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Posted in: New CIA director says she'll send more spies to the field See in context

President Pørnø McMafia grabs Torture Granny and makes lewd face. This is what it's come to, this the age we live in. I can't believe it.

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Posted in: Abe denies discussing vet school plan as favoritism scandal deepens See in context

Quick, Shinzo, run away!!

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Posted in: Defense Ministry to outsource cybersecurity work to private sector See in context

Why don't they ask a Chinese company to do it, like the pensions thing? It would probably be cheaper and more secure...

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Posted in: U.S. toughens stance on Iran; lists sweeping demands See in context

"Who are you to decide for Iran and the world?," the semi-official ILNA news agency quoted Hassan Rouhani as saying. "The world today does not accept America to decide for the world, as countries are independent ... that era is over ... We will continue our path with the support of our nation."

Good. Let's hope more countries will have the courage to stand up to the new Axis Of Evil.

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The mere sight of Johnson makes me want to vomit.

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Posted in: 2018 midterms show start of Democratic scramble for 2020 See in context

There's nothing wrong with socialism. Soviet-style communism is bad, democratic socialism is good. American-style neoliberalism and neoconservatism is destroying the world.

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Posted in: Trump to ask Justice Dept to look into campaign surveillance claims See in context

How do his supporters believe this crap?

That's a good question. The documentary filmaker Alex Gibney has made movies about both Scientology and Trump's business career. He sees definite similarities between the two groups:

"The final film in the series focuses on Trump, who has been covered endlessly over the past couple of years. What more was there to add?

The essence of Trump’s appeal was that he’s a great businessman, so therefore he’ll be a great president. We thought, OK then, let’s take a focused look at what he was like as a businessman.

Not so great, it turns out…

He was an absolutely terrible businessman. Every business he touched withered and died and he would always leave someone else holding the bag. You look at the trail of slime he left behind and just shake your head and wonder.

Why do you think people are still buying into him?

It’s something I dealt with in my film about Scientology: some people just have the need to believe in Trump. They come to feel that he represents part of their character. No matter how much evidence you present to them about what a bad guy this is, they don’t want to hear it, because somehow an attack on Trump is an attack on them."

The Dirty Money episode about Trump is well worth seaching out if anyone hasn't seen it yet.

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Posted in: Olympics predicted to set new overcrowding records on Tokyo public transport See in context

When an international soccer event was taking place in Yoyogi last year

What event was that then? The old Kokuritsu was demolished in 2015.

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Posted in: Hazard wins FA Cup for Chelsea with victory over Man United See in context

Poor game for the neutrals but at least the Goldman Sachs Chevvy Soccerdevils and Miserablinho lost. Hopefully the lumbering gurner Jones will get nowhere near the England team in Russia.

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Posted in: Japanese film 'Shoplifters' wins Palme d'Or at Cannes See in context

What I've seen of Mr. Koreeda's films have been excellent. Looking forward to seeing this one as well. Congratulations!

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Posted in: Modern Meghan radicalizes the royals See in context

That has got to be the biggest load of cobblers and agenda driven axe grinding I have ever read!

John Lloyd is a Blairite hack of the very worst kind. If you think this article is bad you should see his whitewash jobs on Blair and the garbage he writes about Jeremy Corbyn.

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Posted in: Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal discharged from UK hospital See in context

A farrago of lies from beginning to end.

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Posted in: Abe to visit Russia next week for summit with Putin See in context

Strange little article that fails to mention a few rather important points:

The St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is Russia’s most important annual business event.

2018 is the Year of Japan-Russia Culture

This is the culmination of Abe's "new approach" to Russia that started in 2016, the moment of truth for that policy.

If Shinzo can't swing anything here then that "new approach" is dead. The Japanese government has invested a lot of time and energy preparing for this so another failure would be a disaster. Shinzo has worked very hard for this too so coming home empty-handed would be a personal failure as well. Whatever happens though the Japanese Corporate Media will hail it as a great success and praise Shinzo's skill in dealing with Putin.

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Posted in: Prince Charles to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle at royal wedding See in context

What kind of a numpty gets married on Cup Final Day? I wont be watching but good luck to the happy couple, whoever they are

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe splits with actress wife See in context

To paraphrase Caroline Merton: “Minami, what first attracted you to millionaire Ken Watanabe?”

Come on, that's not an answer. It's a brilliant line from the sadly missed Caroline Aherne but it's not an answer. They had two kids together and were married for 13 years or so. What evidence do you have that she married him because of his "fame and or wealth" and, if you don't have any evidence why do you insinuate that?

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Posted in: Cumberbatch Cold War thriller is snapped up at Cannes See in context

Saw his Hamlet in the Barbican and it was quite magnificent. Incidentally, Jim Norton (Father Ted's Bishop Brennan) was also in it.

I'm jealous!

Makes me laugh every time. Absolute genius.

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe splits with actress wife See in context

High profile men, such as movie stars, sportsmen, and wealthy businessmen attract women like moths to a candle. Any woman marrying such a man, quite possibly because of his fame and or wealth should familiarise themselves with the Latin phrase caveat emptor.

Why are you insinuating that Minami married Watanabe for his money and fame? Do you know them? Do you have information not contained in the article? If so, please share.

