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Posted in: A look at the Unification Church's ties to Japan's politics See in context

The Unification Church is a South Korean virus spreading all over Japan, taking advantage of Japanese citizens by taking all the money and resources they have!

The Unification Church is directly linked to PM Abe assassination! How are they still open?? How are they still allowed to operate???

If South Korean PM Was killed by a group connected to Japan== Fire and Fury from the Koreans!! Mass protest in the streets!! Japanese would have to hide or leave South Korea! Fact

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects wartime sex slaves' suit against Japan See in context

Dear South Korea,

You dig the hole, now lay down in it.

You're responsible for making your people hate Japan with a passion!... Now you can't stop it anymore. Can't control it anymore.

Relationship between Japan and S. Korea has reached a dead end thanks to Moon Jae-in.

No trust left.

No respect left.

No honesty left.

No sincerity left.

After 55 Apologies and compensation paid multiple times Japan is done! Rather fight you to the end of the Earth! Then give one more inch to the hateful Korean.

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Posted in: 'Fresh Off The Boat' creator brings 'authentic' Asian-American story to the big screen See in context


Increase in Asian attacks in the U.S. Is reaching 800%

Innocent people being attacked just because their Asian. Beaten and killed.

Wuhan virus, China Virus. Which country said it? Which president said those words?

Yeah.. Keep living in the fantasy land where you know nothing about Asians or what it's like to be Asian.

Ring ring... Did you hear that? Putin is calling for you.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

This is coming from the same country complaining about Japanese UNESCO sites.

Complaining about U.S. Ambassador mustache which his half Japanese, they feel offended by his mustache. Remind them of the past.

.....But you Japan should be ok with dozens of comfort women statues all over the world, now we will put a bowing man in front of them too.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

S. Korea is not Israel.

S. Korea is right next door to Japan has more reasons to keep historical issues open and fresh.

Israrel is 3000kms away from Germany.

Distance matters, S. Korea has a much longer history with Japan compare that to Israel and Germany. Fact

Germany involved in two world wars plus the holocaust have moved on. Normal country again, normal military again, leading EU.

S. Korea will always have political, historical, land, sea issues with Japan because of the distance.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

Let the world be witness.

We are going through a Pandemic.

Relations are already low between S. Korea and Japan.

What does S. Korea do? Escalate the situation with statues like this.

Japan will take a weak approach as always with S. Korea... than wonder why they treat Japan as a joke, not someone to be respected or be taken serious. They can even back out of aggrements signed with no consequences.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy to Seoul shaves off controversial mustache See in context

The question is: What doesn't trigger S. Korea when it comes to Japan...The answer is Everything.

Add Mustache to the list of complaints.

Japanese text books.

Apologies which they don't like.

Compensation paid which they don't like.

Name Sea of Japan.

SDF force patrolling the area.

Intelligence agreement they cancelled.

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Posted in: Japan calls China's reported move on Hong Kong 'regrettable' See in context

The move towards Hong Kong is predictible and expected.

Being aggressive towards India with dozens of soldiers killed is not expected and was very aggressive.

The moves towards Japan by Chinese vessels, airplanes, submarines and drones have increase every year.

I'm in favor of better relations between Japan and China but the CCP should show more support towards Tokyo. Having Japan on your side is the way to success for China, how you avoid another century of humiliation.

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Posted in: Traffic law to punish tailgating to go into effect Tuesday See in context

Best way to avoid this issue and many more when driving in Japan... Take public transportation.

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Posted in: Nissan executives face angry shareholders See in context

By allowing a corrupt foreign CEO name Ghosn to run your companies, destroy the quality of Nissan for short term gain while destroying the reputation with the customers forever.

Keep hiring people like him Nissan, the moment he breaks the law he will Run Away and say it's your fault, it's your countries fault, it's your justice system. Disgusting.

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Posted in: Japan conveys objection to Trump's plan to add S Korea to G-7 See in context

Facts about S. Korea

It's too close to China.

Too close to North Korea.

They love Kim and want better relations no matter how aggressive they act.

They broke an intelligence agreement with Japan which the U.S. also depends on for faster response and cooperation.

Went back on the 1965 aggrement as Final.

Broke the 2015 comfort woman deal as Final.

Trying to change the name of Japan Sea.

