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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 13-year-old girl; missing boy's body found See in context

Outstanding police work by the Osaka Police Department. To identify the car from grainy security camera footage, locate it among hundreds of other moving vehicles on a highway, then track the suspect for days and back to the crime scene all while keeping it out of the media is something rarely seen outside of movies or FBI level surveillance. I know many jurisdictions in the US where this crime would simply go unsolved. My heart goes out to the two kids and their family, but at least they caught this monster.

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Posted in: Emmitt Smith, Flo Rida out of Miss USA; Macy's dumps Trump See in context

From a basic policy standpoint, when you are part of a group in power/majority, you never make disparaging remarks about those that are outnumbered and not in power, you will always be perceived as arrogant or insensitive ….. elementary politics, if Trump is too ignorant to know this fact, where are his speech writers and presidential advisors?? Lord, knows he has enough money to hire the best.

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Posted in: Japan reaches Women's World Cup final after England injury time own goal See in context

Wow, poor English player! They better put her on suicide watch!!! But, all is fair in love and football! That sets the stage for a Japan vs USA world cup final!! But, so sorry Japan, its never going to happen on America's birthday weekend!!! ;-)

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Posted in: U.S. would welcome Japan air patrols in South China Sea See in context

Wc626JAN. 30, 2015 - 07:39AM JST Its about time Japan starts pulling its own. After all, Japanese should be defending Japan at the cost of Japanese and not American armed forces.

Japan's military functions (or lack thereof) are bound by their constitution which was primarily drafted by two US military lawyers........ You can't restrict Japan's military with one hand, and then complain that they aren't doing enough on the other.

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Posted in: First Japanese passenger jet in 4 decades rolling out See in context

As long as it has more on-board room than the RJs or Embraers, I'll buy a ticket right now...sight unseen!

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