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Posted in: Abe's search for Russia peace pact: Best chance, last chance? See in context

Abes Russian policy has been a complete failure and no amount of handwaving from his supporters, the tame media or the prodigiously corrupt Muneo "House" Suzuki is going to change that.

"Temple University Japan associate professor James Brown, who specializes in Tokyo-Moscow relations, said he believed the two sides remained “enormously far apart” on the legal framework issue. Brown told The Diplomat that this summit, when originally conceived, was supposed to be the time for a major breakthrough. He believes the Japanese government had been building up public expectations for years, although this softened somewhat around March “when the working groups on the legal issue were not making any progress.”

"Asked about the outlook for Japan-Russia relations in the months ahead, Brown said: “I think that it’s hard to continue on in the same way. Up until now Abe has just seemed to turn a blind eye to all of the discouraging signs, but if it wasn’t going to happen now I don’t see why anything would be different in the future.”

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Posted in: Anger in UK parliament as Corbyn accused of calling May 'stupid woman' See in context


Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has been caught funding an MI5-linked troll army that has smeared Corbyn and anyone else it disagrees with, using a former spy planted in the Bernie Saunders campaign.

Integrity Initiative

The wall of filth is astonshing yet Corbyn still enjoys great popularity in the UK, particularly among young people.

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Posted in: U.S. sportswear traced to factory in China's internment camps See in context

I'd hope the charge of hypocrisy isn't directed at me

No, not all all. The Chinese regime is foul for sure but lots of other countries do exactly the same thing.

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Posted in: UK tabloids fall out of love with 'Duchess Difficult' Meghan See in context

Bottom-feeders, mouthpiece of the sub-100 IQ crowd, no brains, no conscience, no responsibility.

They're beyond garbage and largely owned by Rupert Murdoch. Diana was bad but the News Of The World was even worse:

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Posted in: U.S. sportswear traced to factory in China's internment camps See in context

jcapanToday 07:35 am JST

A natural progression of unchecked capitalism.

Yes, just like this:

"One of the most passionately held demands is an immediate end to imposed labor in return for paltry wages, a widespread practice in US prisons that the strike organisers call a modern form of slavery. More than 800,000 prisoners are daily put to work, in some states compulsorily, in roles such as cleaning, cooking and lawn mowing. The remuneration can be as woeful in states such as Louisiana as 4 cents an hour."

Stuff made by prisoners in the US gulag:

As Colonel Kilgore nearly said, "I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning." Let's hope all those venting at the evil Chinese will be equally harsh on the brutal UNICOR.

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Posted in: Sapporo blast occurred after 120 spray cans were emptied See in context

WHO sprays 120 cans empty in a closed room?

Someone who's been ordered to get rid of them by his boss.

After the Kinugawa river in Ibaraki flooded in torrential rain in September 2015 causing untold damage, it was reported in the domestic media that a local "construction company" had been stealing the sand used to shore up the banks. As far as I know no charges were ever brought for criminal negligence, theft, or anything.

Fortunately no-one was killed in Sapporo but a lot of people have had their lives changed forever and will be spending the New Year in hospital, not to mention the destruction of property and loss of livelihood for those affected.

Hopefully the case will be investigated properly and those responsible will be charged with criminal offences. As anyone who has lived here for a while must be aware, public safety is a joke, no matter the endless talk of Anzen Dai-ichi. Cutting corners, penny-pinching, fudging the numbers and bodging it are what usually happens.

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Posted in: Japanese Buddhist seeks to educate West on swastika of good fortune See in context

He is starting at home. He lives in New York.

As I'm sure you know full well what I meant was Mr. Nakagaki could begin by educating all those Japanese people (like Taro Aso the ex-Prime Minister and current Finance Minister, Tomomi Inada the former Defence Minister, Takaichi Sanae, another former minister) who have publicly praised the Nazis and Hitler, along with fascist groups like the Zaitokukai whose members frequently wave swastika flags at their rallies.