Building comfort women statues to bash Japan and as a bargaining chip in debates with Tokyo.

Any power S. Korea gains they will use fully against Japan. Fact

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Posted in: People should be extremely careful about discussing a social issue in the context of evolution as the theory of evolution has a history of being used for improper purposes, such as in eugenics and other disciplines,. This time, the theory was irresponsibly applied to the proposal for constitutional revision, which has nothing to do with evolution. It is deeply concerning. See in context

China rising and being aggressive.

North Korea developed Nukes, aggressive, threaten Japan with Nuclear destruction.

Russia illegally took islands from Japan, took Crimea back by force, aggressive all around Throught history.

South Korea is the most Anti-Japan country in the world. Went back on multiple aggrements. Was aggressive towards SDF planes in Japan Sea.

... But our enemies and Anti-Japan crowd wants Japan to be naked. Have to call Washington and pray they will help. When our citizens get their heads cut off by ISIS America did nothing 0.

Article 9 Forced on Japan by America only benefits our Enemies.

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Posted in: Japan to consider first-strike alternative to Aegis Ashore by October See in context

A stronger Japan more independent will benefit both East Asia, United States, China.

The biggest role I see for Japan in the next century is to keep the peace between great powers. Avoiding another war in East Asia should be the main goal and strategic interest.

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Posted in: Japan expected to compile next economic stimulus package in fall: Amari See in context

Any stimulus should include an increase in Research and development.

Japan is being left behind. S. Korea is spending 2x as much as Japan is, Israel another country doing well also spends a lot on R&D.

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

In the world of Japan bashing... Does it matter when other countries had an increase in people being infected once they reopen?

This is a trend worldwide once you reopen.

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Posted in: Abe finally takes a day off after 148-day work streak See in context

Let's ignore the fact that he lead Japan through one of the worst pandemics in over 100 years. Let's ignore your past comments which you predicted thousands of Japanese dying of the Virus, accused Abe and the government of incompetence just to realize later on Japan succeeded!

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Posted in: Who would you like to see become Japan's next prime minister after Shinzo Abe? See in context

Main requirement: Don't be a quitter.

Before Prime Minister Abe we had dozens of people taking office for a year then quitting over the smallest inconvenience.

If you plan to quit, if your easily offended, can't handle pressure, willing to sign terrible deals for Japan, willing to apologies the moment Korea asks for one, then please don't take office. We tried down that road for the past 60 years and it only back fired on Japan.

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Posted in: Kono says U.S. hasn't requested more money to host American troops See in context

Japan already pays more then any other country for American bases and its soldiers.

Last time America intervene to help defend East Asia was the Korean War. It wasn't to protect and defend Japan.

Another war between South Korea and North Korea is the most likely scenario of another conflict in East Asia. Again it's about Korea.

If you want more money call Seoul and ask them for more money. You liberated Korea from Japanese rule and occupation, then you came to their defense and saved S. Korea from becoming communist country during the Korean War. Seoul and the Moon administration, S. Korea is a rich country who should pay more, the most money, more then Japan! Not the other way around.

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Posted in: China warns of reprisal as Japanese city changes disputed area name See in context

Dear China

Do you understand reality?

Japan has not built anything on those islands, No Japanese living there, no resources are being extracted.

Your upset with Japan because they change the name of the islands from one Japanese name Senkaku Islands to another Japanese name.

You always have called them Diaoyu Islands. 

Be grateful Japan is taking a friendly approach to China. You have very few friends in this world and without Japan's support your setting yourself up for another century of humiliation.

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 75th anniversary of fierce WWII battle See in context

Okinawa has a special place in my heart. I've been there twice as a tourist, beautiful place, the food is great, the people among the friendlist I've seen in the world.

Tokyo should make sure Okinawa is taken care of, the people went through hell because of our actions. They had a choice to be independent or return to be with Japan, they choose Nippon.

We should reduce the American military presence on that island, even if the Americans insist on staying there for strategic, military reasons, their presence should be reduced.

If Japan takes more responsibility for its defense, we won't need 50, 000 American soldiers, you could reduce that number.

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Posted in: Arrested ex-justice minister admits cash handouts, denies vote buying See in context

If you have closes ties with someone and they commit a possible crime then your Responsible too in the world of trolling. If every time a Prime Minister of a country resigns when someone they have close ties commits a possible crime then the government would collapse.

