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Posted in: No Terminator: Musk teases 'useful' humanoid robot See in context

If this thing can do my laundry and some basic house chores, it is a win for me.

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Posted in: Digital minister aims to drag Japan out of analog doldrums See in context

It's not just about digital transformation, there also lies the issue of how we use the technology itself. If we use the technology we have inefficiently and continue pass these methods down without fixing them, then the benefits of transforming to a digital society will have half the benefits it could have potentially.

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Posted in: Japan to compile stricter rules on school bus safety after child's death See in context

The usual justifications were "it's only 5 minutes or it's only a couple of kms or organising a bus is expensive."

That's horrible. Studies show that most accidents happen in short trips.

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Posted in: Japan to compile stricter rules on school bus safety after child's death See in context

Let me guess, the day-cares will get a printed rule book with guidelines and a checklist from the city ward office. Once they have completed the checklist after ever school drop off, they will have to hanko and fax the results back to the city ward office to which someone will need to check every result and write them in a nippou (daily report) which will be sent to someone higher up to receive a hanko and now someone else will then input the data on a computer and store the original copy in a binder. The data results will then be e-mailed to a special team created specifically for this task with every person CC'd in the loop.

Trying to make a simple solution as inefficient as possible is the J-gov way.

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Posted in: Abe's controversial state funeral may backfire on Kishida See in context

One thing I loved about Suga-san over Kishida is how relatable he was. I felt close to him when he took a nap at the Tokyo Olympics ceremony.

"I felt close to him as he dressed up as Mario at the time of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and it was sad to see the attack" that left Abe dead, said Katsuno.

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Posted in: Netflix and Disney poised to shake up TV ad world See in context

When the time comes, Disney+ will transition its existing $7.99-per-month subscription tier to the ad-supported version, and the ad-free option will go for $10.99, the company has said.

Or, just keep the price at $7.99 per month? There are too many subscription services in existence, all with their own beneficial content making it easier for users to hop around. Increasing existing prices may very well back-fire because who the heck wants to keep their Disney+ subscription with limited content for 10.99? The lower costing option with ads included sounded good at first, but this is if existing prices remained and the lower cost was $3.99 per month. Now it just sounds like Disney is trying to squeeze in profits by scamming users to pay more or suffer through ads.

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Posted in: What advantages does marriage offer that a single lifestyle doesn't? See in context

someone waiting for you at home

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Posted in: Japan set to honor assassinated Abe at controversial funeral See in context

I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard on televised news yesterday that the security personnel for the event had been looking around for potential danger in all sorts of areas far from the venue. This includes swimming and diving around water streams, looking into manholes, and other odd areas. Was it really necessary to hire 20,000 personnel? If they truly believe a terrorist will target this event, not holding it would be the wiser thing to do rather than hiring people to do silly inefficient work.

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Posted in: Japan eyes hiking defense spending to ¥40 trillion over 5 years See in context

That money better be spent building a Gundam or something along those lines because good luck recruiting young soldiers.

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Posted in: Tokyo tightens security for Abe's funeral See in context

I bet the security is there to make sure the protesters won't get near the ceremony to protect the "image" that we all adored this man when in reality we didn't.

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Posted in: The controversy over Abe's state funeral See in context

Someone is making money here


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Posted in: Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey See in context

It costs roughly 20 million yen just for education alone per child if you want to send kids to what Japanese consider "good" schools and after school programs. Our pensions will be non existent when we are at retirement age after spending loads of money raising a child. Our wages aren't expected to increase enough to meet the inflated amount during retirement, hence how much we have in savings will be questionable (including investments and even dual income). We'll be expected to just rot on the streets after automation has taken over all jobs that seniors can do today. So yeah I can see why they believe one child or none is appropriate.

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Posted in: Friend of mother who starved son to death sentenced to 15 years See in context

At first I was going to say that's it? But then I realized she is going to come out of prison at a retired age and hopefully she enjoys scrubbing toilets for the rest of her life cause that's the only job she'll be able to do. I also hope they confiscated most of her assets as well.

