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Posted in: 45.2% do not view Abe cabinet reshuffle positively: poll See in context

Ooops ust is just!

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Posted in: 45.2% do not view Abe cabinet reshuffle positively: poll See in context

I don't want to comment anything what could be reshuffled or ust to think this is what Abe and cia. don't know what is a reshuffle meaning.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain hold joint military exercise in central Japan See in context

I don't want to comment any opinion of political affair or pointing the enemy China, NK or Russia. I only think that this training is a good experimental military exercise on a defensive tactics. Japan and UK are island nations and they have a lot in common how to defend the land without borders sorrounding only by waters. I also feel that the British military are more disciplined troops to equalize much the Japanese style. The only barrier will be the language to Japanese soldiers adapt the universal language that is English. And I feel that British soldiers will be happy to learn some Japanese language, either. I wish them to be able to do their best the defensive exercises but never that to be offensive landing on other countries...

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Posted in: Trump says threat of auto tariffs made trade talks with Japan possible See in context

MAGA is going to be MANGA with Trump. N of not to make the anything.

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Posted in: Japan faces scrutiny over longer detentions at immigration centers See in context

If some guys are detained of a criminal act and stay waiting to be deported it's a universal procedure at immigration office and it's not only Japan. And this 22 y/o guy has criminal history in his younger age he was sent to a juvenile reformatory on charges of fraud and after his release in August 2016 placed in the immigration detention center. So, where in the world will accept criminals to live in the country, here who the person is detained or the backgrounded country. I know a few "foreigners" who are born in Japan and I know some of them are completely innocent of any crime, not against to live in japan, and only speak Japanese. In this case comes to be a discrimination not to be Japanese by appearance. Immigration authority has that feudal tradition to allow only "Japanese" to live in Japan under that national isolation of "Sakoku" for almost 300 years in Edo period. Now, it's going to be another Meiji Restoration to find a better future to accept more foreigners dwelling Japan, just not easy to see daylight how to get it clean and clear. NPO, NGO organizations or the Lawyer association to visualize how to protect those born here "foreigners" and protect them or it will be the same of 300 year + a century of no conclusion to authorize them. That's really sad history in Japan.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of waiters in Japanese restaurants? See in context

Japan is very systematic in all kind of services and restaurants are on the top of them, it's going to be in the level of measured period to those be ranked in stars from 1 to 5, like the hotels. Another thing in Japan is about the kuchikomi's messages, to describe ranking up or down, some opinions are very rigid supporting the rival one, many comparisons. Services to be better it's agreable but tendencies of Japanese services to be too systematic let the waiters/ staffs to be robotic speaking or conducts. (maybe better to have a perfect robot there). In Fukuoka the city I live you can see a lot of Yatais ( food stands or stalls) the food isn't anything special but the atmosphere the best one in the world, not able to be ranked with restaurants but their services aren't bad and they have very friendly approaches to anyone, even foreigners. I recommend you to come to Fukuoka if you have any kuchikomi opinions.

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Posted in: Denny Tamaki, critic of U.S. bases, elected Okinawa governor See in context

I'm really happy to see Mr. Danny governor of Okinawa prefecture, a son of a US Marine officer and a opponent policy of Abe administration and on Onaga's "spirit," defeating his rival Atsushi Sakima a feudal subordinated person of his lord Mr. Abe, almost to work duties like slavery to LDP...Well, at last surprise and more satisfaction to Japan, Danny be good!

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Posted in: Very strong typhoon churns toward Japan See in context

This typhoon look very violent and huge size. The route this time seems some unfamiliar areas of Japan Sea... Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. All Japan to be ready!

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Posted in: Japan's about-face on trade talks with U.S. raises questions at home See in context

To JeffLee:

If you say that, what is Coca Cola bottlers Fanta orange many Japanese children drink at fast food restaurants?

