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Posted in: How important a role does religion play in Japanese society? See in context

Religion? Whats that?

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Posted in: Lawyer arrested for flashing woman on train in Kanagawa See in context

When I'm stressed the last thing I get is horney... This story is soo wrong...

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Posted in: 11 men arrested in record porn DVD bust See in context


You must have missed the part about child pornography, apparantly these guys were kiddie pervs and supporting kiddie perv clientele. Hopefully these arrests lead to bunch more.

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Posted in: Blog shows insight into Akihabara murder suspect's mind See in context

Kato’s colleague at the factory, to whom he gave some music CDs before >the rampage, seems to be one of his few close friends. The colleague >says, “When I visited his apartment, I found beer cans, anime and game >DVDs all over the floor. He is really a ‘Akiba guy.’” He adds, “I think >he has a strong interest in sex. He said to me, ‘I’m now interested in >real women, not anime ones. I prefer small girls with cute voices like >anime characters and who look good in cosplay costumes.’ He seems >interested in photo books of 12- to 13-year-old girls at bookshops.”

...are there many men in Japan interested in this type of sex fantasy stuff? sounds as if it is readily available in stores?

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

Think about it, you're in your 40's, no hope of a promotion, balding, >unfit, smoke 40 a day, lazy, married with 2.4 kids and an annoying >little dog that the wife adores. If he doesn't pay for it, he ain't >likely to get it.


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Posted in: Premium black watermelon auctioned for record Y650,000 See in context

Other Densuke watermelons won’t cost quite as much. Most will retail at >department stores and supermarkets for a more modest 20,000 yen to >30,000 yen, Ohira said.

...modest 20,000 yen to 30,000 yen????

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Posted in: Police raid 'blind-date cafe' in Tokyo, taking 31 high school, college girls into custody See in context

The article only makes metion of the girls in the cafe, c'mon, there had to be men involved as well, why did they leave out what happened to the males?

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Posted in: Mariah Carey See in context

Mariahs music, like most today, lacks substance. Too bad she had to follow the popular trend of garbage music, she has soo much talent. Congratulations on her and Nick though!

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Posted in: TV announcer Ako Kawada found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

How many suicides have to happen? It is NORMAL to have problems and even more normal to open up about them rather than bottle them up until taking ones life is the only option.

Later for this "shame" "honor" system, it's outdated, Japan needs to open up, we all have dirty laundry...

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Posted in: Are young males losing interest in commercial sex? See in context

Commercial sex is probably less patronized by the younger crowd, because >they are getting it on more often with casual peers. Women's lib japan >version, where the girls are just as happy to explore a one night stand >or maintain a sex friend relationship, is probably one of the reasons.

Agree Magpie! Also the increased video game and "nerd" culture probably plays a part as well...

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Posted in: Unsuspecting passenger returns cannabis after sniffer dog test botched at Narita See in context

"The dog couldn’t find it and the officer also forgot which bag he put it in,” “I knew that using passengers’ bags is prohibited, but I did it because I wanted to improve the sniffer dog’s ability.”

ummmm???? FIRED!

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Posted in: Do you consider the word "gaijin" racist? See in context

Japanese call folks Gaijin even when they themselves are in another country. Example: I recently moved to Italy and my wife (Nihonjin) where we managed to connect with some other Japanese couples where naturally we begin to speak in Nihongo and of course begin referring to Italians as "Gaijin", when in fact we are the Gaijin in their country.

In my opinion many Japanese have a "fish in a bowl" type of conditioning when it comes to anything non Japanese.

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Posted in: Love hotel employees see it all See in context

MichaelJP at 08:38 PM JST - 26th May

a woman wearing nothing but a dog collar, crawling on all fours while her man pretended to whip her

My life is so dull :( .

I agree brother!

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Posted in: Love hotel employees see it all See in context

Good Article, lacked info but still good! Someone should do a series on these love motels or a book with interviews from employees and the people who frequent them...

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Posted in: Nick Baker sent back to Britain to finish jail sentence See in context

1.4 million pounds of cocaine

In a suitcase? Is this a typo or did Baker charter a 747?

Monetary value folks read teh first paragraph

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Posted in: British employee of Merrill Lynch Japan among 10 busted over cocaine use at nightclubs See in context

Wonder why they chose to focus on the British guy and not the other 9 (6 Japanese and 3 other "foreigners")?

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Posted in: Few authorities know how to deal with rape victims in Japan See in context

Excellent that this topic has been introduced, this could be one of the many seeds that fruit more attention to Rape in Japan....Try to bring the positive instead of focusing on the negative... great that this is receiving attention, dont let it end with this discussion. Peace!

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