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“With Byung-hun Lee cast as the villain in the new ‘Terminator’ movie, we can see how the South Korean government is continuing to firmly push their culture.

“Meanwhile, what actors are representing Japan around the world? Ken Watanabe has been active overseas after the hit ‘Last Samurai,’ but the sad fact is that it was a private production without any support from the government whatsoever. And since Ken, no world-class Japanese actor has appeared.”

In other words,

・ One South Korean actor cast in a Hollywood movie = South Korean government is "continuing to firmly push their culture" implying that Japan is not, or Japan is somehow not doing as well

・ Ken Watanabe is "active" overseas but it doesn't matter because he wasn't subsidized by the Japanese government. It is further the Japanese government's fault that other actors have not reached his level recently.

What kind of crazy logic is this?

Gackt, your point about Cool Japan being out of touch is important, but your examples don't make any sense.

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Nothing but trouble. Stay away from Sumitomo at all costs.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Great news! And I love seeing the ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down on the comments here. heh heh

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