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Posted in: Crown prince says Malaysia can be model for diversity See in context

Why don't you go to Europe or come to America, the so called melting pot! Come see how many problems they have! From trying to build a wall to banning people from multiple countries, to mass protests by minorities about injustice and racism.

Japan already is an Island nation with Limited Space! We don't need any more people!

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Posted in: Toshiba's survival in doubt after reporting unaudited results See in context

Good lesson for Toshiba. When you buy foreign businesses or Nuclear Power Plants in America. Make sure you have enough Japanese people to supervise and make sure they have Toshiba's best interests at heart.

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Posted in: U.S. told Japan before Trump-Xi talks of option to strike N Korea See in context

Having a devided Korea is in the best interests of both China and Japan. Did I forget to mention America? Your benefiting too!

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Posted in: Law to improve foreign trainees' work environment to take effect in Nov See in context

Japan always tries to do better and better for its people including foreigners who work in Japan, yet foreigners and especially those white are the ones to complain and cry the most!

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Posted in: A-bomb museum sees record visitors in FY2016, boosted by Obama's visit See in context

What was the lesson learned by America and the rest of the world from Hiroshima Nagasaki? That they should have thousands of missiles on standby with multiple nuclear warheads capable of causing destruction on an scale unseen by mankind.

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Posted in: Author Murakami calls for fight against history revisionism See in context

Japan has apologized dozens of times already. When will other countries apologize for their mistakes? Slavery, killing an entire race of people and taking their land, starting wars and making refugees out of entire countries, using biological and nuclear weapons, while still having thousands of missiles on standby. Germany is a normal country now and they've done just as worse if not more then Japan! They've apologized once and moved On! Learn from it Japan! Follow Germany's example!

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Posted in: China upset after Japanese minister visits Taiwan See in context

China always seems to have a long list of demands from Japan in order to maintain good relations with China, while in return they have to do nothing for Japan, and never care about our concerns or complains. Invading Japanese airspace and Waters hundreds of times a year. While at the same time supporting an aggressive North Korea testing nuclear weapons and launching ballistic missiles towards Japan. They always seem to want to talk about World War II. We can definitely have that conversation, but are you ready to talk about your mistakes as well? Tibet, Tiananmen square massacre, suppressing the Uyghurs minority? You want to focus on Japan's mistakes from 75 years ago while ignoring all of yours including present ones.

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Posted in: Nissan declines talks with union after Mississippi rally See in context

Americans should demand unions not only from foreign companies, but from their own local American brands which don't believe or support the formation of unions!

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Posted in: China says it hopes new Japanese carrier doesn't mark return to militarism See in context

@Hiro They are helicopter carriers! They do not have catapults or the size and necessary equipment to be an aircraft carrier! The Ryukyuans are part of Japan. They have been for hundreds of years! You are more of a burden then those people will ever be!

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Posted in: School operator head testifies in Diet he got Y1 mil donation from Akie Abe See in context

Let's not become like South Korea and over react over insignificant issues such as this One! His wife made a mistake, but he has been a good president overall. Before Abe, presidents came and went just as fast as a tampons need to be replaced. He has tried to improve relations with every single country from the US to EU, Russia, China, Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India etc. The longer he can stay in power the better Japan will be at home and abroad!

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Posted in: 21,897 people committed suicide in 2016; lowest number since 1994 See in context

This is the reason why we constantly have to improve the quality of life for every single Japanese! From the elderly, to the disabled, to single parents and those who are temporarily unemployed!

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd big helicopter carrier enters service See in context

This is a good first step for Japan in taking more responsibility for its own defense and protecting peace and stability in Asia. North Korea's actions are very unpredictable and even China they're only and most reliable Ally doesn't have full control of their actions and belligerent talk. Building up a strong military including a nuclear deterrent is the best way to keep Japan safe and to prevent another Hiroshima and Nagasaki from happening again! I wish the rest of the world would be a pacifist country with no nuclear weapons, but that's not going to happened for a very long time! Leaving Japan naked and exposed will be at a great cost to the Japanese people themselves!

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Posted in: Abe to visit Russia for summit with Putin next month See in context

Agree with your comment Aly Rustom. Russia is playing Japan for a fool. Keep taking Japanese money and business. Make Abe go to Russia multiple times every year like a pet dog. In return Russia has to do nothing for Japan. The only thing I've seen on the table from Russia is a weak promise to let some old Japanese people who are about to die go and visit. It's a big joke and Japan is the one looking like a fool!

