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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested over murder of wife See in context

"Your honor, I only stabbed my wife several times - I didn't intend to kill her."

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Posted in: Nursing care worker arrested for assaulting resident in her 80s See in context

Yes, some elderly people can be supremely trying, but what right does that give a caregiver to literally beat up the person in his care? I have said this time and time again, but if you do not want to work in a profession where you are required to constantly care for others (literally, it is in the job title and job description), then don't take that job. If you know that you have little patience for other people, then don't take that job. I simply cannot understand how others can comment here saying things like, "Well, elderly people can be annoying," as if that in any way makes this behavior alright. We've seen this story enough times now that it seems quite clear something should be done about the hiring standards for caregivers. Because currently what they are giving to those in their care is the exact opposite - neglect, negligence, and outright abuse.

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Posted in: University student arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting elementary school girl See in context

So because he "couldn't control his urges", that elementary school child will now have to suffer the consequences, i.e. the trauma of being sexually assaulted as a child.

That experience does not ever leave you. I speak as someone who experienced sexual assault as an elementary school student, too, by an older man whom I should have been able to trust.

There's only one solution to a situation like this, where an adult thinks the excuse of "I couldn't control myself" is a reasonable one (in any context, let alone when the victim is a child): cut off his bits. Yup, get rid of them. He'll never hurt a child ever again, and he also won't need to worry about his urges anymore. Sick pig.

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I went out to see this eclipse having known it was coming for quite some time now. Went to a park area where a big concert was going on behind me, but there were lots of open, dark spaces for enjoying the eclipse, too. Most other people there seemed to be there for the concert itself, or for the park.

It felt like once a single person saw me just standing there watching the moon, it set off a chain reaction so that by the time I left the venue two hours later, most of the 100s of people there were just staring up at the moon! A rare event in the sky, and a rare event of comradery on earth, it was!

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Posted in: Music inspires powerful emotions on screen, just like in real life See in context

Agreed about the filler music / music just for selling an album, FizzBit. Movie scores are my favorite kind of music, so those movies that can't seem to produce their own scores to help tell the story and rely purely on pop music (and the fans of that pop music to boost movie ticket sales) will always lose me.

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Posted in: Music inspires powerful emotions on screen, just like in real life See in context

dagonToday  03:20 pm JST

His work scoring the battles in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan is magnificent.

I knew I was forgetting to mention some other greats from him! The new Avatar movie and new Willow TV series will be released soon, but it's hard to imagine them without James Horner around to score them...

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Posted in: Music inspires powerful emotions on screen, just like in real life See in context

Most underrated composer is the late, great James Horner. Most people only know him for Titanic, but he has done the scores for Avatar, Braveheart, Legends of the Fall, An American Tail, Land Before Time, Willow, Jumanji, and the list truly goes on! That man knew EXACTLY how to capture all manner of emotions with the sound of a single instrument, a single chord, a single line of score. He was incredible.

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Posted in: 81-year-old man arrested for murder after pushing wife in wheelchair into sea See in context

> IchigoToday  09:19 am JST

More likely out of mutual love but still, a very difficult thing to agree to for both of them.

It might seem like a quick end to you, but to the handicapped person drowning it must have been a long and terrifying way to die. Until we know that the wife actually requested this specifically, I assume that the husband was completely in the wrong and "love" was not a factor.

BlacklabelToday  11:29 am JST

I simply hope that this was a merciful act not an evil one.

Agreed, Ichigo. Murder is still murder, and to go like that... And Blacklabel, I do not see how this could be considered a merciful act. Nor a "mercy killing". Someone who is confined to a wheelchair who has no hope of being able to even attempt to swim or save themselves, being left to drown by someone they love? One of the worst deaths in the world. I see no mercy here. Just complete sadness and a deep failing in humanity's moral compass.

And I don't care how many people are willing to justify this man's actions, because murder is never the answer. There are so many people worldwide who are forced to be (unpaid) caregivers to aging family members. They have enough compassion and sense to understand right from wrong. Getting "tired of it" is no excuse to murder someone who is forced to depend on you, who has no choice but to be left in your power. Shame on anyone defending this. I hope he rots in jail and that the deceased rests in peace now after that horrible way to go.

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Posted in: Chiba police inspector indicted on 2 rape charges See in context

And people wonder why so few women actually report it to the police when they have been raped. When the people sworn to serve and protect you also happen to include rapists who abuse their power, why would you traumatise yourself further by going to them? Absolutely vile. But rapists are after power, so no surprises that they'd choose a job that provides them power over people. May he rot in jail.