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Posted in: Japan's about-face on trade talks with U.S. raises questions at home See in context

I don't care how much Abe is closer to Trump because any top-leader has a duty to diplomatically get better approaches. The real point that Japan is very protectionist about rice, Japan govt. has compromised years ago to protect the rice agricultural farmers, and it means the prices are higher to compare with other countries, and the imported ones are so cheap to the Japanese standard. So, the taxation becomes very high to balance the Japanese prices. Just thing in USA the price of beef from Brazil is 1/4 cheaper and the quality the same, the equality to the domestic prices is inevitable with the balance of taxation. Is Abe really explaining well to Trump or he is only visiting him to another "fast food" at that Trump's "Empire" building?

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Posted in: Abe to reshuffle cabinet, pick LDP leadership Oct 2 See in context

Correction of the last message: will be to them heaven or hell

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Posted in: Abe to reshuffle cabinet, pick LDP leadership Oct 2 See in context

Mr. Abe administration is always the elevator system of ups and downs Abe popularity, however, the ministers reshuffled will to be them bear heaven or hell and Abe will just say stay or getway of some issues, one of those ministers will commit some problems, the top-leader can stay there without responsiblity, like Mr. Aso didn't serve quite nothing is Mr. Abe administration, just hanged there. That's really suck!!

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Posted in: Abe tells U.N. Japan to pursue free trade; hopes to meet North's Kim See in context

It's just another Abe’s fine-sounding speech. Every top-leaders of many countries has the program to talk at the UN assembly and Abe wasn’t an exception. He said about the free trade and a "win-win" relationship with the United States, a "new start" with North Korea soon, the "relationship" with Russia concerning the territorial issue should be resolved and a peace treaty signed. Let's see if his "awaken" dreams will be realized for those speech topic issues before he is in his grave.

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Posted in: Trump calls N Korean leader Kim terrific during U.N. visit See in context

He is childish enough to show it's much than anything for his next election, very poppy and jumping popcorn!

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world, other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

I'm a Brazilian living in Japan and I know a lot of what is this society, complicated ways of talking with different people, even I know how to write and read. If I'm going to take my calm days far away from this systematic world I definitely want to live in Ecuador, South America. People are very calm and friendly+less problems of security comparing other South American countries. I want to spend my pension time there and I'm sure it will be a paradise to me, I can command well Spanish language.

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Posted in: U.S. experts cautious on Abe seeking constitutional revision See in context

From this title: U.S. experts cautious on Abe seeking constitutional revision, and why not me?

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Posted in: U.S. soldier’s failed attempt to give Japanese policemen some cool drinks impresses internet’s heart See in context

That's parody to me. It shows that Japan visually modernized very much to authorities change they feudal style of samurais of that century and half ago.

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Posted in: Japan uneasy over Trump pressure on auto as summit, trade talks loom See in context

The most disappoitment of all is to see Abe to meet Trump again and again. He was the first top-leader to meet Trump and have met him several times in many world conferences. So, Japan-USA trade did advance? Trump wants business talk, confrontation also is needed and Trump knows it. Friendly approaches of Abe to Trump is past, now is business table talk to debate and with him the best experts representing Japan's delegation.

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Posted in: Trump heads to U.N. as U.S. retreats from world See in context

USA had problems with world from the past and with this Mr. Trump, so many issues of domestic and international affairs got fired. Trade war with China, unclear peace table talk with NK and Russia, withdrawal of USA from NATO, intervation in the Middle East in Syria and Israel Jerusalem to be the capital, South America and Africa don't like his influence there and pushing the diplomats and US citizens out of their countries, and domestically more gun incidents than ever. I was waiting his arrogant way to diminish and waiting his smarter ways that I really expected but no advances any further. The world only wants to have him left the position of top-leader of a country the most influencial to the world, could be in good or bad meaning.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate up to 47.4% after his victory in LDP race See in context

The support rate for Abe is a mere elevator system of now and then, of ups and downs, that will continue if not collapsed the machine. LDP people are manipulated bots playing roller coaster for every shifts the goverment does. Well, at last don't cry for me, Japan!