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

This man setting himself on fire makes me believe this cause means much more than just simple government spending on ceremonies. It's a statement that everyone is fed up and I like it. Hopefully this gives the people more inclusion in upcoming political interventions.

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Posted in: Japanese household assets stand at ¥2,007 tril as of June See in context

Would love to hear the figures for U40s

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Posted in: Higher restaurant prices add to pressure on consumers in Japan See in context

The same can be said for company execs going to nomikais at the company's expense. They will just raise their product's price to compensate.

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Posted in: Higher restaurant prices add to pressure on consumers in Japan See in context

Politicians looking at the price increase at their iketsuke Ginza steak house: Oh well, not our money anyways, ryoushu-sho kudasai. Oh, and increase the consumption tax so that our spending funds are able to compensate.

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Posted in: Japan saw fewer than 400,000 births in Jan-June period See in context

Time to lower the costs for receiving education and get rid of the unnecessary juku fees and actually start teaching in schools. There is also the mentality that the parents need to pay for a portion of the child's university.

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Posted in: Japan liquor businesses turn to non-alcoholic drinks to attract Gen Z See in context

A night out with no alcohol in Japan:

Person 1: ...

Person 2: ...

Person 1: eh, nanika iimashitaka?

Person 2: ah, iie, sumimasen

Person 1: ah, soudeshitaka, sumimasen

Person 2: ...

Person 1: ...

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Posted in: Over 75s top 15% of Japan's population for 1st time See in context

Rakuraku is on point. Ventures don't have this anymore and many SMEs don't include this as a benefit if they are chu-to.

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Posted in: Over 75s top 15% of Japan's population for 1st time See in context

And then there are jobs that are extremely helpful and productive but underpaid in my opinion like janitor work, etc.

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Posted in: Over 75s top 15% of Japan's population for 1st time See in context

Over half of 65-70 year-olds are working, therefore 'productive'.

They need to work to keep afloat. Not all but some of the jobs they are allowed to do aren't very productive and can be automated if you ask me. Example: "security" guard, guiding traffic in a parking lot,

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Posted in: Japan liquor businesses turn to non-alcoholic drinks to attract Gen Z See in context

I find nothing wrong with this, except by saying they are more health conscious is questionable considering Sheesha or Hookah is popular.

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Posted in: 'Japan’s Got Talent' coming to screens in 2023 with Japanese comedian as judge See in context

Are we going to see everyone reacting on a "wipe" screen saying "sugoii" like every other show?

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Posted in: Gov't to request energy-saving measures in winter over power crunch concerns See in context

I can at least handle the cold a lot better by wearing more clothes. But don't ever tell me to turn off my A/C again when it is 38 degrees and humid outside!

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Posted in: 40% of evacuees from Afghanistan have left Japan over poor support See in context


You couldn't have said it better! I have a similar background and used to live in California where many documents, ads, tests, etc had Spanish written on the back of the English sheets. Was kind of hoping that Japan would do the same with English, but don't get me wrong it is a lot better than it was 20 years ago. The problem lies with where the translations stop. You see street signs, caution notices, labels, and all sorts of tourist related areas translated in English; but when it comes to becoming a resident here, most paper work, contracts, websites, etc are only in Japanese. It is getting better, but I still see room for improvement.

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Posted in: Father swung 2-year-old daughter upside down, hitting her head against table See in context

This PoS should never get to see his kids again. Thankfully this didn't lead to an even severe injury and I hope she is able to overcome this traumatic event.

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Posted in: Japan warns of intervention; BOJ conducts 'rate check' over yen's fall See in context

Time for those fossils and dinosaurs oyajis in charge of Japan Finances to retire and be replaced with market driven younger generation who know how the market works in 2022.

Exactly! I can imagine the fossils tape reading in their chairs while grunting extremely loudly waiting for their tapes to catch up to 2022. Time to bring in fresh meat who can understand market trends by using a computer!

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Posted in: Police increase patrols at Haneda airport ahead of Abe state funeral See in context

Was this accounted for in the 1.6 billion yen budget announcement?

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