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Posted in: Prince Charles says royal family 'deeply grateful for world's support See in context

"His Royal Highness leaves us with a legacy of indomitable spirit, steadfastness and an unshakeable sense of duty.”

What a shame his children didn't inherit those traits. The British media has gone "full North Korea" on its coverage, by all accounts, something he would have hated. RIP (except for the racists jokes part).

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

Well well well. The old dump-it-in-the sea solution was the one chosen. What a surprise. One wonders how much supplementary support budget (or however they will name it) will be required to compensate for the destruction of the Tohoku fishing industry.

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Posted in: 21 Japan infection research center officials hold party See in context

Why is the article not start with this sentence?

Because Kyodo.

Also, it was widely reported on Wednesday in the vernacular media that several of the 23 numpties that attended the notorious sayonara party for the Health Ministry chief dalek in Ginza have now contracted coronoavirus.

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Posted in: Northern Irish leaders struggle to quell worst violence in years See in context

But the problem with Johnson is that he's lazy and disinterested. And you can't fix that.

And an utter liar. Here he is, back in 2018 at the DUP conference, claiming that no Conservative government “could or should sign up to any such arrangement” that saw regulatory checks down the Irish sea.

Johnson's job was to deliver Brexit, which he and the others achieved by lying through their teeth and not giving a toss about the consequences. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and the Tories own this mess. They were warned repeatedly but deflected the criticism with ludicrous claims about project fear scaremongering.

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Posted in: Australia doubles Pfizer vaccine order as AstraZeneca clotting worries upend rollout See in context

BungleToday 03:15 pm JST

only the AZ one is coming under the microscope? Why?

Because it's made in the UK and offered on an open licence at cost price. Only a simpleton would believe that Pfizer and Moderna, which are earning billions of dollars from their vaccines, would be happy with that.

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Posted in: Viral thoughts: Why COVID-19 conspiracy theories persist See in context


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Posted in: United Airlines prepares to shake up white, male-dominated pilot population See in context

This is going to scare some regular commenters. You know they aren't comfortable with the idea of women.

They're terrified of Meghan Markle, Naomi Osaka, Jacinda Ardern and Brittney Spears. Psychologists could base an entire conference on it!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay taken off streets of Osaka See in context

It's heartening to see a Japanese politician not afraid to put the health of his constituents before corporate greed and nationalist posturing.

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

but the rollout has been held back by slow supply from Pfizer Inc.

Third paragraph in and the article is already blaming a foreign company for the Japanese government's inactivity. Yup, it's a Kyodo report.

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Posted in: Vinicius double puts Real Madrid on top against Liverpool See in context

Another defensive nightmare for Trent. He played very well against Wolves at the weekend and a rest over the international break seemed to have revitalized him but he had a shocker in Madrid.

The Stockport Iniesta played superbly as City beat Dortmund in an underwhelming 2-1 win that could spell trouble in the return leg. Both ties are up in the air after the first legs.

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Posted in: Review: A new collection of stories by Haruki Murakami See in context

Toasted HereticToday 07:56 am JST

Always a fascinating read, is HM.

Still traumatized by a passage in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. It's gruesome, so I won't describe it here.

His best book by a mile and everyone who's read it knows exactly which part you're referring to. Once read, never forgotten.

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Posted in: Shimane Prefecture OKs Olympic torch relay after initial opposition See in context

During a press conference on Tuesday evening, Maruyama said he had decided to allow the relay to go through Shimane because he understands the central government may also extend financial aid to restaurants in areas that have seen a smaller number of COVID-19 cases, which he had requested.

Governor Maruyama getting in the true Olympic spirit here. One wonders if other prefectural governors on the planned route will jump on this Pork For Torch bandwagon.

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Posted in: 100 arrested in Britain over protests against policing bill See in context

zichiToday 09:03 am JST

The right to assemble and protest was a hard-fought right.

The Met police have begun arresting legal observers:

"The two legal observers were from Black Protest Legal Support (BPLS), an organisation led by black and brown lawyers who provide free legal support to protesters.

The campaign group Liberty brought legal action against the Met after four legal observers from BPLS were arrested at a protest last month.

A spokesperson from BPLS described the latest arrests as concerning and egregious, saying the pair were wearing hi-vis bibs identifying them as legal observers and were complying with police instructions to move away from the kettle and maintain distancing when they were arrested. One was released from police custody at 2am on Sunday while the other was detained until 9am."

What's currently happening in the UK is extremely disturbing. Equally disturbing is how the 10th picture in the gallery clearly shows life imitating art:

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Posted in: Female monarchs to be debated as Japan looks to secure imperial line See in context

I was so disappointed when the boy was born.

I think most people were surprised more than disappointed. His mother was 42, hadn't given birth for 14 years and there was a great debate about female succession raging at the time. No male baby had been born in their family since 1965 so when he suddenly appeared it seemed like a miracle.

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Posted in: Female monarchs to be debated as Japan looks to secure imperial line See in context

Why doesn’t the crown prince simple adopt a son?

Because some of the heavyweights on the nationalist side believe that the Emperor is literally a descendant of the Sun Goddess and that the "unbroken line" back to the first Emperor Jimmu must be maintained.

There's an arcane but very interesting article about the previous Emperor's abdication and the current debate here:

Sometimes the mask slips and they reveal their true beliefs:

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Posted in: Man City go 17 points clear; Tuchel suffers first Chelsea loss See in context

Pep's lovely boys with another impressive performance. Leicester barely had a sniff of goal all game and they've been in good form recently.

Great win for BF Sam and the Baggies. Nice to see him enjoying a renaissance but it's hard to see them staying up:

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Posted in: Is the UK racist? Report's positive picture draws skepticism See in context

But when you say she created this report, what do you mean?

