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Posted in: British PM Truss forced into humiliating tax U-turn See in context

The Financial Times is now nothing but a leftist propaganda rag like the Guardian. Anything to the right of these people is viewed as 'far right' or 'fascist' or some other silly nonsense.

Funny. The Guardian is a monarchist, sh*t-lib mouthpiece for the British security services that spent years fake-smearing Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite and abandoned Julian Assange to his fate.

The Financial Times is owned by Nikkei, that well-known hard left Japanese media empire....

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

This article is nothing more than an LDP press release repacked as "news".

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Posted in: British PM Truss forced into humiliating tax U-turn See in context

I wonder what else she is absolutely committed to.

The furtherance of her own career. That's all. 28 years ago she was an anti-monarchist who believed in fairness and common sense....

Now she presides over what the Financial Times declared last week was the "world's most right wing government."

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Posted in: Antonio Inoki, Japanese pro wrestler politician, dies at 79 See in context

RIP, definitely one of the good guys.

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Posted in: Russian athletes who do not back invasion of Ukraine could return to competing: Bach See in context

Yet another reason to boycott this tawdry farce. Gold medal for hypocrisy there, Mr. Bach.

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Posted in: UK Labour leader accuses government of trashing economy See in context

PM Truss has not spoken in public for 7 days.

She's in the mud. It's been widely reported that she held a private dinner with top hedge fund managers a few days before the mini-budget. The hedge fund managers then shorted the pound and made a killing.

Leading Tories are planning a no-confidence motion in Truss already and several will boycott the Tory Party conference next week.

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Posted in: Abe's militaristic funeral captures Japan's tense mood See in context

Military bands, 19 gun salutes, leader worship, bemedaled general hoisting the ashes around - it looked like the 1930s all over again.

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Posted in: Japan set to honor assassinated Abe at controversial funeral See in context

Abe propaganda has no border.

Sadly, the BBC is nothing more than a state-affiliated propaganda mouthpiece these days.

This includes swimming and diving around water streams, looking into manholes, and other odd areas

Yes, I caught a glimpse of this on the NHK news last news - there were divers swimming through the Imperial Palace moats and groups of coppers lifting manhole covers and shining torches into the murk, all watched by hordes of media. Pitiful stuff.

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Posted in: When you hear the expression “there never will be another like him/her,” which movie star, musician or sports star comes to mind for you? See in context


Genesis P-Orridge

Oh yes

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Posted in: Pink Floyd founder cancels Poland concerts after war remarks See in context

Assange was sent to prison after being convicted of breaching bail, which is a crime.

Yes, you're right. He breached bail so he's spent 1,200 days in Britain's highest security jail for the offence of exposing American war crimes.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd founder cancels Poland concerts after war remarks See in context

Legrande 09:59 am JST

He knows and is aware of more than your average mass media-conditioned / have to fit into my workplace and peer group person.

Waters is a staunch, long-term supporter of the Australian journalist Julian Assange, who has now been held for over 1,200 days in Britain's maximum security Belmarsh prison, despite never having been convicted of a crime.

Assange's 'offence' is exposing US war crimes in in Iraq, Afghanistan and the military prison at Guantánamo, including the 'collateral damage' video which shows the murders of at least 18 unarmed civilians, including 2 Reuters journalists, in Baghdad in 2007 by an Apache gunship. For exposing these and other war crimes Assange became the target of a kidnapping and murder plot by Mike Pompeo's CIA.

Waters is 79, an age where most British millionaire rock stars are content to sit on their chintz sofas in their Surrey country houses dreaming of past glories; instead, he's out there fighting the power with the passion of a man half his age.

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Posted in: U.S. to seek stronger labor, environmental standards in Asia See in context

Among them, the U.S. wants the Indo-Pacific countries to improve their labor and environmental standards

What? Every US government since Reagan has attempted to destroy all the hard fought gains in labour and environmental protection made since the 1850s, as is the current British government, whose intention seems to be a kind of neo-feudalism. Is this article some kind of a joke?

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Posted in: Crown prince, 6 other imperial members to attend Abe state funeral See in context

Further proof the Japanese Royals are prisoners in their own country.

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Posted in: Truss, Kishida to work on countering China See in context

That's the article that talked about the UK shortly falling below Slovenia and below Poland by 2030, isn't it?

That’s the one. Can you imagine Polish workers in 2030 moving to the UK and having to accept a pay cut? 12 years of Tory austerity right there...

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

This is the second time a Japanese man has set himself on fire to protest Abe; the first time was in 2014 when a man immolated himself on a pedestrian walkway near Shinjuku station, to protest Abe's plan to allow the SDF to participate in collective self-defence despite article 9 of the Constitution.

Even dead Abe is still causing pain and suffering to Japan, let alone the outrageous cost to taxpayers of his Nippon Kaigi Matsuri.

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Posted in: Truss, Kishida to work on countering China See in context

Truss, who also met French President Emmanuel Macron in New York, plans to use her first trip abroad since taking office on Sept 6 to pledge billions of pounds of further support for Ukraine to defend itself against Russia.

