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Posted in: Sony holds 40th anniversary event for iconic Walkman music player See in context

As the story goes, the idea for a portable cassette tape player came when Masaru Ibuka, the late Sony co-founder, asked for a convenient way to listen to music while abroad on business trips.

Entirely untrue. The portable personal stereo player was invented in the early 1970s by a German named Andreas Pavel. He called it a "stereobelt". Mr. Pavel filed his first patent in Milan in 1977 and then in various countries, including Japan, over the next two years or so.

After Sony produced its first Walkman in 1979 Mr. Pavel spent 25 years fighting Sony in various courts until he finally won a settlement in 2004. He received damages and Sony agreed to pay him royalties on sales of portable personal stereo players. He is now officially recognized as the inventor of the portable personal stereo player.

Mr. Pavel is an interesting man: a philosopher, inventor and lover of Brazilian music. By his account, the first music he listened to on his invention was "Push Push," a collaboration between the jazz flutist Herbie Mann and the blues-rock guitarist Duane Allman.

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Posted in: Eight-month pregnant woman dies after London stabbing See in context

The causes for the increase are mostly sociological, and UK society has seen huge transformations over the past few decades.

Really? Could you explain what you mean by that?

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Posted in: Trump tells U.S. women's soccer star Rapinoe not to 'disrespect' country See in context

L’etat c’est moi. Trump seems to have lost whatever was left of his mind.

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Posted in: Video review creates drama at Women's World Cup See in context

No one likes a whiney loser except the English.

Scotland were denied a clear and obvious penalty for handball in their game against Japan and were the victims of a VAR penalty in the game against England.

I haven't heard anyone in Japan complaining about the non-awarded penalty in the Scotland game as you point out, just the one that went against them in the Netherlands game. That's the way it is, though.

To be fair, the criticism of the new handball rules and VAR has been loud and vociferous from pundits and players in the English media. It's understandable if you're disgruntled about your country's defeat but moaning about the English seems a strange response, even if it makes you feel better.

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Posted in: Man found guilty of forcing women into sex trade to clear 'debts' See in context

LegrandeToday 01:10 pm JST

Anyone here remember the article a couple of days ago in which the US praised Japan as doing a good job regarding human trafficking?

That was just a little bone tossed to Shinzo in return for buying all those American stealth planes.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson again dodges questions over police visit See in context

Steve Bannon admits to "advising" Boris Johnson:

Johnson lies through his teeth:

Johnson's spin doctor Lynton Crosby influence-pedaling in the US:

Johnson and his cronies will sell the UK out in a heartbeat. That's what Brexit is all about.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic domestic sponsorship tops $3 bil as companies pile in See in context

plasticmonkeyToday 08:02 am JST

There is huge enthusiasm among the Japanese for the Tokyo Games, 

"7.5 million ticket (requests). This is an indication of this strong support and high level of interest among the Japanese public," Coates said.

Nice propaganda piece.

Back in 2009 when Tokyo failed to win the 2016 Summer Olympics, the reason given by the IOC was a lack of public support. Following that failure (and Shintaro Ishihara's notorious hysterical meltdown in Copenhagen) a massive PR campaign was launched in Tokyo to boost public support for 2020. There was never any question of putting the Olympics to a public vote, of course. The PR campaign somehow managed to push support over whatever level the IOC would find acceptable and Tokyo won 2020.

There was a high level of public opposition then and there still is now. The propaganda onslaught has simply buried it, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Dutch advance to Women's World Cup quarterfinals with 2-1 win over Japan See in context

Ganbare Japan!Today 07:51 am JST

That wasn't a penalty. Worst decision of all time. There's no way there was a "handball", the ball accidentally hit Kumagai-sans upper arm. Lodge official protest.

Comedy gold. You claimed to be a follower of football (Liverpool and Urawa Reds, I believe) yet you clearly know nothing about the major rule changes created by IFAB (the International Football Asoociation Board, the body that has ultimate control over the laws of the game) earlier this year. The new rules came into force on June 1st, in time for the Women's World Cup and the Copa America and will be in force globally next season, 2019-20.

The refereeing at the Women's World Cup has been abysmal, with each referee seemingly making individual interpretations of the law change. FIFA only decided to use VAR in France in March, which is why the referees don't know what they're doing with the new rules. They didn't have any time for VAR training. Good old FIFA, as crap as usual.

