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Posted in: Japan's inflation hits 7-year high See in context

So Kishida's "new capitalism" was just megastagflation after all. Quelle surprise!

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Posted in: Trailblazing referee Yamashita proud of 'dream' World Cup role See in context

Congratulations to Ms. Yamashita, that's a great achievement.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan must boost deterrence as China learns lessons from Russia See in context

Bill Hagerty is a U.S. Republican senator from Tennessee and former U.S. ambassador to Japan.

He's also a loyal Trumpite who believes the 2020 election was stolen.

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Posted in: Candidates criss-cross Australia on eve of election See in context

Straya, one of the finest shows of true democracy in the world.

Really? Voters have a choice of two parties with exactly the same economic policy (socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest) plus a foreign policy dictated by Washington neo-cons. The only times Australians voted for non-USA compliant leaders both were regime-changed by Washington leaning on London.

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Posted in: Buffalo shooter let some people see plans just before attack See in context

You yourself have admitted to being an adherent, right?

There's a few on here, but none will admit to it now, of course. If I remember rightly it's the same people who believe Jessica Arden is a "left wing Marxist."

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Posted in: UK raises stakes in EU feud with threat to break Brexit deal See in context

Under the serial liar Johnson the UK has proved itself to be an entirely untrustworthy partner, prepared to break treaties and agreements at the drop of a hat. It's word is mud. Any government with the clueless ninny Liz Truss as part of it has zero credibility.

“Respect for the rule of law ... runs deep in our Tory veins,” Conservative legislator Simon Hoare said.

So who was just arrested on suspicion of of indecent assault, sexual assault, rape, abuse of a position of trust, and misconduct in a public office? Wasn't one of those "law respecting Tory MPs" by any chance, was it?

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Posted in: Buffalo shooting latest example of targeted racial violence See in context

Pukey2 09:42 am JST

What the mainstream media won't tell you and will refuse to discuss is that the perpetrator had the Black Sun emblem. Now what is the Black Sun emblem, you may well ask. All I can say to America is that if you play with fire, expect to get burnt.

May the victims rest in peace.

Al Qaeda, ISIS, Ukraine neo-Nazis, they just never learn. RIP to the victims.

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Posted in: Newcastle blow up Arsenal's Champions League dreams See in context

The Gooners have gone all Spursy at exactly the wrong time.

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Posted in: Japan signs ¥13 bil loan deal to help Ukraine economy See in context

dagon 07:47 am JST

The aid will be co-financed with the World Bank /The loan is aimed at "fostering de-monopolization and anti-corruption institutions, strengthening land and credit markets, 

The World Bank has a long history of using these 'loans' to further the interests of Western financial oligarchs.

Ukraine is on the disaster capitalism table.

The World Bank and the IMF are two of the props that support American control of the global financial system. Ukraine is now an American debt slave in perpetuity.

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Posted in: Buffalo shooter targeted Black neighborhood, officials say See in context

lincolnman 10:45 am JST

As the US continues to assist Ukraine, will there be more of these white nationalist attacks?

Probably. In 2013 a Ukrainian neo-Nazi who'd been in the UK for just five days murdered an 83 year old man and bombed three mosques in Birmingham.

"During his police interviews, the Ukrainian student made no secret of his motive. "Racism," he said. "I would like to increase racial conflict because they are not white and I am white."

The software engineer had only been in the UK for five days when he stabbed to death Mohammed Saleem on the streets of Small Heath in Birmingham. He went on to launch three bomb attacks on mosques - and detectives believe he would have done it again had he not been discovered."

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Posted in: Man City comeback keeps title in their hands; Tottenham into top four See in context

Wildly exciting games in marked contrast to the rather turgid affair at Wembley on Saturday. Liverpool must beat Southampton tomorrow night to take the title race to the last day, while any one of Everton, Leeds or Burnley could still go down. My money would be on Leeds, but who knows.

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Posted in: China military body may be target of Japan counterstrike capability See in context

The drip, drip, drip of manufactured consent for war with China continues.

Keep them guessing.

Sato himself announced the deployment of Japanese and US intermediate-range missiles in Hokkaido in a recent speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. The CSIS is one of the nastiest and spookiest far-right think-tanks in the US, notorious for its role in the coup against Allende in Chile.

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Posted in: Quad eyes highlighting respect for sovereignty See in context

Respect for sovereignty? That's why ASEAN was summoned to USA a few days back? Most went just out of respect, but we all know ASEAN is fully aware of USA's tactics to use other countries. And most Latin American countries are NOT going to go to this Americas meeting in USA. Probably only Canada. Even Bolsonaro's Brazil is tired of USA's games and boycotting the meeting. All showing solidarity with Cuba, under decades of US-imposed sanctions. Ah, respect for sovereignty again. USA, wanting to have its cake AND eat it.

Neither ASEAN nor the Latin American countries are remotely interested in the US's increasingly coercive and aggressive "diplomacy". The Asian countries just want to trade in peace while the South Americans have suffered through over 200 years of vicious imperialism from the north, and they've had enough.

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Posted in: 10 dead, suspect, 18, arrested in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket See in context

Endless violence, endlessly. The United States' staggering downward spiral into a Christian Fascist neo-feudal dystopia seems unstoppable.

