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Posted in: Cost-conscious males make for stingy relationships See in context

I stand by what I say all the time, Japanese government needs to demolish the strict immigration laws. Apparently Japanese men feel that they rather watch non-talented idol girl groups, play video games, and whatever else instead of trying to date their sexually frustrated women. Bring in more people around the world, especially America, to the country and watch the population grow. Us men in the U.S. would love to date their women and make children with them. Unfortunately Japanese men can't do their jobs properly.

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Posted in: 25-year-old man arrested for stabbing mother to death See in context

Japanese society has gotten completely over their head. Makes me cringe to read such an article being reported.

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Posted in: Japan overturns midnight dancing ban See in context

When I am at the club at night I always try to have as much fun as possible like dance with some cute Japanese women, kissing, and "other" things before midnight. Now that the law has changed a bit, it makes my nightlife even more interesting. Good start.

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Posted in: Mega Dream Summer Matsuri See in context

They should be called NAT48 (No Actual Talent)

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Posted in: Fans vote for Rino Sashihara as new leader of AKB48 See in context

This is a complete joke that people actually pay to go to a meaningless election let alone vote. These girls aren't running for president or prime minister. It is a song really!? Everywhere you go in Japan, and every time you watch TV, NAT48 (No Actual Talent) is on there. A complete joke to the music industry, TV, the country, and pathetic on the people who actually support these no-talented girls. Next subject please.

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Posted in: Anime idols going abroad as 'Love Live!' movie to be released in U.S., 12 other locations See in context

Not finna waste my time watching a fictional, fan service, and lame anime at the movies.

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Posted in: Do surveillance cameras in buildings, stations and on streets make you feel safer? See in context

Unless the police do their jobs properly, surveillance doesn't mean anything.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for filming up woman's skirt See in context

Why is this even news anyway? Put it in the not-important news trash along with AKB48.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from 4th floor of Nagoya police station See in context

It is sad to hear this type of story anywhere. Obviously alcohol and depression played a pivotal role in his death. May he rest in peace.

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Posted in: Risa Yoshiki is back to yell at us, help us become better workers See in context

Someone shut the hole in her face.

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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

For whatever reason, I like Japanese lesbians. I found it sexy.

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Posted in: Group of teenage Thai actors punished for dancing on Japanese train See in context

I understand it may not be respectful to do act that way on the train, but my goodness it is not all that serious. Have a little fun Japanese society. Too much "proper" attitudes in trains.

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Posted in: Journalist's new passport bans him from going to Iraq, Syria See in context

You know what let him go. Japanese citizens like this guy just want to be ignorant and stubburn so let him be captured. Because of this, people don't want to hear his parents, kids, or wife cry to the Prime Minister about saving him from being captured. Allow the idiot to leave.

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Posted in: Police arrest 30-year-old man over 5 acid attacks in Gunma See in context

Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of attacking these women. Is he getting his revenge on them for rejection???? Complete disgraceful at the highest order.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy jumps to death from tower in Niigata See in context

May he rest in peace. Bullying has to be stopped in schools. Parents should get more involved with their children in school. Because unfortunately kids won't talk about their problems.

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Posted in: World's first 'otaku' summit opens in Japan See in context

2 words.... BAD IDEA!!!

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Posted in: 'Talent' Suzanne announces divorce See in context

She realized that he was no longer in the spotlight. So she decided to divorce him while she was still young to go find another celebrity to marry. Not surprised at all. They do it in America. Situations like this is the reason why I believe that celebrities should NEVER date other celebrities.

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Posted in: Woman tries to kill husband because he didn't give her White Day gift See in context

Maybe he has gotten tired of being with an old lady. I guarantee she was more worried about that than just a gift.

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Posted in: Police say number of reported stalking cases in Tokyo highest ever in 2014 See in context

Sad to know this because there are so many beautiful Japanese women in Japan. I don't see why stalk them when you have to have confidence to talk to them. Come on men, show some confidence and talk to them. Don't worry about being afraid of rejection.

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Posted in: AKB48, sister groups to hold concerts to support Tohoku reconstruction See in context

As much as I want to say cruel things about this group, I would conceive that they are doing this for a good cause. Good luck to them.

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Posted in: Japan shrugs off S Korean calls for 'sex slave' apology See in context

Japan have better things to do other than apologizing to these people. No need to explain to these Koreans of their actions that happened over a half of century. Let go of the past and move on.

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Posted in: Suspect rearrested after threatening gas station owner for 2nd time See in context

My goodness, can they put this guy in the retirement home?

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Posted in: 18-yr-old suspect admits killing Kawasaki boy to punish him See in context

I expect the two 17 year olds to face no more than 2 years in prison because they did not kill him. Yet, only set him up by orders of the gang leader. One of them were threatened to be killed if he got involved. Not to mention they were cooperating with the police.

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Posted in: AKB Theater celebrates 4,000 performances, 1 million visitors See in context

I guess the real question is, "Why the hell is this even news in the first place? " He has been awarded to go see talentless girls perform for the rest of his life. WHO CARES!!!

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Posted in: Japanese media self-censorship grows under Abe See in context

Prime Minister needs to stop being upset with the media, and focus more on doing a better job in making this country better. The reason why he is so angry because the media are telling the absolute TRUTH. FACE IT Abe!!! You are exposed!

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Posted in: Pachinko parlor robber gets away with Y2.1 mil See in context

What a coward to steal from an old lady. Thankfully, she is okay.

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Posted in: Crown prince warns of need to remember World War II 'correctly' See in context

The prince is right. However, there are more important things than something that happened in the past. How about continuing to make the economy more better after the country is finally out of a recession.

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Posted in: Happy birthday See in context

At least there is something to smile and be happy about in Japan. Happy Birthday to the prince.

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Posted in: Give us a KISS See in context

I saw a video of this news conference on YouTube and was a bit uncomfortable to see it. One of the KISS members were touching one of these girl's hair, picking her up, and so on. It will be extremely wrong for me to accuse these guys as pedos, but they have been acting really strange around them. I like KISS but this gig with these girls just don't fit their image on a positive level.

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Posted in: Kagoshima schools to resume Saturday classes once a month See in context

I really don't understand why would this be a good idea for the kids though. More like overworking children to me.

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