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Not sure why people are harping on the fact that it's "not an original idea". There are plenty of movies out there that we all enjoy that are HARDLY original ideas. (Superhero movies, action movies, rom coms...) Most ideas are done and redone and redone many times over. I think what makes this piece unique is seeing this idea from the Japanese perspective, especially considering that such an idea could feasibly become reality in the future of this country. Maybe watch the movie first and see what you think about it before dismissing it as "not original".

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Harry_GattoToday  10:54 am JST

"A" guy got caught. So far it seems that it is only her word against his in the absence, so far, of any witnesses, video or forensic evidence.

Your comment functions under the assumption that the woman would have made this up. .....For what reason? How often do you think these sex offenders actually get any sort of punishment for their actions, even when women do report what happened? Do you think women enjoy the idea of possibly having to relive the trauma they went through by having to recount it to the police? What benefit could this woman possibly get from falsely reporting someone she doesn't know?

She got a shot of his license plate. I think it is far more likely that this man sexually assaulted a random young woman on the street (a story we have heard countless times before in this country, and sometimes more than once a day), rather than the woman somehow wanting to bring extra problems for herself (and, as you have nearly done in your comment, be accused of making it all up) with a false accusation.

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Police said there have been three assaults against female minors within a 400-meter radius of the crime scene since late March and they are questioning the suspect about his possible involvement in those cases.

Then the suspect is also a minor as are the alleged victims.

In general, this is not about teaching a gender to not attack the female gender, it is about teaching people not to act criminally overall.

Would this 17 year old assailant have chased after another boy just to grope him? I highly doubt it. It is fully connected to gender.

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For some reason, I have more downvotes than upvotes, which I find surprising given I only stated facts in my comment. Why the downvotes? Because you don't want to admit that enshrining war criminals is a problem? Or because you don't mind the fact that the Yasukuni museum has completely white-washed the atrocities committed by Japan in neighboring countries? Facts are facts. History is a very real thing that happened, no matter what you try to hide. Maybe if these issues were dealt with, there wouldn't be such controversy around lawmakers visiting Yasukuni Shrine.

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Has anyone else seen an uptick in the amount of trash people are leaving on trains these days? Particularly on or just below the seats themselves? I take four trains to get to work everyday, and it feels like it's starting to become a daily occurrence of finding trash on at least one of them. I'd say this stinginess on the train lines' part is already not turning out so well...

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The first and only time I visited Yasukuni Shrine, I also happened to go into its museum. Which included various displays detailing "the history" from World War II. The museum's version of historical events seemed to suggest that Japan was "welcomed" into China and Korea. That what they did there was not a violent invasion, but a peaceful welcoming of Chinese and Korean people into Japanese society. I don't know if that part has changed since I last went, but I highly doubt it. So it's not just the war criminals enshrined there that are a problem. It's the complete white-washing of Japan's history in WWII with its Asian neighbors.

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Nearly had a similar occurrence yesterday on the train home from work. Dude was staring the entire time. I knew he was going to be a problem. I moved to pretend I was going to get off at one stop - he quickly got up to follow me. So I stayed on the train. He decided to move closer and closer so he was standing on top of me for the rest of the ride, and since it was crowded, I had nowhere to go.

Stayed with me all the way to the last stop, and since I was by the door and he was behind me, I knew he had every intention of following me wherever I went. So as soon as the door opened, I got out, and stood with my back to the nearest wall in the station, and proceeded to watch as this stalker no longer knew what to do. While everyone else moved for their connecting trains, he just stopped in front of me, pretending to look around at different signs, before finally looking directly at me again and meeting my eye. Gave him the dirtiest look, and at last, after another moment's pause, he finally took off (running) in the opposite direction.

This is a near-daily occurrence in recent months. Women worldwide are used to this BS. But I do wonder if the social effects of the pandemic have made it infinitely worse...

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Really, guys - you need to think before commenting.


I think a lot of people here don't think before commenting because they have never been in this situation before and nor can they put themselves in the shoes of another and imagine it. Which is truly a shame.

I mean, the fact that some comments are blaming the victim for not running away. Or that others are pointing out that "teen" could potentially mean 18 or 19 (and hence technically an "adult"), all while ignoring the fact that the kidnapper is a full-fledged 42-year-old adult, much older than the teen he abducted, and should not have been kidnapping people in the first place.

I see stories like these, and then see a lot of the comments beneath them, and it makes me lose even more hope in the world.

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Posted in: Man whose body found after house fire was beaten to death, police say See in context

Agreed, snowymountainhell. I hope he didn't suffer, and I hope he rests in peace now. The brutality people seem to show their elders out here so often... - smh-

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I don't know why you got a bunch of downvotes Foreigner in Tokyo, but you are absolutely right. The SOE really did instill fear enough to make people be at least semi-cautious, even if that's all it did. Now though...

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I'm not seeing that myself. I haven't noticed people any more maskless or careless than previously. People taking a stroll in the park are still wearing them.

Lucky you! I seem to be surrounded by them, but maybe it just depends on where you live. There's also been a noticeable increase of people on the trains who aren't wearing masks and don't cover their mouths when they cough. Just happened with an old lady across from me on the train today.

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@ justasking

Unfortunately, I think that is actually the case. It seems that there are people out there who believe that if a State of Emergency comes to an end - even when there hasn't been any news of the actual end of COVID - people feel that they can stop taking many precautions, most certainly including all of the ones you listed in your comment. It's truly a shame. (Where has common sense gone?) I hope we will not see the numbers continue to increase and end up right back where we started. Taking basic everyday precautions is such an easy thing to do.

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Phew, is this thread rampant with unbridled misogyny! I feel for you, girl_in_tokyo. Know that all the downvoting haters are no-doubt the same men who don't care for a moment about a woman's experience. Not enough to listen to an actual woman, at least. (But enough to blame the victim, it would seem, if this page is any indication. For shame!)

