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Posted in: Mask mandates imposed by governments and employers: Persecution or protection? See in context

You live in a society so do your part, people always want the benefits but scream

and carry on when asked to do the simplest thing … like getting a vaccination so you don’t get sick or worse

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Posted in: Golden Globes to go ahead without audience or TV broadcast See in context

No one cares about a show of self congratulating millionaires and thier “ achievements “

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Posted in: All U.S. forces in Japan exempted from virus tests since Sept: Hayashi See in context

Yet again self righteous Americans think they are above it all . Disgusting.

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Posted in: Are parents criminally responsible for the actions of their child? See in context

News flash your kids are your responsibility. Don’t want the responsibility don’t have them. Simple . I hope they get 60 years.

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Posted in: Miss Universe 2021 Japan entry slammed for wearing 'dead person’s kimono' See in context

Wow what a hot mess …..

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Posted in: Beijing summons Japan envoy over Abe's Taiwan remarks See in context

It’s called free speech something that The ccp doesn’t understand the concept of . Let them complain the world just rolls it’s eyes .

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Posted in: Surveys suggest over 80% of Japanese people likely to continue with masks after COVID-19 subsides See in context

Everyone has a choice , not sure why some commentators have issues with people wearing masks .

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts new roadmap of coronavirus measures See in context

What now ? Too little too late

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Posted in: Australian PM denies lying in public life; rejects French accusation See in context

He always acts as if he is the only honest one and everyone else is the liar .

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Posted in: Gov't to cut quarantine to 3 days for business travelers, students from Monday See in context

What I find stranger is that a lot of YouTubers who are foreign and not PRs seem to be able to travel quite freely in and out . Not sure how that works …..

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 158 See in context

Great ! Time to open up to vaccinated people and keep the unjabbed out !

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 22 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 229 See in context

Open up already

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Posted in: Japan keeps tourism freeze despite plunge in virus cases See in context

Yeah it’s about time to start some sort of reopening plan, too many businesses are on the brink

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Posted in: Australia proposes laws requiring voters to prove their identity See in context

I do recall living in Australia getting a card sent to us with name and your address to vote, that we need to present to the ballot. They mark it off a register so I am not sure how this has any purpose.

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Posted in: Has the shift toward remote work during the pandemic been good for the environment? See in context

Yes however I feel that I am working a lot more than in the office....

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Posted in: Africa tries to end vaccine inequity by replicating its own See in context

Very sad that it has come to this . I’m sure that moderna and Pfizer have already made more than a healthy profit .

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Posted in: TV looks more like U.S. and viewers like it, diversity study says See in context

Eaugh US TV is trash

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Posted in: Japan to become world's No. 3 donor of COVID vaccine doses See in context

People need to read the article … locally made …. Not hoarded at all

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Posted in: Ed Sheeran has COVID; will do performances from home See in context

We still will need masks and follow protocols for a while . Better safe than sorry.

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Posted in: Australia's Northern Territory makes vaccine mandatory for service workers See in context

Great News

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will start 3rd COVID vaccine shots in December See in context

So let me get this right, a GP told you not to get the vaccination and run the risk of getting covid even though Millions upon Millions have died from the virus?

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will start 3rd COVID vaccine shots in December See in context

How many times do people need to be told, it will be like your yearly flu shot. Why the constant endless philosophizing?

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Posted in: Can healthy people who eat right and exercise skip the COVID-19 vaccine? See in context

Just get vaccinated seriously people enough of this utter garbage .

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the main differences between the way Japanese and Western media report the news? See in context

News services are just following their own opinionated agendas rather than reporting facts.

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Posted in: Two Europes: Low vaccine rates in east overwhelm ICUs See in context

The time has come to open up everyone has the opportunity to get vaccinated if you choose not to then play dice with your life and the time to convince anti vaxxers has well and truly past there is nothing that anyone can say to them now to get them vaccinated. The article and many other articles keep stating the same thing it's turning into a disease of the unvaccinated. So people just need to let it go and they can make their own decisions.

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Posted in: How do Japanese fans feel about Netflix’s live-action 'Cowboy Bebop' opening sequence? See in context

mmmmmmmm no no no

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Posted in: Vaccinated Sydney residents get 'blueprint for freedom' See in context

Never seen Australia so divided and so jealous of other states where there is no lockdown because their population listened .

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Posted in: Vaccinated Sydney residents get 'blueprint for freedom' See in context

There’s other states in Australia where life is pretty much normal. People from NSW and Victoria seem to know everything much better than everyone hence why the mess they’re in .

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 154 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,147 See in context

Doubt it. I still went to the gym when I had COVID. Although at least I wore my mask (except during heavy sets of squats). Gainz baby!

Wow as if that happened. Anyway it’s good to see that number s are finally going down and that we can finally open up.

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Posted in: France accuses Australia, U.S. of lying in escalating crisis See in context

France have not done anything in the five years that contract existed . We can’t sit on our hands , China is a lot closer to Australia than France .

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