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Posted in: Cumberbatch Cold War thriller is snapped up at Cannes See in context

Benylin Thundercrack is currently acting up a storm in the brilliant Patrick Melrose. What an actor he's grown to be. All three of these movies sound great, will be watching for sure.

I fell asleep twice during McMafia and never made it to even halfway through the series. James Norton is good but the script was poor and the dialogue dull.

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Posted in: Mueller concedes he can't indict Trump, says Giuliani See in context

Yeah and the left didn’t use to cheer for MS-13, Hamas, illegal aliens, North Korea and Iran just to try to be anti-trump either. Might have something to do with the right being tired of that crap.

There you go again, as old Ronnie famously said. Fantasy nonsense.

It's only comparable to the level of pure hatred the American extreme left exhibits for anyone not like themselves, as is their seeming total disconnection from reality.

Really? You have leftists in the US? All I see are extreme right-wing nutters and some moderate centrists.

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Posted in: Trump seeks to placate N Korean leader over uncertain summit See in context

These are not "rambling" remarks at all. Quite the contrary, his remarks were very calculated and on point.

Comedy gold.

Trump had no idea what Bolton meant by the "LIbyan model". Bolton meant the 2003 agreement to surrender Gaddafi's nuclear equipment but President Pørnø McMafia thought he meant "invade and kill".

Trump has no idea what's happening, he just wants to be centre stage, basking in media attention.

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Posted in: Mueller concedes he can't indict Trump, says Giuliani See in context

The level of pure hatred the American extreme right exhibits for anyone not like themselves is frightening. As is their seeming total disconnection from reality. It never used to be like this and it's very sad to see.

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Posted in: Trump repaid attorney who paid off Stormy Daniels: ethics disclosure See in context

Comedy gold. President PØrnØ and his mobbed up lawyer paying off porn stars and pregnant models. It's just like the 70s, with Cohen instead of Roy Cohn.

"Until 2016, Cohen had a minority stake in an establishment owned by his uncle, Morty Levine, who according to a sworn FBI affidavit was a personal doctor and fixer to a Lucchese crime family. Fixing is what you might call a family business. After all, Cohen is a businessman above everything else. At least that’s what his biggest client called him, in his recent jaw-dropping interview with Fox & Friends."


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Posted in: Aso ridicules N Korean leader's plane See in context

They kept him chained up in the basement of LDP headquarters for a couple of years but he's out now. There'll be a hot time in old Ginza, tonight! The drinks are on the taxpayer! Cheers, Taro. Hic!

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Posted in: Japan passes law to get more women into politics See in context

"I hope this law will make a big change in Japanese politics," said Internal Affairs Minister Seiko Noda, one of the members who drafted the legislation, according to public broadcaster NHK. "I hope women who were hesitant to become candidates will be courageous" and run for election, she said.

The same Seiko Noda who demanded Duterte remove the sex slave statue from Manila and refused to call out the senile, hostess-bar hopping Aso for his bizarre comments about women. Her grandfather was Construction Minister (!). It's hard to get more women into politics when those that are, and are in the LDP, align themselves with the dinosaurs.

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Posted in: Homeland Security boss defends separating immigrant families See in context

Just last week, President Donald Trump criticized Nielsen at a Cabinet meeting for not doing enough to stop illegal border crossings. He discounted her explanation that her department faces legal restrictions on what it can do, according to people familiar with the exchange.

Reassuring to see President Pørnø still displaying the same contempt for the law as he's shown throughout his business career.

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Posted in: Group of Japanese teens busted for marijuana; say 'We wanted to be like foreign musicians' See in context

So these Japanese kids are smoking weed they bought from a Japanese crime syndicate inside of Japan, and yet it's still somehow foreigners fault. I've officially heard it all.

Bizarre isn't it. And yet the Yakuza import methamphetamine from North Korea, sometimes in league with the police:

 "A Hokkaido detective who held the police record for most firearms confiscated in a single year eventually confessed that he had cut a deal with a Hakodate yakuza gang: they gave him the guns and in return he pretended not to notice their 2-ton shipment of cannabis and crystal meth."

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Posted in: U.S. sailor referred to prosecutors for alleged drug smuggling See in context

I’m curious to know what the narcotics in question were.

Probably ecstasy but they make a wide variety of synthetic drugs in Canada.

"In recent years, Canada emerged as a global epicenter of synthetic and counterfeit drug manufacturing and processing—with everything from MDMA to fake Viagra flowing from clandestine labs north of the U.S. border. A 2005 State Department cable identified Canada as a “significant producer and transit country for precursor chemicals used to produce synthetic drugs,” and a “hot spot” of rising clandestine lab activity."

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

For anyone wondering why trumpo did this, follow the money. adelson demanded for it after paying for trumpos campaign.


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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

A massacre of unarmed civilians, 100 yards from the border. 55 dead and thousands maimed. The corporate media rushing to print Likud's lies and no condemnation from Western leaders. Disgusting. This is all down to President Pørnø.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor referred to prosecutors for alleged drug smuggling See in context

It's interesting to note that since the cops busted the Yokosuka LSD ring the US navy ships based there have stopped crashing into things. One wonders if this is part of Fat Leonard. Still, they've got this dimnil bang to rights and he's going down.

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