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Posted in: Deep-sea explorers seek out sunken World War II ships See in context

God bless all those young crew lost their lives on their ship, most were military draft on that time of war, from both sides...

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Posted in: Trump drops plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort See in context

This dude is a walking book of jokes.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

The Tokyo 1964 Olympiad was held in October 10-24 (15 days) and this present time October not able to be held for other sport events like baseball Nippon series? Hmm, I checked US of more national events there, American football, Basket ball, Baseball, etc... And the American broadcast is in top privilege to IOC get profits the Olympiad be held in August. What else behind the curtains!

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

IOC is a private association that involves profits to them and lot of loses to the site cities, many of them still have problems, cities of many sport venues and no access after the Olympics...Why IOC has the principal motto to say a city as venue of many sports? Who is getting the profits and who has the loses, very simple answer for that. I only support Olympic games when the athletes has their advantages to compete and show the quality of each sport or competition to the world. I'm much fan to the world cups of many sports than Olympic games of significance to participate.

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Posted in: Flood disaster frays resilience of elderly victims See in context

The first picture shows how that person is a brave guy fighting for everyday life and the most in this moment of aftermath flood disaster to have a normal life back again. A right picture focusing a right person...

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

I'd rather like to see this dude with the flag to help the needed ones, now suffering as victims of that typhoon passed by that region...Where is the good image of this picture while the other pictures are most people fighting to live normal life again after the that enormous disasters around.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader presents policy address via video after disruption See in context

"emerge from the storm and embrace the rainbow".

That's familiar here in Japan, either.

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Posted in: It is important to understand and respond to the evidence that storms are getting stronger as a result of climate change and that investments in disaster prevention need to rise, now more than ever. See in context

Whatever it will be, we have to understand the nature, naturally...Nature is same of our own body.

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Posted in: Considering Japan has so many typhoons, why are there still so many roadside utility poles? Is it feasible to bury them underground? See in context

No matter what, it is much safer buried. For the costs of all those poles and steel towers on mounts I don't think they will cost much more than the damages will occur next calamities. I know that some places are not easy to make electrical materials buried but I know that fiber cables of telecommunication are under water and land very protected from natural disasters. All those primitive style of poles and towers should be replaced to buried ones with better maintenance. Electric companies to learn from NTT safer ways to make the cables sound and safe.

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Posted in: Gov't to use ¥710 million from reserves to deal with typhoon damage See in context

...Additional, all those catastrophes happened in Japan, in this 1 decade only!

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

When the last typhoon at those region was more strong wind and this one of rain storms and of too much water to break the rivers banks...Who will know what is going to be the next? Wind, flood? Well, crystal ball is needed...

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll rises to 40 as search-and-rescue operations continue See in context

I visited Okinawa several times and I can see the buildings and houses there with more holes every partitions and the ditches much deeper, to avoid the tremendous calamities of typhoons coming every year stronger and stronger. I live in Fukuoka and I can feel those typhoons coming every year stronger and not really prepared that ones Okinawan people do. So, those typhoons coming and going different routes with bigger size and much speed and stronger further those go, how can people be prepared at most,? However from those experiences Japan will show more defensive infra-structure (Okinawa has) to those future typhoons. At least from experiences and let's see real actions to make the real fortress... Maybe a little earlier when people only know from media what's going on + need support from the government of lawmakers not -prepared or perhaps ignoring to use national budget in the correct purpose.

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Posted in: The day after See in context

Does after Hagibis come a calm?

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Posted in: Japan beats Scotland 28-21 to advance to Rugby World Cup quarterfinals for first time See in context

Ifr Japan is going to meet Ireland in the final it will be much miracle than historical!

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Posted in: Japanese firms see 'Abenomics' sputtering, tax hike hurting economy: poll See in context

Next generations modern history will explain what was this "Abenomics", majority of Japanese citizens supported him without knowing of that stagnated economy forwarded poverty. His name will show shame on him, to have his name displayed in this Japan's economy plan. It would be another name, such as LDP economics, kind of.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context





This sentence is written with Chinese characters, a reading Japanese for primary school up 3d grade level.

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Posted in: Over 70% worried about economic outlook after consumption tax hike: survey See in context

My worries are more about what Abe govt. want to use this 2% of tax consumption for the next budgets, the promise was to support social welfare for children and old generations and never for military strength he still dreams with his hawkish lawmakers.