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Posted in: France, Japan back free navigation in Asia-Pacific, Abe says See in context

No one told China they do not have freedom of navigation. They're the ones telling others how they should behave when your in the South China Sea, who can come and who can go, China is the one building illegal islands and arming them too. Telling Japan or America not to come in the SCS. But it's okay for China to send their ships and do laps around Okinawa and Mainland Japan. Invade our airspace and Waters hundreds of times a year.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia hold talks on security, territorial dispute See in context

Socrateos, You do know Russia is Arming those islands every single year putting more troops missiles and tanks on them! Even after Japan has been friendly towards Russia, their view and actions speak for themselves. Russians have also specifically said that they would never give land back or trade land. They went to all the trouble and risk to attack Ukraine and take Crimea from then, yet you think they will just hand back those islands to Japan? If you actually look at history and not fantasies you will see that Russia became a huge country by constantly taking more land from others! Not by giving it back!

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Posted in: Japan, Russia hold talks on security, territorial dispute See in context

Russia will never return those islands to Japan! They took those islands illegally and deported all the Japanese living on them. Russia is in a weak position and their allies are very limited. Because of the incident and territorial grab of Crimea more pressure and sanctions have been put on them in the last few years. Japan needs to become stronger militarily and equipped with Nuclear Weapons, that's how you get those islands back! The only country in the world to suffer nuclear attacks on it cities, yet you have none yourself to prevent such an incident from happening again? Wake up Japan you're not fully awake!

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Posted in: B-25 bombers to fly over Ohio to honor historic air raid on Japan See in context

We should commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor and see how much America likes that in return! These are the same group of people who worship nuclear weapons and are happy that they used them on Japan! They have no remorse or regret! I've lived among them and in their country for over a decade. Is this the country that you would trust your National Security in? Is this the country that's supposed to be an ally of Japan?

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Posted in: Japan urges China, Philippines to abide by international tribunal ruling See in context

Japan needs to have a strong military to be able to handle such situations that are happening all around us! You cannot be a pacifist country if your aggressive neighbors want to acquire nuclear weapons or build artificial islands, terrorist killing Japanese citizens! Our security or lack of it, will come at Japan's expense and cost! While America is an Ocean away always in a safe position!

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Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty See in context

We have a long history of this kind of incidents happening around US bases! People have been harassed/raped/robbed or killed!! By US soldiers looking for a good time! Being stationed in Japan it's like going on vacation for these people! Some Americans seem to worry about the financial health of those business without the support of drunken, rude, violent Americans buying those goods! We don't need you to buy anything Japanese, your presence and bases are not welcome! The only reason your there is because of how WW2 ended! For America's interest!! It's time to separate ourselves from this cancerous relationship, one step at a time!!

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Posted in: 6-year jail term sought for man who cut off love rival's penis See in context

Wife deserves punishment as well! Ruined the life of two separate men! We should cut off something on her body as well, maybe she will think twice before being a cheating Who..re!

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Posted in: S Korean president defends sex slave deal with Japan See in context

This is becoming ridiculous and useless! So many apologies, and compensation paid for a third time!! It's never good enough or appreciated! Does more harm then good! We are giving apologies for what happened 70 years ago during your great grandfather's time!! Want to fix the comfort woman problem? Just wait until North attacks again or China becomes aggressive towards South. One day we will get dragged in a major war because of North and South. We should take advantage and wait!! Let Korea come begging to help defend against North or to help reunite that country! Patience Japan!! Let's see which country needs who more!!

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Posted in: Abe says summit with Putin needed to resolve territorial row See in context

If Japan is serious about recovering the northern Islands, then it will have to be by force! You already have thousands of Russians living there!! They have the land mass of two Americas for the same population as Japan! Yet they still had to attack Ukraine and Illegally occupy Crimea! We have the same problem in the Arctic, where Russia is justifying taking half the continent to themselves! and no one is doing anything about it! We need a strong military not only to defend against North Korea or an aggressive China, but against our old enemy who wanted to conquer Asia, including taking Korea like they've done before!! Many people tend to forget that Japan fought a large war against Russia to push them out of Korea! Will have to do the same with these islands, and the Arctic! In the future it will be about the moon and Mars! Will we stand up for anything? Have any rights at any point? It seems like the strong make the rules! While the weak have to apologize and give compensation!! Have you seen America or Britain, Russia apologize or give compensation?!?

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Posted in: S Korean WWII sex slaves protest against Japan deal See in context

Japan is a polite and nice country! That's why Korea is taking advantage of the situation like they've done multiple times in 65 and the 90s, now again in 2015/2016. Japan has even done more than Germany to apologize and pay compensation for a third time! With over 50 apologies since the end of World War 2! We gave them more money and apologies... Do you think this will solve the issue? I bet Not!!

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