Basically, any handball inside the penalty area is a penalty now whether it's deliberate or not. Coupled with the slo-mo VAR replays this is a disaster for the game.

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Posted in: Hunt calls Johnson 'coward' for avoiding debates on Brexit See in context

Hunt is deranged. He actually defended Trump's retweeting of Katie's Holmes' racist garbage and Trump's recent attack on London mayor Sadiq Khan. He also wants to increase the British military budget by 25%, even though the country is on its knees from 10 years of Tory austerity. This is the guy who can't remember whether his wife is Japanese or Chinese.

Hunt or Boris Johnson. What an utter shambles the Tory Party has become.

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Posted in: Talent agency suspends 11 comedians for 'underground business' See in context

I think there is a clear connection between Yoshimoto Kogyo and the Yakuza.

Mate, there's a clear connection between the entire entertainment business in Japan and the yakuza.

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 74th anniversary of World War II battle See in context

Was he booed again? I seem to remember he got a hearty booing a couple of years and was told to "go back to Tokyo".

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Posted in: N Korea reminds China of Japanese rule to strengthen ties See in context

Hilarious to read all the comments trying to somehow unlink the Japanese rape of China and Korea from China's and both Korea's current state. That's akin to attempting to decouple Japan's current state of affair from the US'.

It's remarkable how the current state of affairs in North East Asia is presented as existing in a vacuum, totally divorced from the historical realities that led to it.

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Posted in: How have you found the service at convenience stores staffed by non-Japanese? See in context

The way they bag, hand back your change and overall lack of any verbal communication or poorly pronounced Japanese communication is what I'm referring to.

Yeah, it's shocking how those just-off-the-boat Bangladeshi girls can't give you Mitsukoshi-level service when they hand over your 100 yen donut and coffee.

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Posted in: Which profession in Japan seems to be in the news the most because of deviant or unlawful sexual behavior by its members? See in context

Politicians, friends of Shinzo and very rich people. Curiously, many of their crimes don't make it into the media. Second would be the police, of course.

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Posted in: It's the one you want: Olivia Newton-John's 'Grease' costume up for auction See in context

She did look the business in those tight pants.

All for a good cause too. She’s great.

She certainly is, and brave too. Best of luck, Ms Neutron-Bomb.

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Posted in: Japan's 'gentleman' equestrian at heart of Olympics corruption probe See in context

Three former staffers interviewed by Reuters use the word "gentleman" to describe him, a reference to both his aristocratic lineage and his temperament.

This aristocratic lineage includes his father, Prince Tsuneyoshi Takeda. Takeda held

"executive responsibilities over Unit 731 in his role as chief financial officer of the Kwantung Army. Unit 731 conducted biological weapons research on human subjects with a variety of bacterial cultures and viruses during World War II. According to Daniel Barenblatt, Takeda received, with Prince Mikasa, a special screening by Shirō Ishii of a film showing imperial planes loading germ bombs for bubonic plague dissemination over the Chinese city of Ningbo in 1940.

Moreover, historian Hal Gold has alleged in his work "Unit 731 Testimony" that Prince Takeda had a more active role as "Lieutenant Colonel Miyata" – an officer in the Strategic Section of the Operations Division. Gold reports the testimony of a veteran of the Youth Corps of this unit, who testified in July 1994 in Morioka during a traveling exhibition on Shirō Ishii's experiments, that Takeda watched while outside poison gas tests were made on thirty prisoners near Anda. After the war, a staff photographer also recalled the day the Prince visited Unit 731's facility at Pingfang, Manchukuo and had his picture taken at the gates."

So his dad was chief financial officer of the Kwantung Army. One wonders if he passed on the financial acumen he learned in China to his son?

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Posted in: Toyota Verblitz rugby player Kabashima arrested on cocaine charge See in context

It worked for the famous dude who keeps meth-laced tea in his lavatory.

Walter White?

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Posted in: Massive blackouts and the risk of cyberwarfare See in context

The power companies don't know why it happened.

Luis Suarez bit clean through the cable, by all accounts.