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Posted in: Trump seizes on unsubstantiated China claims against Biden See in context

Does he know that all of what he say, is exactly a boomerang phenomena, against him?

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Posted in: Kansai Electric admits execs' acceptance of gifts; president won't resign See in context

"The disclosure has re-exposed the collusive ties between Japan's nuclear industry and government officials."

Sounds like those guys won't be punished and bribery おof more freedom to act. They must to be prosecuted by law and imprisoned. Just to think what was that of Nissan Carlos Ghosn being prosecuted. Are they still the lords to command this gigantic company?

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Posted in: Tax hike adds to woes for low-income households in Japan See in context

"Northern European nations have high consumption tax, but as they also provide high levels of social welfare, most people accept the burden," Explains that Japan's Abe govt. and cia. policy is to approach Scandinavian social system? Only to think about the natural disasters happening these days in Japan, tax money of come and go + national bond to increase every year is completely an absurdity. Those leaders of lip services for next elections, very few people reactions to protest against governmental system will create more poverty when the promises of the leader to hike tax won't be executed and more people to find poverty a routine. Japan to be one of the top-leader nation in G7 and this comparison with Northern European high levels of social welfare...Hmm, it's really the time to think what is this world of absurdity, when aftermath routine and political senseless is the same of the air we breath.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

Read and see to follow etiquette doesn't work; better to know the feelings and communicate with Japanese people to get the real etiquette. Especially the typical place like Kyoto, outsiders from other places are not accepted if you don't feel it...It's not only for foreigners but to Japanese people, too!

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Posted in: After the Oct 1 rise in the consumption tax from 8% to 10%, do you think the one-yen and five-yen coins will gradually disappear from circulation? See in context

Perhaps 1 yen will disappear but 5 yen ( to say goen) means "good luck", and to say in Japanese -goen ga aruyouni- means a "better expectation in luckness".

Checking well, if the price without consumption tax is less than 10 yens at the end, 1 yen or 5 yens coins will exist.

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

I only hope it's not concerned with poverty.

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Posted in: EU, Japan sign agreement to bypass China's 'new Silk Road' See in context

If Japan wants to do this Silk Road directly with EU avoid the route China/Eurasia continental bypass and go forward North Pole (Arctic) route by sea ships and ice hovering...That's still a dream not easy to come true.

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Posted in: Japanese cattle farmers fear U.S. trade deal will be death knell See in context

Bilateral trade deal will be a "win-win" is ideal but about cattle farming isn't when quality becomes priority matter. Japanese cow beef can be the best and very expensive ones to the market. US beef would be very competitive with Australian or others when the prices are displayed. US-Japan bilateral trade, TPP with Australia and national cow meat will be on the shelves to be differentiated by quality and prices. Well, that's the market, probably the "win-win" not to the customer when quality and prices are offered...

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Posted in: Abe denounces Saudi oil attacks, refrains from singling out Iran in speech at U.N. See in context

Abe knows the history where Japan has spent the whole nation power in Iran to endevor projects of structural oil plants and it was successful by several years. Why Japan has to abandon and leave Iran? I think it's one side story still going on...

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Posted in: Abe urges Iran to play constructive role in easing Middle East tensions See in context

In a few days Abe words to Iran will be known as ventriloquist Trump using this perfect Abe puppet. Perhaps even better accomplishment rather than the mouth from Trump himself.

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Posted in: At U.N., Trump pushes religious freedom at event, slamming China over Uighurs See in context

Trump of religion freedom while he wants to be a symbol of god, that's a black joke, haha!

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Posted in: Koizumi's 'sexy' words on climate change ring hollow for some in Japan See in context

There is a word now that can be a proverb in the future to the world: What Trump does Abe does.

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Posted in: Anger at acquittals of TEPCO execs in Fukushima case See in context

TEPCO isn't a private company by no mean, it's a part of governmental industry function leaded by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(Keizai Sangyosho). Abe govt. supports Nuke plants and that's political plot behind the scene. I remember some news how those TEPCO executives were having a elite (extravagant) life with politicians showing arrogant behaviors at that time of babble economy. It can't be ending up this way. They don't deserve acquittals and have to be charged again, the right prosecution without any political or bureaucratic interference. Japan judicial system is still stagnated and involved in politics of plutocracy (supported by government).

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