Rehabilitating the swastika abroad is one thing but rehabilitating it in his home country first would be a start.

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Posted in: Japanese Buddhist seeks to educate West on swastika of good fortune See in context

"When (U.S. President Donald) Trump came up, so did all the hate crimes as well," said Nakagaki to Kyodo News. "If I don't say it now then more misunderstanding will spread."

Perhaps Mr Nakagaki should start at home?

Seems like a awful lot of Japanese need some education, too.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO calls on Renault to listen to details of Ghosn allegations See in context

A state-sponsored kidnapping, no less. Nissan has wrapped itself in the Hinomaru and the government is acting at its bidding, all because

The Japanese want Nissan back now that it's firmly in the black thanks to Ghosn.

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Posted in: 2 more sue state over forced sterilization under eugenics law See in context

It's disgraceful beyond words and far worse than this anodyne Kyodo article makes it out to be:

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Japan set to hit record high 30 mil in 2018 See in context

So much for the old "All of Asia hates Japan" nonsense.

The tourists flocked to Franco's Spain and Greece under the Colonels.

Also, I've never heard anyone ever say "All of Asia hates Japan".

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Posted in: Emily Blunt on the 'daunting' task of playing Mary Poppins See in context

I wouldn't say no to a spoonful of sugar from the fragrant Ms. Blunt. She was fantastic in Sicario and the pleasantly lurid Girl On A Train. Not sure about this but maybe it'll be worth watching.

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Posted in: France plans Renault CEO search as board members disagree over Ghosn See in context

Does Cherie Blair have ANY credentials in corporate governance or the automobile industry?

It's not what you know, it's who you know:

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Posted in: British PM May survives party confidence vote but Brexit deal still teetering See in context

Insane. The Tories rebels have shown they care more for their own future careers than the country. An utter disgrace.

And where is posh-boy Cameron, the one who started all this?

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Posted in: MSDF punishes senior official who paid for sex with 30 minors See in context

Paying to have sex with 30 children gets you only a suspension? What?

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Posted in: Ninjas 'sneak' into Abe's office to ask for tourism promotion See in context

stepoutsidetheboxToday 07:29 am JST

Sorry, but I find this recent ninja stuff a bit cheesy. Japan has more than enough accurate and traditional culture to promote tourism. Besides it was my understanding ninjas were more spies than anything else. And their main dress was normal clothes in order to blend into the population. I know this is coming off as sour... but there are places in Japan that still make soy sauce with 750 year old methods... Why try to promote some made up cartoon version of a piece of Japanese culture.

It's cheesy beyond words. It's also what happens when your tourist industry is dictated by octogenarian nationalists who think they know what "foreigners" ought to get.

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Posted in: All 9 private-sector execs of state-backed fund to resign over 'too high pay' dispute See in context

Tanaka said, "This shows that Japan is not a country ruled by laws."

Comedy gold. What alternative reality do these jokers inhabit?

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Posted in: Brexit deal in turmoil as May postpones Parliament vote See in context

Like it or not, seems like the British public wants a revote, and I say give it to them!

The people are finally realising they've been cheated and the post-Brexit future they face is an utter nightmare, dictated by vast US companies:

"It (the Institute of Economic Affairs, a far right think tank) published a paper this week authored by the head of its trade and competition policy unit, Shanker Singham, a lawyer and former Washington lobbyist. The report said the UK could “deliver the Brexit prize” by negotiating radical free trade agreements with the US and other countries. It called for the removal of tariffs and many of the controls put on financial services including hedge funds and banks post-crash.

It also called for opening all services to competition, including the health service, scrapping many of the EU regulations on data protection, pharmaceuticals and food safety and chemicals, and reducing taxes. It suggested civil servants could be replaced by politically appointed trade negotiators."

Terrifying. It sounds like hell on earth.

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Posted in: May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government See in context

Posh boy Cameron should be dragged out of whichever hole he's been hiding in for the last two years, paraded through the streets and then forced to sort it out. The Tories own this horror show; it's their mess and they have to clean it up.

