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Posted in: Protesters urge Obama to act on global warming See in context

I'll just leave this here: Don't take this the wrong way, but if you can't interpret this data you have no right to argue against an effort reducing human impact on the environment.

These protesters may not do every single thing they can to reduce human caused climate change, but they are enthusiastic about finding solutions. They would like more regulation regarding emissions in power generation and industry. That's a noble cause. Just because they can't afford all of the latest, cleanest tech for themselves doesn't mean that they can't have a voice as to what the richest and most powerful organizations in the country do to save operating costs.

Climate change is real. Human impact on climate change is real. If you think that CO2 is good for the earth you are either a very convincing troll or an idiot of staggering proportions. In the latter case, there is no point trying to convince you otherwise.

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