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Posted in: U.S. intel report warns of more violence by QAnon followers See in context

stormcrowToday 11:10 am JST

These QAnon people and goofy whatnots are going to be more prepared and more dangerous the next time around. If you just give them a slap on the wrist for what they did on Jan. 6th, then they'll be even more encouraged to try it again.

That's right. A British court just sent a former Neo-Nazi UKIP member to jail for 18 years for terrorist offences.

In the UK, foreign-owned right wing media pumps out anti-muslim propaganda on a daily basis, but it's the home-grown nutters who are making bombs in their cellars.

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Posted in: NBCUniversal CEO says Tokyo Olympics could be most profitable ever for company See in context

It seems NBC has added a new sport to the Olympics: clambering over the corpses of the dead and dying to grab a "record profit".

Let's hope his comments are splashed all over the Japanese media.

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Why is so difficult to accept that politics and sport are an incendiary toxic mix.

International football is played between countries. Countries are distinct political entities. I'd be interested to hear how people propose to remove politics from games between political entities.

hmmm1Today 07:44 am JST

Get Politics out of sport.

I think you mean Get Politics I don't like out of sport.

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Posted in: Dentist arrested over possession of 3 modified model guns See in context

Mr. Koi is definitely going to be looking down in the mouth now.

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Posted in: England players booed for taking a knee despite plea by team See in context

LudditeToday 07:56 am JST

The boos were drowned out by most of the fans applauding.

Yes, that's what I heard on my TV. A timely reminder that the EDL/BNP/UKIP knuckle draggers are a small minority.

MickeliciousToday 08:29 am JST

What do we expect with one of the most reactionary right-wing governments ever?

Every time this topic is raised with Lying Johnson I expect him to say, "Gosh. Look, yes. Jolly good. Fine people on both sides. Certainly. I think."

LudditeToday 07:56 am JST

Great match, England were great.

There were indeed. Raheem awoke from his lengthy slumber to score the winner, Kalvin Philips bossed the midfield, Mount was terrific and the Stockport Iniesta hit the post. Even Pickford looked comfortable! The Scotland game should be a cracker.

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"A taste check will be required before entry"

What? Does this mean some old geezer will be taking a mouthful of your under 750 ml water bottle before you're allowed in? Ewwwww....

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Posted in: Fans told to 'respect' England players over kneeling row See in context

Sport is not the place for political protest. For causes we agree with or those we don't.

So you'll be against the upcoming American-led attempt to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics next year, then? I'll be looking forward to your posts supporting the Chinese government when they claim politics should be kept out of sport.

BungleToday 09:04 pm JST

Southgate came out and said that players who refuse to take the knee are not welcome in his squad.

Yawn. More lies from the peanut gallery.

misguided, a tad bonkers.

No, he's intelligent, articulate and extremely thoughtful. Which you'd know if you'd read this essay he wrote for the Player's Tribune this week:

"The last 18 months have put added pressure on everyone, I know. Venting that might have taken place while walking out of the stadium, or in the pub has been transferred online. I get that. However, there are things I will never understand.

Why would you tag someone in on a conversation that is abusive?

Why would you choose to insult somebody for something as ridiculous as the colour of their skin?


Unfortunately for those people that engage in that kind of behaviour, I have some bad news. You’re on the losing side. It’s clear to me that we are heading for a much more tolerant and understanding society, and I know our lads will be a big part of that.

It might not feel like it at times, but it’s true. The awareness around inequality and the discussions on race have gone to a different level in the last 12 months alone.

I am confident that young kids of today will grow up baffled by old attitudes and ways of thinking.

For many of that younger generation, your notion of Englishness is quite different from my own. I understand that, too.

I understand that on this island, we have a desire to protect our values and traditions — as we should — but that shouldn’t come at the expense of introspection and progress."

That's good stuff, neither misguided nor bonkers.

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Mr KiplingToday 05:39 pm JST

Let's hope they boo the roof off the stadium over this pointless empty gesture forced on the players.

Hmmm, so you're in favour of booing your country's national team moments before they kick off the Euros over a ten-second peaceful protest against discrimination, injustice and equality. Okay.

pointless empty gesture forced on the players.

