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Alejandro S. Arashi comments

Posted in: Japan needs to provide more and better information on its countryside. See in context

One of the best ways to do this is support motor-home capable auto camps, rv rental companies, and give 1 year tourist visas.

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Posted in: Political tensions behind China-Japan economic issues: Beijing See in context

The article and comments papers over the role of ordinary Japanese companies as investors. Their rational reaction to China's stoking hatred of Japan is to increase their risk premiums. Beyond a certain point (like China repossessing freight ships) it just doesn't pay at all for most businesses that aren't politically connected at the highest levels to stay in Japan. They might maintain their investments but new investments face a bigger hurdle.

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Posted in: U.S. would welcome Japan air patrols in South China Sea See in context

As paulinusa said, China is a bully and bullies only respect strength. China expectations that its enemies will just fold and die won't be happening soon.

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Posted in: Japan retail sales rise for 6th straight month in sign of recovery See in context

Obvious from some14some and sangetsu03's comments above that they do not understand what year-on-year means.

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Posted in: Okada elected leader of main opposition DPJ See in context

Okada I like very much. Whether I vote DPJ depends on them putting together a coherent reform platform!

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Posted in: Kei Nishikori trades racket for a sword in Nissin ad See in context

totally senseless but cute

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Posted in: Tokyo neighborhoods' small shops keep crafts alive See in context

I make it a point to try/regularly patronize neighbourhood shops.

Since I live in Koreatown I already suffer from this phenomenon double: Interesting local shops get shuttered for personality-less Hanryu boom kitsch.

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Posted in: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo upgrading all 260 rooms See in context

Doesn't change the fact that it's in the middle of nowhere.

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Posted in: Meeting of minds See in context

I sincerely believe Nakamura-san was in the wrong legally and if his case happened in the US he would not have been able to get a penny out of his employer.

At the same time I recognise that Nakamura-san has a quality that is missing in a lot of Japanese youths today: The qualities of a fighter. Japanese have a lot to learn by emulating Nakamura-san. More power to him as a role model for Japanese scientists!

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Posted in: Colossal volcanic eruption could destroy Japan: study See in context

Seems like a straightforward overreaction bias to their embarrassing mis-prediction of Kobe.

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Posted in: Night vision monitoring camera See in context

I've had these functionality for more than a year now using Dropcam

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Posted in: With new entrants, streaming TV sees watershed moment See in context

HBO didn't make clear whether by cutting off their required link to cable subscription they would allow streaming outside the US. Currently, HBO GO requires both a cable subscription AS WELL AS a US IP address.

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Posted in: Australia leans toward buying Japanese subs to upgrade fleet See in context

Why would China care unless they plan to invade Australia.

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Posted in: Suspect pleads not guilty to killing Swiss-based Japanese asset manager, wife See in context

The author waited until the very last sentence to spring on us the most germane fact: "Watanabe owned the plot of land where the bodies were found."

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Posted in: SDF holds drill to defend remote islands See in context

SDF holds drill to disabuse Chinese generals who propose a quick, short invasion of the Senkakus would succeed before Japan and the US knew what hit them and knew how to respond.

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Posted in: No. of Japanese living in China drops 10% amid island dispute See in context

I agree with bruinfan and NeoJamal: ASEAN, Taiwan (and india) are greener and you are protected by a regime of laws

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Posted in: Fanatic fans oblivious to sleazy side of Koshien high school baseball See in context

I agree with paulinusa: with the "sleazy" description I was expecting some sexual scandal. Definitely desperate and over the top article.

More to the point, however, watching the games you would notice that the stadium is filled to the rafters. Whatever the tired, lazy author of this article says, there is surely a lot of interest in Koshien and where there is interest it's not unexpected to have advertising yen flowing.

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Posted in: Recruiter MODA+TECNICA focuses on luxury retail, consumer goods sectors See in context

Juan! Take me on your Cessna!

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Posted in: Film on 1597 victory over Japan breaks Korean box office records See in context

Interesting to see a lot of hinomaru (Japanese rising sun flag)-like symbolisms in this film. Made me wonder about the history of the hinomaru and whether it was in use hundreds of years ago, and in a Korea invasion. Not that historical accuracy should trump artistic and propagandistic license in a historical reenactment movie among neighbours with less that warm diplomatic relations .....

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Posted in: China wraps up anti-Japan propaganda campaign See in context

China educates selectively and has no credibility lecturing japan. China is the country that can't even discuss what Mao did, how many he killed, and what the CCP did in Tiananmen. Lecturing the Japanese on events 70 years ago is transparently a ruse to divert Chinese's attention from the horrors that the Chinese communist party themselves did in the much more recent past.

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Posted in: Japan's youth Olympians told to keep low profile in China See in context

Has China ever lain wreaths at Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

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Posted in: Toyota says Chinese regulators looking at Lexus See in context

I would suspect the market for luxury cars in China is not elastic in that the same (rich) people will buy the car they want even if it is 3 times the price abroad.

This speaks more about the income gap in China between the really rich and the merely rich.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO: Abe's goal to have 30% of bosses women too ambitious See in context

I agree with you 100% semperfi: I'd rather Japanese companies try hard to reach 30% women managers by 2020 and fail to just 15%, rather than not not try to reach for the heavens because it is too far!

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Posted in: Chinese newspaper posts map of A-bombed Japan See in context

Is this really newsworthy?

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Posted in: SoftBank begins retail electricity business See in context


I'm sure Masayoshi Son is thinking of it, but if SB Power can use land near Fukushima then he can partially alleviate the loss of income and productive farmland of the residents.

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Posted in: Abe heads to Australia after step back from postwar pacifism See in context

Australia is a rich, moderately harmless (from China's POV) country which lacks the technology and engineers to design and build these diesel-electric quiet submarines.

However, I think the real prize is for Japan to build Soryus for Taiwan. I'm sure Abe thinks that the agreement with Australia is a dry-run for a similar agreement with Taiwan.

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Posted in: Is Ginza cat being abused by its owner? See in context

More conjecture than news

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Posted in: Japan again delays rollout of C-2 cargo plane See in context

From experience, in general Japanese project management is unimaginative and not very flexible but it gets the job done.

I wonder if the 2 years delay was just due to run-of-the-mill testing issues or the sign that there are fundamental design mistakes just now being discovered?

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Posted in: Kennedy sends letter of support to heckled assemblywoman See in context

Powerful symbolism from a highly regarded source. This is a better use of her political capital, rather than wading into dolphins.

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Posted in: I think politicians and authorities are feeling pressure as they don't want Japan to be seen as a boring place by foreign tourists. See in context

Please just end this silly law already. How can we help?

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