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So some men are here trying to do mental gymnastics to debate why women don't need these products for free. What a surprise.

As inkochi said above, if men were the ones bleeding out of their orifices every month, suffering sometimes debilitating cramps or other reproductive health issues, and thus needed these ESSENTIAL items to deal with it all, we'd be finding pads and tampons in every single public bathroom for free, or maybe even handed out on the street like those tissue packets you can get from flyer distributors. -smdh-

P.S. As cleo aptly explained above, a lot of women cannot use just one pad per day, unless they want to soak it through and feel disgusting, possibly ruin their clothes. The cost of using these essential items adds up...and sometimes when you are struggling even just to put food on the table, it ends up being one of the first things to go despite being equally necessary to the woman's physical and mental health.

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Agreed, girl_in_tokyo. I have a hard time fathoming the people who seek to place blame elsewhere. It doesn't matter if the girls went anywhere willingly. They are UNDERAGE. They are GIRLS, not women. The kidnapping rapist is a fully-grown ADULT man. He knew exactly what he was doing, including the fact that he was taking advantage of children. There is absolutely no reason to blame the parents or the girls in this, and it's sickening when people seem to feel the need to indirectly defend the indefensible. (Which curiously always seems to happen in these stories of male on female crime.)

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life in prison for killing 7-year-old girl has appeal turned down See in context

Agreed with TokyoHam and Mark. Even in prison, this sick murderer gets to live while the 7 year old whose life he destroyed and took no longer will. And letting him have ANY hope of getting out early...well, that's just one too many "hopes" for a future that this man does not deserve.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life in prison for killing 7-year-old girl has appeal turned down See in context wasn't enough that this scum hit the little girl with his car? After doing so...while she was still ALIVE and could have been saved...he decided to molest her before finally killing her? A life sentence is too good for him. He should already be rotting in Hell. May that poor girl have found peace wherever she is now. Hard to read stories like this, about the monsters allowed to walk free among us and do such unspeakable things.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend’s 8-year-old daughter See in context

Agreed, Gaijinland. Also, to the people pointing blame at the mother...SERIOUSLY? Sometimes the biggest monsters can seem like the sweetest angels, especially at first. Narcissists in particular are fantastic at hiding their true colors at the start of relationships. Regardless of whether this man is a narcissist or not, however, I don't see how anyone can blame the mother here. There is clearly only one person to blame - and that is the fully adult male (nearly in his 30s) who chose of his own accord to take out his aggression on an 8-year-old child. Despicable.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 84-year-old mother See in context

Sad that this kind of story is in the news daily here. Really just very, very sad.

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Posted in: Number of women committing suicide rises in Japan for 2nd straight year See in context

I feel sad to say that I am entirely unsurprised by this. Was nearly there myself in 2020. May these poor women rest in peace. For a country concerned about having an aging population, Japan doesn't seem to feel the need to do anything about saving people's lives by giving better, more affordable access to mental healthcare. Suicide has been such a big issue here for such a long time...When are people going to be able to get the help they need without jumping through ridiculous hoops to do so, or feeling they have no other option than the most final one of all? Truly, may they all rest in peace. Reading this is heartbreaking.

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Posted in: Woman attacked by daughter’s ex-boyfriend on Feb 14 dies in hospital See in context

Hokkaidoboy, completely agreed. Seems like every other day, there's another story about an ex-boyfriend/partner killing their ex-girlfriend/female partner. Frankly, tired of this endless cycle. And if the number of downvotes you got is any indication, there are quite a few people who seem perfectly okay with women being murdered like this, even during Women's History Month. A lot of people just don't want to hear the reality, because they either don't care or can't benefit from light being shed on it. For shame.

For other people complaining that there isn't enough information in the article, that's because there was a previous article back in February when the attack was originally announced. If you want details, you can easily find them there. But I find it strange that so many more people are concerned with the details of the case, rather than the fact that yet another ex-boyfriend decided to murder (in this case, the mother of his ex-partner).

By the way, agreed with zichi that if the girl's father is around, hopefully he can be there for her and be a support. Damn is she going to need it. Rest in peace to the mother, and I hope justice is served.

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Posted in: Man gets 21 years in prison for killing wife whose body hasn’t been found See in context

What excellent news the day following International Women's Day. //sarcasm

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So true, Ashley. And every day, I seem to be seeing more and more people not bothering to wear masks. Considering how slow the booster rollout has been, I would imagine more of these people than not have not gotten the booster yet. It's a shame people can't comply with such an easy precaution of mask-wearing just to help bring the case numbers back down. :/

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Don't always think a male doctor is unfazed by the presence of a partial or fully unclothed woman. It's a myth that they are so professional and don't bat an eye to their women patients. This is not isolated only to Japanese doctors.

I think a lot of women are aware of that, and prefer to have a female doctor. (Hence the need for more of those as well).

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And how about the VP that cant stop talking with her eyebrows?

If the only thing you have to pick apart about some of our current leaders is their looks, then you don't have much of a leg to stand on, do you? Plenty of politicians have their own quirks - Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, as examples, talk with their hands a lot - BIG gestures. I'll take a forward-thinking politician who talks with her eyebrows over the guy who talks with his hands to mock disabled people and welcome Putin into the White House, among other things. Thanks.

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I'm wondering if others here have read this news from the 26th?

"Experts say Tokyo facing danger of high, prolonged level of daily COVID infections"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,632 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,388 See in context

Honestly not all that surprised. I work on weekends and saw a lot more people out on Saturday and Sunday (especially Sunday) than in previous weekends. Pre-pandemic levels. We'll see where this goes, I guess.

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