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Posted in: Israeli forces batter central, south Gaza as tanks advance in Rafah See in context

Over 15,000 children dead, 9 in 10 children living in poverty and on the brink of starvation and all Netanyahu and Gantz can do is keep repeating their embarrassing line about "Israel is the most moral army in the world".

Gaza now has the largest population of child amputees in the world. In January UNICEF estimated that around 1,000 children in Gaza had lost one or both of their legs. This is a rate of 10 per day. Many of these operations were done without anaesthetic.


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Posted in: Biden calls for solidarity with Ukraine at D-Day anniversary ceremony near the beaches of Normandy See in context

“To surrender to bullies, to bow down to dictators, is simply unthinkable,” he said

Unless of course they're American-supported dictators murdering children with American-made bombs from American factories funded by American tax money. The hypocrisy is beyond belief.

The mendacious Biden exploiting D-Day for his own re-election is truly disgusting. This should be a time of quiet reflection on the bravery of those ordinary men and women who gave their lives to end fascism in Europe, not some Hollywood-style self-glorifying celebrity production. Grotesque and nauseating.

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Posted in: Biden to mark D-Day anniversary in France as Western alliances face threats at home and abroad See in context

The old alliance against fascism needs to be active again.

It is. About 90% of the world is in it....

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Posted in: U.S. launches lobbying blitz to sell Gaza cease-fire plan to Hamas through Arab and Muslim nations See in context

Comedy gold. This "new cease-fire proposal" is the one that Hamas surprised the US and the genocidal Zionist government of Israel with last month, the one that the Israelis rejected out of hand. This article is just US government propaganda, lies and half-truths. Garbage.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes Republican bill to sanction International Criminal Court over Israel See in context

The descent of the US political elite into a bottomless black pit of genocide, fascism, for-profit-war, lies and endless corruption continues to accelerate.

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Posted in: Kamala Harris to represent U.S. at a Swiss 'peace summit' for Ukraine See in context

She is a neo lib shill and not even very good at that

She talks nonsense and is very unpopular with her own staff, by all accounts. The Democrat leadership wanted to dump her but firing a woman of colour would have sent an unfortunate message to the voters, apparently. One would imagine that the Netanyahu - Biden Gaza genocide is sending an even worse message, but that's US politics for you.

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Posted in: In blow to PM Sunak, Brexit champion Nigel Farage to stand in UK election See in context

We are going to be the voice of opposition

In the recent UK local elections there was a total of 2,658 seats up for contention. Farage's Reform party won 2. He is the voice of nothing.

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Posted in: Japan must tread carefully amid South China Sea tensions, say experts See in context

WHAT “Experts”, chinese “Experts” ?

The International Institute for Strategic Studies, according to this article. The International Institute for Strategic Studies is largely funded by the ruling family of the Gulf dictatorship Bahrain.

"The government of Bahrain continued imposing restrictions on expression, assembly, and association. Elections are neither free nor fair, and opposition voices are systematically excluded and repressed.

Many members of Bahrain’s political opposition, as well as activists, bloggers, and human rights defenders, continue to be imprisoned for their roles in the 2011 pro-democracy protests and for more recent political activism. They have faced brutal treatment, including torture and denial of medical care. Authorities failed to hold officials accountable for torture and ill-treatment in detention."


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Posted in: Israel describes a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as a 'nonstarter,' undermining Biden's proposal See in context

Genocidal criminal Netanyahu in stilted dialogue with the deranged Nikki Haley, who claims that Israel is fighting "America's enemies". Insane, unhinged beyond words. Imagine believing that all those children, old folks, journalists. UNRWA staff and all the rest are "America's enemies".


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Posted in: Thailand to indict influential former PM Thaksin over royal insult See in context

Would be interesting to know what he said.

He said, "Your majesty is like a big jam doughnut with cream on the top."

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Posted in: Israeli strikes kill at least 37 Palestinians, most in tents, near Gaza's Rafah as offensive expands See in context

Nikki Haley, former US ambassador to the United Nations and presidential candidate, this week visited the West Bank and signed some American bombs. She wrote, "Finish them". Bombs sent by a Democrat for a genocide, endorsed by a Republican. The US Uniparty political elite supports genocide.


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Posted in: Ten Hag defiant on his future after Man United stuns Man City in FA Cup final See in context

Uncharacteristically sloppy defending from City and some misfortune in front of goal combined with the Soccerdevils' overpaid veterans deciding to turn up and play for once cost us another trophy.

Bring on next season!

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Posted in: Japan is changing its yen bills soon, so beware of scam artists, government warns See in context

beware of scam artists, government warns

But the government are the scam artists....

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Posted in: U.N. court order demanding Israel halt its Gaza offensive further isolates U.S. position See in context

Everyone loves them.

In a meeting with Arab-American leaders this week Tony Blinken told them that if Palestine became a state, federal US law would mandate the US defunding of the UN, which would then be forced to cut the World Food Programme and others, resulting in mass global starvation.

Blinken literally threatened to starve the world if Palestinians got their own state. This is blackmail. The US is a terrorist, genocidal rogue state.


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Posted in: British Prime Minister Sunak sets July 4 election date as his Conservatives face a likely defeat See in context

Tony Benn was prescient throughout his career

Watching old videos of Tony Benn on YouTube makes me want to weep, he was so right so often.

I had high hopes of a fairer, more caring Britain under Corbyn, and had also hoped to sometime return home, but that changed when right-wingers of Labour decided to shaft Corbyn, and do anything to prevent them winning in 2016 and 2019. If Starmer wins, I will not be going home again. Not even in a coffin.

I go back to see family and friends but that's it. Who was it said that Labour right wingers were the worst backstabbers in British politics?