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's pacifist constitution See in context

What the Constitution has to be changed is to be more pacifist, unchain all those US military power on the Japanese land and enforce JSDF, Japan has vast territory if includes the waters and seas around to the 6th biggest country in the world. I know it will cost a lot of money to JSDF protect all Japan territories but what Abe is looking forward is to show the strength of military Japan who can help others, especially USA? Hmm, it will cost much more to replace all the US military bases in Japan. However if it's only to protect Japan, it will cost less, but if it will be to send military power to other regions will cost much more. UN can pay for Peacekeeper activities for some of them but far away to be enough to balance the amount the prices Abe is calculating, millions and billions of yens will be disposed to Abe's military implementation...That's impoverishing Japan, for sure!!

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Posted in: Drone delivery of newspapers tested in Hokkaido See in context

"A prefecture-wide blackout caused by the temblor also left many people unable to access information through television and digital devices."

From that explanation, it means that without electricity all information is "dead". Why not communication devices(for smartphones, iphones) drone battery at those places or sattelite internet transmission when the drone is landed at those isolated locations. What I can see here is much an advertisement of newspapers companies using advanced technology (drones here) and distributing "newspapers"? What about rainy days or stormy days, does it work? This is a work for the electricity companies to make more efficient supports to the isolaters who pay every month the cost for electricity. Isn't that the point?

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Posted in: Abe's next term: A chance for constitutional change? See in context

Any other top-leader could do what he did NEARLY 6 YEARS IN OFFICE/WHAT'S NEXT/WHAT HE HAS DONE is something not special, more of national bonds and less taxation for all the companies issues employees wages still the same from 10 years ago and bureaucratics spending luxury from taxpayers or ilegally getting tips from clients. The only thing he still there is for the next CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE, all of his supporters and crones all looking forward to realize "dream come true" for them and nightmare starts for us citizens. The details will come soon, attention please!! And OTHER ISSUES won't be resolved he isn't able to table talk peacefully with North Korea nor Russia.

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Posted in: Another top bureaucrat quits scandal-hit education ministry See in context

Top bureaucrat who has garbages in mind should be cleaned before my room be cleaned or more garbages there than my room almost cleaned.

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Posted in: China distances children from families to subdue Muslim west See in context

China has a rich soil at the territory of ethnic Uighurs for oil, gaz and metals. China want to exterminate the ethnic people and the muslim religion to the govt. possess all of those wealth. I know a friend who is from Uighur and he can't go back or even communicate the family there, I definitely support him to disclose all of that "main China" are going further to push the genocide actions.

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Posted in: Abe re-elected LDP leader, setting stage to become Japan's longest-serving PM See in context

The best news in Japan today: No surprise! Same as yesterday and same will be tomorrow. Ishiba silence of the graveyard and Abe reborn to LDP lawmakers greets what they want to do and follow the "master" Mr. Abe.

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Posted in: Too much screen time? New phone controls for you and kids See in context

People only check too much screens, iphones, Smartphones, televisions, computers, videos, movies. A new disease of eyes and visual nerves will come soon to be noticed in "screens".

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Posted in: The number of one-yen coins in circulation has fallen sharply in Japan, and the government has stopped minting new ones for circulation, while deteriorating units are being withdrawn. Do you still use them much? See in context

I use point cards for convinient store but still have proble in super markets, I don't go the chained ones...

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Posted in: Abe poised to win third term as LDP leader See in context

This is a election rally of only 2 candidates and most of people knows that LDP lawmakers are to vote Abe. It is circus performances where the clown is Ishiba, the same of last time they disputed the position of top-leader. Waste of time (money?) to see Japan's political values to be meanless in this PM election, where we are living this 21st century of feudal Japan!

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Posted in: Author Murakami withdraws from consideration for alternative Nobel award See in context

Honor and disonor, it doesn't concern to the person life, even a well known MVP, the attitude/behavior tell much more than the fame. Sexual misconduct scandal is one of them to remind.

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