She's Johnson's head of policy. He gave her the job of organising the commission, selecting the members, overseeing the final report and so on. The man she chose as Chair is Tony Sewell, who runs an educational charity for BAME kids in London. Both Mirza and Sewell have declared that there's "no institutional racism" in the UK long before this commission started it's work. Even before the commission started work last summer, people knew exactly what the outcome would be:

"Wanda Wyporska, who heads the Equality Trust charity, said Sewell’s views were seen as somewhat niche: “If the establishment wants to get a black person to head something up and align with their thoughts, we know who those people are … And the rest of us just think, ‘Oh no, not again. Another wasted opportunity for change.’

“It’s disappointing. Not just as a black person but as executive director of the Equality Trust, I know that the structural inequalities are undeniable. If you want to say the UK is a totally meritocratic society, then you have to ask why is it that almost everybody at the top happens to be a white, middle-class man, with a few women thrown in?”

The report's a whitewash of not only racial inequality but class mobility in the UK. The Social Mobility Commission agrees:

Inequality is now entrenched in Britain from birth to work, and the government needs to take urgent action to help close the privilege gap, the Social Mobility Commission says today (Tuesday 30 April 2019).

Thanks for the link but I couldn't open the PDF - I got a "file corrupted" message, which seems very apt.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' play in the works for 2023 See in context

zichiToday 03:26 pm JST

Downloaded the final series but never watched it. Lost interest.

I watched it all, God help me. I still don't know why. It went downhill fast after season 2 and by the end was just a comical self-parody.

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Posted in: Is the UK racist? Report's positive picture draws skepticism See in context

Disgusting, cynical whitewash.

This report was created by Munira Mirza, an influential advisor to Boris Johnson. She's one of many former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party now enjoying power and influence as born-again extreme libertarians, closely associated with the likes of Nigel Farage and his shady backers. She's a former writer for the Spiked website, a pro-Brexit, anti-science, libertarian website funded by the American Koch brothers.

Her husband is a former speechwriter for David Cameron, a man called Dougie Smith. He's also the founder of Fever Parties, a company that organizes high-end sex parties for couples in London. Smith is firmly in the web of interlocking think tanks, research groups, PR companies, political consultants and the like, all of an extreme libertarian, authoritarian bent.

Like Priti Patel, she's a seriously nasty piece of work and an extremely dangerous person.

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Posted in: Video shows vicious attack of Asian American woman in New York See in context

Anti-Asian discrimination, racism and violence is as American as mom's apple pie, from the 1860s to the present day. It's disappointing to see New Yorkers not coming to the woman's aid though, one would expect better.

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Posted in: Health minister apologizes for late-night party by 23 employees See in context

Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Norihisa Tamura said at a press conference the big farewell party held at a restaurant in the capital's glitzy Ginza district until around midnight last Wednesday "betrayed the people's trust.

That's the same Tamura who has no noticeable qualifications for his job except for membership of Nippon Kaigi. If you're going to complain about your staff "betraying the people's trust" maybe you should put your face shield on the right way.

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Posted in: More 'Thrones'? George R.R. Martin signs five-year HBO deal See in context

MarkToday 11:14 am JST

I bet he hasn’t even finished signing the contract yet!

Zing! Very good, made me laugh.

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Posted in: Labor ministry employee power harassed by his own power harassment counselor See in context

This the most Japanese news story I think I've ever read. It's almost beyond black comedy but it's no laughing matter at all.

If a worker is slacking or late to work every day, the boss kinda has a responsibility to bully that person don't they.

Third rate trolling here comrade. If you can't do better you might be on the end of some power harrassment from your boss.

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

The Virus is engineered by China.

I know many people dont want to hear that and argue with scientific reports who shows it is not correct and so on...

I dont give a s...t about such reports.

My opinion is that China engineered the Virus in one of their Labs.

Well, that's your opinion and these days we have to fight to make our opinion heard, right? Fight Monty, Fight!

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Posted in: French soccer legend Thierry Henry quits social media over 'toxic' racism, abuse See in context

Those places are cesspools where freedom of speech is cancelled on a whim and the woke police spew intolerance and hate at anybody who isn't in line with their extreme left idealogy.

The exact opposite of what is happening, as you well know.

Wouldn’t this be a victory for the racists?

If the owners of the platforms aren't serious about regulating themselves, what other choice does he have? Would you put up with it, all day every day?

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Posted in: Suga to invite Biden to Tokyo Olympics See in context

ZorotoToday 04:55 pm JST

So will Biden be the only non-Japanese spectator?

No, there'll be some from the sponsors, or "partners" as they are laughably called now, and also non-Japanese residents of Japan because excluding them would just be too blatant.

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Posted in: British citizen arrested for dumping bento trash in mailbox See in context

Very poor form this, Anthony. Why didn't you just throw it in the sea like everyone else?

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Posted in: Elderly Japanese residents of Britain impressed by efficient vaccine rollout See in context

TheDalaiLamasBifocalsToday 08:29 am JST

The UK's vaccine rollout is thanks to the professionalism of the NHS, not central government or Brexit.

Yes. The abysmally slow response of the incompetent and corrupt Tory government is what caused the catastrophe. The NHS workers are national heroes, yet the Tories won't even give them a proper pay rise this year.

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Posted in: Prosecutors charge 2 Americans with helping Ghosn flee, jump bail See in context

M3 - thank you, that's clear.

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Posted in: 'Borat,' 'Promising Young Woman' win at Writers Guild Awards See in context

Really looking forward to seeing a load of these, particulary The Trial of the Chicago 7, Minari and Manc.

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