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Posted in: Ukraine opens first war crimes trial of captured Russian See in context

It's all gone very quiet about the supposed capture by the DPR forces of high-ranking foreign military in Azovstal, foreign mercenaries in other areas and two Russian-speaking British SAS chaps, who were busted somewhere they shouldn't have been. The rumours were that they were being taken to Moscow for trial, but seem to have faded recently....

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Posted in: Israeli police beat pallbearers at Al Jazeera journalist's funeral See in context

Shireen Abu Akhleh was shot in the face by a sniper, even though she was wearing her press jacket. Shireen Abu Akhleh was deliberately targeted. Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions now please.

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Posted in: Japan freezes assets of Russia's Sberbank, Alfa Bank See in context

Let's dont discriminate with financial entities and oligarchs that are harming millions worldwide.

Nationalize their assets with extreme prejudice.

Sadly, things are moving in exactly the opposite direction. The British government is now trying to ban the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign in the UK, part of an outrageous attempt to restrict the right to protest and erode human rights.

No were all the individuals named in the Pandora /Panama papers using semi legal means to hide assets from regulations and taxation

Which includes Zelenskiy and his mysterious millions:

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

A few years ago it was revealed that the NPA was spying on muslims in Japan and had secret files on around 70,000 of them, including children. A little racial profiling in the street barely scratches the surface of what goes on here...

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Posted in: Tottenham beats Arsenal 3-0 to tighten race for CL spot See in context

Another excellent performance from Spurs, Conte has exceeded all expectations in a relatively short time. Arsenal shot themselves in the foot though, conceding a soft penalty and Holding's rash elbow got him sent off. All still to play for, maybe Spurs can pinch fourth with the momentum they're building.

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers discuss Ukraine war, impact See in context

Nuland and Truss, neo-con monster and warmongering, clueless clown. God help us all.

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Posted in: Yoon tells Japanese lawmakers he opposes politicizing historical issues See in context

No surprise here really, the Japanese and Korean right are traditionally close. Shinzo Abe's family have long and deep connection to the family of Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church:

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Posted in: Billions spent on overseas counterterrorism would be better spent by involving ex-terrorists See in context

The United States, meanwhile, has spent approximately $91.4 billion on foreign aid to Afghanistan since 2001, while other countries gave billions more. Most of this money went toward Afghanistan’s military.

And there's the crux of the matter: for the Washington neo-cons and the military-industrial complex these endless wars are highly profitable and don't overly endanger American lives. Tax money is sent in the form of foreign aid, which is then returned to the US arms manufacturers who supply the government in question. It's a tax on working Americans, who are funding these wars. The money spigots in Iraq and Afghanistan were switched off, hence the latest endless war we're seeing in Ukraine now, funded by a lend-lease programme.

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Posted in: Musk says he would reverse Twitter's ban of Donald Trump See in context

He fired numerous officials on Twitter and his posts, like his speeches at rallies, were a torrent of misinformation.

Any reader of mainstream Western media is subject to a "torrent of misinformation" every day, Twitter is no exception. Anti-war and independent media outlets are being kicked off Twitter and having their Paypal accounts seized or frozen simply for performing their tasks as journalists, while real Nazis are allowed to freely post whatever misinformation they like.

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Posted in: 50 years after return, Okinawa's strategic importance grows for U.S. See in context

Fact is, the whole of Japan is in the firing line if America decides to go to war in Asia.

I saw Japan described as "Uncle Sam's Asian meat shield" somewhere on the internet recently. An ugly expression but very much straight to the point.

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Posted in: Ideally, Germany and Japan would take leading roles in the defense of democracies in Europe and Asia. There are reasons why this may not happen soon. Some Asians might still hesitate to trust the Japanese. Europeans are less wary of a Germany that has publicly atoned for its murderous past. See in context

Ideally, Germany and Japan would take leading roles in the defense of democracies in Europe and Asia.

Japan's a democracy in name only. There are elections but the LDP always wins, the grandchildren of imperialist monsters are in power and the foreign policy is controlled by the US State Department. Look what happened to Ozawa and Hatoyama when they tried a tripartite rapprochement with China and Korea.

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Posted in: As U.S. poised to restrict abortion, other nations ease access See in context

The staggering collapse of the US into a Christian Fascist neo-feudal horrorshow continues to accelerate. What a nightmare that they're going to take the rest of the world down with them...

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to deepen ties to deter status quo change in Indo-Pacific See in context

One wonders if these politicians are self-aware enough to understand that the "status-quo" and the "rules-based order" actually mean the control of the world's financial systems by the United States through its military power.

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Posted in: Activists urge ad boycott if Musk turns Twitter toxic See in context

Activist groups called on Twitter advertisers Tuesday to boycott the service if it opens the gates to abusive and misinformative posts with billionaire Elon Musk as its owner.

Comedy gold.

Open the gates? Anti-war activists and independent journalists are being kicked off twitter and are under attack on all forms of social media, while real Nazis are allowed to post whatever misinformation they like. The gates are wide open and have been for years now.

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Posted in: On both sides of U.S. abortion debate, protesters vow to fight See in context

Heaven forfend that this "leak" was a desperate, cynical ploy by the party trailing heavily in the polls for the autumn elections.

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Posted in: UK lawmaker resigns after viewing porn in House of Commons See in context

A suitable metaphor for the state of governance in Foodbank Britain in 2022.

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