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Posted in: Leicester gets late winner against Everton; Ljungberg starts with draw See in context

Everton. What can be said?

They deserved a point yesterday but their confidence is fragile and the midfield is bereft. Tough times for the toffees and the next run of games is brutal.

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

Well done and good luck to Captain Otani.

I have said it before and will say it again: Women can do anything in Japan.

Have you ever actually been to Japan? You seem to have virtually no idea about what goes on here.

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Posted in: Actor Hirofumi Arai sentenced to 5 years in jail for sexual assault See in context

SpitfireToday 05:07 pm JST


He mustn't move in the Nippon Kaigi school of friends.

Surprised he has got so much jail time.

His circle mustn't include important people.

He isn't the president of a massive entertainment company nor a mate of the Prime Minister (and he's got Korean nationality) so he's going down.

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Posted in: UK band Massive Attack urges music industry to pursue greener gigs See in context

Great band and a fantastic idea.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

Leaving aside the issue of who originated the idea and what their gender was, you do have to wonder why nobody at any point in the decision making progress put a stop to this.

I stopped wondering about that years ago:

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Posted in: UK police explain decision on Prince Andrew case See in context

Mr KiplingToday 07:49 am JST

The age of consent is 16 in the UK. Prince Andrew is a disgusting human being but I can’t see that he has committed any crime with this “victim” who didn’t seem to mind being flown around the world to amazing resorts in a private jet until tabloid newspapers started offering cash for her story.

She was sex-trafficked to the UK by Epstein specifically to have sex with Andrew and she wasn't an adult. Being over 16 doesn't matter.

KariHarukaToday 07:09 am JST

pretends to not be shocked that the police won't investigate a member of the Elite class.....

Andrew's finished, at least. And he'll never be able to set foot in the US again because the FBI will have him.

Have you seen this?

Absolute scumbags.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

Whether it was the girl's idea or not, surely it was male executives who accepted the proposal? Does Daimaru Umeda have any female upper management capable of making such a decision?

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Hyogo Pref in possible gang feud See in context

A sub-machine gun conjures images of Al Capone.

My initial reaction, too. Why did the yakuza spend their profits from selling North Korean crystal meth on Chicago pianos? And what does "live bullets" mean? Is there a difference between bullets and live bullets? Typical Kyodo article.

standover of business

Another expression I'd never heard before. Must be Australian, I've never heard it in the UK or US.

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Posted in: Britain's chief rabbi warns 'poison' of anti-Semitism has taken root in Labour See in context

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, in an article in The Times, questioned how complicit in prejudice an opposition leader would have to be to be considered unfit for office.

Mirvis is a close friend of David cameron and actually had dinner with Theresa May the night she won the Tory leadership vote, none of which is mentioned in the above article.

Hes also pretty pally with Lying Johnson-

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Posted in: Britain's chief rabbi warns 'poison' of anti-Semitism has taken root in Labour See in context

zichiToday 08:38 pm JST

Part of this comes directly from Israel.

Directly from the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, no less.

"The Ministry of Strategic Affairs is dedicated to a global “war” against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights.

To conceal its involvement, the ministry has admitted to working through front groups that “do not want to expose their connection with the state.”

The troll army Act.IL is one of many such groups. It focuses on spreading Israeli propaganda online.

What does it do with its million dollar budget?

Act.IL is run by a former Israeli spy who has argued that his outfit is involved in “a new kind of war.”

While Act.IL publicly denies being supported by the Israeli government, the group’s chief executive has admitted in Hebrew to working closely with Israeli ministries, and in English that his staff are mostly former Israeli spies."

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Posted in: Japan, Vatican partners in realizing nuclear weapons-free world, Abe tells pope See in context

umbrellaToday 07:15 am JST

But Japan is happy just to sit under the US nuclear umbrella.

Not just sit under it, but actually host nuclear weapons in Okinawa.

Eisaku Sato won the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering a deal that allowed nuclear weapons into his country. Many of Abe's supporters in that conservative group we hear so much about want Japan to have its own weapons as well. Sorry Pope, Abe's words are meaningless.

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Posted in: UK election won't end Brexit uncertainty for Japanese firms See in context

KariHarukaToday 08:02 am JST

@Alfie Noakes

I'm Irish/British, and would've voted remain given the chance. And if you know the British, we can be sarcastic. Especially when it comes to politics and mocking the inept politicians that have embarrassed the country.

Aye, it's a bit too early in the morning for me to spot sarcasm. Just wondered, most Irish and Anglo-Irish people I know are vehemently anti-Brexit. Have a good day!

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Posted in: Kansai Electric repeatedly gave donations to nuclear plant host town See in context


"Gift Scandals"

"Conservative Group"

Japan's Pravda really has a way with its euphemisms.

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Posted in: UK election won't end Brexit uncertainty for Japanese firms See in context

"I think Japanese firms would like longer to transition to a new trading arrangement, and I think these negotiations will take longer than just one year."

Well, yes. It's going to take years and it's going to be an unmitigated disaster because the UK will simply have to accept whatever the EU deigns to dish out, without having any influence over future EU policy. Like it has now.