The players are all in favour. More fake news.

Respect the fans that are paying your wages.

Footballers are paid by their clubs. They don't earn wages. For international games they receive a small fee from the FA which they donate to charity. For 10 years or so it was a bowel cancer charity, I'm not sure about now.

Seriously, if you're going to slag off the England team you could at least spend five minutes getting your basic facts straight.

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Posted in: Fans told to 'respect' England players over kneeling row See in context

BungleToday 10:05 am JST

England is the only team in the whole of the Euros which is getting on their knees... let's hope Croatia keep them there.

Yeah, I saw Belgium making a 10 second anti-racism protest before the Russia game. More fake news...

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Posted in: Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China See in context

China overtook Germany to become the UK's biggest import market as trade in goods with European Union member states plunged because of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, official data show.

So not only has Brexit cost Britain around $1 billion a week since the vote, the country is becoming more reliant on trade with China than ever before.

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Posted in: Booing of anti-racism gesture reinforces need to take a knee See in context

England footballers Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson will receive the MBE as part of Queen Elizabeth's birthday honours list announced on Friday.

Yes, that was heartening to see. I think Marcus Rashford received one last year for his food bank efforts. Three good guys all round, long may it continue.

This is just fantastic...

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Posted in: G7 pledge to share vaccines, make a fairer global economy See in context

Cold War Steve is killing it, as usual. The man's a genius!

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Polls: U.S. image abroad has rebounded since Biden took office

On a personal level he's obviously a huge improvement on the subliterate criminal braggart who had the job before, but back in February he started bombing Syria. Plus ca change etc.

He'll get points for persuading Lying Johnson to adhere to the GFA and Brexit agreements, though.

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Posted in: Biden, Johnson strike warm tone in first meeting See in context

Anodyne pap that fails to mention how US Officials warned the UK about inflaming tensions in Ireland by not compromising with the EU and not respecting the Good Friday Agreement.

Britain hoped to secure a quick trade agreement with the U.S. after its official departure from the EU in January. The change in administration in Washington leaves prospects of a deal uncertain.

Carrot and stick, something Lying Johnson can understand.

Some on the British side have viewed Biden warily because of his heritage.

Biden's American, born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This "heritage card" that American politicians like to play doesn't mean anything outside the country. The last guy tried bragging about his Scottish mother but everyone up there just hates his guts and mocked him everywhere he went.

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Posted in: China defends cultural links with Japan amid online nationalist fury See in context

lucabrasiToday 05:13 pm JST

Reminds me of what’s happened in the good old US of A….

Yeah, 30 years of hate radio, 25 years of Fox News, 15 years of Breitbart and just look at what kind of people that breeds.

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

HBJToday 08:37 am JST

Suga’s election campaign starts now!

He's getting slaughtered over the Sugawara scandal, the slow vaccine rollout and the Olympic scam. Right now on TV they're lambasting him for his bizarre performance in the Diet yesterday. These puff piece articles from Japan's Pravda are a desperate attempt to bolster his support.

if you hate everything about Japan and are determined to complain no matter what, why are you still here?

So, criticising the government = hating Japan? What a strange comment.


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Posted in: Preventing heat stroke is important, too, but without masks, more people will be deemed to have been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient, and that will lead to a school shutdown. Maintaining a balance is difficult. See in context

Schools and education boards are dumping the responsibility onto the children themselves.

"The woman said the school’s guidelines stated, “Children should wear a mask, in principle, at the athletic festival, but we will leave it up to the students whether to put on or take off their masks in competitions.”

The woman said about half of the children did not wear masks in a footrace, but the majority did for the dance.

“I was watching it with bated breath, worrying if a child would collapse,” she said. “It is a life-threatening matter, and I thought the school’s guidelines were irresponsible.”

Kojiro Ishii, a professor at Doshisha University’s Faculty of Health and Sports Science Department, said: “Do not leave the decision up to children. Adults should give the instructions.”

Why kids are dancing in groups during a pandemic, and why their parents are allowing this are another questions, but how are small children expected to know what's best for them?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Village considering ban on alcohol See in context

Buckfast for Breakfast!

