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Alexandre Abs comments

Posted in: 'Jihadi John' won't have the same impact unmasked See in context

Now that you've mentioned I always thought of him not as some kind of Dracula but as a sickened mind and spirit worthless of living. Never lost the track of his weakness as a human but never understood why he hates so much. I am Christian and I know God has put him here with us to grow but he's chosen to embrace evil. Above all now that he is demystified he is also a coward that carries over him the despise of everyone in this planet even his own mother's.

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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

I am so sorry, no one deserves this gruesome death. We who were delivering our hopes on his rescue and begging for his life must now adress our strength to the family and to his soul. May Goto rest in peace. If the swap purpose or ransom payment had succeeded the outcome would be the same. They're not worthy to trust. Maybe Japan should raise the samurai sword against these beasts, but sure will cost more lifes of young soldiers and grief of their families and its a high price to be paid for vengeance. Support the western war against terror with technology, knowledge and patience. I trully wish it was easier to finish the IS, at least lets try to keep them at the desert, barren wasted land they call home.

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Posted in: Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot but no mention of Goto See in context

People think about it in too many ways like a chess game move. Let's be objectives! Save him, thats all there is to think about. Be weak once to win, release the prisoner and go after them later.

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Posted in: Japan turns to 'I am Kenji' Facebook page on hostage crisis See in context

Hard to put an impression here...I do not want him dead, am sorry for his situation, misfortune, may God be with him, peace...hope he doesn't suffer. It's all about compassion, phrases and understandigs I don't give a crap.

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Posted in: What Japanese think about the hostage crisis See in context

One life saved is worth the price. On the other end is absolutely prohibited give money to finance terror. Time is against the japanese and there must be a solution working these 3 pressure points. An innocent human life, no bargain with terror and lack of time. I'm really sorry Kenji has faced the devil on his journey. We all should try to figure ourselves on his situation longin to be saved but headed towards a gruesome death.

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Posted in: Neymar on fire as Brazil routs Japan 4-0 See in context

I'm brazilian and I tell you: don't bother commenting and don't fool yourselves watching Neymar's playing virtuosity, brazilian soccer is DEAD. Nobody will ever erase from history what Germany did inside our home during a world cup. While dirty managers pur their hands and and their ass players to make money out of the business the yellow shirt generates, we'll be dead even if we win another 5 world championships.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. revising defense plans with eye on China See in context

Japan is a pacifist country since WWII as it was demanded by the winning coalition. They have been warriors all their lifes. The situation is pretty tense. In China, propaganda is twisting average people's mind, education is making "robots" very well commanded out of the students and their greed is putting the entire world at risk. Keeping them free, living and working within their borders in a way we can deal with their expansion is tolerable, but if they increase their military influence and power they must be held back. They neglet humano life, they are told what to do by their goverment and a huge mind controlled mass of people is Luke bugs destroying a harvest. Better stay ready for them.

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Posted in: The ugly truth of 'gokon,' Japan’s group blind dates See in context

It was preety funny for me. My japanese friends took me into one of these blind dates, we entered a bus at Shin Osaka headed to Nara. Everyone on the bus had bought this program. Once we arrived and were introduced to each other was like any other date. Talked yo each other a litle and ended at a restaurant to have dinner. By the way, I'm gaijin and they wanted to provide me a good time japanese style.

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