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5 years ago people stayed very bad with offices at 28 degrees.

Last year almost 1000 old people died for high temperature.

This summer I think that ten of thousands of old people will die or hospitalized when humidity will be high and temperature will go uo 38 degrees.

Fukushima plant only scare people, with zero deads and zero hurted, instead no elettricity will do a lot of deads, more than the tsunami.

But people is stupid because journalist say to be scared for nuclear plants, and prefer that thousands will die for no elettricity.

Dear Japan times write, please, at end of august how many people will be died because the governament will be closed ten nuclear plants.

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In Italy: Tv RAI wanted that viewer belive that Japan was destroid by Fukushima plante explosion, tsunami is not the fault. Newspaper Il fatto quotidiano say that all people working in plants will die in a week Repubblica say that all food is contaminated also the sushi made in Italy because is a japanese recepe: Repubblica hate Japanese because use nuclear and hope in the death of all japanese, so no one will use nuclear (but in 50 years only 60 people died in chernobil but for eplosion, and some people with cancer with radiation 1000 times more than fukushima)

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I think that people that write stupid things in Newspapers and Internet and become racist in real life because they are too stupid to understand that there isnot any danger outside the plant

Have to be fined and arrested

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Killing a free animail is the worst thing to do! Killing a free animal that is disappering from the world is evil Killing the most intellinget animal like is monkeys dolphins and whales is the worst thing that a countrt of people so intelligent can do. Most of japanese do not eat dolphins and whales. BUT YAKUZA pay the minister of fish with a lot of money to have the meat fot the resturant of mafia!

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