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Posted in: What do you think about Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's proposal to create an East Asian community, to promote what he calls fraternity in the region? See in context

EU has the European community started end of last century. Why not Japan Hatoyama initiative to Asian community start this century? It's a better vision to have much cultural mutual understanding and less borders of countries to travel one country to another. Focusing economy, he needs more his effort to APEC.

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Posted in: What are your favorite movies that deal with the destruction of the world? See in context

Hollywood movies!!

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Posted in: If Tatsuya Ichihashi continues to refuse food and refuse to talk about the murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker, what do you think prosecutors should do? See in context

The answer for the title of this column...hmmm, could be, the prosecutors to do nothing, just wait. Time will tell!

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Posted in: Karate: The Complete Kata See in context

Karate Kata is really a beauty of martial-arts. I remember in the 90's when I was doing my interpreter work to World Karate Women's Competititon in Japan. Most of the ladies of Kata were really cute!! Kumite (fighting) one also good to see...Japanese ladies really excellent and South Americans and Europeans were something special. I love to see Karate Kata and Jujitsu what I am doing now.

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Posted in: Australian bidders promote World Cup bid in Asia See in context

Yeah, go for it! Australia bid FIFA WC is wonderful. More countries out of Europe should be the host. Football is too much centralized in Europe. Football is a world sport that attracts people from all over the world, the most!

I'm Brazilian, anyway.

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Posted in: Obama's failing: Too much head, too little gut See in context

As much this column is about the current president of USA, I would like to see more wise Americans opinions than others wily ones.

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Posted in: Obama to release new strategy on war in Afghanistan next Tues See in context

The presence of US troops in Afghanistan is much a threatening to the people there than the pride of some Americans saying they give democracy in that country. Taliban revitalized with the support of the people, and "the top general in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, has asked the president for about 40,000 troops, arguing that a robust but temporary surge was the best way to end the war". How much more lives and American money will be to waste there? Why more Vietnam,Iraq or US hell fails in the world?

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Posted in: The challenge in Copenhagen: reshaping the world See in context

If every building has the green(plants) on the roofs, many environmental problems of accumulated heating will be resolved and the city much beautiful. Human CO2 emission is quite nothing from the vast ones from the nature, especially from the ocean. More than that, why not to have more (world) budges to increase green in the big cities?

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