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I've seen no walking signs in front of those horizontal escalators near train stations, which is perhaps the most ridiculous of them all. Isn't the point of these things to be able to get through a long corridor faster? That becomes pointless when you're just standing moving at half the speed of someone who is plainly walking not on the escalator.

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First of all, who wears a helmet while cycling in Japan besides road bike enthusiasts?

Secondly, what's wrong with wearing crocs while cycling? I do it all the time. And yes all my toes are intact.

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Beggars can't be choosers? They are choosing though. They are choosing to go to neighboring countries or in countries they can assimilate into much better. The only ones who are coming to Japan are likely doing so because they have family here.

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@The Avenger

That's not a fair comparison. Out of all of the countries you listed, Japan is the only one that isn't in Europe and has the biggest difference in culture and language. The low number just means Japan isn't really a coveted destination for them. How about getting data on how many refugees S. Korea, China, or any other country in Asia is taking?

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So Bach doesn't have to quarantine for 3 days and is probably enjoying free booze, private dinner parties, and sightseeing tours, while we are forced to quarantine for 14 days and are told not to go out and have fun. They are planning to have school children fill in the seats at the Paralympic events, while the number of infected people (especially kids) is increasing due to the outbreak of the Delta strain. I'm getting pretty annoyed that politics follows a different set of rules than the public.

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I saw that you really can be insulated in a bubble," Brownlee told Reuters in an interview. "I did not come within 10 meters of the general public. I realize it is more difficult the bigger the event gets, but I am more confident it can be done in a safe manner."

It’s all fine and dandy now, with just a sliver of the Olympic population training in Japan, but don’t tell me that the bubble isn’t going to pop with over 150,000 people in it. I am willing to bet my entire life savings that quite a few of them will finds ways to successfully “sneak out.”

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Another unsurprising mystery as to why they couldn't consider and plan this when they were thinking about dentists over a month ago. It's like these guys live under a rock and block any information or advice that comes from the outside. I remember seeing dozens of comments in social media about including pharmacists.

The government will STUDY such an option 

It's like they are intentionally being slow.

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After watching the news on TV about this very same topic yesterday, everyone they interviewed said pretty much the same thing. Last year's stay-at-home request was tolerable because it was new, but another year of not seeing their family in other prefectures was too much.

Doesn't the government have 14 million unused doses of vaccines? How many will go bad because of the incredibly slow rollout? Personally, I would be more interested in listening to what they have to say and be more apt to follow their requests if they managed the rollout better and were on top of things, but sadly that's not the case.

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