22% of the British population is now living in poverty, inflation is expected to reach 18% next January and the Financial Times just declared the UK is a "poor country with some very rich people". Yet this haunted ventriloquist's dummy pretending to be the leader of the country is giving billions to a bunch of Nazi stooges so they can sacrifice their countrymen in killing Russians to appease the US State Department. Unreal.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth's coffin starts journey to final resting place See in context

You obviously are not living in the UK right now. And tomorrow everyone will return to 5 hour waits for emergency ambulances, overnight waits in A&E, a broken public transport system, and a year of public workers strikes.

When people can't get an emergency ambulance to save them in time the country are spending this money and giving this send off for someone that none of us are related to.

A couple of excellent posts. The UK is in serious trouble as the number of shocking news stories that were conveniently submerged under coverage of the Queen's death last week show. That wasn't so much a funeral as an establishment spectacle created to sanctify the monarchy and consecrate the ruling class order in Britain. According to the Financial Times last week Britain is now officially a poor country with some very rich people, none of whom will be dying of malnutrition or hypothermia this winter.

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Posted in: Queen's 8 grandchildren hold silent vigil beside her coffin See in context

It has been a truly unifying event for the nation.

It has indeed. The number of people disgusted at this nauseating display of enforced mourning, unhinged propaganda and servile obsequiousness from the media who are now supporting the dissolution of the monarchy and the introduction of a Republic has increased dramatically.

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Posted in: Obama to skip Abe's state funeral; Hagerty to attend See in context

Obama/Clinton were the instigators of the soft coup that ousted Hatoyama Yukio in 2010 and led to the return of Abe and the LDP. Now that Abe's murder has led to the exposure of his family's multi-generational connections to the fascist cult Unification Church, the US political elite are distancing themselves from the scandal.

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Posted in: Arrests of UK anti-royal protesters spur free-speech debate See in context

So, there's no difference between Putin's Russia and the UK now? Scary times indeed....

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Posted in: Iconic French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard dies at 91 See in context

A true hero, a legend of world cinema, a rare genius. RIP.

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Posted in: King Charles, in first address, vows 'lifelong service' See in context

King Charles, in first address, vows 'lifelong service'

That'll be lifelong service to promoting arms sales to brutally repressive Middle Eastern absolute monarchies then.

Not that his mother was ever wont to refuse gifts from autocratic rulers of oil-rich countries either.

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Posted in: Australian leader Albanese plus 3 former PMs to attend Abe funeral See in context

it never ceases to surprise me how differently Abe is seen overseas and in Japan.

His family have been owned by the CIA/US State Department/Unification Church since the 1950s, bulwarks of American global hegemony. Most Japanese understand this, most outside the country don't.

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

A disgrace. Even dead this man is still robbing the public purse.

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Posted in: Argentina's 'Dirty War' trial on screen at Venice See in context

We should remember who helped the military take over and who supported them.

And are still doing exactly the same thing all over the world 40 years later.

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Posted in: Liverpool, Man City held to draws; Chelsea rallies for win See in context

Fair play to Villa, they were under pressure after a slow start to the season but played very well and deserved a point.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe was highly regarded both within Japan and internationally, and there have been many messages of condolence since his death. We believe it is necessary for Japan as a country to respond to that as international etiquette, and so we decided that it is best to conduct this funeral as an official event hosted by the government and have international visitors attend. See in context

It seems that the historical revisionist coverage of Abe's dismal career shown by the US media following his murder was dropped the instant the Unification Church connection was revealed. A desperate attempt to validate the state funeral by claiming "international" regard for Abe here from Matsuno, especially when the Japanese media is full of astonishing tales of mass corruption in the LDP every day.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to organize Sri Lanka creditors' meeting on debt crisis See in context

Another strange Reuters article that entirely fails to mention that 81% of Sri Lanka's foreign debt is owned by Western financial institutions, as well as Japan and India. Only 10% is owned by China. The top holders of the debt in the form of international sovereign bonds (ISBs) are:

BlackRock (US)

Ashmore Group (Britain)

Allianz (Germany)

UBS (Switzerland)

HSBC (Britain)

JPMorgan Chase (US)

Prudential (US)

The World Bank and the IMF are two major props of American control of the global financial system.

Given the emphasis on China in the article and the failure to mention US/European ownership of the debt, it seems increasingly likely that Reuters are returning to their previous policy of state-affiliated propaganda.

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Posted in: Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis worsens See in context

Bizarrely, this article fails to mention the astonishing profits made by the price-gouging energy companies driving the cost of living crisis:

In the second quarter of 2022, BP tripled its profits to £7bn.

Between April and June 2022, Shell made record profits of £10bn.

Centrica, the owner of British Gas, showed an operating profit of £1.34bn for the first half of 2022. That's 5 times the profit they made during the same period last year.

E.ON made £3.047bn in profit in the first six months of 2022.

It's obscene profiteering, which is why the movement to nationalize the energy sector is gaining strength day by day. The UK is in serious danger of turning into Weimar 2, and we all know what that led to.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

The organizations he worked for should fund it, not taxpayers.

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