Meanwhile, open Democracy UK and Carole Cadwalladr continue to investigate where all the "dark money" for Brexit came from:

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Posted in: Macron and Abe seek to avert Renault-Nissan row See in context

The French official quoted Abe as telling Macron that "the legal process must be allowed to take its course."

What, like the Kake and Moritomo School scandals? Yeah, right. This Ghosn affair is nothing more than a state-sponsored kidnapping.

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Posted in: Cafe opens with robot waiters remotely controlled by disabled people See in context

I cant wait to try one of these cafes!

Coming to the small Outback town you live in around 2085.

Good luck to the disabled folks, but this is nothing more than PR with plastic toys. They're not robots, they're radio controlled toys.

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Posted in: Democrats to probe Trump money ties to Russia, Saudis: lawmaker See in context

Trump's been money-laundering for Russian "oligarchs" through his golf courses for years. Even Fraudo Junior admitted it in an interview a few years back (quickly denied, of course).

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Posted in: 'Fruits Basket' manga to finally receive a complete anime adaptation next year See in context

My daughter loved this when she was a junior school student. The animation was pretty basic but the story was quite engaging, as I remember.

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Posted in: Purple walk See in context

Looks like Lady Gaga's purple hoo-ha. Fantastic!

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Posted in: Supporters of foreign workers call for same pay, permanent residence See in context

Calling for "same pay" will make it a level playing field and Japanese companies would surely hire local people first.

There aren't any local people to do the 3K jobs, that's why these indentured servants are being imported.

Supporters of foreign workers in Japan on Wednesday called for the need to create a permanent resident visa for such people

No mention of that in the article. Ibusuki and Torii have been fighting for foreign workers' human rights for years, more power to them.

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Posted in: APEC summit ends with no communique as China, U.S. differ See in context

A new form of colonialism.

No, it's just the old colonialism in a new bottle. Let's not forget that just a few years ago Japanese troops were killing and eating "Australian and Indian soldiers as well as Asian forced labourers in New Guinea."

Communist China will be the big loser as more and more nations put on sanctions and refuse to trade with PRC. Chinas economy is shrinking rapidly

As an Australian, aren't you concerned about the negative effect this will have on your economy?

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Posted in: Fabrication allegation rocks popular Japanese TV variety show See in context

"Producers tend to think news reports and variety shows are different but for the viewers, they are both the same TV broadcast."

A salient fact which has kept the LDP in power for most of the last 70 years. Joseph Goebbels would love Japanese TV.

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Posted in: Spat over WWII brothels shows Japan's trouble in facing past See in context

In his war memoirs, ex-Prime Minister of Japan, Nakasone writes, "I took great pains to set up a comfort station for them.”

He wrote this in “Owarinaki Kaigun” (“The Navy Without End”), a collection of memoirs written by navy veterans, published in 1978. “Comfort station” is the government’s euphemism for frontline brothel.

Not only Nakasone but Nobutaka Shikanai, the founder of media conglomerate Fuji Sankei, learned how to manage "comfort stations" in his accountancy classes. The idea of fascists like Sakurai attempting to whitewash the documented past, and make money from it, is both inconceivable and nauseating. What happened, happened. Sakurai and her ilk live in an alternative reality and bring eternal shame on Japan with their denial of the truth.

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Posted in: 2 megabanks in Japan to share ATMs to cut costs amid fall in users See in context

More nudge marketing from banks losing their profits. The customer comes last should be their motto.

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Posted in: Old neighborhoods endangered by 'zombie' redevelopment scheme See in context

Something's definitely fishy about how the Tokyo metropolitan government is reviving this "zombie" project, the magazine concludes.

It's a massive scam to benefit the development and construction business. The plans are made in secret and then "shared" with major developers who start buying up the land cheap ahead of any public announcement. "Widening roads to serve as firebreaks" was the excuse used. The plan was created when Ishihara Shintaro was governor of Tokyo.

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