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I agree! The people disliking your comment only care about someone who is now dead. If you want to take your own life, it's your choice. But know that you will make other's suffer & what you are doing is wrong. So people who are mad about him saying this man is stupid & selfish, just know that your depression isn't an excuse to take the easy way out. I am very depressed & done with life but I keep on going every day, give yourself a goal to work towards & you will be happier. For me learning japanese has made me much happier & givin me a goal in life.

Here we go again! A stupid, selfish person feels the need to kill himself without a thought or care in the world how it will affect others, and two people, as well as the train driver and other passengers, have been scarred for life. I think Japan needs to change insurance systems since some still pay out in the event of suicides instead of freezing funds. Any policy he has, if any, should be put towards paying these people who were injured.

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theResident: Just another small point, it's the BOJ that intervenes. It's MOF. 財務省は30日、8月30日から9月28日までの為替介入額が2兆8382億円だった、と発表した。介入額は22日に実施したドル売り/円買いとみられ、円買い介入としては1998年4月10日の2兆6201億円を超える規模となった。近く公表される外貨準備高は2カ月連続で減少する公算が高まった。 為替介入額となる約2.8兆円は、換金流動性の高い「外国中央銀行および国際決済銀行(BIS)」への預金取り崩しだったとみられ、外国為替資金特別会計(外為特会)が保有する外貨準備はその分減少する。

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RIP to the deceased and condolences to their families.

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The QUAD only exists because of China's unilateral behavior, military buildup and threat to peace and stability in the region…

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All foreign ministers of every country take lots of trips on their taxpayer's dimes. And you are not in any…

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