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Posted in: Worker compensation cases due to mental stress up 60% in Japan in 10 years See in context

A new generation of fragile, weak minded people entered the workforce, no surprise. Most of them are work shy and can't hack it when things get tough.

Nothing weak-minded about it, Joe. It's been known for years that people in Japan are overworked, hence the language even having a word for "death by overwork".

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Posted in: Worker compensation cases due to mental stress up 60% in Japan in 10 years See in context

Despite getting an award for being one of the top employees in my company that very year, when I asked to take a one-week break due to severe stress, I was instantly fired. It may just be that I worked for one of the so-called "black companies", but I wonder if this policy is also being extended to foreign workers in Japan...

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt, groping her on train See in context

It really says a lot about the society when someone can sexually assault a child and not feel any shame whatsoever in admitting to it.

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Posted in: Angela Lansbury, 'Murder She Wrote' star, dies at 96 See in context

Very sad to hear indeed. I was thinking of her recently, actually. And during the pandemic, I rewatched old episodes of "Murder, She Wrote" - a kind of comfort food for me. May she rest in peace - many condolences to her family and those who loved her. Truly the passing of a wonderful legend.

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Posted in: Do you keep photos of your relatives who have passed away, those still living, including your children, as well as memorable family events such as weddings, birthdays, etc, on your mantle or in albums at home, or are all your photos just online? See in context

I really prefer physical photos when I can have them. On my desk, I have a picture of my niece, a picture of my father (who passed away recently) and me when I was a child, a picture of my grandmother and grandfather when they were younger, and a picture of my great grandparents. My ancestors mean a lot to me, so having them here with me so far from where I was born feels meaningful.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life for killing 9-year-old girl in 2004 loses appeal See in context

Laughable that there are people here saying, "but what if he didn't really murder the 9 year old girl?"

He has openly admitted to enjoying physically assaulting school children. He has openly admitted that he has an urge to stab girls. He did, most definitely, stab a junior high school girl in 2015.

Even if he were, for some inexplicable reason, lying when he claims he stabbed the 9 year old to death, he has still done this before. He has done horrific things and shown zero remorse for them. Man should have already been given the death penalty - that he has the nerve to appeal his sentence...

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Posted in: Man sought over murder of mother, grandmother found dead in apparent suicide See in context

I know this will sound callous, but good riddance. Beating family members to death with a baseball bat is horrific.

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Posted in: 55-year-old man arrested for assaulting 19-year-old daughter because she didn’t keep in touch with him See in context

Lovely to see all the usual victim blaming here. There is no excuse for a father to physically assault his child, especially beating her in the face. There is never a good justification for that kind of violence against anyone.


And for all the people effectively claiming she "deserved it" for not keeping in someone who came from an abusive home, with a mother who likes to give the silent treatment to her children as a form of punishment, how do you know that the father himself isn't the reason why the daughter never kept in touch? He could easily have been abusive all along.

We don't know all the facts, but we do know one thing, and it's that what this man did is obviously sick, and wrong. Hope he faces repercussions.

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Posted in: Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey See in context

Chabbawanga, you say "surveys". I'd be interested to see these multiple recent surveys you bring up. Even if what you say is true, it's no different than men who prefer to marry a woman who is physically beautiful rather than for love. Some people get married for shallow reasons, and that goes both ways. It doesn't give a reason for someone to abuse their spouse or expect their spouse to do most of the work in a two-way partnership.

Also worth noting that stereotypical gender roles (man works, woman stays home and cooks and cleans and takes care of the children) are much stronger here in Japan, even now. There's a reason Japan is ranked a measly 116 out of 146 countries on gender equality:

So, great for you that you know "far more good fathers and husbands". But I would imagine that the women of Japan know a good bit more about what typical fathers and husbands are like to their wives in their own country.

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Posted in: Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey See in context

Who could possibly have kids when they barely make enough money to survive and take care of themselves in the current economy? No child should have to be born into poverty and/or an unwilling family purely for the sake of "keeping up the population".

Particularly for women, unless you *really** *want to have kids, there are 0 benefits to having them. Many downsides, but zero benefits. That is simply the truth of the matter.

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Posted in: Nursing care worker arrested for attempted murder after placing plastic bag over resident’s head See in context

I find myself asking once again why people like this scum are drawn to caregiving jobs if they so desperately hate giving care. I hope the elderly man recovers with minimal harm caused - both physically and mentally.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II mourned by Britain and world at funeral See in context

Agreed, Bigyen. It was so well-done, such a tribute, that I ended up watching the whole thing despite intending to just watch the first service and that would be it. Exhausted today, but glad I witnessed such a moving part of history.