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Posted in: Suga regrets having to take all the heat for hosting Olympics during pandemic See in context

PimToday 08:05 am JST

Sort of agree with the previous posts but, still, I am wondering where Koike has been lately.

She did exactly the same thing in February and March last year, disappeared entirely for about six weeks then miraculously reappeared the day after the Olympics were canceled.

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Posted in: Japan leans toward holding Olympics with domestic spectators: report See in context

George TownesToday 04:40 pm JST

I wish J-Gov would stick it to the IOC and have an Olympics with no spectators. How would that look on TV? Not very good.

I am almost certain that the J-Gov is being pressurred to do this even though it isn't being said publicly.

Tokyo metropolitan schools are going to send 810,000 junior, middle and high school students to fill the empty seats at Olympic venues.

According to the article, the plan was hatched before the pandemic; those in charge apparently see no reason to cancel it now.

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Posted in: Japan leans toward holding Olympics with domestic spectators: report See in context

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Matsuda on the telly yesterday claiming that the Olympics will be held for "world peace and to unite humanity."

It's almost as if these executives are in competition to produce the most ludicrous hyperbole.

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Posted in: France's Macron slapped in the face while greeting crowd See in context

dbsaiyaToday 08:29 am JST

All of his security detail should be fired. Given the political climate, they should have been ready for this.

Really, given how British MP Jo Cox was murdered in a car park in broad daylight by a far right extremist only a few years ago.

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

Some dudeToday 07:44 am JST

It’s instructive that they feel the need to impose all these restrictions. It’s almost as if there were a pandemic going on or something.

(While I have the floor, I just have to give a virtual fist bump to Alfie for his avatar. ”Peter, you’ve lost the news!”)

Still funny 27 years later. "Peter, you're lying in a news grave. Do you know what's written on your headstone?"

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

Let's hope they have a better app than COCOA, that thing failed completely.

others (14,500).

Inquiring minds would like to know who these others are.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers seek emergency clause for constitution to deal with crises See in context

Jolly old LDP. Never waste a good crisis or spurn an opportunity to destroy democracy and human rights in Japan.

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Posted in: Global crackdown on organized crime after high-tech U.S.-Australia sting See in context

Bjorn TomentionJune 8 10:16 pm JST

Organised crime is still functioning and running as normal, just look at the govt's in those countries you can see how it is flourishing no change , the corrupt ones are still in power.

That's correct.

"The yakuza invasion of Japan’s financial markets in recent years has been amazing and rapid. Prime Minister Koizumi (who’s grandfather was a yakuza and a member of the Yokosuka-Ikka which was later absorbed into Inagawa-kai crime group) , under encouragement from the Bush administration and with the advice of Miyauchi, the chairman of the Orix group, instituted a widespread relaxation of previous laws and regulations of the finance industry which made it possible for organized crime to get their foot in the door, and once they got inside the House Of Commerce, they decided to stay."

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 369 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,884 See in context

The numbers aren't being fiddled as such, the MHLW has just "revised" its way of counting cases. That this "revision" has led to a miraculous decrease in numbers, so that Japan is now no longer in Stage 4 of the pandemic is just a coincidence. Medical advisors say that the Olympics should not proceed if Japan is at Stage 4 of the pandemic. Now it's not, so the Olympics can go ahead! Hurrah!

Kyoto residents might be interested in what's happened to the testing numbers in their city.

Just when you think it can't possibly sink any lower, it finds a way.

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Posted in: Town hit by threats, complaints over COVID vaccination program for youth See in context

eight faxes.

There's nothing amusing about the story at all, but this raised a chuckle.

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Posted in: Half of Japanese people think Olympics will be held this summer: poll See in context

zichiToday 11:18 am JST

The greater financial disaster is the nuclear one. The games won't even come close to that.

It's ironic that this Olympics began with Shinzo Abe's big lie in Singapore in 2013.

The games won't come close to the catastrophic damage of climate change either:

Climate change is set to batter the world's economy with a G7 loss double that of coronavirus

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