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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,936 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 38,579 See in context

Somehow I don't think Japan will open up this year. The population can travel out on holiday but I think that most don't want that reciprocated.

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Posted in: Russia's standing in G20 not threatened by Ukraine invasion See in context

So sick of the USA thinking they are the world and that every single country has to agree with them or else.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,387 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 43,967 See in context

Come on , it s done open up already businesses cant survive much longer ….

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,396 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 43,003 See in context

ok so open up already … unless we are doing a covid zero type thing ?????

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Posted in: Tokyo to remove last trash cans from stations next month See in context

It’s just going to end up being covertly dumped in a 7/11 family mart or lawsons bin ….

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Posted in: Japan stayed at G20 talks in order to condemn Russia: minister See in context

At least he had the backbone to tell them directly, it’s a shame the others ran

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Posted in: Japan considers 4th vaccine shots for elderly, chronically ill patients See in context

Well the choice is yours don't get vaccinated and play dice with getting seriously sick or get a jab, don't really understand the hysterics and endless debating.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st case of Omicron XE variant in airport arrival See in context

Why do so many people ignore the fact the a vaccination will not prevent you from getting Covid but will greatly reduce your symptoms. Like this woman who had no symptoms.

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

Yeah this is getting ridiculous , its outside and everyone will be wearing a mask... we cant lock ourselves away anymore

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Posted in: Tokyo sees week-on-week rise in COVID cases for 4th straight day See in context

I am not sure what the end game is with the JGov, do they totally want to kill off the tourism industry? do they just want to close Japan off forever? these figures are way smaller than most countries who have opened up to tourists.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st coronavirus case among cabinet ministers See in context

The virus has pretty much lost its teeth time to move on …

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Posted in: Japan to allow up to 10,000 arrivals daily from April 10 See in context

Oh just OPEN UP already …..

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Posted in: Return of the Mac: Burger King’s former rival in Akihabara is back and bigger than ever See in context

its just Mcdonalds....Carl's is WWWAAAAYYYYY better anyway...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,520 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 53,753 See in context

I am not sure where some of the commentators live but I see pretty much everyone still wearing masks on trains, buses and walking around shopping malls.

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Posted in: South says North Korea faked launch of so-called 'monster' missile See in context

Meanwhile the poor people in North Korea eat grass disgusting

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Posted in: The recent history of comedians being assaulted on stage See in context

If he was so offended why did Will Smith laugh? fishy the whole thing smells like desperate PR

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Posted in: 'The Flash' actor Ezra Miller arrested at Hawaii karaoke bar See in context

Another arrogant conceited actor who thinks the rules don’t apply to him they he ect.

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Posted in: Teenage girl injured after man hits her in suicide leap from high-rise in Tokyo See in context

That time of day that would of been packed lucky he didn’t kill anyone …RIP poor guy

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Posted in: Japan to help African countries escape China's 'debt trap' See in context

It always seems that the west forgets its history of exploitation ect when it comes to China.

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

Staged PR for a vacuous awards “show”

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Posted in: Japan to help African countries escape China's 'debt trap' See in context

When other countries have done this it was ok but China now is some sort of pariah . So self righteous…

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Posted in: Woman arrested for drowning ailing 88-year-old mother in river See in context

Your parents brought you into this world so its your responsibility to see them out, and not by murdering them .

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Posted in: Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins dead at 50 See in context

WOW RIP this year really sucks

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Posted in: Russia may shift war aims; 300 reported dead in Ukraine theater See in context

A lot of propaganda from both sides and we the general public will not know the truth. Especially from the contested pro Russian sides within the Ukraine who could be easily using this as a cover to massacre Ukrainian civilians .

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Posted in: Japan to ban luxury car exports to Russia See in context

It’s ok China will expand their market, these sanctions are pointless. We are just making the Russian market more attractive to the Chinese .

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,289 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 47,470 See in context

ok great so open up already alot of peoples businesses can’t take much more

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Posted in: Putin's demand for ruble payments? No way, say EU nations See in context

Well it’s his gas so ……

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Posted in: Putin going to G20 in Bali summit 'a step too far': Australian PM See in context

As if he will be around by November.......

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Posted in: NATO: 7,000 to 15,000 Russian troops dead in Ukraine See in context

People need to read the history of this conflict from the start , this has been simmering for decades and it came to a head at the breaking of the Minsk agreement by the Ukraine. I am not supporting Russia or Ukraine however when you back a bear into a corner and keep poking at it, its going to lash out.

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Posted in: China's Russian traders smell profit as Ukraine sanctions bite See in context

lol so they're going to china for their goods ... gee like the West and China is the winner!

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