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Posted in: Fugitive's car found in Kanagawa after he gets away from prosecutors See in context

Another fiasco from J. Plod. Japan's police force is overstaffed and overfunded yet has a terrible clean-up rate and seems to be staffed by simpletons. A violent criminal who refused to go to jail? Who could ever imagine that a violent criminal might not want to go to jail? It's beyond belief....

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Posted in: Japan focuses on dementia prevention, coexistence under new program See in context

how effective the measures will be remains unclear due to a lack of scientific data about prevention methods for the illness

So this is just more hot air from the mouth of Shinzo, then. How is that new?

Japan's going to be a strange place in 30 years: bankrupt, millions of dementia patients, hundreds of abandoned villages across the country and 80m people crammed into the Pacific coastal cities.

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Posted in: Japan's anime industry in crisis even as its popularity soars See in context

Not only Anime, whole Japanese Cinema is dying.

Sadly true. A friend of mine works for a film company here and every time I see him I get a 10 minute rant on the remorseless decline of Japanese Cinema. He's very passionate about it so it's painful to listen to.

Japan needs to comeback hugely in smart way.

Unfortunately the people with power to actually effect some change seem more interested in comics and anime aimed at teenage girls.

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Posted in: Kyoto police officer arrested for swindling Y11.8 million from elderly man See in context

That money was just resting in my account.

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes over Aegis deployment survey errors See in context

In the meeting with the defense minister, Satake expressed concern that the Araya district might already have been selected as a candidate site before the survey was conducted.

What? The results decided before the survey was even conducted? No Mr. Satake, that never happens in Japan. Everything is always completely above board.

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Posted in: Photojournalist reveals unheard voices of 'Japanese wives' in N Korea See in context


Cheers, very interesting.

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Posted in: Photojournalist reveals unheard voices of 'Japanese wives' in N Korea See in context

I knew about Kim Jong Un's mother being a repatriate from Japan, but didn't know about Kim Jong Un's mother being one of sent-off Japanese wives.

So both his mother and grandmother were born in Japan, is that right? Also, I've been told by a couple of people that Megumi Yokota, perhaps the most famous of the abductees, is actually of North Korean descent on her mother's side. Do you know anything about that?

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic rowing venue opens in Tokyo Bay See in context

The rowing site has been free of water-quality issues, which plagued rowing and sailing in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.


"In October 2017, organizers said the water had high levels of E. coli and other fecal coliform bacteria — as much as 20 times the accepted limit for the former and seven times for the latter. E. coli is found in the environment, food and the intestines of people and animals; some strains can cause diarrhea or serious illness. The presence of E. coli and other coliform bacteria in water is “a strong indication of recent sewage or animal waste contamination,” according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency."

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Posted in: Trump calls London mayor a 'disaster' after a spate of killings See in context

Trump retweeted a tweet by the right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is a racist bigot who's been fired from jobs at the Sun, the MailOnline and the radio station LBC for her repellent views. She's a gutter-dwelling trash monster who is even too extreme for the repulsive Sun and Mail, which really takes some doing:

Why is Trump retweeting filth from Hopkins? Why? Is he a racist bigot who shares her opinions on a Final Solution for Muslims?

Also, doesn't he know that the Tory government's 10 year austerity programme has cut 21,000 police jobs in the UK, which has led to the current rise in knife crime.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

Why is it that the far-right posters on this board are so obsessed by sex? Sex, sex, sex and LGBT sex in particular. Why do they never shut up about it?

Your life should revolve around more than sexual identity.

And yet the vast majority of your posts are about LGBT sex. You can't have your cake and eat it; if you're as fed up with them shouting into a bullhorn (whatever that means) as you claim then why spend so much time obsessing about it?

Kohakuebisu and Cleo have it right. Unfortunately same-sex marriage has little chance though, no matter the rate of public acceptance, as long as the Nippon Kaigi neanderthals are in control of this country.

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Posted in: Trial of former KAT-TUN member Taguchi, partner on drug possession charge to begin July 11 See in context

What a complete and utter waste of time and resources, prosecuting someone for cannabis.

Feels like the dark ages.

Yes, what a pointless waste of time and money. A token fine and suspended sentence is enough.

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Posted in: Male managers in Japan have higher mortality rate, study finds See in context

A guy at Mitsubishi Shoji told me the life expectancy for middle-upper management in his company was 51. High salary but an early death. Many were more than happy to take the risk, though.

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