As I've mentioned before, I never really paid attention to the monarchs, but with the death of Queen Elizabeth II, I started watching Netflix's "The Crown" recently. There was one episode where Winston Churchill said to a young Queen Elizabeth, tearfully, that he was glad they would once again be singing "God Save the Queen", for the first time since Queen Victoria. At Queen Elizabeth's funeral, when they started to sing, "God Save the King" for the new king, I teared up, recalling that scene. We are truly entering a new era. I don't know a lot about King Charles, but I heard he has been very progressive on climate issues, and thus I hope he will be a king for the people and wish him a peaceful reign. God save the King.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up teenager’s skirt See in context

How grand that purple_depressed_bacon got 6 downvotes for calling this behavior what it is - sexual harassment. With a side of child pornography, if this girl (and the others he filmed) is a minor. To the downvoters, did you downvote because you engage in this behavior too and thus do not want the crime to be called what it should be called, and treated as seriously as it ought to be treated?

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth's coffin starts journey to final resting place See in context

Yrral, that has nothing to do with what I said. Once the United States separated from Britain, it lost all say it may have had as to whether or not Britain should have a monarchy. That is for the people of the Commonwealth to decide, not Americans. Also, yes, in recent days I have read up on some of the royals' history. I believe you are referring to the abdicated King Edward and his American wife, both of whom were Nazi sympathizers?

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth's coffin starts journey to final resting place See in context

ClippetyClop, I entirely agree. So many people from outside the Commonwealth (namely Americans) seem to think they deserve to decide whether another country should have and/or keep its monarchy. The only people who should be making that decision are those who live under the monarchy themselves. If British people and people of the Commonwealth are happy, people of other countries should keep silent. (I say this as an American myself.) Especially during a time like this, when people were mourning the loss of a queen who - for many of us - was the only queen we've known in our lifetimes to this point. 

Anyway, the ceremony was beautiful (stayed up to watch even though it's 1AM now), and I wish the new king a beautiful reign. May the late, beloved queen rest in eternal peace.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 93-year-old father in Tottori See in context

Do you mean to tell me that this man went to stay in his father's home, and then proceeded to beat up his father all over an argument? Why not just leave the house, which is not yours to begin with? What is with the lowlifes in this country who think "I lost my temper" is a valid excuse? May the father recover swiftly.

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Posted in: King Charles stands vigil as queen's lying-in-state queue swells See in context

Agreed, englisc aspyrgend. I think it is a beautiful ceremony to remember someone who was beloved and who has passed on. That people are willing to wait up to 24 hours just to pass by the coffin and say a prayer says a lot about how much the Queen meant to the people. I am neither British nor someone who pays attention to the goings-on of the British monarchy, yet I also wish I could be there to say a prayer for the late queen. To think of everything she witnessed in her long life and long reign...

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Posted in: Gov't shares nationwide info on abusive baby sitters See in context

Too little, too late. All it took was just one of these sickos to have access to 20 boys before anything was done. Imagine how many others have committed similar crimes, and how many children they each have affected? Also, does this mean the list is solely for local government officials to peruse? It's not available to the public, like parents who might want to be sure of the credentials of the babysitter they are hiring? Just trying to clarify. Overall, while a (small) step in the right direction, it really is too little, too late.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murders of wife, 2 children to undergo psychiatric evaluation See in context

So he choked his wife and little boy to death, and stabbed his little girl to death? Sorry, but a psychiatric evaluation is not what someone like this needs. He was competent enough to get married with another adult and have two children. Other commenters have suggested a far more suitable punishment for this scum than being excused as "mentally ill". There are lots of mentally ill people in the world. They don't go around killing others.

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Posted in: Father swung 2-year-old daughter upside down, hitting her head against table See in context

So, assuming the children belong to him and his wife, she was 15 years old - a minor - when she had the first child...and he was an adult, at 19 years old. If these are her two children, I think there was a lot of abuse going on here, on the part of Mr. Hirai. Abuse in taking sexual advantage of a minor, and then the horrific abuse on their two children. I hope his family members are all okay. What a terrible situation to live through.

Also, the fact that this man didn't automatically have his children taken away when he shot one of them with an air gun says it all about the incompetence of the police here. In a country desperately in need of more children, how many more stories of child abuse and murder do we need to hear before policemen here start taking the issue seriously? FOR SHAME.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral; Kishida will go to New York See in context

I'm glad to hear they will both go. It's a nice show of comradery between the UK and Japan, especially as countries that both still have monarchs. I hope they have a safe and peaceful trip, and get to properly say their goodbyes.

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