isn't anyone strong enough to take on China unless the entire east will join forces against this one. When you think about it, if China's claim is invalid by the UN, everything they are doing right now will be pointless and their claims will be gone for good. But with the current military of China, there is no show of giving in, this obviously an expansion of territory and they are starting a war anytime soon whether we like it or not. IF the Chinese people aren't gonna start up a revolution soon and allow themselves being manipulated by their own leaders, they will only end up as pawns, after all China has the biggest population on earth.

I really hope you guys know what happened to Tibet. Same strategy is being applied now. Let us not forget TIbet, coz i really believe, even Tibet is being forgotten by the rest of the world now..... :(

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Posted in: Singapore rejects 'comfort woman' statue See in context

People who can't move on with the past can never reach the future. Ahh i hope Japan wont get affected by this issue. Dragging people to their own levels. Even Philippines who has undergone more slavery years than any other nation in asia was able to forgive, how come these koreans' can't?

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Posted in: AKB48 singer Yuko Oshima launches new Wonda canned coffee ad campaign See in context

How is 24 a teenager people? wtf is with all these complaints on this thread about japan obsessed with teens? >.<

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Posted in: Aso says elderly should be allowed to 'hurry up and die' See in context

This is rude, I just can't believe someone can say something like this in japan. >.<

on another note, this is quite funny. lol.

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Posted in: Japan’s first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour See in context

lol @ japan....

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Posted in: Japan should respect victims of wartime aggression: China See in context

China should look into the history of the past and learn from it. Or do they want China's history be repeated again? this time for worse though.

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Posted in: Japan should respect victims of wartime aggression: China See in context

Who the hell gave China to talk like that? Besides, all this time, it's the China not being respectful TO ALL ITS NEIGHBORS. Any news site I go, there is always "Chinese breaking into some country's sovereign waters. I hope Japan build its military soon and conquer China again, for sure, Japan wont go alone this time.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan discussing missile-defense ship upgrades See in context

This is a very good news. Especially when their past enemy is being threatening. I really hope someone will bomb China soon. They're being annoying these past few years. They've been entering in any countries sees, taking everything they can take.. Greatest theif in Asia.... IF we are going back to history, i'd rather support Japan colonizing China. >.<

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