The usual bias double standards when it comes to Japan on display.

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Posted in: U.S. demanded Japan pay $8 bil annually for troops: Bolton See in context

When America forces article 9 on your country then uses the military leverage to extract more money or to make Japan sign the Plaza Accord 1985 sending Japan's economy in the lost decades.

If pressure from China, North Korea, Russia, South Korea is not enough to change your defense policy... Then wait until Trump extracts money out of you like a school bully.

Does buying billions in American bonds don't count?

Employing millions of Americans in that country, good paying jobs. That doesn't count anymore?

Japan already pays more for American bases then any other country in the world. Fact

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

Germany moved on from 2 World Wars and the attempt to exterminate all Jewish people on Earth. Fact

If Israel was right next to Germany the Jews would never let it go, never forgive Germany.

The difference is Israel is a thousand miles away from Germany. Israel is surrounded by Arab countries who attacked them, want the land back, consider Israel the enemy. That's why they moved on from Germany, too far away to matter.

South Korea is right next to Japan, they have political, military reasons to Never Forgive Japan. They have gained so much from playing this card. Apologies and compensation multiple times. Full support from Tokyo no matter how they treat Japan.

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

Dear S. Korea. Most anti-Japan country in the world? Fact

Should we make a list of the problems you have with Japan?

Lets add UNESCO to the list.

Takeshima Island taken illegally from Japan

Trying to change the name of Japan Sea

Comfort women statues around the world

1965 aggrement as Final

2015 comfort woman deal as Final

1993 deal paid by Japanese citizens.

Dont like Japan's Flag

Dont like Japan's government

Dont like our Prime Minister

Dont like the Emperor

50 apologies by dozens of Japanese Prime Ministers and the Korean says it never happened.

Compesation paid multiple times and they move the line every few years.... It doesn't cover this crime, let me think... doesn't cover this either. Korean decides what compesation covers or don't cover even after they signed the papers as Final.

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Posted in: Abe's support rebounds despite ex-justice minister's arrest: poll See in context

The worst pandemic in over 100 years and Japan came out on Top.

The anti-Japan crowd, the haters was talking about the apocalypse coming, mass deaths, mass infection and the government and Abe failed..... Nope. Didn't happen. Japan succeeded! Fact

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will bolster defense after scrapping missile system See in context

If you care about Japan and it's people you would want them to be able to protect themselves just like all other countries not restricted by Article 9.

If those who like Article 9 for Japan you should adopt it for your own country.... No? Going to increase military spending?

Even the Germans have a normal military again after all this time! No article 9 restricting Germany.

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Posted in: Japan eyes thorough review of defense after missile plan suspended See in context

North Korea is also aggressive. Blowing up a peace building which was supposed to be a sign of progress with S. Korea.

Russia took Crimea back by force, still has Japanese Islands, we never signed a peace treaty.

South Korea going back on agreements signed, going back on intelligence pact with Japan, using their radars in aggressive way towards SDF planes.

It's never been more of a dangerous time for Japan then now in 2020.

Be like Germany, even they have a normal military again. No article 9 keeping the Germans behind and weak.

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Posted in: U.S. calls bid by men to avoid extradition over Ghosn's escape 'flawed' See in context

Ghosn the criminal, fugitive, coward who is guilty not only in Japan but the French want him too! Does that count when several countries want this criminal. The people defending this criminal are bias against Japan from the beginning, no amount of evidence and facts would change their mind.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap costly land-based U.S. missile defense system See in context

This missile defense systems from the U.S. Are overpriced and doesn't work as advertised.

The best missile shield system I've seen to date its from Israel. A country constantly under threat from all types of missiles, rockets, ballistic missiles, artillery fire. My advice is built your own, it's an area of defense which Japan should already be an expert but we're not. Fake promises from the U.S. On the capabilities of their weapons like the F35 and the Aegis missile shield have been hyped and story telling, stories of capabilities never proven in real life scenario.

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Posted in: Protests show 'progress' on diversity, says 'Star Trek' icon Takei See in context


Yes because the only victims can be black people. The only suffering, racism, discrimination, violence, assault and murder that counts is towards black people. Indians, Asians, Latino, indigenous people don't count. Only black people count. Make sense if you live inside a Bubble.

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