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Posted in: Nissan's Armada SUV returns with upgraded engine, look See in context

Wow, I thought they were showing the older model in the photo...this styling looks like its from 2005! Yikes.

In an case, I hope American consumers buy more sedans and hybrid/electric cars. Who has enough kids these days to justify buying the huge beast that is this car?

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Posted in: Will 'strategic special zones' turn into hotbeds of prostitution? See in context

Add this to the plight of many of Japan's "foreign trainees" and we see a growing underclass of workers who live and work in the "shadows of the rising sun," as I like to put it. Japan, please regulate this space more carefully and take anticipate problems like this. Do not let abuse of these immigrant communities fester, continually swept under the carpet, until you are forced to bow your heads and give a token apology.

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Posted in: SoftBank slams bid to unseat founder's heir apparent See in context

That compensation is so American-style. I hope other Japanese businesses do not also follow this direction of gross overpayment...

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Posted in: Lawyer continues 20-year campaign against nuclear power See in context

Now here's a guy who I can get behind! Keep up the good fight, Kawai-san!!

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Posted in: Size matters at Japan phallus festival See in context

Why are not female genitalia a symbol of fertility. After all, women are the ones that do all the work to birth a child! It is beneficial that there is some public discourse surrounding human sexuality, but the conversation must also convey the naturalness of female sexuality and expression.

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Posted in: Redfoo brings the 'Party Rock' to Japan See in context

Carly Rae Jepson's new album is very good. But "Party Rock"'s general feel is that of 1980's shallow opulence...not saying anything much meaningful or truly inspiring...

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Posted in: Sparks fly as U.S. fight over TPP deal begins See in context

When trade deals are made, would it not make sense to include copy on the rights of workers and the preservation of the environment? I mean...a truly 21st Century trade agreement would have this language, but as always, business interests = government interests. What about the interests of the people who support our lovely, unsustainable capitalist business practices?

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Posted in: Japanese market for energy storage systems predicted to grow rapidly See in context

This is refreshing to read, especially given the dire need for Japan (and other countries for that matter) to reduce their reliance on (usually imported) fossil fuels. I and other students at my university are trying to get our board of trustees to divest from fossil fuels and I hope that Japan can do so on a national level!

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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

The dropping of the two atomic bombs prevented what would likely be a bloody ground war against a militaristic Japanese government that would not surrender until the very end. The bombs, while horrific and destructive, prevented the potential loss of many more lives and the destruction of more Japanese cities. A necessary evil at the time.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing brother who asked for help in committing suicide See in context

he current laws (and their interpretation in this particular case) scream for the need of legally-assisted suicide in this country...

A agree. We're just starting to get this option in the U.S. and it's definitely needed in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships See in context

Wonderful! Let's keep this domino effect rolling....

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Posted in: Tourism boom drives Japan to convert offices into hotels See in context

This is quite exciting! This is probably the best way Japan is preparing for increasing tourism that I've heard of. Its more cost-effective and efficient, not to mention eco-friendly, to reuse old office buildings that have become too "outdated" in an era that has also seen office vacancy rise.

I find office buildings (and most Japanese architecture) from the late 1970's and 1980's intriguing in a way...its use of shiny chrome and glass blocks reminiscent of that glamour-filled, bubble time period.

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Posted in: Sendai reactor refueled for restart, despite opposition See in context

Oh no, I don't foresee anything good about this either...Japanese utility companies ought to focus on wind and solar power for the sake of the environment and the safety of the Japanese people!

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Posted in: Scientists pinpoint gene for better rice See in context

I hope research is also focused on making rice more environmentally sustainable..

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Posted in: Japan's population marks steepest decline ever See in context

Well, it looks like the Japanese government better get its butt in gear if it is to solve its financial problems while allowing for their to be enough money for pensioners. It seems though that there is a certain group of young people that are looking to move from Tokyo, Osaka, and other big cities to more regional cities and the countryside.

20 years down the road, I think it will be those people in Japan that will be able to have the highest quality of life in Japan. With population decline hitting regional cities and small towns first, there is left great potential for people to experience a lower cost of living and more time spent in nature.

The hard truth is that Japan is a very unsustainable country. I too live to see Japan's GDP and economy grow, but unless people in Japan, and companies for that matter, move away from the big Japanese cities, living standards will only decrease in the big cities if populations continued to increase.

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Posted in: Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko celebrate 25th wedding anniversary See in context

Congratulations!! :D I can't help but gush over how beautiful the whole imperial family is! Though, I really liked Prince Akishino's silvery hair look from a while back ;(

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