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Posted in: Japan eyes MI6-style spy agency See in context

the world needs fewer spy agencies. stop sticking your nose in other countries business is best solution

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Posted in: LDP eyes removing geographical restrictions on SDF activities See in context

so Japan wants to be like the US, "defense" through invasion

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Posted in: 'Golden horde' of Chinese shoppers descend on Japan See in context

pretty proud of my jtodayers for standing up to xenophobia in japanese media if not racism.

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Posted in: Sex slave rally in Seoul See in context

telling koreans to forget about it is like telling Jews too, but wait they have actual memorials to remind people for them

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Posted in: Japan says South China Sea security impacts national interests See in context

im all for japan standing up for itself, but south china sea patrols will unnecessarily embroil them in south china sea conflicts. let those nations that are actually close by stand up for themselves.

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Posted in: Abe defends handling of hostage crisis See in context

there's courage and then there's endangering lives of hostages. abe is unfit to lead.

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Posted in: Abe wants SDF to be allowed to rescue Japanese citizens in danger See in context

abe is taking the lesson opposite to common sense from this

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Posted in: 'American Sniper' triggers angry debate See in context

the guy kills almost three hundred iraqis and is celebrated when WE ARE THE INVADERS

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Posted in: Le Pen urges Japan to avoid making same mistakes as France See in context

sweden is making it work without immigrants

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Posted in: In Asia, 'The Interview' is watched illegally online, and panned See in context

movie was dumb, funny in parts. I generally like seth rogen type comedies, too

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Posted in: China drives growth in patent applications worldwide See in context

agree with igloo. they said japan ripped off the west, even killed vincent chin for it (a chinese american mistaken for japanese which shows how stupid this intraasian bickering is), said the same things about korean and taiwanese when they emerged in the 90s and 00s, but now what appliances do we have in our house? I have a taiwanese tv, a korean ac, still a japanese car though koreans are gaining percentages in the us. nothing I loathe more than blind nationalism.

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Posted in: Abe urges business leaders to increase wages See in context

Problems are depopulation, lack of competitiveness with Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese companies, cost of energy without nuclear

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Posted in: Abe vows to rewrite constitution, instill patriotism in schools See in context

oh damn

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Posted in: Exit polls project big win for LDP See in context

with abe now having majority he needs to push through right wing agenda thanks to middle class apathy, I worry japan is heading down a path to the past

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Posted in: Xi says Nanjing Massacre undeniable on 77th anniversary See in context

psychologists have documented this phenomenon when people are shown information that makes their group look bad. they will deny, deflect, accuse, minimize, move goal posts, change definitions, justify

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Posted in: Struggling Sony to cut pay despite Abe's calls for higher wages See in context

lifetime pay smacks of communism. human beings are meant to do more than just toil at a cubicle

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Posted in: Honda admits failing to report 1,729 deaths, injuries to U.S. regulators See in context

had a honda for many years, took it once a year to get it maintained as per the vehicle maintenance light. then i read recently a letter by honda corp warning its dealers not to push unnecessary maintenance procedures like transmission flushes. why did i have to buy a new car recently despite have less than 130k miles on my honda? transmission needed to be replaced.

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Posted in: Japan and China need each other: Abe See in context

i'm talking of the china-japan issue. not china or japan-another country issue.

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Posted in: Japan and China need each other: Abe See in context

logical fallacy, scipantheist. one issue at a time.

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Posted in: Japan and China need each other: Abe See in context

on abe: "it was seventy years ago. you should get over it. we apologized many times even though we've also taken it back. and we're gonna not teach our children any of this. so we good to make it rain?"

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Posted in: Japan and China need each other: Abe See in context

on abe: "im gonna visit and honor war criminals that slaughtered and experimented on your people at yasukuni and other temples but its cool if we do business right"

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Posted in: Xi tells Abe he hopes Japan will do more to enhance regional trust See in context

glad for this. I think we will see the anti japan and china rhetoric die down in both countries in favor of getting back to growing economies. this is the power to influence and set agendas the people the leaders of states have.

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Posted in: Zuckerberg speaks Chinese, Beijing students cheer See in context

If you live in a diverse community, surprise, you'll have opportunities to marry outside your own race. Check your cynicism at the door please

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard ships in disputed waters See in context

Sorry rightwingers, common sense seems to have prevailed

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Posted in: Expert says 2 Sendai reactors in danger from active volcano See in context

What's more important, that on paper Japan's economy stays third or that the country doesn't become a radioactive wasteland

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Posted in: Abe meets Chinese PM amid furor over lawmakers' Yasukuni Shrine visits See in context

This is a win for both countries

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Posted in: Putin accuses Obama of hostility, meddling See in context

The west forgets that Russia is still a regional power with nukes. I think they, whether valid or not, have a fear of being encircled. Give east Ukraine more autonomy and let's be done with this issue

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to calm down over Japanese reporter See in context

Horrible law to have on the books. South Korea should be ashamed here

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Posted in: Dozens of lawmakers expected to visit Yasukuni Shrine on Friday See in context

Yasukuni, the monument to ww2 denials

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Posted in: Tokyo court rules that hotels must pay NHK fees according to the number of rooms with TVs See in context

Nhk is such a tool for government propaganda. They force you to pay because they know if you're paying for something you're likelier to watch it. Then forcefeed you their line

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