KariHarukaToday 07:39 am JST

I'm already looking forward to the 2020 General Election before the 2021 departure from the EU.

Interesting comment. I've seen you claim to be Irish - could you explain why you see the UK leaving the EU as such a good thing?

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Posted in: Coldplay no-tour plan highlights growing climate awareness See in context

I'd rather watch paint dry than listen to Coldplay but applaud their efforts to raise environmental awareness. When there are giant energy corporations spending billions to hide their destruction of the planet every little helps.

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Posted in: China calls U.S. world's biggest source of instability See in context

What Trump is doing is amazing to me.

To you and the rest of the world, cobber.

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Posted in: Liverpool late show sinks Palace as Mourinho magic lifts Spurs See in context

VAR has been Liverpool's best signing this season.

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Posted in: Gov't to spend ¥400 bil to supply more PCs to schools See in context

Corporate welfare for Japan's failing PC makers.

What a waste.

Why bother making a long-term coherent strategy when you can just print some money and chuck it at the manufacturers?

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Posted in: Activists hope Pope Francis will sway Japanese opinion on death penalty See in context

I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty myself in general, but some of these criminals fully deserve to be put to death for their heinous actions.

I don't support the death penalty but I support the death penalty. You can't beat a good laugh to start the day!

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Posted in: Activists hope Pope Francis will sway Japanese opinion on death penalty See in context

99% of Japanese people are against Organized religions. By organized i mean like going to church every sunday, converting and being a full member, paying tithes or offerings, reading a bible, believe in one God etc.

And yet the 12,000,000 or so members of Sokka Gakkai pay tithes, chant sutras and vote Komeito. Are you quite sure 99% of Japanese people don't like organized religion?

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Posted in: UK’s Labour promises radical changes if it wins Dec 12 vote See in context

“The billionaires and the super-rich, the tax dodgers, the bad bosses and the big polluters — they own the Conservative Party,” Corbyn added. “But they don’t own us.”

Damn right. Great stuff from Corbyn, I'd vote for him if my vote hadn't been stolen by Theresa May.

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Posted in: Activists hope Pope Francis will sway Japanese opinion on death penalty See in context

Mr KiplingToday 07:40 am JST

The Popes views are irrelevant to the modern world. Most people in Japan don’t know who he is..or care.

Really? My experience is the exact opposite. It's a small sample size but I asked a few people this week about the Pope: 95% said they were aware of his visit and welcomed his message of nuclear disarmament.

The Popes views are irrelevant to the modern world.

Peace, harmony, respect for human life, nuclear disarmament and an end to poverty and environmental destruction. You believe these things are irrelevant? Really?

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Posted in: Japan tells embassies risk of contaminated Fukushima water 'small' See in context

stormcrowToday 07:50 am JST

If there's truly no danger, then why not bring in some outside nuclear experts to offer their assessments and opinions?

Well, they tried bringing in malleable propagandists like Prof Geraldine Thomas but her spin was quickly exposed and her notorious BBC piece filmed in Fukushima was actually deleted from the BBC website.

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Posted in: 109 Fukui officials received money in Kansai Electric gift scandal See in context

gift scandal

No, it's corruption and bribery.

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Posted in: Johnson, Corbyn square off in 1st UK election debate See in context

The taxation system has to be reconcilable to economic and fiscal limitations, ultimately be seen to be fair, and most importantly prudently managed.

Quite. You do know that Johnson's vanity projects during his time as Mayor of London cost taxpayers £940m and were a total failure?

Sorry, there's no way you can possibly claim fiscal prudence for Johnson.

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Posted in: Johnson, Corbyn square off in 1st UK election debate See in context

The point is not spot the cretin. I could argue they are both a penny sort of a pound.

Really? One wants to build a fairer Britain where wealth and power are shared while the other is an incompetent, lying, corrupt, womanising cokehead dilettante who wants to sell the NHS, the prison service, the farming industry and the education system to American corporations.

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Posted in: Conservatives submit ex-imperial member restoration proposal to Abe See in context

the Liberal Democratic Party group

Nippon Kaigi. Why is Kyodo so reluctant to use their name?

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Posted in: Prince Andrew faces more disgrace as business backers leave See in context

Any chance that Prince Paedo could be done for statutory rape in the US? And just where is Ghislaine Maxwell? She seems to have fallen down the same black hole as Sergei and Yulia Skripal.....

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Posted in: Pope Francis to bring anti-nuclear message to Hiroshima and Nagasaki See in context

Why doesn't he take his message to Washington, North Korea, Iran?

He does, but they ignore him. Just like Japan's governments, which are happy to wallow in self-pity for a week every August then shelter under Uncle Sam's nuclear umbrella for the rest of the time.

I'm sure the anti-nuclear activists in Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be pleased to see the Pope and his support for their work, especially as their own political leaders in Tokyo are firmly pro-nuclear.

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Posted in: Name five of the most memorable film villains for you. See in context

And Ben Kingsley as Don Logan in Sexy Beast.

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