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder Assange wins right to appeal against extradition order to U.S. See in context

Assange is a hero of the truth

Damn right, and that's why they want to kill him


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Posted in: War crimes prosecutor seeks arrest of Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Netanyahu See in context

Hopefully the ICC will also be charging every American and British politician who took money to support the Gaza Genocide:


Imagine being so corrupt, so morally bankrupt that you'd abuse your position to take money from a genocidal, child-murdering apartheid state dedicated to destroying freedom of speech in your country.

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Posted in: U.S. to have official in Tokyo dedicated to monitoring China See in context

The NSA spies on everyone in Japan already, why do they need more spies?

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Posted in: We want hunters to be able to fire in urban areas if the situation is right. See in context

That's another great idea.


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Posted in: Seinfeld speech at Duke commencement prompts walkout protesting his support for Israel See in context

Seinfeld supports what Israel is doing, which is killing Palestinians indiscriminately and cutting off food aid, resulting in countless death among women and children.

Seinfeld attended a Bari Weiss event in New York in March. Weiss is an ultra-Zionist propaganda machine and former New York Times journalist implicated in the murder of the Palestinian poet, writer and university professor Refaat Alareer.

Before Alareer, his sister and her four children were deliberately targeted and murdered by IDF bombs in December 2023, he wrote on Twitter, "If I get killed by Israeli bombs or my family is harmed, I blame Bari Weiss and her likes."

Seinfeld supports a woman who advocated the murder of a poet, and all because he mocked IDF propaganda on Twitter.

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Posted in: Japan Day Parade in New York See in context

I hate when I see cosplay and stupid characters representing Japanese culture. Come on - Japan is more than that!

Kitty White, to use her full name, is actually English. She was born in the suburbs of London and is one very rich little kitty indeed:


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Posted in: Seinfeld speech at Duke commencement prompts walkout protesting his support for Israel See in context

Seinfeld's wife Jessica, friend of Bill Acklam, was one of the funders of the organisation responsible for hiring the thugs who attacked the peaceful protesters at UCLA recently. The thugs were Iranian pro-monarchists who have grown close to the genocidal Zionists in recent years as they share a "common enemy".

What's the deal with genocide, Jerry?


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Posted in: Eurovision Song Contest final kicks off after protests, backstage chaos and a contestant's expulsion See in context

Strangely, this "news article" entirely fails to mention that the main sponsor of Eurovision 2024 was Moroccanoil, a hair care products manufacturer, not actually Moroccan but Israeli, and based in Tel Aviv.

Nor does it mention that Eden Golan, the Israeli contestant, said in an interview that she hoped to join the IDF after the contest or that Dutch contender and firm favourite Joost Klein invoked the ire of the Israeli contingent by covering his head with a Dutch flag, clearly unhappy after being sat next to Golan at a press conference. He also loudly asked, "Why not?" when the moderator of the press conference told Golan she didn't have to answer a question from a Polish journalist about her presence potentially endangering the safety of other contestants.

There were also murky rumours of Palestinian flags on the wall of Dutch singer's dressing room being torn down and a "contretemps" between Klein and members of the Israeli contingent who were mocking Klein for the loss of his parents, the subject of his song.

Attempts to hijack Eurovision 2024 as an Israeli propaganda piece while the bombing of Rafah continued have clearly failed.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia is trying to break through its defenses in northeastern Kharkiv region See in context

Lol NATO proxy war? Nonsense tankie drivel.

Lol. How's Victoria these days? Enjoying her retirement?

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia is trying to break through its defenses in northeastern Kharkiv region See in context

watch "ween union"

As much as I enjoy the brown sounds of Dean and Gene I don't think they have a YouTube channel commenting on the Nato proxy war in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Bill would require U.S. to coordinate Japan AUKUS role with UK and Australia See in context

Bill Hagerty

Former US ambassador to Japan, AIPAC whore, Trump stooge and one of the 12 US senators who this week signed a letter threatening the members of the ICC and their families. No surprise to see the genocidal barbarian in the thick of this...

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Posted in: Israel says it reopened key Gaza crossing after rocket attack but U.N. says no aid has entered See in context

The ICC has been threatened with sanctions by the US if it issues arrest warrants for the head war criminal Netanyahu. Absolutely disgusting and just shows the hypocrisy of the US!

12 Republican senators have made threats against Karim Khan, the staff of the ICC and their families in a letter sent to the ICC. "You have been warned," the letter ends. These politicians are just corrupt, genocidal thugs in the pay of AIPAC.

The former US ambassador to Japan is on the list too.


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Posted in: Crystal Palace thrash Man Utd 4-0 to leave Ten Hag's future in doubt See in context

Fantastic performance from Palace, the new manager is doing a great job. Pitiful from United again, they only seem to make an effort against teams they view as rivals.

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Posted in: Starbucks founder Schultz says company needs to refocus on coffee as sales struggle See in context

Strange how the article entirely fails to mention the growing global boycotts of American junk food and coffee shops like Starbucks, as detailed in the links provided by the above poster. Oh wait, it's an AP article, that's why....

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Posted in: Violence flares at UCLA as police end protests at New York's Columbia University See in context

there is no clear right or wrong side here.

Imagine thinking there's no clear right or wrong in genocide, the deliberate mass murder of children, journalists, writers and artists, ethnic cleansing, land theft and the deliberate destruction of hospitals, universities and schools. It's a real head-scratcher alright...

No arrests of the Jewish mob who attacked the peaceful protest with batons and clubs??? Shame on you

Zionist mob, please. Many Zionists in the US are evangelical Christians and there are many Pro-Palestinian Jewish people.

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